It’s hard to believe but Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic is touring Australia to celebrate a century of Disney favourites in one magical ice production. I know, 100 years is hard to believe (and yes, we feel old too), but it’s true. 

To celebrate this monumental milestone, Disney On Ice has put together the ultimate show for Disney fans, big and small. This is one event we don’t want to miss. And neither will you.

Disney on Ice Announces 2018 Australian Tour Dates

Luckily you don’t have to. Tickets are still available for the highly-anticipated Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic event in all major cities, but be quick, because they are selling out fast!

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Whether you’re closest to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane or Perth, here’s your chance to see the magic unfold on ice and be part of this incredible milestone.

Simply scroll down to enter to win Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic tickets for the whole family.

Experience the magic

Whether you’re a Disney fan from way back or only learned to love the classic films after introducing them to your own kids, Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic promises to impress. The event features the aerobatic and ice skating expertise of professional skaters who put their own spin on all your favourite Disney films.

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Just what will you see? Expect princesses, animals, toys and superheroes. Oh and Mickey and Minnie, of course. And expect your kids to have stars in their eyes for weeks afterwards.

Travel back to your past with Pinocchio, Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Frog, The Lion King and Aladdin. Enjoy the modern stories of Toy Story, Tangled, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Frozen. There are 14 timeless tales in total and a special Zootopia feature to start the show.

TV personality and mum, Shelley Craft is joining the crew as the official Disney On Ice ambassador.

Disney On Ice has become a tradition for my family and for the past five years, my daughters and I have travelled to Brisbane to see the show. Each year we create new memories, which I value dearly,” Shelley says.

Let the ice-breaking performances begin!

Shows start in Perth on 15 June, 2018 and wrap up in Sydney on 23 July, 2018. There are numerous shows in each city, all suitable for even the littlest of Disney fans.

Our tickets are for the following shows and times:

  • Perth: Friday, 15 June 2018, 7:00pm
  • Adelaide:  Friday, 22 June 2018, 7:00pm
  • Brisbane:  Friday, 29 June, 7:00pm
  • Melbourne:  Friday, 6 July 2018, 7:00pm
  • Sydney:  Wednesday, 18 July 2018, 3:00pm


Ready to experience the whirling, twirling, whimsical wonder for yourself?

Simply complete the entry form below, comment on the article below to tell us what you love about  Disney On Ice and you’re in the running to win!

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Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Oh wow!! My husband and I often sit in disbelieve about how unbelievable each piece or character has been made. We laugh together with our little one and have watched disney movies even before he was born!♡

    • Disney is the most magical special thing and it played a huge part of my childhood, it really brings dreams to life, I’m 30 and still love Disney! I can’t wait to share the magic with my 16 month old little princess now.

      • The way that it lights up all my little girl’s faces. They’re taken to a magical world that they are totally immersed in.

        • I love that Disney is timeless. Every generation can enjoy Disney on Ice together. My niece (3) could go with her mum (40) and great Nanna (93). Thank you.

      • Rita Shamoun Reply

        It’s perfect for all ages! Spectacular lights and dancing, magic comes alive and smiles all round! Pure happiness!

      • I agree we adults never tire of the magic Disney on Ice brings to us and our kids and grandkids

    • I love the fun magical characters that help bring the Disney stories, we all love, alive

    • What’s Not to Love about Disney On Ice. There is always so much to see. The costumes, the skating, the characters, the atmosphere. Best of all see the joy & wonder on my children’s faces as they are thoughourly entertained.

    • The ice just adds a other dimension to these already magical characters

    • I so remember seeing Disney on Ice in Perth in what seems like a million years ago! It was absolutely magical and I have commented to my husband that I would love to take my grandkids for them to experience that same magic.

    • Paula Roati Reply

      I have always wanted to take the kids to Disney on Ice. My three boys would thoroughly enjoy the pure magic of Disney and seeing some of their favourite characters come to life.

    • Kelly Jones Reply

      It’s a magical world that comes to life and is enjoyed by the young & old. Generation after generation, families make wonderful memories together.

    • Isabelle S Reply

      The Disney movies played a very special part in my childhood; the belief in the Disney Princesses, fairies, and fairy god mothers inspired me to use them in my imaginative playtime. Now I’m blessed to be able to experience it all over again with my two beautiful girls and would love to be able to take them to a show to experience the raw beauty of them on an ice stage.

    • What’s not to love! Disney on Ice makes dreams come true not only for the young at heart but the old too. It lets adults be kids again, opening up everyone’s imaginatins to the wonder that is Disney! Every boy and girls hero, princess, character wrapped up in their world! Time stops to share lasting memories with the ones you love and little faces of pure joy to watch! I would love to take my children to the celebration of the century ! It would be HOT-DOG!!!

    • Danielle Bailey Reply

      I have always wanted to attend Disney on Ice, because I think It would be the ultimate, most magical experience. I like that Disney on Ice combines the Disney classics that I grew up with, All while on Ice. I think it would be jaw dropping and my children and I would remember it for a lifetime.

    • We really love Disney On Ice. Everything is magical and the we love all the Disney characters. Would love to see it again.

    • Best competition ever!! What a great family experience this would be!

    • Brittany toth Reply

      I saw Disney on Ice once when I was a child and it was just magical. Ever since then I have dreamed of taking my own children but we have never been able to afford it. I still dream of taking them. One day.

    • I love Disney on Ice because I love watching my children be taken to a world where magic, make believe and happiness are a real world while they watch the characters come to life. The dazzle and amazement in their eyes is truly magical. As an adult it takes me back to my childhood dreams of everything Disney.
      100 years this will truly be a magical experience for whichever families win.

    • My triplets lovely Minnie Mouse as they are obsessed with Emma wiggle and therefore Minnie having a bow in her hair!

    • 100 years of Disney cheers, my kids would love to go, to see the ice and watch the skaters slice up the rink during the show, Mum’s Central is where all the mum’s in the know go, to review, win and share, you can find it all there, advice to help my kids grow. We don’t have a favourite disney movie, we think they are all groovy and as a mum that’s a relief, the only problem is choosing which one to watch we sometimes causes some grief!

    • Charmaine Barretto Reply

      Evergreen, Everlasting, Evermore Disney continues to weave its magical spell enthralling audiences across age groups, language , countries and cultures. An escape into this enchanting world would be welcome .

  2. Ash Grundy Reply

    I love how even as an almost 30 year old, I probably have more fun than my kids!

  3. Kristie Ogden Reply

    Love love love Olaf! Not sure why just think he is an awesome little character!!! Love all Disney movies and have raised my kids to love them too! Gives me a valid excuse (not that just because they are awesome is a great reason) to watch them again and again!! Disney never gets old!

  4. Alicia Henn Reply

    I love experiencing the magic of disney on ice with my daughter. Brings memories of my chilhood and creates some great memories for hers.

  5. Jane Harris Reply

    While looking at the article Miss 5 said “Minnie Mouse is my favourite as she makes bows. On skates she’ll go higher and higher and her bows will be so pretty”.

  6. The magic, the music, the magnificent skating and especially the Mice. That is Mickey and Minnie.

  7. Rachel Edwards Reply

    I love watching my girls faces light up with each new character that appears on stage!!

    • Mum and I used to go every single year when I was a kid, it was a tradition.
      Now, my kids and I just moved from Singapore to Brisbane and it would be a great first tradition in our new home!

  8. My son loves Toy Story! Would love him to see it brought to life!

    • Melissa Dunne Reply

      My 3 girls love anything Disney and unfortunately we haven’t been able to take the smaller two girls to see Disney on Ice. I know they would absolutely and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

  9. I love ice skating. The skaters are so talented and I can share this with the kids who love all the Disney characters

  10. I love tha the shows are always friendly, fun and entertaining. The skaters are so talented.

  11. My daughter loves Disney on Ice, she has gone to the last 2 shows.

  12. I love the look on my daughters face when she first went and sang (well tried) to sing all of the songs and she would love her sister to get to experience that also!

  13. I love Disney. I grew up with Disney and I want my daughter to do the same.

  14. Angela Bath Reply

    I’ve always loved Disney movies as a child and now I enjoy them even more watching them with my two daughters. We all share a mutual love for Frozen and absolutely adore OLAF 🙂 I’d love to be able to share the experience of Disney on Ice with my girls.

  15. I love Disney and the magical experience it brings to everyone irregardless of age. I want to share this magical experience with my son.

  16. Michelle Brown Reply

    My daughter and I love the feeling of being part of the Disney on Ice magic

  17. Emma Nelson Reply

    I am a Disney fanatic!!!! What’s there not to love about Disney? It’s all good!

  18. Seeing all the characters I grew up with, and now seeing how much my daughter loves them too 🙂

  19. Brianna Taylor Reply

    I love that it’s a childhood memory of mine that I can now share with my children. And this year’s DOI looks to be absolutely amazing bringing all the favourites together! I would LOVE to take my kids!!!

  20. Heather Perkins Reply

    I love that Disney on Ice can bring the whole family together and get all ages excited

  21. My daughter is obsessed with Disney princesses and I’d love to share this with her, it would be truly magical-just like when I went as a child

  22. Would love to take my son and daughter to this. Their minds will be blown. They just love Mickey and Minnie

  23. I would love to take my daughter to see Disney on ice as we have never been. I would love that it provides the opportunity to explore past Disney tales as well as they modern ones as she absolutely loves Cinderella!

  24. My boys and I like nothibg better than sittibg down and siging our way through a disney movie especially Frozen and Zootopia.

  25. It would be a once in a life time experience
    And I would love to take my Disney obsessed twins to Disney on Ice 2018.

  26. I love seeing the looks on my kids faces as they see the magic of the show.

  27. Nikolce Veljanovski Reply

    I can remember going as a kid and how magical it was and I would love for my children to experience the magic of Disney on ice

  28. Kate Osborne Reply

    My daughter loves Disney princesses and I’m in awe of all the talented ice skaters involved in the show. Took my daughter to Disney Frozen on Ice 2 years ago and would love to take her again.

  29. I have been in so much love with Disney in my childhood and now I share my love with my 6 and 3 year old boy n girl. We would be on the top of the world to win Family pass as I want to show the magical experience to my kids this year! Much love Disney

  30. NICOLA VOICE Reply

    Our family loves Disney and we would love the opportunity to see this amazing show!

  31. My girls would love the frozen characters but I like good old Mickey and Minnie mouse!

  32. We’ve never seen a Disney on Ice show.
    My daughter, who is 5, would love to see her favourite Disney characters in life size.
    She is a huge fan of Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, Minnie Mouse and she loves Zootopia.
    We would love to win tickets for our family.

  33. Melissa Peters Reply

    My girls love Disney! It is only recently that they experienced ice-skating for the first time and have an interest in this. It would be absolutely magical to see my girls faces as they watch Disney on Ice if we got the chance.

  34. Apart from loving everything Disney, my daughter loves the music, dancing and picking out the characters. She is currently having 3 months in a spica cast so would love an outing in June.

  35. There is nothing more magical and enchanting than Disney stories and movies for both the young and the old except for maybe Disney on ice and seeing Miss 4’s face light up watching it.

  36. Stacey Navarro Reply

    I have never experienced disney on ice but it is a dream of mine to go to this even as an adult
    to experience the wonder an amazement that is disney.

