Travelling with Kids? Meet Your Travel BFF Plus WIN a Flossi Flamingo Trunki

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Taking young kids on a trip, especially if it involves air travel, is a daunting task.

Sure, getting to your destination is part of the adventure. But sometimes this adventure ends in tears, tantrums and possible travel trauma for years to come.

My last overseas escapade (from Australia to Canada) ended in all three. I like to call it the Trifecta of Travel with Kids.

There were tantrums from my two kids because the flight was too long. Tears from me, especially towards the end of the flight when BOTH kids peed all over the airline seats and a not-so-friendly passenger behind us yelled at me because one of them got travel sick.

That was three years ago and I am still slightly traumatised from the ordeal.

But that 24-hours-of-travel-torture taught me one VERY important lesson. When traveling with kids, you need to be prepared.

What do you need?

✓ Heaps of activities to keep them occupied (even the personal screens get boring after eight hours). Yep!
✓ Extra undies, clothing and towels in the event of an accident. Yes.
✓ Travel sick tablets (that also happen to double as excellent sleeping pills). Most definitely.
✓ Tranquilliser darts to shut the kids up (and possibly for annoying passengers too). Maybe…
✓ And, your very best friend when traveling with kids – a Trunki!!! SO MUCH YES!

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Keep scrolling to learn more about the ingenious Trunki and to enter to WIN 1 of 4 Trunki cases for your tot.

Don’t leave home without Trunki!

Trunki is a kids’ travel suitcase that doubles as a seat or ride-on for tired tots who are at the end of their travel tether.

The heavy-duty plastic ride on suitcase packs some serious punch – it’s bright, it’s bold, it’s totally brilliant. Just like the newest friend to flock to the Trunki family – Flossi the Flamingo (the pretty pink case below) that’s only just landed on Aussie shores.

Floss the Flamingo Trunki travel case for kids

Carry on, even when in transit

Designed for travelling tots, the ride-on suitcase stores all their toys, games and carry on goodies. It also makes the perfect seat for those tired legs when navigating through airports/taxi lineups/train stations and wherever else your family adventurse take you.

Small enough to fit the strict carry on guidelines with airplanes, it has an 18 litre capacity. That’s equivalent to around 23 stuffed Beanie Boos (give or take).

Flossi the Flamingo, like all her Trunki mates, comes with internal pockets for easy access to those special travel treasures, secure lockable catches and a soft rubber trim to protect little fingers while packing. the stork nest trunki suitcase

Tow ‘n go

Kids love packing their own toys in their very own suitcase AND, with Trunki, it means they have access to their toys for the duration of the flight.

But what I especially love about Trunki is that it can carry your kids’ stuff AND your kid! Kids can park their tiny tushies on top of their travel mate, grab the horns and hold on.

Travel Accessory Trunki Flossi the Flamingo

Look Ma! A Seat Belt for Teddy! AND Stickers!

Flossi the Flamingo comes with extra luxurious features to boot, like rose gold horn grips, a comfy saddle and a turquoise tow strap to drag your tot around. She also comes with a carry handle and even an extra seat belt for one of the 23 Beanie Boos your child insists on bringing.

Flossi even comes with sparkly, tropical themed stickers so kids can personalise their suitcase while waiting for the flight to take off.

This is bound to give you at least 10 minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee before boarding.

pink Trunki Floss the Flamingo

We love finding products that are designed to help parents through those tricky times, like travelling with kids. Trunki has won the hearts of countless Aussie families who love to travel and we are sure you and your little one will love it too.

Each Trunki comes with a five year guarantee and retails for $89.95. You can pick one up through the Trunki website below:

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Feeling lucky? Here’s your chance to enter to WIN 1 of 4 Flossi the Flamingo Trunki ride on suitcases for your travelling tot. Just keep scrolling to be in the running to win.


Flossi is here! And she could be delivered to your door, just in time for your next family adventure.

We have FOUR Flossi the Flamingo Trunki travel suitcases to give away. Simply fill out the form below and keep an eye on your inbox to see if you’ve won!

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