VIDEO: Fast-Acting Dad Saves His Toddler Son from Falling Bookcase

One minute he’s typing on his laptop. The next? He’s saving his son from a potentially tragic accident involving an unsteady bookcase 

Come and see the bookcase falling on kid video that proves parents are on par with superheroes. Well, when it comes to Flash-like reflexes at least.

Looking for another reason to triple check that your bookshelves are securely attached to the wall? Have a look at this 20-second video, featuring a curious tot and his fast-acting father.

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Talk about a close call

The video starts with a toddler and his dad chilling out in the lounge room. Dad’s on the couch. Toddler is about to climb the nearby bookcase.

Just as the shelf is about to tumble, with the tot clinging to it, the dad sprints to the rescue, grabbing his child before the bookcase falls. He even manages to keep hold of his computer during the process.

Naturally, the dad takes a breath, relieved to have just saved his son. And the little one? He turns to the couch and begins climbing it. Because #toddlers.

The family captured the situation through their Nest Cam Security Camera, a fancy security camera that many homes are armed with. They then submitted the video for the Nestie Awards, a contest for the best of the best in Nest Cam moments.  

Although the bookcase falling on kid video proves just how quick parents can be, when they have to be, it also acts as a reminder for all families to check your bookshelves! 

Falling bookcase and furniture dangers 

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) reports that at least 14 children under nine years old have died in Australia during 2000-2015 after domestic furniture fell on them. This is around one death per year. 

Toddler Reef Kite was one of them. Only 21 months old, he was crushed when a chest of drawers toppled on him at home. The coroner investigating his death has since call for changes to Australian tenancy laws to allow renters to fix furniture to walls

Product Safety Australia suggests parents take the following steps to prevent fallen furniture incidents:

  • Purchase low-set furniture or furniture with sturdy, stable and broad bases.
  • Look for furniture that comes with safety information or equipment for anchoring it to the walls.
  • Test the furniture in the shop – make sure it is stable.
  • Attach, mount, bolt or otherwise secure furniture to walls and floors.
  • Do not put heavy items on top shelves of bookcases.
  • Place televisions at the back of cabinets or secure them to the wall.
  • Discourage small children from climbing on furniture.
  • Do not put tempting items such as favourite toys on top of furniture that encourage children to climb up and reach.
  • Do not place unstable furniture near where children play.
  • Put locking devices on all drawers to prevent children opening them and using them as steps.

This isn’t the first time a similar scene has been caught on camera. Check out this heart-stopping moment an Ikea dresser toppled on twin toddlers. 

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