  37. What a magical way to relive my childhood with my kids , whilst creating childhood memories for them ,

  38. Some of my favourite memories from my childhood were going to Disney on Ice with my grandma. It was way back in the 80’s! I’d love to take my 5 year old daughter to experience the magic too!

  39. Rebecca Zammit Reply

    The magic. It always feels full of magic and wonder. My daughter also loves ice skating so I would love to take her to experience the magic of Disney on ice.

  40. All the wonderful Disney characters in one show and seeing the huge smile on my daughters face.

  41. Kimberley S Reply

    I would love to take my kids to see them all as i remember seeing disney on ice as a kid

  42. Brooke Hendry Reply

    I love the magic and excitement that Disney on Ice brings. All your favourite characters are there and it creates new memories for my girls and brings up old ones for me x

  43. James Sharpe Reply

    brings back the memories of disney when i was a child, just the best

  44. Tasha Walker Reply

    the best characters of all time on frozen water, yes please

  45. Kat michell Reply

    Love Disney on ice I haven’t been since before I had kids would love to take all 3 of my kids

  46. Nat Wright Reply

    I have never been to Disney on Ice but we are trying to do more stuff as a family and this would have something for everyone! Amazing skating for hubby, beautiful costuming and music for me. A few thrills and lifhts for Mr 14, lots of colours for Mr 1 and Miss 9 would LOVE it all! Especially when the Melbourne show is 2 days after her birthday
    Thanks for the chance to enter

  47. Disney shows transcend all ages and time, they are simply the most fabulous fun for everyone from the baby to great-grandma and the costumes and the ice are just the icing on the cake!

  48. My grandaughter dresses as Elsa and tries to skate around the tiles since she has seen the tv ads for the show. An amazing treat.

  49. Can’t wait to the Disney Princesses again but our all time favourite is definitely Mickey and Minnie themselves of course! The original Disney love story!

  50. Love how magical Disney on Ice is! All the skaters move with such grace and synchrony to the music beautifully narrating the stories in such a fluid manner. Absolutely love to watch the face of my child as he gets drawn into the magic of Disney on Ice. His favourite character is Elsa! Last year, we took him to Disney on Ice twice and both times were still equally as magical!

  51. Seeing all my favourites come to life before your eyes is amazing would love to share this with my girls it’s in Perth on her birthday too this would be great surprise

  52. Disney On Ice is the most magical show. Sharing this magic with my children is the stuff childhood memories are made of x

  53. I love watching all the characters come to life and the stories they tell. I would so love to take my three girls to Disney on Ice.

  54. I remember seeing my first ice show when I was a little girl and how magical it was. My favourite part of Disney on ice is seeing the characters come to life. It’s always a pleasure to watch your children’s faces light up with excitement at seeing all of their favourites.

  55. I would love to win tickets to Disney On Ice to take my 2 boys. We love enjoying our family movie night of watching the Disney classics and it would be amazing to see them come to life on ice. Can already picture there faces lighting up when they see the characters.

  56. For us it’s all about creavity and we just love every moment .. we walk out with the biggest smile .. such a talented group of people

  57. EBONY ELFORD Reply

    I remember my mum and Auntie taking me to disney on ice when i was a little girl with my brother . I sat there mesmerized by the magicial performance definitely a fond childhood memory of mine and a mermory i would love to share and cherish with my own children . My 2 year old is obsessed with mik mouse as he calls him and i would love to see his little face watching the show he is 1 of Mickey mouse’s biggest fans 🙂

  58. Viny Vabriany Reply

    Would love to win for my children to experience Disney on Ice and cherish every moment. I love that all of our favourite Disney characters come alive by singing and dancing. Truly magical!

  59. I saw Disney on Parade when I was about 11. My Grandmother,grandfather and an Aunty took me.
    I absolutely remember everything about it. It was 41 years ago. I would love my grandchildren to see Disney on Ice. A professional and exciting event for them to see

  60. Susan Banyard Reply

    I love everything, excitement in the kids faces, Disney characters that I grew up with, my children enjoyed and now my grandchildren are ready to explore the magical Disney world.

  61. Disney encompasses everything that is magical about the world. I still feel the magic when I’m watching a Disney princess movie and to be able to now share those moments with my children is such an incredible experience. The world needs more magic and Disney is truly timeless.

  62. Shelley May Reply

    Disney = magic!
    The feelings I get when I watch a Disney movie could only be understood by another Disney fan.
    The feeling I get when I am actually at Disneyland is almost indescribable. It truly is the happiest place on earth and wish I could stay there forever!

  63. I Love watching the Disney Characters come alive on stage and ‘On Ice’ just adds some ‘magic’ to the characters and their roles. I especially love watching my little one’s face, all smiles and excited.

  64. Love it all. Brings back my childhood. Memories of watching Disney on Ice with my family. Music, Dancing, Singing, Disney. Everything that warms the soul

  65. Jennie-Dee Reply

    Oh my goodness! Sounds so lame but I love the MAgIC of Disney on ice! When we saw Frizen last year my daughter cried at the end because she wanted more. This time round wed have another edition with us and I just love creating these family memories. My mum took me when I was a kid and now we both can take my kids, it’s just so special. And 50 years of Disney edition! Name one bad Disney movie, you can’t! Haha

  66. I love the look of excitement and wonder on my kids faces when the show starts!

  67. Disney on Ice brings all of our childhood fantasies to reality. My daughter would feel like she was a Disney Princess if she could enjoy the magic of this stage spectacular.

  68. Coming from a performing background I love everything about Disney on Ice. The amazing costumes, the choreography & the ability of all the skaters. I love seeing all of these loveable characters come to life & singing along to the songs with my girls xxx

  69. I first went to Disney on ice nearly 50 years ago in the u.k. now I’m taking my own grandchildren and the magic is still there. The same as it was all those years ago.

  70. Disney on ice is pure magic that I would love to experience with my family. Not only would the show be spectacular but being able to attend a special event like this would be another very special memory for my family, particularly as I work full time.

  71. Paula Jones Reply

    I love seeing my daughter’s face when she watches Disney on ice. It lights up. The show is magical

  72. Just like Cinderella, if we see Disney on Ice we will then live “happily ever after”

  73. My 6yr old daughter is obsessed by Snow White and has been since she was 2! Disney is alive and well


    I love watching the the awe and amazement in the kids faces while they watch the show.

  75. Fiona Charlton Reply

    Such fun for the kids! All their favoutite movies in one spectacular and colourful ice show!

  76. I love Disney on ice. My father took me as a young girl and i would love a chance for my family to go see this.

  77. We dream of going to Disney on ice every year but unfortunately have never been. A tradition in our house is to all snuggle up together with a milo and watch Disney movies.My kids (7 and 10) have every Disney book possible. Disney fills me with happiness, warmth and joy. To win tickets would truly be a dream come true.

  78. Would be a great family night out. The kids love zootopia so seeing that would make their day

  79. Disney on ice characters brings back so many wonderful memories of when I was a child.

  80. Disney on ice takes me back to my childhood. Would love to win so my children can experience the magic of disney

  81. Rachael Easter Reply

    My little boy is ASD, ADHD, SPD, ODD & LOVES disney. I’d love to take him to this. I think it would make his year!!!

  82. I love the pure magic that comes across the kids faces when they see their favourite characters come out. It is pure joy and it fills my heart.

  83. I love the magic of Disney on ice & seeing the smiles get bigger & bigger on all of the kids little faces as each character comes out.

  84. Kylie-Marie Reply

    I have never been able to take my kids to Disney on Ice but from what ive seen and heard i love the magic and joy it brings to kids. The magic of bringing a kids movie to life is amazing and my kids got excited when they saw it advertised on tv

  85. We love how Disney captures everyone’s heart young or mature. Disney on ice brings out your inner child & nothing better than watching it with our 2 toddler girls. They absolutely love it.

  86. My daughters are 3 & 5. They have loved watching the Winter Olympics especially the ice skating. So to combine it with their love for disney movies is just magical.

  87. Nicole Strachan Reply

    I love seeing the stories I grew up with brought to life on the ice.

  88. Amy Stacey Reply

    I live that Disney on Ice brings joy to everyone no matter the age so it can always be enjoyed as a family!

  89. Who doesn’t like Disney. Anything to do with Disney is magical and I want to be able to witness it…i mean my kids would love this. Love to feel the magic up close.

  90. The magic of it all is what I love. You step through the doors and it’s like you have been transported to a new planet except this one is about love all around.

  91. Disney on ice is a magical experience I remember as a kid. I would love my kids to have the same experience.

  92. I love the look on my daughters face as she see her favourite characters come to life.

  93. I love the colours, fun and the chance to bring everyone together to be blown away by a fantastic show

  94. Disney on ice is a magical experience for all ages. I loved seeing it when I was little and I would love to take my two daughters to experience the magic this time.

  95. Lorna Morgan Reply

    My daughter is in love with Disney and this would be so amazing for her! She’s 6 and would never forget this!

  96. Disney on ice is breathtakingly beautiful. Would love to take my three boys since they’ve never been before. Fingers crossed!

  97. Samantha Summons Reply

    I love how Disney on Ice brings the indescribable magic of Disney to life! Each and every costume, act and song fills hearts with happiness regardless of race, age or religion!

  98. My favourite thing about Disney on Ice, is the way my daughter’s eyes light up when she sees her favourite characters come onto the ice and dance and sing!

    • julia Pastuhovs Reply

      I have never been to disney on ice but i can imagine i would love the whole atmosphere talented skaters and seeing my kids faces filled with wonder and delight

  99. I remember going to Disney on ice when I was a little girl and I remember it being the best thing in the world! My daughter is obsessed with the Disney princesses and would love to take her to this amazing experience for her birthday.

  100. Monica Elkins Reply

    It is the whole magical experience spending time together and seeing the kids eyes light up and big smiles making wonderful memories

  101. It would be fantastic to win tickets to Disney on Ice…to bring something magical in to the lives of my children-a memory that would last forever

  102. I love seeing all the Disney characters. Brings back memories that i woukd love to share with my 2 young children who are loving all disney especially frozen and cars.

  103. I love the elegance of it. That every one male or female enjoy it. The smile on my children’s face when they see it.

    • Lauren Cadger Reply

      I love seeing our favourite Disney movies come to life on the ice, would love the opportunity to take my 2 year old son

  104. I love the scale and magic of Disney on Ice. The performances are spectacular to watch

  105. Cassie Bell Reply

    This would be so amazing to take my daughter to, she would get so much out of the show as a whole as well as seeing characters that she loves.

  106. Melissa Kirkwood Reply

    My twin boys are actually excited about this years Disney on Ice and we would love to take them along and experience the magic

  107. Christie Cottren Reply

    We love the whole build up to it and once it starts the music the storyline and how amazing those iceskaters are it is simply so magical and keeps us on the edges of our seats.

  108. Disney movies/characters are very relateable to children in a fun magical way ☺ Aswell as teaching good morals and life lessons they are fun and lighthearted entertainment

  109. Bec Cooley Reply

    Watching Disney on Ice is a magical experience. You forget about anything else and bcome mesmerized by the story that is unfolding before your eyes. You feel so much joy and elation. It is an unbelievable bonding experience with your child, while the performance is on, you are both equally enthralled and enchanted. Our family adore these performances!

  110. I feel like such a kid again everytime i see those ears. And my daughter is just as big a fan as i am. I would kive to share these memories with her

  111. I’ve always loved Disney, so have my children! It would be so great to give them a surprise like this at Easter! We’ve never been, but have always wanted too! X

  112. Misty Ramjet Reply

    The magic that surrounds it, the music and dance along with seeing the smile on my son’s face.

