A Tupperware Makeover for Your Pantry, Fridge or Freezer

Ever heard of pantry envy? It’s a thing, as I’ve recently discovered.

It occurs when you are scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram and come across a post of someone’s beautifully organised pantry.

There are stacks of colour-coded containers perfectly placed on each shelf, possibly even labelled. No half-broken cereal boxes, opened (and probably stale) biscuits and ripped-at-the-sides sugar packages. It’s #pantrygoals at its finest.

You like it. Save it. Pin it. And make a plan to do something similar in your pantry in the near future, before forgetting all about it in the sea of other jobs and responsibilities that comes with kids.

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Well, fellow pantry-envying peeps, here’s your chance to make a date with your pantry and organise the shizzle out of it, thanks to Tupperware!


The king of food storage, Tupperware, now has a new ordering system that makes getting your hands on your favourite Tupperware products super easy (no parties required, unless you want to!).  More on that shortly!

Tupperware Pantry Storage

Find everything in an INSTANT with this setup! Let’s be frank, Tupperware Modular Mates are the bee’s knees for storing dry food. Consider them the luxury vehicle of the food storage world if you will. While using the virtually airtight containers, no Hulk-like pantry moth will ever worm their way into your flour, icing sugar or rolled oats. Nor will Cornflakes ever turn soft with a weak, barely-there crunch. Nup, not on Tupperware’s watch.

There’s a Tupperware storage solution for everything you put in your trolley or on your pantry shelf. Weetbix? No worries. 2kg bag of sugar? Absolutely. You can mix, match and stack your way to an organised pantry in no time!

Organise your pantry with tupperware storage containers

tupperware before and after pantry makeover
Pantry goals: before and after

PANTRY TIP: Potatoes are vampires! Keep them cool and dry in the dark. Thankfully the Tupperware Potato Mate prevents potatoes from sprouting and turning green. Don’t eat spuds? This very same container is also brilliant for storing packaged kids snacks (muesli bars, fruit cups and snack bags of biscuits)!

Tupperware Fridge Storage

Gymnast-like carrots, celery and snow peas (ie. bendy, flexible and not at all crisp) are a thing of the past with brilliant Tupperware VentSmart fridge storage. You won’t believe how long vegetables and fruit maintain their freshness when stored in one of these fridge container gems. If food wastage is an issue in your kitchen, VentSmart helps put an end to food waste and dodgy-smelling fridge crisper drawers!

Love yourself some antipasto deli items? Prolong the life of olives, dips, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese and sliced meats by housing them in Tupperware Clear Mates. No more stinky, sweaty plastic bags or space-stealing jars. Decant, pack and stack these sleek containers for an easy to find, healthier fridge!

organised pantry Tupperware containers FRIDGE TIP: The famous Tupperware Pick-a Deli isn’t just for beetroot. Use it for pineapple pieces or rings, dill pickles, carrot sticks, celery sticks, rockmelon and watermelon snacks. Yum!

Tupperware Freezer Storage

Tired of chipping random green beans or peas off your freezer shelves? Tupperware FreezerKeepers keep your freezer in check with Tetris-like organisation. There will never be random spilt peas and corn or spilled bags of edamame beans with these hard workers. And in true Tupperware organisational style, you can find a container to suit EVERY. SINGLE. FROZEN. THING.

Tupperware containers for pantry storage

FREEZER TIP: Kids snacks disappear in a hurry? Prolong the lifespan of your kids’ school snacks (baked biscuits, muffins, muesli bars, quiches) and freeze them after baking. Pop them into the lunch box frozen and they’ll defrost by lunchtime, too easy! It’s also worth noting the freezer is an awesome spot to hide anything you don’t want the kids finding – frozen chocolate is soooooo very good.

No Party Needed – Get Your Tupperware Online

Want to regain control and get some order back into your food storage and meal prep, giving everything a home of its own in your pantry, fridge or freezer? Good news folks, it’s never been easier to order Tupperware!

No longer do we have to find a date on the calendar between work and kids’ sporting commitments to entertain friends with a Tupperware party. Nup. Now you can just jump online, browse the products, select your local consultant and place your order. Or, you can pick up your phone to order! That’s not to say Tupperware parties are no fun, because we all know they are – and you can absolutely still lock one in if you wish to.

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During August Tupperware is offering 20% off every item in their Autumn Winter catalogue! Yep, EVERYTHING! 

That’s 20% off Storage Solutions, 20% off Food Prep, 20% off Baking, 20% off Cookware, and 20% off Entertaining, Lunch Boxes, Utensils and Drink Bottles! Woot woot!

Spring clean your pantry, spark joy in your kitchen and join the pantry organisation revolution. Simply head to Tupperware Connect where you can purchase directly from one of their consultants via email, SMS or WhatsApp. It’s that easy!

Ready for a complete spring clean? Tupperware takes all the hard work out of food storage organisation because you can even book a local consultant to come and clear and re-arrange your pantry for you. What’s not to love?

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A Real-Life Pantry Makeover For a Mum Central Mum!

Here’s an update from our Tupperware competition winner, Jo. The winner of a $3000 Tupperware kitchen makeover giveaway, Jo, LOVES her newly kitted out pantry – and so do we!

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Enjoy your new Tupperware pantry spoils, lady – may your Weetbix stay contained and your crackers snap-fresh!

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