Triplet Pregnancy – Mum’s Beautiful Belly Shots, Before and After

Michella Meier-Morsi is the picture of new mum happiness. Snuggled up to her triplet boys, born on January 26th, she is positively glowing!

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Oh, baby bump!!

The mum from Sweden made headlines in January when she shared her stunning triplet pregnancy baby bump – showcasing just how amazingly stretchy our bellies are.

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Source: Instagram
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Michella’s baby bump went viral back in January. Source: Instagram

Since the birth of her babies – Charles, Theodore, and Gabriel, she continues to update her fans on the boys’ growth as well as her chaotic world with five babies under four – Michella also has twin girls, aged three!

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A happy and healthy household. Source: Instagram

Michella is lapping up the love and fun that comes with three newborns and two pre-schoolers who LOVE to help their mumma out with their baby brothers. So cute!

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Source: Instagram
triplet baby bump update
The triplets as newborns and at three months old. Source: Instagram

Postpartum recovery after a triplet pregnancy 

She also takes us into the world of postpartum recovery after a triplet pregnancy and birth, which, she admits, hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing.

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Source: Instagram

Michella required a scraping at 10 days postpartum due to an inflamed uterus and experienced an 18cm abdominal separation.

With the separation comes daily pain in the back and abdomen, plus bloating and occasional tingling.

triplet pregnancy belly after
Michella shares a series of pictures before and after her triplet pregnancy. Source: Instagram

After watching her triplet belly shoot to viral status back in January, she is now faced with trying to become comfortable in her new skin – something that she is openly struggling with.

As she shares in one of her Instagram updates,

To my great surprise, my triple stomach managed to go viral over most of the world. ⁣And as it grew and grew, and I celebrated that the trio stayed in there, I also began to fear how it would feel on the other side.⁣ ⁣

I can not yet touch my stomach. It feels uncomfortable and foreign, and I avoid looking at it as much as possible because I get upset.⁣⁣”

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Michella has an 18cm separation. Source: Instagram

My abdominal muscles have disappeared so far out to the sides that my organs and my intestines lie and tumble around. I can feel them all the time and when I lie down I can see them moving under the skin.

I’m constantly bloated and uncomfortable in it – yes, it just hurts all the time.⁣ And when I get up, it bulges out like I’m still pregnant.⁣”

triplet pregnancy before and after
Source: Instagram

The skin is completely destroyed! I had no idea that skin could get so thin and dry. It’s like a mixture of rice paper and used sandpaper in the middle of the belly.⁣ And there is so much skin that it hangs out to all sides.⁣ ⁣

But the worst is now the pain. In the back, in the lower back and in the abdomen.

I can not overlook it at all.⁣ There is no miracle cure.⁣ There is pain relief, strength training and good movement patterns.⁣ ⁣

So I have to learn to live with my body as it is.⁣
Both its new look, its many challenges and all the pain.⁣
And then I have to train it to become strong so that it can withstand the lack of stability in the upper body.⁣

Now I have to lick the wounds, and then start finding time for my new exercises.”

⁣Michella’s honesty is refreshing, to say the least and something that every new mum can relate to.

Despite the fact that her beautiful body grew five amazing babies, it’s hard to always love the aftermath. Most of us feel this way at some stage or another.

We applaud Michella for bravely sharing these often-hidden thoughts with the world.

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