  113. I love how Disney on ice is timeless and that I’m now able to enjoy with my son, what I enjoyed with my mum growing up.

  114. Lesley Olariu Reply

    Disney has been creating magic for children since Mickey and Snow White…..memorable events for the young and the young at heart!

  115. Fee Sinclair Reply

    I love watching the kiddies faces when their favourite Disney characters come out on the ice. I remember going when I was a child and want to share those memories and make new memories with my family.

  116. We enjoy dressing up as our favourite Disney characters while we watch the show it makes us feel apart of the magic.

  117. Disney on ice is a magical ode to my childhood and all the beauty that comes with it

  118. I love sharing the magic of Disney with my girls I loved it growing up and noe my girls love it. We love to have sing a longs to all the songs and quite often YouTube our fav disneybsongs to sing and dance.

  119. Carly Smith Reply

    My mum took me to Disney on Ice when I was 6, I have such vivid memories! I still have the spinning Minnie Mouse torch she bought me! It was such a magical experience, I would love to do the same for my girls!

  120. Mum took to me Disney on Ice when I was a kid and I loved it! To be able to the my daughter to experience the fun would be awesome!

    • My children love disney and mickey mouse my two old especially and my 4 year old son koves minnie as pinknis his fav colour

  121. What could be more exciting?! All of our favourite Disney characters and songs rolled into one magical show, and on ice too! My kids would love it!

  122. kellie barnard’ Reply

    We love disney on ice we have gone every year for the last ten years it’s the most amazing show I love watching my kids fave light up with excitement of all their favourite disney characters are favourites have been the little mermaid, lion king, toy story and rapunzel

  123. ALICIA Gaston Reply

    How are you supposed to get extra entries with the share link when they don’t work. Iv had friends try to enter using the shared link supplied but it keeps going to page not found. Frustrating, I’m losing entries from this glitch

  124. Peggy O’Sullivan Reply

    I love the magic that comes alive not only for the kids but the adults as well. Everyone has a fond memory of a favourite character or movie, it makes you feel like a kid again.

  125. I look after my Mum full time… my 3 year old doesn’t get to do much fun stuff, the only outings she gets is to go to the hospitals for mum’s appointments. She misses out on so much. This would be such a wonderful surprise for her.
    I can’t afford these things on a carers pension so winning it would make both of us extremely happy

  126. I’d love to take the kids for their first experience of Disney on ice, something I haven’t been able to do just yet.

  127. I’ve never been and always wanted to as a kid. So it would be a dream come true to take my kids.

  128. Ying Ying Tan Reply

    By bringing my family to watch this magical Disney performance, I love to be reminded that life can have magical and miraculous moments if we choose to see them, not get distracted with the buzz of life.

  129. Delwyn Davis Reply

    I would love to take my girls to see Disney on ice. We love all things Disney and I would love to see the looks on their faces enjoying the magic of it all. What we’ve seen and heard about it all sounds absolutely amazing. Fingers and toes are crossed to win tickets as we unfortunately can’t afford to buy any sadly.

  130. Katherine McColl Reply

    Disney is my daughters absolute favourite.
    Would love to be able to take the whole family to this

  131. katrina stubbs Reply

    I absolutely love ice skating and I love Disney. I have not had the honour of watching Disney on ice and would really enjoy attending a performance. I’d especially love to introduce my nieces to this treat

  132. Bringing the movies to life and enjoying the dancing and songs –

  133. Caitlin Abbey Reply

    I love the reaction I see in myself & my children. Everyone lights up with wonder, excitement, love & life. Disney on ice truly is magical & is something to behold.

  134. Disney brings the magic and makes it comw alive for both kids and kids at heart.

  135. My daughter loves all the disney characters I would love to take her to see the show as she would love it the wonder in her eyes would just make my day

  136. Would love to win tickets an take my 4 year old great nephew he absolutely loves Mickey mouse this would be such a great treat for him

  137. Jodi Matthews Reply

    I would love to show my boys magic the characters that help bring the Disney stories, I would love to win this one x

  138. Melinda Mahlberg Reply

    I love watching the Disney stories i enjoyed reading about from my childhood.

  139. Samantha thompson Reply

    It just takes you away to a magical place and there is no worry in the world

  140. oh wow! this is a dream come true for my kids. i know they will surely love it. this is a memorable experience that they will remember when they grow old

  141. Kelly Cook Reply

    Disney on Ice is intergenerational and something magical that can be shared with everyone. The wonder and excitement of seeing the characters alive in front of you is something you never forget.

  142. Ann Sculley Reply

    We have never been to Disney on Ice , But anything Disney is always magical , We are huge Disney fans in our house and would love to experience what we always hear other people talking about .

  143. I saw Disney on Ice in one of its very first Brisbane shows and it was brilliant then, cannot imagine that it would be anything but spectacular now!

  144. I have magical memories of going to Disney on ice one when I was a child and I would love to make magical memories for my two daughters by taking them to see the amazing show.

  145. The magic of it. Seeing the characters you love on screen come to life in front of you.

  146. kara newman Reply

    There was a young girl who loved Disney,
    Her favourtie was Mickey and Minnie.
    Its so fun on the ice,
    So take my advice,
    And go and see it real quickly.

  147. ✨✨✨ We have the most amazing memories of taking my daughter to ‘Disney on ice’ when she was three. Seven years and thousands of DISNEY stories and movies later, she can almost recite every story…. but has unfortunately lost her memory of ‘Disney on ice‘.

    It would be SO special for us to create those magical memories again, that I know this time… she will never EVER forget!! It would be a DISNEY dream come true. ✨✨✨

  148. I’ve never been to Disney on ice ever. I’d love to take my family just can’t afford it

  149. I remember the magic of Disney on Ice as a kid, I’d love to share that with my own little princesses!

  150. Lauren Davies Reply

    I love hearing my eldest belt out the disney songs she knows and loves so much, its so exciting for the little ones and the big people too!

  151. C McCarthy Reply

    It’s the timeless magic of Disney!
    My children love it and I love watching their little faces light up with every character. For me, it brings back childhood memories and reminds me for the wonder and innocence of childhood ✨✨✨

  152. Amy Edwards Reply

    I remember the magic of disney on ice when i was little and would live to share the magic with my 2 daughters.

  153. We took miss 4 last year and she asked me again just the other day “can u take me to go see frozen again”. She was just in awe the whole time. She never once asked for a flashy toy or popcorn the whole time which is a miracle!

  154. The magic and wonder of it all. I have very fond memories of going as a child and I would absolutely love to share this experience with my children!

  155. Kyle knott Reply

    As a dad of 3 young kids the best thing for me is how engaged it keeps them ALL! colours, dancing, skating, songs, characters, costumes!

  156. Samira Al-Ekhtiyar Reply

    The feelings you get and the way it mesmerises you and takes you to another place for a short while

  157. Caira Searle Reply

    I have been a Disney fan since I can remember! My mother is also a massive fan and now I would love to share that passion with my kids. I also have Minnie & Micky tattoos

  158. Joanna Lau Reply

    Everything!! How lively and fun it is to see all of Disney characters makes children so happy… The performances are outstanding. Saw this when I was young so I want my kid to experience the same.

  159. Michelledk Reply

    I remember as a child going to see Disney on Ice and would love my daughter to experience the magic for herself.

  160. Deep Sinha Reply

    My 4 year old has never been to any concerts or shows and I would love to take him to Disney on Ice to see Cinderella and Mcqueen together in one platform would be an amazing experience for mum and her little man!

  161. I love that it’s such an amazing production that has something for everyone. The fact that the stories change means that everyone stays interested and there is always something new to look at.

  162. The look of wonder and smiles on the kids faces says it all!! Love love love Disney on Ice!

  163. Elise Hughes Reply

    I love how I can share in something so magical and real to my children. Disney brings the child out in everyone ❤️

  164. Teresa Clarl Reply

    Love the magic, Love watching the children’s faces light up with the characters skating.

  165. I would love to take my son to this, what a way to experience the magic of Disney!

  166. Jessica Keating Reply

    I love Disney On Ice because it’s a little piece of the happiest place on earth!

  167. Mark Agapiou Reply

    This would be a great experience my family to see. My kids would love it.

  168. Nicole Woods Reply

    I love everything about it. Seeing all the Disney characters brought to life on the ice is amazing, but seeing the kids’ faces light up in wonder and awe tops that tenfold!

  169. Kelli Feeney Reply

    I love Disney on ice, I went with my Nanna when I was 8 and I have such fond memories. Can’t wait to take my girls.

  170. I love how Disney brings the magic alive in every single tiny detail.

  171. The looks on my kids faces at the wonder & magic that only Disney On Ice can bring to life & create memories that last a lifetime.

  172. Karen BEAVEN Reply

    i love being able to share the joy of Disney on Ice with 3 generations of family and seeing the excitement on my nieces face

  173. Samantha Wright Reply

    I just love the magic of Disney on Ice. That look of wonder and amazement on my little ones face is the BEST!

  174. We went to Frozen on Ice last year, it was a great show the girls had a ball, I did too I’d never been to see Disney on Ice before and we’d love to go again

  175. Kirstyeliz Reply

    I have amazing memories of seeing Disney on ice as a little girl with my family. My daughter loves all things Disney and I would love to take her to her first Disney on ice experience.

  176. Melinda Anderson Reply

    I have never been, always waned to go. I love the idea of all my favorite Disney characters coming together for one spectacular show and I would dearly love to share that with my 2 daughters (and husband).

  177. I love the effort that goes into making the fantastic sets and costumes as close as possible to the magic of the real movies , but at the same time being able to enjoy the amazing dancers.

  178. Thisn is one of them amazing things miss 8 would adore, she breathes disney, pines at the ad, we just cant afford tickets

  179. KATHLEEN GAZA Reply

    I love the magic and excitement of it all, it is palpable, even in the adults. Everyone gets to relive their favourite Disney memories and act like a kid again, totally acceptable!

  180. Charmaine Mitchell Reply

    Disney is magical, we love all the characters, but Minnie is our favourite

  181. Marilyn Long Reply

    Love seeing all the Disney characters all at once… exciting!

  182. Kit Man Ha Hau Reply

    The magic of Disney characters all floating around at the same time. It’s a modern fantasia happen in 1 place.

  183. Who doesn’t love Disney and the magic of Disney on ice? There is something about the fabulous 5 and all the princesses that make my heart sing. Love watching the magic through my son’s eyes also:)

  184. Wendy Walker Reply

    I love that Disney is so timeless, I used to go to Disney On Ice when I was a child yet they could do the same show now and it would still be appealing to my kids (and me!). Would love to take my girls to this.

  185. I love the music, the kids love the colours, the comedy , the characters. Such a lovely performance

  186. What I love about Disney on ice is the experience, the magic and wonder of Disney but on ice. I went to all the Disney on ice shows when I was little and now want I share that magic with my son, taking him to his first Disney on ice!

  187. Disney on ice takes you to a magical kingdom of joy.
    It is a highlight of my childhood memories. From catching the train to the stadium, to the end of the show, it was pure excitement. Ill never forget singing along to the songs and being in awe of the amazing characters and performers.
    I cannot wait to share and create more of those memories with my little girl.

