More than just a baby monitor

When a new product comes on the market, we love to know about it, especially when it’s as clever as the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor.

You won’t believe how insanely awesome and high-tech this newly-released VTech VM9900 Video Monitor is!

With features like auto night vision, remote viewing, motion activation and encrypted video transmissions, this is by far the most advanced video monitor we’ve ever come across!

Apply to try! We’ve got your chance to take the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor for a test spin.

Four lucky Mum Central families can get their very own VTech VM9900 Video Monitor to try, review and keep. Want in? Simply scroll down to fill in the form.vtech-pan-and-tilt-video-monitor

Like all baby monitors, the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor allows you to watch your little one while he sleeps. With motion activated alerts and split screen viewing, the monitor provides peace of mind that bub is A-OK, even if you’re not right next to them.

But that is only the beginning. Oh yes. Because this baby monitor is also your personal spy device with auto night vision, touch screen and remote access. The 5″ colour viewer offers a crisp, clear pic and you can even zoom in via the viewer or app.

Yes, there’s an app (and it’s free). Because things are better when they come with an app. Especially a free app.

See and hear your baby at home or on-the-go

The VTech app gives you access to even more baby monitoring awesomeness. You can record a video. You can view what’s going on in real time, no matter where you are. Even if you’re out for dinner, away for work or stuck in traffic, you can connect to the app and check out what’s going on at home.

But my favourite part about the VTech video monitor? You can speak through it, letting bub hear your voice from anywhere. You can even listen to his giggles, coos and first words from afar thanks to the clever two-way talk function! 

Or… talk to your partner, who happens to be watching bub while you’re away for work. With the two-way talk function, you can gently remind him that he’s supposed to be making dinner, not lying on the couch.

Mummy is watching you 

The VTech VM9900 Video Monitor also features a pan and tilt function, so you can rotate the camera to get a clearer view. You don’t have to risk waking baby up just to adjust the monitor if bub happens to move in his sleep.

VTech video baby monitor

You can pair, view and control up to four cameras on the Viewer and 10 cameras on the VTech app. Plus, each monitor is secure and encrypted with local and remote video transmissions, making it safe from crossed wires. Skip the security threats and rest assured knowing you’re the only one with 24/7 access to your little one’s every move.

The next generation of video monitors is officially here! 

You can find out more and pick one up for yourself through their website. The VTech VM9900 Video Monitor retails for $329 and is available direct from VTech.

VTech VM9900 Video Monitors are brand spankin’ new to the market which makes us even more excited to be given this opportunity to share our readers’ thoughts!

For this review, we are searching for parents with babies aged 0 to 18 months. You will also need a broadband internet connection and a Wi-Fi router to operate the device.

Simply fill out the form to apply to take home a VTech VM9900 Video Monitor. Good luck, we’ll be in touch with the four lucky readers!

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Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Rebecca Cook Reply

    I love the fact that this camera has the option of remotely moving the camera around rather than having to enter babies room to adjust and risk waking them up. My baby scoots all around the cot in his sleep so this would be great to keep and eye on him without disturbing him. I also love the app feature. I have to go back to shift work next month and this would allow me to check in on my little man whilst I was at work in the night time.

    • Rita Shamoun Reply

      I currently suffer from “shower schizophrenia”. This video monitor will be the perfect treatment and to see if my baby is really crying whilst I shower!!!

    • Kelly truine Reply

      Oh my goodness this monitor would be perfect to try out and to have. My son (14 months old) is such a mover… I am currently using an oricom monitor and you can’t move the camera on it. It sits on the changing table next to his cot and it only shows half of the cot. So as soon as he moves out of the screen I have no idea what’s going on and have to go in a few times to check on him as I wouldn’t know if he’s still breathing! (Yes I’m one of those mums) I would love to use the VTech monitor to be able to get some rest for myself and maybe take the husband out for a night and still be able to check on my son. (While someone is at home with him of course)

    • Megan Bell Reply

      I love the fact that this camera can remotely be moved and even better that it has an app!! My first born son is always sleeping out of view of my current video monitor and it would be great to be able to move it! My current monitor battery dies so quickly and with baby number two on the way this monitor would be perfect to trial on both children!!

    • Kris cosgrove Reply

      I’ve brought an expensive camera from our local shop to find it hard to use and very out dated in regards to a base platform. I’d love the chance to review this product as we have had a few other branded cameras to compare. What perfect timing this would be for us with number 3 on the way and a new camera needed for the room. I am a photographer and would be happy to supple high res images.

    • After 1 year of practice we still don’t have the perfect sleeper so being able to interact calm and monitor her would be amazing! We don’t use a monitor currently but we have always thought that it would be so handy. We travel and are on the road lots ps having something portable that you can connect to wifi anywhere would be great.
      What would even be greater is watching our little poppet sleep in her cot while relaxing with a cup of tea!

  2. Currently have an oricOm monitor that doesnt work as it should. The range is shocking and the battery doesn’t last. I’m in the market for a new monitor and would love to try this one out

  3. Alysha Bishop Reply

    I would love to be able to move the monitor remotely so I can check on him when he’s at one end of the cot or the other to make sure he’s sleeping soundly and not trying to climb out!

  4. Would love to win this awesome monitor for my newborn. We already use a vtech monitor for my almost 2yo but need something for the newbie pretty desperately

  5. Maria Foti Reply

    I would absolutely love the opportunity to review this product. 4 kids in less than 6 yrs, I’ve seen my fair share of baby monitors. Uniden, Oricom, Motorola… They mostly die after 1-2yrs usage & costly to replace. So reviewing this type of monitor sounds so exciting! The pan and tilt function would be soooo awesome. I can’t tell you how many times my baby crawls around her bed and I can no longer see her face. But pan and told remotely…. one word. amazing! I’m so excited about this product, would be very interesting to review and compare to other monitors I’ve used. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Danielle D Reply

    Having been through two other branded video monitors that have stopped working after only a short while, I would LOVE to trial this! The app would be very handy as the range on our previous monitors have been terrible!

