VIDEO: This is What Happens When Pink Joins James Corden in Carpool Karaoke

James Corden is the king of karaoke. And Pink, well, she’s pretty much the queen of pop (plus one of our favourite celebrity mums ever!). So what happens when the two of them join forces and hit the streets?

Pure carpooling perfection.

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The duo hit the busy streets in James’ people mover for some good ol’ fashion Pink singalong fun. In between rocking out to Pink’s classics (and a couple of new ones off of her most recent album, Beautiful Trauma), the pair delve into the singing superstar’s past love interests, including Bon Jovi and a member of N’Sync (no, it’s not Justin).

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James and Pink even swing past a random parking lot to test her theory that she sings better upside-down. Check out the full ride of music and mayhem in the 11 minute Carpool Karaoke episode below:

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