  188. Melissa Zammit Reply

    I would love to share the experience of Disney on ice with my son as neither of us have been yet I would love to share the magic of a live theatrical experience with him

  189. My 6 year old daughter loves watching and reading Disney movies and books. Frozen and beauty and the beast are her favourite. She loved Disney on Ice last year and would love to take her back this year to see that ecstatic smile on her face.

  190. Melanie McveyDi Lazzaro Reply

    It’s 2 hours of sheer escapism for the entire family- it brings moments of joy, excitement, happy tears, laughter and creates lifetime long memories for my husband and I watching the delight on our children’s faces.

  191. My son and nieces are finally old enough to go and we can’t wait! I didn’t get to go when I was younger, so I think I could be even more excited than they are!!!

  192. My mum used to take me as a child and I would look forward to it more than Christmas! I would love to win this competition and carry on the tradition with my children, especially because the Melbourne show falls right in between my both my daughters’ birthdays!

  193. This will be my daughters 6th year in a row seeing Disney on Ice it’s become a family tradition. We all love it!

  194. Adele Smith Reply

    I adore the magic & wonder of it all, taking in every special moment around me and on the kid’s faces. I’m now a grandparent and would love dearly for my daughter to take her children like I took mine. We still talk about the Disney On Ice shows we saw.

  195. Being a huge Disney fan my self I also want my 3 beautiful children to experience the magic of Disney on Ice. I love everything about the show it’s absolutely amazing

  196. I love how the character come alive and enchanted me when I was young…It was magical and I would love to pass that magic on

  197. My 4 sister’s and I have always been HUGE disney fans and now with kids of our own it would be so much fun for us (and the kids of course haha)

  198. Sarah Black Reply

    I remember going to Disney on Ice when I was little for my birthday. It was an amazing surprise and it was still the most amazing birthday ever. I would love to share this experience with my 10 year old daughter Jessica who loves anything Disney and loves dancing and skating.

  199. I remember seeing Disney on ice as a child -thats how magical it is. It brings the characters to life.

  200. Everything, the performers, the characters, the music, seeing little kids faces when they are just immersed in the Disney Magic…….just like me when i was young………heck just like me now!

  201. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    Like all things disney it’s magical for the whole family

  202. I love that the cartoon comes alive from being on a screen to being tangible and able to be hugged by lots of little children!

  203. No matter your age or gender – Disney on Ice is awesome!
    100 years of Disney is a testament to ‘a never ending childhood’ all over the world.
    I love it, my kids love it.
    It proves you’re never too old to have fun and believe in Magic.

  204. Disney is the realm that I get to step into when I want to believe in happily ever after, true love, talking mice, magic carpets, mermaids, magical kisses, etc. It’s something I’ve grown up with.

  205. Would love to win to be able to take my children to see the magic of disney on the ice 🙂

  206. Megan Cleary Reply

    I’ve never seen Disney on ice but my son and I love to watch Disney movies so to see the characters all together would be fantastic

  207. I love that disney on ice is a generational joy that my mum, my kids, and myself can enjoy the thrill of together. The stories are timeless, the magic is uplifting, and the morals will stay with my children throughout their lives.

  208. I remember my parents taking me and my sister to Disney on Ice when I was little. It was the most magical day of my life and I still have the most wonderful memories of those family outings. Now i have my own kids and I would love to continue the tradition that my parents started with me.

  209. Belinda Jacobson Reply

    I love Disney on Ice! My mum used to take me for my birthday (I’m born in June) and is love to take my little man – he will be 8 months old then and he already loves Disney music so I’m sure he will adore it

  210. Heidi O'Day Reply

    Our whole family including the Grand parents have characters they adore that are in the show. The skating is excellent so adults really get to have an amazing experience too. I have never seen Disney on ice bit always wanted to take the littluns ( mostly me!) and remember two years or so ago being on a train in Melbourne that was full of little people dressed as Disney princesses. I had never seen so many sequins and Ursula’s. They were so excited the carriage buzzed.

  211. We all love the magic of Disney in our house. It’s great that the whole family can enjoy it. Little Mermaid and Peter Pan are favourites for us!! I went to see Disney on ice a few years ago when my son was a newborn and would love to take him to see the magic come to life! The performers are incredibly talented.

  212. I love how the skaters convert Disney stories into beautiful flowing movements on the ice, they never fail to keep my kids interested in making beautiful memories.

  213. It’s always been a dream of mine to see Disney on Ice. Such a fabulous competition!

  214. I remember being mesmerised by Disney on Ice, the first concert with glow in the dark toys and it started my love of all things Mickey.

    These shows are so special that flying from Hobart to Melbourne is a no-brainer. It’s something that will stay for you the rest of your life.

  215. For me I love the absolute awe and inspiration shown in my daughters eyes as she is glued to the show. I love watching her and seeing things all over again from a child’s perspective and wonder.

  216. Disney is life! Disney is love. OMGosh I would love to take my girls to experience 100 years of Disney magic ❤️

  217. I love how it combines the magic of Disney with the grace and skills of ice skating.

  218. I love the feeling of magic when I see Disney movies, it takes me straight back to when I was a kid and could sing all Disney song, I want my children to experience the same

  219. Jeannine Barrett Reply

    I love the look on my kids faces when they see their favourite Disney characters skating around in real life.

  220. Disney is living proof that happily every after exists and dreams do come true! x

  221. To experience the magic of Disney
    Brought to life on the beautiful crystal ice
    Is like reliving all those exciting moments from your own childhood,
    Only this time you get to sit besides your own little ones
    Who are wide eyed and open mouthed
    Watching the true magic of Disney….. happy moments with people you love!

  222. cheerie murnane Reply

    We saw Disney on Ice last time it was in Adelaide, but it was expensive for us and our seats were way up the back, We love all things Disney, its pure “Magic” Disney holds the interest of young children and old children alike and parents never get too old to be captured by the “Magic” of Disney.

  223. Disney on Ice is simply magical and brings amazing characters loved by young and old to life.

    I would love to take my daughter, son and husband to watch and experience the magic x

  224. Beth Streten Reply

    I love the quiet anticipation as my children clasp hand to mouth and cuddle in excitement. I love the widening of eyes and shuffle to front of seat as the show begins. Most of all I love the pointing and giggling as both my son and daughter are enraptured with the drama, colour and imagination that Disney on Ice does best. I would love to win this amazing prize! It would bring so much joy to my children, and indeed to the whole family!

  225. Richard Harrison Reply

    The beautiful music and amazing grace of the athletes!

  226. Bronwyn Evans Reply

    My nan took my mum and mum took us as kids and now I get to take my girls. I love being able to carry on the tradition of an experience I loved as a child.

  227. Disney is so magical, it is amazing being able to sit down or dance around to your favourite Disney songs and shows with your kids while feeling like your young again, my 5yo and my 2yo absolutely love Saturday mornings when we put on our all time favourite Disney songs on.
    Old and new and dnce around the house. Disney brings families together and that’s why I love it.

  228. What’s not to love!! Aladdin and toy story are the obvious choice. My son is just getting into this sort of thing. I used to go with my mum and sister when I was younger been years since!

  229. From a very young age I was enthralled by the world of princesses and the magic of Disney. Now my kids enjoy the exact same magic. Disney on ice will be enjoyed by our whole family.

  230. Emily Higgins Reply

    My daughter was conceived in Florida at DisneyWorld so she is a Disney baby so this would be so special to go too.

  231. Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    The sets are impressive, the skating skills are worthy of an Olympic Gold medal not to mention how they bring the songs and characters to life. Our family vary in ages and we ALL thoroughly enjoy allowing ourselves to be drawn in and captivated by Disney magic.

  232. I have never been to Disney on Ice before but myself my payment and or son love Disney movies so seeing all the characters come to life would be an absolute dream for my 7 year old son. Our wood be an amazing experience to see something like this.

  233. Kerrie Manttan Reply

    We have never been to Disney on ice ever. I’d love to take my family along to it as it would be a great experience

  234. Kate Slack Reply

    Disney never gets old, the magic it creates keeps giving to generation after generation, i would love my kids to experience Disney on Ice.

  235. Carlee Tredrea Reply

    I loved the magic of Disney on ice as a child and would love to share the experience with my own children!

  236. How the world of Disney is shown on ice the interpretation from the big screen, books and TV is lmagical
    The characters glide effortlessly across the ice bringing so much joy to children and Adults.
    A show that captivates both old and young

  237. I love that my Disney childhood comes to life and hopefully I get to see my daughter’s eyes sparkle as she watches Disney On Ice live

  238. Sonia Skewes Reply

    Just magical live…
    Some of the best memories from childhood…
    Disney storiez and characters…

  239. I have never been to Disney on Ice but would love to take my kids to one now that they are old enough to enjoy it.

  240. We are Disney crazy and I would love to take my children to experience the magic of Disney on ice! We took my daughter to Disney land whilst I was pregnant with my son, every time a Disney film credit comes on with the castle, he says “we have been there and I saw everyone from your tummy” … so now he would be able to see them in real life haha!! X

  241. They are such a talented bunch. The skating is amazing and the characters are brought to life in front of your eyes. It’s such a good show.

  242. It simply looks magical! I’ve never experienced it, but would love to take my girls to pass on the love of Disney in a different atmosphere rather than just on a tv or book! To see it come alive and watch their excitement and wonder, would be simply priceless!

  243. Jessie Chibber Reply

    I love singing along to all of the classic Disney songs and seeing the characters fly across the ice.

  244. Deborah de Geeter Reply

    I have never been to a show, but know that my twin boys would be mesmerised.

  245. Samantha duncan Reply

    I love the beauty of the ice skaters & the wonderful music. As well as seeing the wonderful Disney characters come to life. My mum took me every year when I was a little girl & I would love to create these same amazing memories with my daughter

  246. Whether it be a Disney movie or Disney on ice they are just a joy to watch no matter your age

  247. I love to see all the favourite Disney characters come alive in front of my eyes with superb skating skills and beautiful music.

  248. Stephanie P Reply

    Everything! We don’t have a Disney land here so this is the next best thing! My toddler has been brought up watching Disney movies, singing along to Disney songs in the car and falling asleep to Disney just as I was. To experience the magic through the music and characters coming to life would be amazing.

  249. Nicole Kent Reply

    Disney princesses all in one place
    Skating around with smiles on their face
    Love the storylines, songs and their tricks
    A magical experience for our family of 6!

  250. Melita Malone Reply

    Seeing the characters come to live on the ice, I believe would be a magical experience

  251. Renee Spiteri-Elturk Reply

    Disney on ice is truly magical! I still remember from 20 something years ago how magical Disney on ice was. That was definelty a highlight in my childhood that I would love for my children to experience.

  252. Anastasia Spiers Reply

    It’s awe inspiring seeing ppl perform especially on ice and in awesome Disney costumes. I’d love to share this magic with my kids.

  253. Growing up with Disney, I can’t wait to introduce me son and nephew to the magic

  254. never been so it would be beautiful memory for my daughter and a reminder of my childhood

  255. Mandy issa Reply

    I have never been so it would be beautiful to experience the magic with my children for the first time

  256. I love that Disney on Ice is just so magical. It takes you back to the magic of childhood, if only for a couple of hours, where anything is possible. For the kids it is a chance to live the magic they see on screen

  257. I love that it brings all the old classics back to life. Makes me feel like a kid again

  258. Angela McCully Reply

    I love to see the joy it brings my children. Plus it is pretty cool to watch!