  7. Would love to trial this baby monitor. Im a busy mum of 4 children so would be helpful to keep a watch on bub while doing all the housework

  8. I love the idea of using my phone to check in on bubs. I always have my phone with me and its much easier than carrying around a parent unit.

  9. I would love to review this monitor beause i have bad anxiety and a monitor like this would help keep me a little more sane. My baby girl is a heavy sleeper and having something where I can see her clearly (not like my current monitor) would put my mind at ease and mean i can actually get some jobs done around the house

  10. Jackie Wolters Reply

    I have had a couple of monitors in my time and have never found one I have been truly happy with. This one looks amazing and would love to be able to provide other mums with information about it to help them decide what monitor suits their needs.

  11. I’m visionally impaired so it’s good to see that they’ve brought out a monitor with not only a larger screen than most other brands but a monitor that can zoom in and is clearer to see at night. these added features are perfect to help me be able to see my baby to know that they are fine and safe

  12. With a toddler and a newborn this mumma of two boys needs eyes in the back of her head! Or at the very least a decent baby monitor in the room they are about to share! Please pick me!

  13. Jessica Collings Reply

    Would love to use these features and for my husband to use the remote access feature to be able to view what my little one is upto when he wants. This is something we can’t do with our current monitor. I think it will make his return to work that much bearable.

  14. I LOVE the fact I can quickly check on bubs on my phone, rather than needing the base unit. So handy and with a big mover being able to pan and find her in her cot is a big plus, I’m forever moving my current monitors position so I can at least see a arm of my baby!

  15. Cassandra I Reply

    I loooove tm that you can adjust the camera without going into the room! Nothing worse than your little one wriggling out of sight and you waking them up as you try and adjust! After having a very limited camera with my first I would absolutely love to try this new one with our newest little man!!

  16. First time parent and work in Technical Support so I think I’m ideal to test out the new product. I thoroughly review everything before making a decision on a purchase and this one seem to tick the boxes in what I’m looking for in a baby monitor.

  17. 3 kids and already 3 broken monitors. Parent units always break so I think this monitor would be the best. Pan and tilt is an excellent function and would l9ve to be able to watch my baby on my phone

  18. Stephanie P Reply

    We would love to trial this awesome monitor! With a two year old and a newborn on the way this mumma needs to be in two places at once and with this monitor I’ll be able to achieve it! Living in a double story is difficult when the living space is on one level and bedrooms are on another it makes keeping an eye on nap times a challenge, having a monitor that I can position in the room baby and my toddler will be sharing and changing the angle depending on who is napping at the time is a very big bonus!

  19. I would love to trial your latest monitor, with a 2 year old and a newborn baby due in June 2018! Be a great feature to have it hooked up to my phone also, I work from home and it would be awesome to have the security knowing my children are safe and sound and easily seen for me to be back to them if need be! This monitor would certainly tick all my boxes that’s for sure! Can never ever have enough of the greatest mod cons to help any mother out! It’s a tough gig and if a monitor has the ability to be a pair of my eyes then I’m all for it! A mother only has two sets one in the back and one in the front! A third eye in the VTECH VM9900 would be amazing!!! Thanks for the great opportunity

  20. I’d love to review this monitor and own one to be able to have a monitor in my son’s room. It b.c would save me having to go in to check on him all the time.

  21. We have just had a second child and are looking to buy a new monitor. It would work out great to test and review for all to know how well it works.

  22. I love the idea of an adjustable video. I am also looking to upgrade my monitor for my next newborn and this one looks amazingly easy

  23. Adele george Reply

    I would love to be able to review this video monitor for my just turned 1 yr old. She is such a mover in her sleep that our current video monitor just cant see her most of the time. Would be so reassuring to be able to move the camera without risking waking her up by stepping on noisy floor boards

  24. I would love to be considered to review this product! My little man is only 5 weeks old but he is the most wiggly baby while he is sleeping! Sometimes I wake up to find he has wiggled right out of his swaddle and pulled it right up around his face. Using this product would make my life so much easier as I would no longer have to get up multiple times during the night to check on him and it would offer the biggest peace of mind

  25. This monitor seems great!
    Would love a chance to review it, as I am a first time mum and am constantly too anxious to leave my son alone for too long.
    This would hopefully allow me to get chores done and not have to worry too much or carry him with me 24/7.

  26. Have been looking for a new monitor for my second child that is 2 weeks old. Have been trying to find one that has an app so that I am able to use my phone as I have it on me at almost all times. Would be great to be able to review this product for other mums or mums to be to be able to get honest and practical opinions when considering their purchase of a monitor as they can be a significant purchase

  27. Kassy Choules Reply

    I would love to trial and review this product – our current camera isn’t accessible online/via an app and would love for hubby who works long days and our overseas family to see bub

  28. I really need a reliable baby monitor that’s not going to stop working after 6 weeks

  29. Sarah Lang Reply

    We’ve been researching the market for some time now looking for the ideal monitor and this might just be it!
    Our 3 month old son will be moving into his own room soon and hence our need to find an ideal setup for night and also day naps.
    The voice feature will allow us to take our other kids (the four-legged kind) outside for a play while he naps with the ability to soothe him from afar. Ideal!

  30. Sheree Daniels Reply

    We have the Vtech BM3500 at the moment which we purchased 3 years ago second hand and it is certainly on its last legs and has served us very well. We are looking to purchase the same again as it has been an absolutely amazing monitor and eases my anxiety….I still have it on every night to watch my 2.5 year old
    Having just had our second baby who is now 3 weeks old this monitor would be amazing to trial! I love the Vtech products and the monitors have proven to be one of he best available.

  31. Would love to win this monitor to review. My babe is a horrible sleeper and I am up all night with her, I’d love for my partner (who is at work most nights) to be able to see how many times I truly am up! Haha

  32. Jess Bischof Reply

    I would love to review the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor as I love the thought of being able to view my baby boy anywhere I go with the vtech app. I also love the idea of the encrypted viewing so my baby is extra safe.

