Yes, It’s True. You Can Turn Your Ultrasound Into a Work of Art

Ultrasound art is now a thing, thanks to an ultra-talented Irish artist and her passion for transforming your regular black and white ultrasound pic into something fun, funky and full of life.

Because, let’s face it – our baby-making uteruses deserve a colourful makeover. They are growing a baby, after all.

Welcome to ultrasound art, the latest must-have memento for the discerning mama .

ultrasound art painting

Be honest. Did you frame your first (and subsequent ultrasound photos)? Did you also happen to stick the pic to the fridge or share it on social media? Do you still have that first photo in the baby book?

I will admit to doing ALL of these. Why? Because I was damned proud of my uterus and beyond excited to meet the abstract kidney bean in the photo.

Mum-of-three Laura Steerman knows exactly how all us mamas-to-be feel.

“The ultrasound photographs I treasured were too small to hang on a wall, too vague to blow up and even the colours didn’t seem to do their joyful dispositions justice,” Laura says. “It seemed a shame to tuck them away in baby books.”

When she was pregnant with her own daughter, she decided to turn this pride into something awesome. And thus, QuaintBaby was born.

pregnancy keepsakes

paintings of pregnancy ultrasounds

Ultrasound art laura steerman - pregnancy keepsakes

Baby on Board… and in a Painting

QuaintBaby Bespoke Ultrasound Art takes your ordinary ultrasound pics and turns them into extraordinary masterpieces. The bold colours and circular brush strokes make these paintings somewhat magical and mesmerising – definitely worth displaying and cherishing!

“The ten months that a baby grows inside its mother is a very special time,” Laura explains. “Like each baby’s personality and fingerprints, every pregnancy, foetus and baby are entirely unique. And one that can be beautifully captured as a piece of ultrasound art to visually revisit time and time again.”

ultrasound art laura steerman ultrasound art

Laura makes all her paintings in Ireland but she ships them worldwide. Every painting is hard crafted and custom made, just like the little bean you’re growing inside.

What an incredible way to celebrate a pregnancy! Looking for more incredible pregnancy-inspired art? Check out the most amazing pregnancy and birth photos of 2018. 

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