The Virtual Baby: What This Dad Does at the Birth Is Truly Special

A Perth dad, working fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) in Queensland, has used virtual reality technology to witness the birth of his second chid, 4,000 kilometres from home. 

Meet Jace Larke, an electrical contractor working in the Queensland mines.  With three mouths to feed back home in Perth, and another on the way, his FIFO roster of four weeks on, one week off, meant he’d miss the due date of his pregnant wife, Alison.

“We need all the money we can so I’m away working. It’s tough but I believe in the long run it’ll really benefit us” Jace said.

It’s very common for FIFO workers to be away for significant events.  Jace and Alison answered the call when Samsung

Enter Samsung and their new Gear VR technology, allowing Jace to watch all the goings on in the delivery room 4,000 kilometres away.

Watch the magic unfold below. *grab a tissue!*

YouTube video

Live streaming the birth of their third son, Steele, in virtual reality was an incredible opportunity for this dad so far away from home.  “This is going to be the next best thing. it’s almost like i’m in the room with Alison and the boys. I can’t wait” Jace said.

A 360-degree camera was set up in a room at the St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital in Perth, where Mrs Larke gave birth.  A 4G Wi-Fi uplink live streamed the birth direct to Mr Larke, in Queensland, who was wearing the headset.

Both parents wore earpieces and microphones so they could speak with each other during the event.

“To me, that camera was Jace, and that was my link to him in Queensland to share that special moment,” Mrs Larke said.


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