  33. Dan Burger Reply

    I would love to try out the vtech monitor for my son so I can keep track of his ever growing mischief

  34. Tiarna Stafford Reply

    I currently am using a baby monitor that wakes my son up with static and doesn’t show a correct picture due to us living in a small rural country town with obvious interference somewhere. Would love to trial something that taps into our wifi and broadband internet as that’s what we really rely on out here for communication

  35. Angela Lina Reply

    Would love to review the baby monitor. My 3 month old is almost ready for her cot but I’m not ready for her to leave my side yet! Would love to be able to watch her while she is asleep in her room

  36. Kelli Feeney Reply

    I would love to try VTech as I am due for number three and have always had basic baby monitors would be awesome to try something a little more high tech

  37. Samantha Pomeroy Reply

    I would love to have the piece of mind to check on my baby throughout the day and night without disturbing him. It will also enable me to get back to work stress free knowing I can check up on him through the day.

  38. Kate delaney Reply

    Would love to review the baby monitor it’s just about time to move our 5 month old into her own room the bassinet is getting a little snug

  39. I would love to review the vtech monitor because it would be nice to see the pan features in comparison to my camera which doesn’t move around the room.

  40. This monitor is so fab to be able to check on our new Baby without consistently hovering over the cot. The bonus is that both me and My partner work shift work so it would be great to be able to check up and see our Baby when we are work and missing them!

  41. Currently use a different brand of video monitor, however it plays up on us and we are worried one day it will just stop working! I love the Vtech brand, and would love to try their new monitor.

    • Sandy Fisher Reply

      With an almost 10 month old we would love to trial and review the Vtech Baby Video Monitor. With its clear screen and sound would be perfect to keep an eye in our little wonder boy ☺Thank you

  42. Been searching for a good video monitor for 4 yrs. now we have a 2nd child we need a really great monitor to keep them safe.

  43. Our previous monitor just died so it would be great to replace and review. We use floor beds for our children so they are forever asleep all around their rooms. Would be great to have a new monitor to see what’s really going on.

  44. Morghan Lawler Reply

    I would love to try this monitor with my next baby and also my toddler. I love how you cab remotely move the camera and need a monitor with good range as the bedrooms are at the opposite end of the house to living area and my current monitor cuts out occasionally

  45. I have a very active child who wakes frequently and would be good to see if she is happy awake before going in the room unnecessarily.

  46. Jami-lee Dean Reply

    I would love to see what my little one gets up to at night

  47. Kristina s Reply

    I dropped our current monitor so there’s a bit chunk of plastic missing and the reception is terrible from so the sound always cuts in and out

  48. Linda Pepper Reply

    I have a 2 story house and babys room is upstairs some way from the kitchen or living areas of my home. I currently use a Fischer hearing only monitor so each time i need to check on little one i need to constantly run upstairs leaving my other children unattended. The monitor would also be very useful when im visiting with friends and family as when i put little one down to sleep in an unfamiliar environment i can monitor him on the monitor.

  49. As a busy Family Day Care Educator with 4 children daily; ranging in ages from 9 months to 2 years, I would love to trial this monitor and use it in different settings.

  50. Bianca Borthwick Reply

    I would like to trial the vtech monitor on my newborn and preschooler who are going to be sharing the same room in a few months time. Need a good monitor to see whats going on when im not in the room.

  51. I would love to be able to remind hubby to wash the bottles after a dream feed haha, the ability to see my baby while I’m away from home would be an amazing comfort. Having this feature makes me feel like my baby is safe at home with Dad or myself, and we can relax in knows our baby is safe and sound no matter where he may have rolled to in the cot.

  52. I would love to review this as we don’t currently have a baby monitor and I have been reading up online about them! It would be great to be able to check on my 5 month old baby so easily with the beautiful and sleek design!

  53. Courtney reeves Reply

    This seems like a good quality sounding monitor. Very interesting!

  54. I love that i can check on him even when im out! I stress nonstop when i leave the house and bubs is being looked after by someone else. What i would give to just check on him sleeping with my phone! Love this technology and that it is safe and secure too!

  55. I would love to try out this baby monitor as it would save me waking up my light sleeping baby every time I check on him.

  56. I would love to trial this product for my 1 yr old and my newborn coming in a few months they will be sharing a room together
    So instead of just hearing them i need to be able to see if there being safe

  57. I need a reliable monitor, as being on property I need to tend to the animals not just the children, so i need something reliable so i can have peace of mind.

  58. As a parent you are always worried about our little one. This technology would give me peace of mind and allow me to check on my daughter whenever wherever

  59. With a 7 month old, and another on the way I will need to be able to keep a good eye on them all the time. This would be perfect! It would give me peace of mind to know what is going on in their room without disturbing them

  60. We are hoping to move our 10 month old to her nursery from our room. I’ve been putting it off since I like to take my time researching the right baby monitor and sounds like this is the one! I love that I can see and speak to my baby even if I’m away. And plus on having an app for portability!

  61. Alexandram Reply

    With two young children & a shift working husband sometimes I feel I never get any sleep having to check on the girls through the night. A baby monitor would be great & give me piece of mind

  62. Sheridan wooler Reply

    Being pregnant with baby no. 5 and having an active 1 yr old, 3 yr old, 6 yr old and an 11 yr old this would be very handy if i have to go down stairs while baby is sleeping. I can spend time with the other children and not worry about not hearing baby when it cries.

  63. Casey Quin Reply

    Our current monitor is broken and only works while plugged in. Just last night the power went out briefly and the monitor switched off and i was unable to hear my son when he cried out for me. I was devastated to think he could have been crying for a long time and wondering why i hadn’t come for him.

  64. Samantha Porter Reply

    I would love to review this monitor as I am in the market for a new one and this one seems to have all the qualities that I am looking for and the opportunity to try beforehand is an amazing opportunity. I just love that everything is controlled from the parent unit and you can talk to bub.

  65. My two boys are massive movers in their sleep and constantly getting in the blind spots of my current camera. I am forever having to get up and move the cameras because I can’t angle them to get the whole cots view. Being able to move it remotely would be amazing! Also, being able to tune in while I’m at work would be super heart warming!

