Get ready for the baby name debate of the year as two besties battle it out over who gets to use a super common name that thousands of others already have.

Will it be Sarah’s* dog or Jessie’s newborn? 

Let’s start the story where all good debates start – on Reddit. A Reddit user reached out to discover who was in the wrong in this baby name debacle. 

Let the great baby name debate begin

Reddit user, let’s call her Sarah to keep things simple, just got a new puppy. She named her puppy Milo, after her brother, who passed away a decade earlier. 

So we’ve got Milo the puppy. Cute, right? Sarah also mentioned that she had always wanted to name her future son Milo, but decided she would use it for her fur baby instead. 

Enter Jessie, Sarah’s friend. Jessie is 7 months pregnant and when Sarah introduced her to puppy Milo, Sarah got the shits. 

The pup-owner wrote on Reddit: “She was really quiet and I asked what was wrong, she said ‘I’m naming my son Milo. You can’t name your dog that. I don’t want my baby named after a dog.”

She accused her mate of ‘stealing’ her baby’s name, yelling at Sarah to change it. 

“She wanted it and I wasn’t backing down.” 

Now, we would like to interject here for a moment to remind these two ladies that the name Milo is actually incredibly common. For both pets and people.

Milo ranks #2 on the most popular dog name list and #127 on the top boys’ names of 2022 in America. It’s also one of the fastest-rising names in Australia and pretty common for cats too. 

So, it’s not really something you can “steal”. It’s not really owned by anyone.


But, I digress. 

Pregnant Jessie got a little bit nasty over the whole Milo melodrama, claiming that “her baby’s name was more important than a dumb animal’s name”. 

“She told me that she and her boyfriend had already bought shirts with the name on them and they had already told their families about it”. 

Sarah then reminded her mate about her brother, Milo, and how it was always the plan to name future children Milo, after her brother.

Jessie didn’t seem to care. She told Sarah she needed to change her puppy’s name, then left in a huge hormone-infused Hufflepuff, most likely slamming doors as she exited. 

Sarah was left to stew over the fight, turning first to her mum who told her to grow up and change the dog’s name and that her mate had been talking about the name Milo for months.

Feeling even more defeated, she turned to the strangers on Reddit. Sadly, the original post has since been removed for a variety of reasons, including “keeping communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose”.

We’re guessing the claws came out on Reddit as well. 

So, the question remains – who deserves the name Milo? The puppy or the unborn baby? We won’t even mention the fact that this is also the name of a popular drink. Pretty sure pregnant Jessie wouldn’t like that one bit… 

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*Name made up. We don’t know the original poster’s real name but calling her “Original Reddit Poster” is long and tedious. 

“baby name debate”


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