  259. It’s a celebration of all the wonderful characters we’ve grown to love over the years, all brought together in a spectacular and magical show.

  260. Mary Tinev Reply

    My son and daughter absolutely love frozen. They missed out last year cause they were both sick so we had to give away tickets! Would love to take them this time xx

  261. I have never been but I have heard its amazing and would love to go and take my 3 girls to see it.

  262. Watching the faces of all the children light up with excitement and wonder, at seeing their favourite Disney character come to life and dazzle them with a magical performance.

  263. My family loves the magic of Disney. We went to Disney on Ice several years back, the beautiful dancing/skating and all the brilliant colours and music was wonderful.

  264. ruth larman Reply

    Spectacular, amazing magic of Disney would enthral myself as much as my grand-daughter.

  265. Richelle Sheppard Reply

    I went to Disney on ice as a child I would love to give my children the opportunity it’s magical but I can’t afford tickets.

  266. Kylie Overstone Reply

    The only show I have seen on Ice was Sesame Street when I was a child and that was a long time ago as I’m 46 now so I would love for my son to experience it to and no better than the wonderful Disney On Ice. What an experience for him and also to go see such a big show which he has never been to before. Thanks

  267. Charlene Pattrick Reply

    Went as a child and would love to bring my kids – love everything about Disney & Disney on Ice 🙂

  268. Jenny Wright Reply

    I took my daughter last year and I was blown away at the amazing skill and agility of the performers. What they do is quite something. I am in awe of their skill and would love to take the whole family to experience the same again this year.

  269. Bonnie Dunstan Reply

    I took my eldest son,now 21 yrs old, when he was little and we both loved it all. He loved seeing his favorite characters from the different stories that were told on the night , it truely was magical. Now I have 2 littlies , a boy about to turn 5 on Easter Monday and a little princess who will be 2 in May and I would absolutely love to be able to share the magic with thrm also.

  270. Kristy Winters Reply

    I have never been to a disney on ice as my 3 boys where not interested so I had no idea about it but now I have a girl
    l am started to be introduces to the magic of disney in a totally different way

  271. Linda Roberts Reply

    Disney is wonderful and allows everyone to dream. Let’s adults reminisce about stories from their childhood and brings joy and excitement to a whole new generation of Disney lovers

  272. It is too hard to pick a favourite Disney Character or show as I grew up with them and now my son watches Disney also as he grows up. Lots of wonderful movies and shows.

  273. Jade Williams Reply

    The magical fun that is Disney. I would love to share this wonderful experience with my Disney loving 5 year old daughter x

  274. Kim taylor Reply

    Disney on Ice is so unique, it’s like no other show you will see. We live how the characters come to life on ice to create the most fun and exciting atmosphere!

  275. N Beaumont Reply

    I love the magic of watching our favourite Disney friends gliding around the arena and bringing the wonderment of imagination, mystery, love and adventure into our lives!

  276. Seeing all of our favourite characters coming to life on the ice – magical!

  277. We used to go every year as kids so it brings back warm memories when I take my babies to Disney on ice each year

  278. Janet Tran Reply

    Although I don’t remember every detail and what exactly happened but I do remember the remarkable awe I felt that one time I saw Disney in Ice, when I was still a kid. Now I have two kids of my own who I want to share that moment; not just seeing or hearing – I want them to FEEL “the magic of Disney”.

  279. I have never actually been to Disney on Ice so I can’t say exactly what I like most about it. However it seems like such a magical atmosphere and experience I’d love to experience that for the first time with my family.

  280. Love love love Disney so much the ice skaters are absolutely amazing and one of the best performances ive ever seen, love the fact Disney on ice change and cater for everyone. Would be soooo amazing to win this

  281. Disney on Ice,
    Is the spice of life!
    In a house full of girls,
    It’s all glitter and twirls!
    Thanks Mum central for the awesome chance,
    Fingers crossed we can do the happy dance!

  282. My son has ASD and loves (And I mean LOVES) the Disney characters. Most live performances are too much of a sensory overload but somehow the Disney on Ice shows are tolerable to him! We would love love love tickets!

  283. I love Disney and my girls are huge fans of Elsa and Anna- they would love to see Frozen on ice as well as all of the other wonderful characters.

  284. D = Delightful, I = Imagination, S = Sensational, N = Nonstop, E = Exciting, Y = Yelling!! Disney is amazing and to be part of such a celebration would make our families year!! Love love all that is Disney whether it be Nemo, Toy Story, Frozen or the Classics like Mickey wants not to like!

  285. I went to my first and only Disney on Ice back when i was 17 with my Nanny and cousins. I would love to get to take my two children to one but everytime we go to book I get in too late. Im sure my almost 5 yr old daughter would love it as she is a big disney girl just like her mumma!!!

  286. We love the magic that Disney on Ice brings, and that every adult can relive their childhood.

  287. Wow, We have always wanted to go to Disney on Ice and never have been lucky enough.

  288. It completely transforms you to a Disney Dimension! I went once when I was about 6 years old and I’m now 25 and I still have wonderful memories of it. I’d love for my little ones to experience the same joy I did when I was young.

  289. That even with a 3 year age gap, both of my girls sit there and are in amazement at what they are watching

  290. Chris Summons Reply

    The bit I love most about Disney on Ice is the fact that I get to unashamably belt out Disney songs at the top of my lungs and no one judges me!!

  291. I love the excitement it causes in all the kids faces as they see their favourite characters.

  292. Belinda Jones Reply

    Ohhhh the thrill to take me back to my childhood dreams and engage my 2 littlies in the fun and excitement of their many favourite Disney characters Lion King, Aladdin, Frozen, Nemo etc. Would be a treasured, memorable family experience to witness the performers, costumes, signing and dancing to the magic that only Disney creates.

  293. I love disney on ice because it actually comes to Melbourne on my birthday the 9 th of july!

  294. I love seeing my kids so excited to see their favourite characters in real life!

  295. Diana Angel Reply

    Ive been a Disney fun since i was a little girl and now my daughter is in love with Disney characters as well. We often play princesses and it would be great to see magical live.

  296. Andrea Ponga-Morgan Reply

    I love the experience for my kids – music, lighting, entertainment, a story – it’s magical!!

  297. Tash Collisson Reply

    Would love to give my kids the magical experience that is disney!!!

  298. Caroline Lissaman Reply

    There is something magical about Disney characters gliding over ice. They become so alive and beautiful. The accompanying music also sets a magical atmosphere. Just love it!

  299. I’ve never been to Disney on Ice but have grown up loving Disney. I now have kids who also love Disney so would love for us all to have the chance to see our fave characters. It would be a great family experience!

  300. Sandra lewis Reply

    I love the way disney makes me feel. I can watch it over and over again without getting sick of it. I can listen to all my favourite disney songs in the car and sing along as loud as i like and it makes the big scary world go away

  301. I love how the characters literally come to life in the eyes of my child. Such a magical and wondrous moment in time

  302. Karen Bennett Reply

    I really love watching ice Skating cannot do it but love watching it. I am a huge fan of all Disney movies in fact I have nearly all of them, my age is 65.
    I would love to take my Grandchildren to see this magical show. I don’t mind admitting I would love to see it.
    Thank you for the chance.

  303. Dianne Childs Reply

    I’ve never been but I imagine it would be a magical and fun experience for adults and kids alike!

  304. I love how magical it is and how you can escape into a different reality for a short period.

  305. Absolute magic and something I will always remember as a child and something I haven’t witnessed since. My step children have experienced this magic I would love for my daughter to have the same memories as the four of us

  306. I remember watching one as a child (25 years ago) and it was magical. Would love my son to experience this too

  307. Adrienne22 Reply

    After attending DOI for my birthdayany years ago, I try to attend each year with my girls. This year it is in my daughters 21st bday. I would love to continue the magic with her on this special occasion <3

  308. I love how all my old and new favourite disney Characters come to life. Im in Awe of the skating aswell…share it now with my children x

  309. Simone Hayward Reply

    The songs, the characters and the action, what’s not to love?

  310. Would love to take my daughter for her 4th birthday!! She was so intrigued by the figure skating at the Winter Olympics and to see Disney characters would just amaze her!!

  311. My daughter has just gotten into the princess and she will love the music and watching them come to live infront of her!

  312. I’m in my 30’s and grew up watching Disney. I’ve never had the chance to watch Disney on Ice and would love to attend with my daughter so she can see how special Disney is.

  313. Carly Naughton Reply

    We’ve never been so I couldn’t say what we love, but I’d love to make new memories with my Disney obsessed son and share my love of the classics with him

  314. I’ve always loved ice dancing – so beautiful – and I love the way Disney on Ice combines it with familiar characters to help entrance kids.

  315. Ellen dennis Reply

    My 3 and half year old would love this. She loves everything to do with disney especially Elsa and Anna. I loved Disney on ice when I went as a little girl

  316. Danielle Manning Reply

    My girls and I love Disney and I would love to be able to take them to this special Disney on ice. I love how the stories and told and the magic you feel while there

  317. Danielle Manning Reply

    My girls and I love Disney and I would love to be able to take them to this special Disney on ice. I love how the stories and told and the magic you feel while there. There is something so special about a Disney Omni ice

  318. Danielle Manning Reply

    I love how the stories and told and the magic you feel while there. There is something so special about a Disney On ice

  319. Catherine Howard Reply

    The kids get to see their favorite Disney characters & i get enjoy awesome ice skating dancing

  320. We love feeling the cool icy air and watching our favourite Disney stories come to life in a wonderful live performance!

  321. Sarah Jayne Reply

    I love our girls faces seeing Disney characters skate across the ice

  322. Danielle Pelkonen Reply

    Brings back memories of my childhood. It brings a smile to my daughter’s face & is creating memories for her & me.

  323. Natalia Humphrys Reply

    I love the excitement it brings to my daughter’s faces to see their favourite characters come alive. Smiles all round.

  324. Disney stories become more vivid and the characters are more attractive with beautiful ice dancing and singing.

  325. Disney on Ice would be fantastic to take my daughter and her friends to see

  326. Nicole Williams Reply

    This would be a show that we would never forget – a great experience. We love Disney!!

  327. Emily Dier Reply

    My son is a massive disney fan loves the movies in july will be having a major heart operation as month ago he asked if i could take him to this so trying to save up for us to go with his grandfather whos my son adores so much the two off them each time we catch up pretend to been woody and buzz for the whole day ots so cute would make my sons day to win and his grandfather’s

  328. The magical Memories I had as a child watching, it was awesome, which I’d luv to share with my girls

  329. Would love to show the kids the old Disney classics and how extra cool (see what I did there lol) to see them on ice! It’s not often there is an event the whole family can love!!

  330. Jacqui Harrington Reply

    I love the costumes, characters & atmosphere! So magical for the whole family ♥️

  331. There is just something magical about Disney. Doesn’t matter your age we are all kids at heart. There is just a buzz in the air with excitement when anyone sees those iconic Mickey ears. Everyone has their personal favourites and memories around all things Disney. It’s such an amazing thing to be able to share these sort of experiences with your own kids and know that everyone is being entertained and loving every minute.

  332. Lynnette BUll Reply

    I love that these shows are just as great for the parents to watch and enjoy and that even with all those people in the one area you dont get over heated, in fact you stay cool and excited. I love the amazement on my childs face as they see al their favourite characters.

  333. We have never been to Disney on Ice as we live over 400kms away from the nearest show. I would love to watch my daughters face light up when the different characters she loves come on to the ice!