  66. I would love to try out and review this video monitor with my newborn. It has so many functions on offer and I would hope to be able to try out all the different features. Previously I have only used audio monitors and have had issues such as battery leakage and the constant worry about what is going on with my baby when they are not making any noise. With so many tragic stories about babies not waking up, this would provide some peace of mind as you can see what they are doing without having to go in the room and disturb them. I also like how it can connect you your phone and you are able to record videos, because babies and toddlers always do the cheekiest things when they are meant to be sleeping!

  67. Georgia Roberts Reply

    I would love to trial the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor, my current monitor is sound only so makes it hard to see if my 2 week is just moving in her sleep or is actually awake. It would also mean my 2 year old won’t wake up her sister every time she ‘helps’ check on her.

  68. Billie Campbell Reply

    I have a 2 year old a 7 month old so this would be amazing to trial as my youngest sis at the other end of the house and I’m constantly having to run and check on her every few minutes while she’s napping and I’m with my two year old! This would make life so much easier for me

  69. At the moment I’m using my other daughter’s baby monitor from when she was a baby (now 3 yrs old) and I can’t rely on it as much as I should. the battery doesn’t last, the temperature doesn’t show up correctly and it doesn’t have have a good range on it and does drop out of signal quite frequently. I would love to put the VTech video monitor to the test and see how well it can work.

  70. I am forever worrying about my son during the night when he sleeps that I usually put him in bed with me would be great to have my bed to myself again but also keep an eye on him throughout the night

  71. Being able to see my baby when she is sleeping would bring me such peace of mind. Being a mum is hard work are and anything that makes me feel like my baby safe, I would love to try.

  72. Nicole Doran Reply

    Would like to win to trial as I have a child who likes to move a lot when sleeping and this would help monitor her better.

  73. Nichelle Mold Reply

    Hubby and I are due with our 7th bub and have been thinking about getting a video monitor instead of using the old style one we have. This would be great to test to see if it worth it.

  74. Danielle H Reply

    I’d love to review the vTech Video monitor. Bub number to is due in 4 weeks and with mobilty issues the ability to keep an eye on bub without having to get up all the time would be fantastic. Safety, security, style and peace of mind…vTech has it all

  75. We have a 3 story house and as baby gets older and sleeps in her own room it would be great to have vision for piece of mind. Currently we just have an audio monitor.

  76. Yasmine Aughton Reply

    With a 5 month old to keep eyes on, this monitor sounds like a dream! We would love to be picked to review this monitor!! Fingers crossed!

  77. My 11 month old is always moving around in his cot so being able to move the camera to be able to see him would be great, along with the large screen as well. The app would be great for piece of mind especially when you are out of the house and just want to check in and see how he is sleeping

  78. I would love to try this product as I have a 4 month old that is very mobile. I worry that she is going to roll on to her belly and smother herself all the time. I also have a 2.5 yr old that likes to look in on his little sister. Having the baby monitor would allow me to close the door completely and not worry that my 2.5 yr old is going to be doing anything he shouldn’t to her. Like give her a big teddy for something of the sorts

  79. Caitlin Prentice Reply

    I am not going to make a big speak but I am a single mum in need of a monitor and thought this would be a good way to see if it suits my needs for when Bub is asleep

  80. Sarah Wallace Reply

    We haven’t bought one yet as I’m not even sure where to start when it comes to monitors. To be able to trial one out would be fantastic! We’d love to be able to check on bub without having to get out of bed all the time!

  81. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    I want to put my boy in his own room but freak out that I can’t see him

  82. Amanda Evans Reply

    I have a young daughter who suffers with asthma, croup, sleep apneoa and severe allergies. She has stopped breathing on numerous occasions and I now have her sleeping in my room just incase. It would be fantastic to have my room back knowing that I will be aware of her health from another room

  83. I’d like to relax, not feel like I’m on high alert & not have to run the stairs every moment. We have a split level house, a 9 week old son & a 4 year old Autistic son. I run each time our baby son cries encase our older son has climbed into the cot for a cuddle. It would be nice to trial this for all the additional needs mums that need to relax & for those mums who’s older siblings just want to “squish cuddle” their baby brother/sister.

  84. Alex le Bas Reply

    I suspect our house is haunted…

    So would like to both watch out for our 2 year old, from the other side of the house, as well as potential spectral entity activity. If the latter – I’ll immediately set up a You-Tube channel with the footage and will make honourable mentions of the both Mum Central and the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor, for each spooky upload.

  85. I would love to try and review this monitor with my second bub.
    I used a very old sound only monitor with my first bub and I was constantly worried about him because I couldn’t see him or hear him properly when he was unsettled. I would love to be able to see and hear my bub and put my mind at rest.

  86. Mary Irwin Reply

    I would love to trial this because of the quality of the video/picture. we currently use one but the image is very pixelated making it hard to tell arms and legs and even orientation of bubs sometimes. It would be great to have such amazing quality! I also love that you can record videos, they can be sneaky monkeys some days and being able to capture precious moments is priceless. I really could go on, it looks like a great device, even being able to monitor it from the couch instead of sneaking into the room or heading to the bedroom, not to mention check up on the baby sitter (sadly not an often occurrence in our house), and being able to sing favourite lullabies or critique daddy’s technique 😉 from the comfort of bed would be bliss!!

  87. Belinda Jacobson Reply

    It would be so comforting to be able to see my little man so clearly while I’m not in the room! So many of the video monitors are pixelated or patchy with poor range – I’d love to try this one to see if it lives up to the description and solve my baby monitor woes!

  88. Rebecca Pendrey Reply

    I’d love to trial this because with Baby #2 on the way anything to make my life easier would be appreciated!

    Being able to spy on the toddler while feeding the baby would be a dream!

  89. Nabeeha Ameer Reply

    Its a cool idea to be able to watch your bub through phone. I am sure it will have awesome picture/video quality to experience.

