Top Tips for a Tip Top Pageant

It’s the big day that we’ve been waiting for all year, and it’s finally here!  The guys from the Credit Union Christmas Pageant have passed on these handy hints to make this year’s event fun and safe for everyone.

  • Before you make your way to the city, study the Pageant route so you know where to go when you arrive.
  • Download your free Credit Union Christmas Pageant app for iPhone or Android and check out the Facebook page and Twitter feed for all of the latest Pageant news (#cupageant).
  • Take a list of Pageant floats with you and countdown to the exciting arrival of Father Christmas!
  • Visit the Credit Union cars along the route before the Pageant for giveaways and wristbands for your children that you can write your name and number on in the event that they wander off amongst all the excitement.
  • To get the perfect Pageant position, you’ll need to arrive early. Make sure you bring some drinks (bring a cooler bag, or freeze some water bottles the night before) and munchies (especially for the kids), and locate the nearest public toilet, as shown on the route map.
  • The blue ‘honour line’ is a Pageant tradition, and the key to a successful and safe event. Please make sure that you stay behind the blue line for everyone’s safety and to give our performers plenty of room.
  • Make sure the little people get the best seats in the house (right at the curb), and adults stand at the back.
  • If you wish to sit while watching the Credit Union Christmas Pageant, bring rugs, cushions or low chairs, remembering to be respectful, as some folding chairs can interfere with other people’s view of the Pageant. If you do set up a chair, make sure you leave room for the children – they are the event’s biggest fans, and deserve the best view.
  • Don’t forget to apply plenty of sunscreen before you go out in the sun to allow it time to protect your skin, and make sure you re-apply throughout the day. Remember, you can still get burnt even if it is cloudy or overcast.
  • If it’s warm, wear sensible, light coloured, cool clothing and a hat.
  • Make sure you dispose of any litter in the bins provided to keep Adelaide’s streets clean and tidy.
  • Arrange a meeting spot in case any of your group gets separated. Expect the city to be busy and filled with big crowds of excited people on Pageant day.
  • Be sure to enjoy some time in our beautiful city after the event. There are many wonderful places to eat and shop nearby.
  • Last but not least, bring your widest smiles, your loudest cheers and your biggest waves to give Father Christmas a warm welcome to Adelaide!


The Credit Union Christmas Pageant starts with the blowing of the gold whistle at 9.30am on Saturday 8 November at the corner of King William Street and South Terrace in Adelaide.

This year, the Pageant travels a slightly new route, as shown on the Pageant route map. The Pageant will complete its journey through Adelaide on North Terrace, where Father Christmas will make his way into the Magic Cave at David Jones at about 11.20am.

Download a printable copy of the 2014 route map.



Blue Light Vehicle (South Australia Police)

1. South Australian Mounted Cadre
2. Band of the South Australian Police
3. Trumpeting in 2014
4. Teddy Tots (SA Precision Team)
5. Love Love Christmas
6. Scotch College Tattoo Corp
7. Professor Fizz and her Kaotic Kontraptions
8. Mack Doogal the Detective
9. Robot Family Christmas
10. Galaxy 2000 (Star Wars)
11. Hahndorf Town Band (Cheryl Bradley Dancers)
12. Austin 7 Clown Capers
13. Swinging on a Star
14. Young Artists Colour My World
15. Flights of Fancy with Granny Flo
16. Elizabeth City Pipe Band
17. Kingsley’s Vintage Cars
18. Wang Wang & Funi
19. Christmas Cricket
20. 13 Ghastly Grove
21. SA Police Pipes & Drums
22. Look what Toad got for Christmas!
23. Alice in Wonderland
24. Little Red Riding Hood
25. Once Upon a Story Book
26. Onkaparinga City Concert Band (Belly Dance Art Academy)
27. Tinsel Time (Gang Show)
28. Pageant Royal Family
29. Forest Fantasy (Theatre Bugs)
30. Christmas Fairy Elves (featuring floats, bands, performance groups, mini sets)
31. Christmas Jazz in the Park
32. Monster Family
33. Pogo
34. Circus (Cirkidz)
35. Naughty or Nice meter
36. Christmas rapping (sic)
(Daklinic and Mighty Good Talent)
37. Mulga Bill’s Bicycle Club
38. Possum Magic
39. Bandicoot Bore
40. Kaurna Yerta Yiityuko Wornindo (Kaurna Country Christmas)
41. Australian Army Band Adelaide (Adelaide Lightning Dancers)
42. London Bus
(Australian Classical Youth Ballet)
43. Clowning Clarry In His Top Hat
44. Nellie / Bollywood (Fusion Beats)
45. Ringo – North Pole Hotline
46. Raiders Drum Crop (M.J.B Dancers)
47. Christmas Cake Maker (Prestige Dance Academy)
48. Cupcake Christmas
49. The Nutcracker
(Australian Classical Youth Ballet)
50. Anything is Possible (Tutti)
51. Unley Concert Band
(Strictly Talented Performing Arts)
52. Penguins ‘R’ Koool
53. Christmas in Toytown
54. Christmas Around the World (Multicultural SA)
55. Parade of the Flags (Adelaide 36ers)
56. Marion City Band (Prestige Dance Academy)
57. Toby Toy Truck
58. Rodney the Red Bi Plane
59. Bruto
60. Billy Bulldozer
61. Fergus the North Pole Fire Engine
62. Pulteney Grammar School Drum Corp & Heathfield Raiders
63. Christmas Beat
64. Rudolph’s Christmas Lolly Trolley
65. Mother Goose’s Christmas Table
66. Grandpa’s Christmas Workshop
67. Adelaide Irish Pipe Band
68. Nipper
69. Young Adelaide Voices
70. Nimble
71. Stardust Castle
72. Enfield Brass Band (Chery Bradley Dancers)
73. Ye Olde Pageant Tram
74. Tinsel Town (Gang Show)
75. Christmas on Parade
76. South Australian Detachment of the Royal Australian Navy Band (Black Diamonds)
77. Christmas Tree
78. Twas the Night before Christmas (Young Adelaide Voices)
79. Christmas Stocking
80. Pipes and Drums of the Royal Caledonian Band
81. Winter Wonderland
82. Snow Dome
83. Christmas Carol (Australian Girls Choir)
84. Nativity
85. Tea Tree Gully Redbacks (SA Precision Team)
86. Father Christmas

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  1. Avatar of Blossom

    I don’t know whether or not you are still allowed to, but you used to be able to walk past the floats a reasonable time before they were getting ready to move. However, do NOT allow your children to sit or stand on the floats at all. When it was run by John Martins they put signs to that effect on the floats. You were allowed to take photos of your children standing close to the floats. I don’t know what the procedure is now. We lived near where the “empty” floats were returned for storage, so we used to go around there, stand on the footpath nearby and see them come back. I remember with sadness it rained so much that by the time the floats got back many of the decorations, the decorative platforms etc had lost all the trimmings and would have had to be re-designed from scratch. Some of them were brand new floats, not just redecorated. Knowing how much work goes into them, it was hearbreaking to see. John Martins had a full time dept. working in the Pageant. Floats themselves, vehicles pulling them, organization. On old vehicles it was difficult to get tyres, spare parts to fit them. The bulk of the batteries for vehicles were hired. They were installed Pageant week and had to be removed when returned to the Depot. ready to be picked up Monday morning. On more than one occasion John Martins staff swept glass and other debris off the roads in the city to prevent damage to the vehicles, especially tyre punctures. On one occasion the motor mechanic was shown on TV sweeping glass off the road before 7.00 am in the morning.

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