  334. Kelly Doecke Reply

    The characters would be great. Never been before but my 2 year old who will be 3 at the time of show will be sure to love it!

  335. Kelsey Currie Reply

    I was so lucky that I grew up watching Disney on Ice every year. I try to keep the tradition going with my kids but it’s hard trying to save for the tickets. The looks on my kids faces are the magic for me, though I must say, I think I enjoy it more than them sometimes

  336. I love how it inspires my kids and makes them so happy and lets them believe in magic!

  337. Vicka Sugandhi Reply

    Always wanted to see the show since I was a kid but mum didnt have enough money to buy the ticket. I can only imagine the dress, the magical feeling, the songs. want to bring my kids to see it all.

  338. Maree Gray Reply

    Disney on Ice is just a magical experience. All our favourite characters are bought to life. It is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. I still remember my first Disney on Ice show.

  339. I love how timeless it is! There is something so special and magical about experiencing the stories of my childhood dreams with my children.

  340. My 4 year old daughter will turn 5 just before the show and I would love to take her and her sister as a birthday surprise. They are both obsessed with all things Disney.

  341. I LOVE everything Disney. Always have.
    Hoping to make my kids as big a fans.

  342. Nat Kwasny Reply

    I took my Miss 5 to Disney on Ice for the first time just last year and we both loved every second. From the beautiful sets to costumes to the music, seeing all the wonderful Disney characters come to life was incredible. It evoked so many childhood memories for me and just lit up my daughter’s face with happiness, it was just pure joy to experience. I’d love to now also take my little boy he would go crazy to see all his fave characters.

  343. Kimberley Manago Reply

    I would love seeing my kids eyes light up as their favourite characters come to life. Disney allows children’s imagination to run wild. I would love to experience this with my children.

  344. Jenni Braden Reply

    How is it possible for my kids to not love something that’s a direct combination of two of their favourite things? Anything Disney.. And everything ice skating!! ⛸✨

  345. Victoria N Reply

    Disney on Ice is an inspired and inspiring experience, perfect for all the family! I still find it breathtaking at my age and would love to take my boys to experience it for their first time! ❤️

  346. The excitement in the kids faces as all their favoutite characters sing, dance and glide in front of them.

  347. Crystal Huang Reply

    The joy and wonder on the children’s faces! Not to mention it doesn’t matter what age you are, everyone from little oned to seniors revel in the magic!

  348. Madison McLaren Reply

    I have been wanting to take my kids to disney on ice for years, this would be an amazing prize!!

  349. It doesn’t matter how hold you get Disney is always magical, but it is the look of awe of my little one’s faces that is the icing on the cake

  350. I love the look on my daughters face. Seeing her happy makes me happy.

  351. I would love to see the magic of Disney On Ice through the eyes of my grandchildren! What an amazing experience it would be for them.

  352. Disney on Ice is such a special family event. Both my daughter and my son loves it.

  353. Mary Joanne Ruth Lao Reply

    Our family loves Disney, and as a little girl, Disney on Ice was the only show i always look forward to every year…. hoping we could at least let my little one watch her first one soon… ☺

  354. My kids would love to see this!! Its so hard to afford it being a single mum.

  355. Gina Decapia Reply

    My kids can experience the Disney Magic “for real life” (as they say, haha) instead of just through a screen. And 100 years this year… ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!

  356. Disney is such a classic that everyone has fun! Sometimes I think the adults enjoy more than the kids!

  357. Disney is magical no matter how old you are. Now as parents, Disney on ice is the perfect excuse to bring our kids to it, but deep down we know it really is for us! Our 4 year old daughter absolutely loves it and so do we!

  358. Disney on ice is magical. To see the excitement on the children’s faces is so lovely. I love it too.

  359. Bianca Brennan Reply

    How can you beat Disney for providing you with a magical experience that you can share with your children.

  360. Oh my, I’d love to win this for my son! It would be the best experience of his life! So much time, effort and talent goes into these performances. Something we can all appreciate. The opportunity to see a Disney on Ice performance would be magical for the three of us and would also mean a weekend away in Melbourne! Great family time. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  361. Alison Harrison Reply

    Best thing about Disney on Ice would have to be the squeals of delight and excitement from both of my girls. That alone is worth every cent ❤️

  362. Tamara Turner Reply

    We love Disney on ice because it’s fun for the whole family. The ice skaters are amazing performers

  363. Alyssa kemp Reply

    I love the fact my daughters and I can experience Disney on ice with all of my favourites and theirs. Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse would be the absolute best.

  364. Mary Byrnes Reply

    I would love to win tickets to Disney On Ice in Sydney. Disney is always makes family time special.

  365. What a fantasy come true to sit and watch this show with my kiddies, they will love it but I think I will it more

  366. The way it takes me back to my childhood, I love it as much as my daughter.

  367. Rachel Barnett Reply

    The memories that are made at every show 🙂 I remember Dumbo flying over my head when I was a little girl and my eldest remembers “waiting forever for the princesses to finish so Buzz & Woody could come out” LOL (he was 3, now 9).

  368. I myself have been an all things Disney person since I was a kid, now I can enjoy it even more through my kids eyes. I would love to see the sheer happiness and excitement when he sees Mickey and his favourite characters from the lion king!

  369. I absolutely love the magical amazement disney on ice brings to each and every childs imagination. Their faces just light up! I haven’t been since I was a child but I definately have always remembered…I cant wait for my kids to also experience the magic!

  370. Everything Disney feel magical. Evertime I watch a Disney movie I relive all those magical feeling of my childhood. Sharing this with my kids would be the best

  371. The look of amazement on my daughters face is always price less when ever she watches any thing Disney. She would love to be there to see all the characters on yhe ice.

  372. I love that Disney on Ice takes old favourites and new popular stories and retells them in a beautiful new way. It captures little ones imagination, captivates, enthrals and amazes.
    Magic is right, it is a solid hour and a half of wow.

  373. What’s not to love!! The magic! All my favourite disney characters in real life. Ive never been before, but i know it would be amazing and my daughter would have the time of her life

  374. Kelly Marie Rowe Reply

    The magic of Disney is so close that you could almost touch. Which leads to a magical experience for the children and the child at heart.

  375. It’s like a giant crooning session because we all know and love our Disney songs!

  376. Ailidh Kennedy Reply

    Family Tradition!!! My mum used to get all the grand kids tickets every year!! ❤

  377. Irene valentina Reply

    Love all Disney’s movies and songs. This will be excellent for our family outing!

  378. I love that Disney always has a great story to tell and an important life lesson in every production they make and Disney On Ice is an exciting event that brings the characters and story to life, giving them memories that will last a life time. My nanna took me to a Beauty and the Beast Disney On Ice when I was a young girl and I’ll never forget how amazing it was and I still have the book she bought me when we were there and I would LOVE to take my kids to see it too.

  379. I love Disney. Disney is my life. Wish I could go once in a lifetime

  380. Mary Irwin Reply

    Pumba. We took our girls last year and I loved it. The skaters were amazing the costumes divine and atmosphere was magical! But when Pumba came out and the artist had skates on their hands too… Wow. I was expecting the girls to be amazed not me Disney definitely caters for all age groups.

  381. Omg who would not want to be a Disney princess! I love it all! I would love to tKe my daughter and niece it would be something they would never forget.

  382. Chelsea gibson Reply

    Would love to take my niece and daughter for their first experience and it falls around their birthdays

  383. Jess Bushby Reply

    I actually just love the skating! With absolutely NO athletic ability myself, ot just amazes me. My kids love Disney so I’d love to take them to the Perth performance.

  384. Sara Jochheim Reply

    I love all the disdney movies but have never seen Disney on Ice so to experience all my favorites in one place would be great. And my 3 yr old would love it too.

  385. Rebecca Costa Reply

    I love that Disney on ice brings Disney’s Characters from our loungeroom to bueaty of ice skating as memory we all need to keep forever!

  386. Love Disney because it always keeps the magic and wonder alive in children (and adults alike)

  387. I love that my boys could see the shows they love in a different forum. We have been to one show years ago and they were blown away. To see the looks on their faces and the want to share with other kids around them was just lovely

  388. I love Disney and would love to win because it’s how I hold onto my childhood. Disney on Ice is so wonderful because it teaches us how to dream, how to be ourself and also to realise that anything is possible.

  389. Disney is captivating for all ages. To see it on ice would be a dream come true for kids and parents alike.

  390. Jacqui Lagaluga Reply

    Loved by three generations of family Disney has brought joy and delight to our family.

  391. Stephanie Fleeton Reply

    The first Disney on Ice I went to was Beauty and the Beast back in the 90s. I love how they recreate the magic of the stories/movies on ice. It makes it even more magical. My son loves the ice and this would be the best thing for his birthday.

  392. Disney On Ice reminds me of childhood. Imagination, magic, everything was Disney, Fantasia, fun…..Disney On Ice brings back memories. Priceless!

  393. Would love to take my grandsons to this……they live in Brisbane and I’m in rural Victoria, so would be very treasured experience for us all with their mum, my daughter. Took her when she was little in Melbourne and to see the delight in all their faces would be amazing!

  394. I would love to be able to take my grandsons to see this amazing show with my daughter. They live in Brisbane and I’m in rural Victoria, it would be amazing to see the delight on everyone’s faces and spend some time with them, creating a memorable experience for us all. Disney on Ice looks amazing!

  395. rachel sinclair Reply

    Disney is such a magical part of childhood, to see this on the ice with my children would be amazing

  396. Cynthia Fisher Reply

    I habe taken one of my daughters and I spent the whole time watching her mesmerised face! I would love to take my other daughter to see Disney on ice.

  397. Alicia Hitchcock Reply

    I lived out a childhood dream by taking my girls to see ut last year. It was incredible and the looks on my girls faces was priceless. I’d love to take them again.

  398. I love that we can give our kids the same magical memories we got when we saw Disney On Ice as kids

  399. Nothing beats the utter joy and happiness Disney on Ice bring to our family…..please choose us

  400. Jeanette Latter Reply

    The traditional family time of watching our favourite characters on ice.

  401. The characters, colours and the magic. But most of all the look on miss 3 face

  402. Deborah Gough Reply

    Would love to take my 2 girls to show them the magic of Disney. Been putting on the Disney movies from when i was a kid and they love them.

  403. I absolutely love how the Disney on Ice is loved from one generation to the next. For me it was Beauty & the Beast, for my son it was Frozen. His face was IN AWE!

  404. To show my children that Disney On Ice proves the beauty of the magical world we live in, and that your imagination holds no limits!

  405. Chris Sheppard Reply

    I’ve never been to Disney on ice before but friends have told me that it’s wonderful. It looks amazing!

  406. Cherie-ann Holt Reply

    I love that Disney on ice brings the magic into souls young and old and takes you away on a magical journey that you immerse yourself into. It allows kids to dream away and enjoy their favourite characters and allows adults to be swept up in the magic of being carefree and whimsical for a few hours

  407. The amazing world of Disney is something for everyone. I grew up with them & now my daughters aged 4 and 3 love to escape in the magical world. The characters & songs are always a pleasure. Would LOVE to experience this magic & excitement with my family !!!!!

  408. Kathleen Usher Reply

    I love that it takes the magic of disney and combines it with the sheer skill of ice skating.