  90. Kerri Nixon Reply

    As a mother of 4 kids I am definitely not near bubs room as he sleeps. It would so comforting to be able to see him clearly while doing things with the other kids or housework.

  91. With a 5 month old baby and another on the way I would lovw the opportunity to review the new vtech video monitor as I have been through multiple baby monitors in the past.

  92. Daline Kheng Reply

    Would love to win this for my friend who is due soon! She is looking for a reliable monitor for a first time mummy!

  93. Michelle McCall Reply

    Would love this as the monitor i have keeps freezing and my little one moves around all night so have him back in his bassinet till i can find the perfect monitor and this one would be perfect

  94. I would love to try this out, my little boy is a really light sleeper but moves around alot, the one i have currently can’t get a good quality picture of the entire cot, so its hard to see what is going on.
    I also love that you can connect from your phone. I am just starting to leave him with others at home while i go out and being able to check in would help calm my nerve.

  95. I love to try the new camera as I still haven’t moved my 2 year old into his own room. We’ve been cosleeping withhis cot side carted to our bed.
    We’re setting up his new room at tax time and it would allow me to sleep easier knowing I will be able to see and hear him if he needs me.

  96. Melissa watson Reply

    I have tried a couple different monitors and looking for one that is good for us, this one looks great.

  97. I’d love to win this, my husband is in a quadriplegic, this would be perfect to keep an eye on bubs from wherever he is.

  98. Would love to win this awesome monitor to make sure the Toys don’t come alive like in Toy Story and disrupt my babies precious sleep time…

  99. I so need this before I make the transition bubs to his own room.

  100. Never had a monitor for my first child but would love one for my second, with a busier household now it would give me peace of mind that my new arrival is safe all the time 🙂

  101. With a ex 30weeker who is 7months and still sleeping in our room, we would love to trial this monitor. We are looking at putting our boy in his own room, but are super nervous as he’s always been next to us since discharge from hospital at 39 weeks. This would be a great monitor and put our minds at ease when we do transition.

  102. Gabrielle Roach Reply

    First time parents and making it all up as we go which also includes praying the products we buy are the most useful

  103. Sophie White Reply

    I’d love to trial one of these monitors. I think it is so important for a parents peace of mind to be able to view baby at any time, it is an essential tool for mentally coping with the first 12 months.

  104. Love to try this. We have an old crappy one and desperately need a new one. Espeacilly how much I use it and rely on it. Always checking in on baby and having a 3 year old who will share a room in the next year. So watching them both and allowing the tilt motion option is fantastic. Also love how I can check in on my babies while I’m out working, and partner is lookin after them. I will use this to every inch of what it can do. Love all the fantastic features.

  105. Zoe Baynes Reply

    Being new to Adelaide and my husband travelling a lot, I will be on my own for quite a bit. This very tecchy speccy monitor will allow me to get jobs done while keeping an eye on my (hopefully) sleeping newborn baby and alert me when baby is awake!

  106. I would love to try this monitor, we have an older model video monitor and it would be good to upgrade.

  107. Danielle Hindge Reply

    I’m a mother of almost 3 kids under 4yo and the night vision would be great to keep an eye on the new baby when my two older kids go in for a cuddle.

  108. Catherine Chatfield Reply

    Very interested to try the new VTech Monitor. I have a 13 month old and prior to this have gotten by without anything. The older she is getting the harder it is to settle her to sleep – I would love to be able to check her sleep status without entering the room and stirring her.

  109. Karyn Magnussen Reply

    As a grandma raising her 2 grandkids, one 4 months and a 15 month old a VTech monitor would allow me to go about my chores without having to rush in and check the babies all the time.

  110. This is my second DD after 6yrs between the 2 my monitor i has just broken so i would be great fit to review and i love the fact that it has coloured video playback and you can record.

  111. Shelly Lander Reply

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! My partner works away alot so I love that he can login any time and see our bubba when he’s missing us.

  112. I’m a foster carer and this would be great for the little ones that come into my care

  113. I would love to trial the VTech VM9900 video monitor because my current baby monitor doesn’t have the video option and my little man has just started moving around so I want to be able to keep and eye on him and make sure he’s safe when alone in his cot. And as I have a two storey unit it can sometimes become agonising constantly walking up and down the stairs to check on him! This would be a life saver!

  114. Melissa Collinge Reply

    I would love to try the new Vtech baby monitor. I currently have an older vtech model and its just about past its used by date. Living rural and on a decent size block, if this one can give me better distance that would be awesome.

  115. Oh my goodness I would love to trial the new Vtech baby monitor. We have 4 month old twins and would love a monitor that I can zoom in on and scroll around the room, to see what mischief they are up to.

  116. Alex Bassett Reply

    There are so many different monitors on the market claiming to be the best and have it all. I’ve tried a lot and would love to try see if this would be the one I kept

  117. We currently have a video monitor, but I am sure there are better ones out there. The ability to move the camera and Zoom in, as well as the ability to have it on your phone gives the VM9900 an edge compared to the rest of the monitors I have seen. I would be super keen to try it out!

  118. The App is a winning feature! Love this, and I would be so excited to try it out with my 15 month old while he sleeps!

  119. I have just had our second baby. We never had a monitor with our first as our house was small. We’ve since moved to a much bigger house and this would give me piece of mind. A trusted brand.

  120. I would like to review it for my bub because I want to experience its use in helping me and my hubby take care of our bub.

  121. Vanessa Jacobi Reply

    I would love the opportunity to try this monitor, the one I am currently using doesn’t allow any range of motion and using a lot of battery. Would love to find a better one and would recommend it !

  122. Our 7 week old and 22 month old will be sharing a room soon and I’d love to be able to set up this monitor so that I can pan the room to check on both of my bubbas as they’ll be on opposite sides of the room!

  123. I would love to trial and review this monitor. The range of our current monitor of a different brand is appalling (it does not even reach to our clothes line).
    I think the app feature is a really great idea.

  124. I’m looking forward to trialling this with our 15month old and hopefully baby number 2 in the future!

  125. I’m a FTM to a 2 week old little boy, he’s still in our room at the moment but when he goes into his room I’d love a Vtech monitor so I can see and hear him! It would give me a great peice of mind while we are sleeping so I know he is safe and happy.

  126. I would love to trial this. I have a son with a medical condition and this would give us additional peace of mind as I would able to quickly see and hear what’s going on while I am in another room. It would be a godsend.

  127. Emily Robinson Reply

    Id like this as ill be a FTM in august and it will bring me peace of mind

  128. Danielle Wilkins Reply

    This would be amazing to try. Bib number te will be here next month & I don’t have a monitor for him/her. This would be a lifesaver for me!!

  129. Krista Wekeem Reply

    I would love to win the opportunity to try out this amazing baby monitor. We currently have a cheap one as that is all we can afford and unfortunayely it does not give a clear picture and bub always seems to move to where we can’t see her properly on the monitor. Being able to pan and tilt would be amazing and being expandale to have more cameras’ would be really handy as we have another baby on the way.

  130. Justine Drake Reply

    Id like to try this monitor for peace of mind,
    so I can rest assures all is fine

  131. Jiana Sumner Reply

    Living in a duplex I need to have eyes and ears upstairs during nap and playtime. Having a monitor that can tilt/pan and has great images is important so I can check in what they are up to upstairs and know when to rush up. Also important for nighttime so I can have me time and not worry about bub as I can hear and see at a glance.

  132. With my daughter just being diagnosed with benign epilepsy I am on the hunt for a new monitor to suit her further needs and to put my mind at ease a little more. Trialing the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor would allow me to see if she is having a seizure, and would be able to recommend to other parents with the benign epilepsy.

  133. Carly Blackmore Reply

    I would love to trial and review the video monitor so that i may have a shower during the day while my 11 month old naps instead of having to wait for hubby to get home to watch bub while i shower will give me that extra time with both bub and hubby in the evening

  134. Richard Tudor Reply

    Iwould love to try tge Vtech monitor for my 5 month old baby girl. We have a 3 year old vtech video we bought for my first daughter and thought we would cope with 1 monitor but we definitely need 2. I would love to do a comparison between the models

  135. Philippa Tudor Reply

    I would love to review this monitor with my 5 month old tumble tot. My current monitor hasn’t got a very good picture and shes just learnt to roll so keeps getting on her tummy or her feet traped in the cot bars

  136. Nicole Pettifor Reply

    I would love to review this monitor with my pending arrival due in May!
    I have heard great things about other Vtech monitors, and would love to give this a test run.

  137. if i won this prize id share it with my sister in law that recently had a baby too

  138. Krystal Garner Reply

    The reason I would love to trial and review the VTech VM9900 Video Monitors is because I have never owned a monitor before, I have 3 daughters aged 9, 6, 6 and a son aged 2 and another on the way due 25th April and would love to be able to talk, watch and hear where ever I am. My babies bedroom is at the other end of the house compared to where I do all my cooking, cleaning and would love to have that second pair of eyes I don’t normally have. It would give me that peace of mind knowing my baby is safe while I can what them 24/7 if I need to.

  139. Just had a baby 1 week ago via c section and this would really help me monitor the baby while hubby is at work since im unable to move around much. The BEST thing about this is how I can “talk” to the baby to calm and soothe her. This monitor is a necesity more than a need in my household.

  140. Christy Seymour Reply

    Don’t currently own a monitor. I would love to be able to keep an eye on her whilst doing housework etc.
    I am extra paranoid over her because sje was born not breathing and I’m so scared she will stop breathing again.

  141. Rikki-lee Puddy Reply

    We dont currently own a monitor as we cant decided which one suits. Would love to test out the vtech monitor so i can put babys asleep in his room rather than being stuck in one room unable to runt he household

  142. Emma Collins Reply

    I’d love to be able to test this with my boy! He doesn’t cry when he wakes so this would be super handy to check if he is awake or not without going in and waking him!

  143. I would love to test the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor as with a toddler and a newborn baby on the way very soon it would be great to be able to monitor my 2 babies in their room so they are safe and well.

  144. Erin Le Good Reply

    I’d love to test this monitor to see how good it really is! I can’t wait to test the two way talk function to tell my husband to get off his games and do house work while I’m putting the baby to sleep!!

  145. Elizabeth Denholm Reply

    I would absolutely love to trial the talk back feature as I have never had a monitor that offers this.

  146. Danika Dupont Reply

    Decent baby monitors are so few and far between at the moment. There are many on the market that claim alot but just don’t deliver. Would LOVE to try this one tho!

  147. Hi, I would love to review this monitor! We’ve had no luck with monitors actually having the range to reach from one end of our house to the other, and we’ve tried probably six different ones since my eldest was a baby. My youngest will shortly be going into her own room (at the very back of the house 🙁 ), and I’m very concerned our current monitor won’t cut it. I would love to be considered! Thank you!

  148. The baby monitor I’m currenty using is awful! It drops out when I’m just a room away… so I’m constantly hovering around the room while my son is asleep! I would love a monitor that would allow me to shower, eat and generally be a human again.

  149. Jess Grinter Reply

    This couldn’t come at a better time as my husband and I are in the market to buy our first video monitor for our 14 month oldson. This would be so great to be able to review this vtech monitor, especially with features we would otherwise miss out on. We currently have a vtech basic monitor, but now our son is sleeping longer (4 hours yay!) we would like that extra comfort of knowing we can see him at nights (instead of sneakily creeping in his room). I love that the app can view real time, this would be so handy for my husband when he works late nights, so he can watch his son before bed. This monitor would definately be a very excitable and needed item, that both my husband and I would love to trial and review!

  150. As a Mum, I dream of a devise like this. It is as close to being with my bubs without actually being there. I can watch and see her every movement, hear her babble, coo or cry and feel safe in the knowledge that I know exactly how and where she is. The VTech VM9900 Video Monitor would give me great peace of mind. I can watch my bubs even in dim light and it gives me the opportunity to contact my neighbour if I need someone to quickly go over to my house some the need arise. I would feel privileged to trial this amazing devise.