  409. It’s a family tradition for us to go but money tight this year. We love Disney in all its glory and seeing it come to life with all our favourite movies and character on the ice is just magical. The shows just get better and more magical every year even as my girls get older we never tire of Disney on ice!

  410. I like the atmosphere and that my daughters face lights up when all the Disney characters come out.
    Disney on Ice never fails to impress.
    Unfortunately I don’t get to attend much because I’m a single mum and can’t afford tickets.
    However this would make my daughters wish come true if we won tickets.
    Thankyou for the opportunity to enter this amazing giveaway. Xx

  411. Disney has such a special place in my heart. My first ever theatrical experience was Disney on Ice and I have fond childhood memories of looking forward to the Disney movie every Sunday evening. Now as a Mum I get to share the magic and joy of Disney with my children!

  412. I’m yet to experience Disney on Ice but I imagine it would be a magical feast for the senses.

  413. I love the fact that the magic of Disney on ice captures the amazement and excitement for people of all ages. When you look around at the audience at the show, you can see the pleasure and wonder in the eyes of babies, children, parents and even grandparents. It’s such a beautiful experience to share with the ones you love.

  414. Sharon Reiss Reply

    I grew up loving all Disney movies and have never seen the Disney On Ice show before.. I would love to experience it with my children..

  415. It would be so wonderful to share the timeless classics and beauty of the stories that I grew up with, with my own girls. Sometimes life gets so busy, we don’t spend as much time as we would love to, together and to just be in “the moment”. Sometimes “time-out” is needed for everyone as a family together. x

  416. Disney is all about the magic of a story. And just to experience the wonder on both my daughters faces would be priceless.

  417. Seeing Disney on Ice is one of my very favourite memories as a child. I love to see my daughter’s face when she goes as well.

  418. andie harrie Reply

    Disney on ice
    talent and glamour that is nice
    story to be told
    of Disney in the cold
    love the grace
    Disney on ice is the best place

  419. My children would be super excited to see all their favourite Disney characters at Disney on Ice for the first time. We have always wanted to go and it would be fantastic to have the opportunity to experience such a wonderful and magical event. It looks like an awesome family show for young and old alike!

  420. I love watching our favourite on screen characters come to life as they gracefully glide around on the ice. They look every bit as magical as they do on screen and the joy on my daughters face is mesmerising

  421. Alison Cook Reply

    I love Disney on Ice as it brings back great memories as a child seeing them live in Adelaide, it was absolutely fantastic.

  422. Phillip Cunningham Reply

    Disney on Ice is loved by all of my family as it brings the characters they enjoy on TV or the movies into a true to life show, much better than a movie.

  423. J McCarthy Reply

    Just because I’ve grown up, I’ve never outgrown my love of Disney. Now as a parent I get to experience it all over again

  424. Joanna Perfetto Reply

    My daughter would absolutely love this. She has been aMinnie mouse since before she could talk and is obsessed with anything Disney!!

  425. Rachael Stathis Reply

    Disney on ice is a spectacle for the whole family to enjoy together. The ice skating is amazing and the delight on my childrens faces when they see their favourite characters and stories come to life is fantastic.

  426. Stacey Shailer Reply

    I’d love to see the magic of Disney movies brought to life on the ice!

  427. Perhaps uniquely in the field of family-friendly entertainment, Disney has incredibly managed to stay timelessly relevant and relatable across multiple generations spanning an entire century. Disney’s kingdom of stories, characters and music was cool for my grandparents, for me, and is now equally cool for my kids. To see the creative, enthralling, invigorating magic brought to life on ice… well, I couldn’t think of anything cooler!

  428. Tahli Tutty Reply

    Always loved Disney but never been to Disney on ice. I have my beautiful Step Daughters Birthday the day before so this would be an amazing 7th birthday for her.

  429. I love being able to share my love of Disney with my children and let the experience the magic I grew up with as a child. Seeing their faces light up and the Disney magic makes it one of the greatest experiences.

  430. Bringing fantasy to reality. I would love to see life size versions of my much loved favourite disney characters

  431. I love that Disney on ice bring a little magic to people lives both young and old .. spectacular!

  432. kaitlin frayne Reply

    Disney on Ice is a truly magical experience to continue the legacy and evoke the magic and family time with the beautiful music and lovable characters.

  433. I love that it has all the classics too – the big kids still love Disney! 🙂

  434. Christie Louise Reply

    The truly magical experience that only Disney can provide. Bringing back all our favourite childhood characters in a magical show!!!

  435. Isabeau Jane Reply

    We love the atmosphere. It’s as close as possible to entering a Disney story and you just feel so much a part of it!

  436. I love Disney on Ice because it brings to life the wonderful world of animation to the real world of humans – full of glorious songs and vibrant colours – so you can ‘let it go’ and enjoy the music and story!

  437. I love how Disney on Ice brings the character’s together ‘larger than life ‘ so to speak. And I love to watch the kiddies excitement as they see their favourites.

  438. Rebecca Calleja Reply

    I would love to be able to take my kids to Disney on ice. Thanks for the opportunity

  439. I haven’t been to Disney on ice since I was a little girl, and I would love to be able to take my daughter! She loves all things Disney

  440. If your young or old, it does not matter you get swept up in the Disney magic and everyone’s inner child comes out to play.

  441. As a single mum it’s really hard to budget these kinds of things in but I would absolutely love to take my 3 boys.

  442. Heather Hopley Reply

    Beautiful, “delicious” fantasy……….there is nothing more wonderful for children !

  443. All the Disney characters and reminds you of all the fond memories of Disney stories growing up.

  444. The wonderful world of Disney used to be on TV on the weekends. We would be bathed and in our jammies ready to watch… Oh the innocent memories.. Now it’s ninja turtles and transformers… I’d like to educate my 6 year old!

  445. Disney on Ice brings Magic to life.
    It’s “A whole new world” that the whole family can enjoy.
    Say Hakuna Matata to your troubles – just “Let it go” and enjoy the excitement as you let Disney become “Part of your world”

  446. Amanda Wilson Reply

    We love the music, lighting and the delight of seeing real life Disney characters. The whole experience is amazing

  447. What I would like about Disney on ice is the excitement and joy on my kids faces as they watch the show 🙂 it would also be our first time going to something like this and I’ve always wanted to but never been able to.

  448. Stephanie K Reply

    We love everything Disney in our household and Disney on Ice is one of the highlights of our year!

  449. Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    I love that Disney on Ice is not just for children but for the child at heart

  450. Cheryl King Reply

    I have loved disney since i was a little girl its so magical

  451. I love watching my son experience all the delight of the Disney tradition that I knew and loved (and still do!)

  452. We love Mickey MOUSE;
    He’s a hero in our HOUSE!
    My 3 year old SON;
    Will have so much FUN!
    At Disney’s 100 years of magic on ICE;
    Being there to celebrate would be NICE!

  453. Still by far the most magical way to see your favourite characters come to life! Would love this to be locked in my kids memories as it is in mine .

  454. Jodie Dorricott Reply

    I love that anything Disney brings out my inner child and lets me enjoy things at my little guys level for a little while.

  455. Christine Tuivailala Reply

    Being able to share my childhood memories with my daughters and watching their excited little faces.

  456. Seeing my children’s face while they experience such a magical experience… Priceless

  457. Seeing all the movies I watched as a little girl and then with my children, come to life and seeing the happiness on their faces.

  458. We love seeing the characters come to life. It really is a magical experience and a chance to make some great memories.

  459. Disney means the world to my family. We love all the movies, songs, and characters. Moana, tangled, Lightning McQueen and of course Mickey and Minnie are big hits in our house. Would love to take the kids to explore the Magic of Disney on Ice!

  460. I love how Disney on Ice can create a world of wonder that children, teenagers and adults can get swept away with in an awe of magic and delight!

  461. I use to love going to see Disney on ice when I was younger. I still have programs and some memorabilia that I show my kids. Now the twins are 4 they are old enough to know what’s happening and they’ll be able to enjoy the show as they know the characters

  462. Disney on Ice – cool characters, cool stories all at a cool venue. What’s not to like?

  463. All of the kids dressed up in their favourite Disney character costumes is the best, and the expressions of joy on their faces is priceless!

  464. Wow, 100 years of magic – it feels like just yesterday I watched Cinderella over & over, for my daughter it was Belle, my granddaughter is obsessed with Anna & my Grandson loves Olaf

  465. I love how it brings back wonderful memories of my childhood with Disney on Ice.

  466. I love the excitement and smiles it brings not only to the children but to us grown ups as well

  467. Christine Graham Reply

    As a child I loved Disney on ice would love to take my grandchildren to enjoy it now

  468. Melissa cox Reply

    I have some great memories of going to Disney on ice with my nan when I was a kid, would love for my kids to have the same memories of the Disney magic to share with their kids when they’re older

  469. Having seen many shows as a kid I love the magic that it brings to kids young and old and love sharing it with my family.

  470. Kavin Khatri Reply

    As a kid… I was addicted to Aladdin he was my favourite character. He was witty, smart and best of all funny. Amazingly my son loves and loves it too. The movie was my all-time favourite. To this day, it is still my favourite Disney movie!! It has great songs. So catchy, my son and I could watch it all day long!!!! And watching this on ICE would be paradise … beyond divine.

  471. My girls would absolutely love disney on ice have been wanting to take them for a long time

  472. I grew up on Disney and now my 3yo daughter loves anything to do with princesses, dancing, singing all about Disney so this will be a great surprise if we win this

  473. Love to take my girls to see Disney on ice. Something I’ve done since they were young

  474. I love the joy and wonder that the Disney on ice shows bring to my children. They see the true magic of Disney brought to life with fantastic fanfare. Celebrating 100 years will be the most spectacular show to watch

  475. Irene Vella Reply

    I love everything about Disney on Ice. My late grandma use to take my sister and I when we were little. I can still remember the excitement and awe. I would love to pass that feeling onto my children. It really is a memory they will last a life time!

  476. Natalie Skinner Reply

    I love everything Disney and my obsession with it is slowly rubbing off on my kids – seeing Disney on Ice will help!

  477. What’s not to love? The costumes, the songs – it’s all magical!

  478. Kira Greenham Reply

    Nothing more amazing than seeing the joy on the children’s faces seeing their favourite characters come to life! For them (an adults alike) it is like spending a couple of hours in a magical wonderland

  479. My Kids Love all Disney movies, and Mickey Mouse Club house episodes, my older two kids were lucky enough to see Disney on Ice a few years ago, but I just have been able to get to a show with my youngest (and last child) and would really love to share the experience with him.

  480. Michelle Macey Reply

    I would love the opportunity to take my two children to see Disney on ice, my daughter loves Disney princess and my son is a huge toy story fan. We would love to see all our favorite characters putting on an amazing show!

  481. Chelseagibson gibson Reply

    Would love to take my daughter and niece to a birthday surprise of Disney on ice since they make me sit through every Disney movie ever made over and over again would be something different to see it on stage

  482. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is something at Disney on Ice that everyone loves. It brings families together to create fun memories.

  483. Natalie Jones Reply

    Love disney on ice. Can’t wait to take my little girl. She’d love it too

  484. sarah spalding Reply

    I love the feeling you get being in the audience for something as magical as Disney on Ice. The sensory overload of so many bright colours, the classic Disney tunes that bring back childhood memories – and knowing that it’s creating its own magic memories for my kids too.

  485. Our kids love replaying their favourite parts of the Disney movies, it would be awesome to be able to take them to a live show, which is even more magical!