  151. I already have a Vtech monitor, and to be honest I don’t love it. The range is good, but the battery life of the parent unit really lets it down. So to review another monitor would be fantastic.
    My partner’s just gotten a new job tgat requires working away, so for him to be able to log into the app and see and hear our son would be amazing for him too.

  152. With my sister coming to stay for a few months with her newborn, a new baby monitor is just what we need to keep an eye on her little one while we are busy working or tending to other activities

  153. I would love to review this product as I am constantly up and down checking on my two children, 6 months and 2 years old. This means a restless broken sleep for me. This monitor would give me peace of mind as I could check on the children without leaving my bed. A better nights sleep makes for a much happier mummy 🙂

  154. stephen elsworthy Reply

    I have a big backyard so this would be handy so i can monitor baby while i am down the far end of my yard weeding

  155. My little boy is extremely naughty and needs a eye to keep looking at him all the time. And this video monitor would give me peace of mind.

  156. The features on this baby monitor look amazing. I have a 19 month old and due for my 2nd child soon. We still use a monitor for my son but have been looking for something different this time. What a wonderful opportunity.

  157. Natalie Jones Reply

    I’m intrigued bu the remote viewing. I just hope it can’t be hacked………

  158. I would love for hubby to be able to see bub while he’s away with work. Having the piece of mind of being able to check on the baby when ever and where ever if I’m not home with him is amazing.

  159. I would love this monitor as my husband has low vision (legally blind) and the big screen clear picture would help him to feel more active and involved as a parent

  160. I have an older version of baby monitor which only comes with the camera and I need to look at my phone every time I need to check up on my baby. This Vtech VM990 would be so handy to have especially with the motion sensor alerts.

  161. I am excited to try out this new monitor as I am expecting my second child this year. My first monitor is from 2015 and seems to be on it’s last leg, and I would love a new one to provide me comfort and ease during those difficult newborn days. This one looks like it has great features and would really provide me with the peace of mind when monitoring my baby.

  162. Laura hughes Reply

    I would love to review this monitor so I can hopefully get a good night’s sleep. I can stop worrying what every little sound is during the night and be able to see what the little one is up too. This video monitor would make life so much easier and give me peace of mind.

  163. Looks great!
    Love the look and simple product looks easy to use and love that it moves so you can check the room and loveto keep an eye on bub when I’m outside with my toddler. Love to try this!

  164. Fiona McNeil Reply

    My son has Autism Spectrum disorder, and has terrible night terrors and croup often. This would help me so much to know I can see him and watch when I’m not next to his room.

  165. I’d love to trial one of these monitors as all the previous monitors we have gotten for our 12 month old just don’t give good picture clarity and tend to have a delay. I’d love to be able to see my daughter moving in real time as she is now much more mobile.

  166. This monitor would be perfect with its swivel technique for my 3 month old and my 18month old who share a room, I would love to not have to go in and then the camera when they move during the night.

  167. I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant with baby number 4. My youngest child is 14 months old. Our baby monitor that we have is great, but doesn’t work properly when I go out to the clothesline or the front/back of the house to garden etc. with a new baby due soon, I’d love to have a monitor that is capable of having multiple cameras so I’m able to watch both my babies inside & outside & have peace of mind that I can go outside the house without worrying.

  168. This would be amazing with number two on the way, being able to switch cameras will be so handy to keep eyes on both little monkeys

  169. Julia Burford Reply

    I have 3 kids under 6 and am due with my 4th in 5 weeks. I would love to review it because I think the ability to have up to 4 cameras linked, AND pan-and-tilt would make life so much easier!

  170. Courtneutney Reply

    With a new baby that’s about to move into his own room I would love to be able to keep an eye on him day or night with no hassle.

  171. With a new baby on its way and a busy little 18mth old on my hands, having a safe, convenient and efficient way to keep my eye out on both, would be amazing!

  172. My daughter has a medical condition that causes her to have severe reflux. She is also at risk of aspiration so being able to see her easily and clearly (our current monitor doesn’t have a very clear picture) helps to ease my mind.

  173. Kirsty Hayden Reply

    Being able fo adjust the camera, aithout having to enter bubs room! With an 18 moth old she moves around her cot alot zo this would be ideal rather then having blind spots!

  174. The3Snakes Reply

    Would like a monitor I can use in the house that does not interfere with the Wifi and drop it out when baby is sleeping.

  175. Courtney Pascoe Reply

    This sounds incredible ! I am due for my second child in a few weeks, and i have a three year old on the run. This would be a perfect solution to any worries i may have had regarding parenting two kids, especially a newbie.
    I love that technology has advanced this far, i had a Vtech for my first child (that she broke at the age of 2) and i loved it and it couldnt do half of these cool things!
    Would love to trial 🙂

  176. The new technology in this VTech baby monitor is phenomenal for tech geeks turned Mammas. A good way to balance safety and and anxiety’s with reassurance provided through split screens, enhanced motion and night vision but also app enabled.

  177. Karli Hose Reply

    I would love to gift this to my best friend who struggles with anxiety and is expecting her first child. I think it’s a perfect present!

  178. Naomi Kelly Reply

    I’d love to win this, my son was born at 26 weeks and was on medical oxygen for the first 6 months of his life. He’s breathing on his own now but it still scares me when he sleeps and im constantly waking him up when i go into his room to check on him.

  179. Melissa Peters Reply

    I would love to have one fro my second child . We currently are using an old ‘Angel Care’ brand for her that we used for our first child. We would love to review the VTech brand as we think this could be a much much better monitor with more features.

  180. Brianna Fieg Reply

    We would love to try out a new baby monitor packed with features now that our second bub is on the way! Video monitors are an absolute must have, but they can certainly eat into a new baby budget!

  181. Emily Fletcher Reply

    Hello Mum central I am a mother to be in 1 month and I would love to trial this product with the new baby. We have not yet bought a baby monitor as our income is quite tight atm due to hospital costs and private health care for bubba and I. This would help give me peace at mind knowing bub is ok while I recover and get life back on track during maternity leave pretty please consider my little family kind regards The Fletchers.