  486. The excitement and magic that fills the arena when your favourite Disney Characters enter the floor. Seeing the joy and awe on my daughters face as realises who the beautiful princess is before her! Never gets old

  487. I grow up with Disney (mostly Disney’s princess and all the other funny character like mickey, minney, goofy, etc) . One of my favourite Disney’s story is Beauty and The Beast. I watched it a few times at the cinema, bought dvd and story book and also watch cartoon version and now I ‘m a mum with 2 kids and I still love them. Watch Disney is like a family tradition of us. It’s the best memorable event that I do with my family. we all love them!!!

  488. Simone Jade Reply

    I have always loved Disney movies and characters and I now Have a 2 year old daughter of my own to share it all with. I would love to take her along to see Disney on ice and watch her little face light up and her sing and dance.

  489. Shanna Woods Reply

    I loved going to Disney on Ice as a child. It is still as exciting to go now with my own kids.
    We have only been once but it was an amazing show and it was great to sing along to all the Disney songs.

  490. Stevie-Cheree Cassidy Reply

    I am taken straight back to my childhood. I get to relive and experience the magic of Disney as a child, with my children. Its wonderful.

  491. I love the music,the stories,I love watching great performers dancing on ice.I love the magic of it!

  492. Have always wanted to see Disney on ice. My daughter is finally at an age where she can’t sit still. Would love to share the magic with her

  493. I went to Disney on Ice as a kid and loved it so much! I would love to be able to take my kids to see it; I know if will be as magical for them as it was for me.

  494. Koshita Wimalaratna Reply

    Love Disney movies (have idolised them since I was a child) and to see the magic of Disney’s timeless tales come to life on ice would be an unforgettable experience!

  495. Have been a fan of Disney since I was little, but was never allowed to go to a show. Now I have kids of my own I would love to share the magic of Disney with them. Disney movies have everything: love, sadness, triumph. It teaches children that not everything goes right but you can still overcome the hard times & that love conquers all 🙂

  496. I love watching my children’s faces as their favourite characters perform. The magic of Disney is timeless.

  497. I have never been to Disney on Ice, but given that my boys love Disney and have just discovered ice-skating (and love it) this would be an amazing event for the whole family!

  498. Lynette Smith Reply

    Disney is loved by all generations of our family and the Disney On Ice Shows brings all the characters to life. We all love the performances, young and old!

  499. Caroline Gunawan Reply

    I would love to take my little girl to Disney on Ice. She loves princesses and Frozen and would be really thrilled if she can go.

  500. My daughter hasn’t been to any shows before and this would be an amazing experience for us to all do together.

    • We LOVE everything about Disney and to see it come to life would be magical

  501. Disney on Ice is delightful! It entertains and captivates young and old and leaves you feeling so happy after singing along to all your favourites and watching the magic on the ice in front of you! It’s timeless!

  502. Each and every costume is so beautiful, detailed and intricate. The re-telling of the story, alongside the beautiful skating was truly captivating for both my daughter and I. My youngest daughter has never been as she was too young so I would love, love to take her too!

  503. Erin Power Reply

    Disney is pure magic and entertainment which is obvious in my children’s faces whenever they listen to Disney music, watch a movie or read a book. As the song says ‘a dream is a wish your heart makes’ and with Disney all your dreams come true!

  504. Disney is a magical world that sends me back to my wonderful childhood every time. Going to Disney on Ice and sharing the experience with my children would be a dream.

  505. Sarah Triplett Reply

    Disney on Ice was the first ever show I went to with my best friend Claire! My mum surprised me with tickets. I loved watching Disney movies as a kid and now that I have a son, I can’t wait to take him and see his face light up the way mine did.

  506. Never seen any of the shows before but would definitely like to try!

  507. For me it beings back the smiles I enjoyed as a child, more so when I see the young ones smiling as they experience the magic which is disney!

  508. i just love seeing all the Disney Characters come to life in front of me. it’s just so magical. Would love to see my Granddaughter’s face light up when she sees them all.

  509. This would make my little ones day. Love the colors, loves the lights

  510. I love being able to relive my childhood watching all my favourite characters be brought to life.

  511. EVERYTHING. Its an amazing event for all the family member. The characters, costumes, atmosphere, THE ICE rink. “Disney” the story the WOW! PURE Joy and fun xo

  512. My daughter loves disney on ice. She would be thrilled with the ticket.

  513. Something special to enjoy with the kids that you know is going to keep them engaged and something they will love ( and bonus that it’s one even the adults will love)

  514. Rowena McCarthy Reply

    IF your looking for a bit of spice than go and see disney on ice!!
    Not only does it have mice but its a great price!!
    I love it that much i might go twice!!

  515. I absolutely love all the characters (their ability to skate and make it look so easy in costume is incredible) and the fun antics that they all get up to.

  516. Candice Stavast Reply

    I love the magic of Disney on ice. I only went to one as a child but the memories stayed with me a lifetime. Would love to share that with my children but current finances wont allow it.

  517. Rowan Barber Reply

    The fact that my kids will be talking about the show from months after 🙂

  518. I enjoyed Disney as a kid, and would like my kids to see for themselves the characters that I used to watch when I was their age

  519. Disney brings our the magic of all its characters for us to fall in love with as a child and even as an adult still

  520. Vicki Anderson Reply

    100 years of magic for everyone
    DISNEY ON ICE is like love at first sight –
    Something to be indulged and enjoyed – never forgotten

    A timeless show oozing magical fun
    Keeping my noisy kids quiet with delight
    Disney characters coming alive – from princesses to scoundrels rotten

  521. I love the magic and excitement of Disney on Ice. The lovable familiar characters, beautiful costumes and of course amazing skating. It’s a whirlwind adventure.

  522. Brooke Borthwick-Moy Reply

    It will be amazing to see my babies eyes light up when they see their favourite characters come to life on the ice. We haven’t been before and what a great one to experience first. I will take my 18 month and 4 year olds with my single mother best friend and her 2 year old.

  523. We really love Disney On Ice. Everything is magical and the we love all the Disney characters. Would love to see it again.

  524. Brianna Farrall Reply

    I’ll never forget going to see Beauty and the Beast on Ice when I was a little girl. It was the most magical experience. I hope to take my 3 girls along to see this incredible show! They would love to see all their favourite Disney characters come to life!

  525. Edward Dekkers Reply

    With two young kids drooling over every Disney movie that has ever come out, I find Disney on Ice to be the best way to spend time with the whole family watching their favourite characters come to life.

  526. Casey Ryback Reply

    I saw Disney on Ice about 20 years ago when I would have been about 10. It would be great to revisit the entertainment and memories from that evening and also see what’s changed.

  527. My 18m old twins have just decided that they love to dance – it would be great to take them, as well as their older siblings (6 and 9).

  528. My daughter has just taken up ice-skating!!!!
    She would love to see Disney on Ice – it would be AMAZING!!!

  529. I love the tradition of taking my daughter and watching the magic with her

  530. I’m a Disney tragic, but somehow I’ve never been to Disney On Ice. This must be put right!

  531. Tayla Healy Reply

    I love that you get to so the stories that I grew up watching and reading come to life right in front of my eyes. My family’s always wanted to go to Disney on ice and I think this would be the best birthday present for my mum and brother.

  532. Melanie Milligan Reply

    Always grew up loving Disney movies and remember going to disney on ice as a kid. It’s even more magical going as a parent and seeing the excitement and wonder on the faces of my 2 daughters. We have been to the last 2 years of disney on ice and absolutely love it so would love to go again this year for the 100 year celebration

  533. Chanel Phillips Reply

    My favourite thing about Disney on Ice is the joy it brings!
    Disneyland is known to be the happiest place on Earth and when Disney on Ice comes to Australia, nothing in the world could world the grins of our faces!

  534. I remember my first time seeing Disney on Ice as a little girl and the disbelief and wonder I felt at the magic of it all. I can’t wait to experience that same joy and wonder with my own little girl now.

  535. Stefanie Pinwill Reply

    The shows are so enchanting and mesmerizing, and they are even more engaging for my little girl than the films! They are such a magical experience to share with her.

  536. Billie Campbell Reply

    This would be actual magic to take my daughter to! She is the biggest Disney fan and has her very own Disney movie collection that she proudly shows off at only 2 and a half! She loves Frozen, lion king, my little mermaid, finding nemo just to name a short few! She gets so excited whenever she sees the Disney logo and sings along with all the musicals! As a huge Disney fan myself aswell as her dad this would be so amazing to attend! I would love to take her

  537. I love the magic & innocence that Disney brings to children’s lives, in what is often a cruel world that we live in. The smiles create the atmosphere for a mystical performance.

  538. Tracy Painter Reply

    Disney on ice is a magical experience all children should experience. I would love the opportunity to take my daughter to the show and also bring back memories of when I was a child and saw disney on ice

  539. Linda Pepper Reply

    Disney on ice is a family experience that i can share with my family. It brings joy to all our faces and great memories that we can share for years to come. The shows are enchanting and magical, costumes are beautiful and the skating is amazing and is a pleasure to watch. My kids love watching there favourite Disney characters come to life, and i love seeing there faces. It truely makes my heart melt.

  540. Michelle Ward Reply

    As a little girl I was so excited by Disney and the USA and snow was a strong association so I think the combination of these amazing characters and ice has a very strong link to my childhood. Now I love experiencing Disney with my kids.

  541. My daughter has 3 big brothers and is surrounded by karate, superheroes and football. Playing with her Disney Princesses and Minnie Mouse is her girl time when they are at school! She keeps asking to go to the Disney Castle, so Disney on Ice would be the next best thing!

  542. Tara Dwyer Reply

    Disney on ice is magical as it brings to life the stories from the movies and books!

  543. I love about Disney on Ice that you can escape to the magical world of Disney for 2 hours and escape reality and live the lives of the characters

  544. Katrina Greenaway Reply

    Everything, everything, everything! The skating, the characters, the costumes, the entertainment, the fun!

  545. I went to Disney On Ice when I was a kid and absolutely loved it. Now I have kids of my own I’d love to take him and see all their favourite Disney characters live and on ice. My 4 year old son would absolutely love it. He sees the ad on television and says “mum we have to go to Disneyland tomorrow to see them, it’ll be so cool”
    So I’d love to take him.

  546. I missed seeing Disney on ice when I was a kid and I’d love for my hubby and three kids to see it!

  547. Tegan Vlahos Reply

    I have never been to Disney on Ice but I hope to pass my love for Disney onto my children.

  548. Lauren barnes Reply

    I remember Mum took us to a Disney on Ice show as a kid and I remember seeing Belle and thinking she was a magical angel in her yellow flowing dress

  549. I love seeing all my favourite Disney characters skating on the cold ice!

  550. Maggie Karner Reply

    I remember my mum taking me to my first Disney on Ice when I was a little girl and I loved it. I then took my children when they were younger. I’m now on the other sidemof 50 and would dearly love to take my grandchildren to experience the magic that my children and I experienced as children.

  551. Would love to take my sis in law and our little princesses to Disney on ice. They will dress up as their favourite chacters and I guess we will be made to as well (these girls are very persuasive).

  552. I love the fantasy my girl are getting older but still enjoy the magic

  553. Disney on ice is the best way to experience the magical world of Disney. The performance are so good it makes you feel like part of the magical world!

  554. Have taken my eldest son to this and he absolutely loved it. The best part is seeing the characters come to life.