  182. I would love to trial this as it’s so hard just reading the boxes when trying to get the best product for your new babies and with twins due in August it’s all just so daunting

  183. I love that you can talk through the monitor, and that you can remotely move it… perfect to keep an eye on second bub now while she is a newborn, and also when we move toddler and bub into the same room!

  184. Skye Morton Reply

    We would love to reveiw the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor! With features such as video monitoring, sound and talk back it is the ultimate must have for Mums! With these features you can be reassured at your fingertips that baby is safe and sound.

  185. Because gone are the days of opening doors to checkin this will allow peace of mind regardless of what room I’m in in the house

  186. Emma Flanagan Reply

    Because i have always wanted a baby monitor but have no idea what brands are good and where to even start with finding the right one. Trialling a device sounds like a great way to worm out if its going to meet my needs without forking out alot of money from the outset.

  187. This would be so great to have. I have a 4 month old who i will be starting to trial putting in her own room soon so this monitor would allow me to hopefully make the transition a whole lot easier. Her dad works away and if he was to download the app he would be able to see her a lot more too. Sounds like such an amazing product!

  188. I HATE the monitor I have! I would love to trial a new one and this looks way better than the one I have. We travel a fair bit too and having this would be easy and practical to use.

  189. Kristen Manners Reply

    bub is on the move now so a video one would help me to feel more at ease.

  190. Bec Wheels Reply

    I’m currently using a monitor I bought with me from the uk so have to use an aus adaptor so would love to win this and be hassle free 🙂

  191. I’ve had to replace my monitor three times now and I’m in the market for a brand new one that is reliable has a wide screen and night vision where you can actually see bubs.

  192. My baby has to sleep on our upper level, and we sleep on the ground level. My current monitor constantly goes ‘out of range’ even though we are only brick veneer. Very frustrating. Would love to see if this could be what we need!

  193. I only have a monitor with sound, due to the price of video montots. Having a video monitor monitor would allow me to be with other children and watch the little ones sleep without constantly interrupting play time!

  194. I currently have the Angel baby motion sensor monitor and it doesn’t work correctly.
    I’d love nothing more than to trial the Vtech VM9900 Video Monitor with my 3 month old 🙂

  195. Belinda Davis Reply

    I would love to try this system! We currently have a 14 year old basic monitor that is being used for our 5th baby. He sleeps in a small room off our bedroom but that is downstairs at the back of the house and away from the living areas etc. As he enters toddlerhood it’s only a matter of time before he starts climbing out of his cot. These things combined with the fact he is a terrible sleeper would make trialing this monitor a godsend! “

  196. Because a baby monitor is a godsend during nap time if you want to take the other kids outside or if you’re going to a part of the house that is fairly isolated. It helps you get things done during those brief free periods without worry you’ll miss your baby’s cry.

  197. Danni-elle M Reply

    I am bringing my premmie baby home tomorrow and would love to use this monitor to keep a close eye on him at all times.

  198. I am currently sleeping in my bubs room on the floor as I don’t trust my current monitor. Having the chance to review this will mean I can finally feel comfortable leaving my bub at night.

  199. A combination of going back to work,my gorgeous baby girl going into her own room and dad running the afternoon pick-up makes for a nervous mum! I’m looking for a good quality and reliable product where I can have my beautiful bubba just an app click away and be able to hear and talk to her putting mum and bub at ease. Hoping to have the chance to review this and see how it works in with family life.

  200. The kids bedrooms are at the opposite end of the house. With this monitor bub could finally move out of our room!

  201. I’d love to review this as my bubs has fallen out of bed before this would be perfect as I don’t leave his side when he’s asleep atm

  202. With a 16 month old and a new Bub due any day this would be amazing to review – the extra set of eyes I need!

  203. I am a rural registered nurse and work lots of shift work, on call and nightshifts. I would love to be able to use the app to be able to check in via the app during the night when I’m at work and missing my little man (also daddy is a heavy sleeper and I’m always worried he won’t wake up to hear him when I’m not there). We also live rurally and would be great to be able to log in to see if he’s still napping to allow me to go out and do a few chores in the yard (our current monitor doesn’t even get reception at the washing line!)

  204. I would love a chance to review this monitor. We have a 4 year old with a mild disability so a monitor to keep at the grandparents house would be welcomed.

  205. The opportunity to trial this innovative baby monitor would provide peace of mind and a safe environment for baby to sleep and play in.

  206. With baby no.3 due very soon the need for a video monitor is becoming a massive need when I’ve permentally got 2 little shadows. The ability to check on baby without having to enter the room possibly disturbing them is the dream. The idea that dad can check in remotely from work too if he’s missing Bub is awesome. With babies room being at the opposite end of the house to ours a video monitor would be super handy and even being able to possibly settle bub over the monitor rather then getting out of bed at 2am is every parents dream! This bad boy would get an extreme workout in our household.

  207. I’d love to test this camera so I can finally start transitioning my toddler into his own bed, as he has been co-sleeping with us since 8 months! It will give me piece of mind knowing I can monitor him clearly and can speak to him through the monitor!

  208. I have a 9 month old and will have a new born soon. Would be great as you can add cameras and use your phone. And to move the camera without going into the babies room is a mother’s dream! I love how big the screen is too. Would love to try this out! Thanks.

  209. Kris cosgrove Reply

    I’ve brought an expensive camera from our local shop to find it hard to use and very out dated in regards to a base platform. I’d love the chance to review this product as we have had a few other branded cameras to compare. What perfect timing this would be for us with number 3 on the way and a new camera needed for the room. I am a photographer and would be happy to supple high res images.

  210. To have a peace of mind when bub is sleeping as our room are a little far apart.
    It is hard to hear her cry sometimes.

  211. It seems like they have thought of everything with this monitor!! My 11mo is still in my room.. I AM SO TIRED! I want my space back and would love to have a monitor in my son’s room that gives me peace of mind and sanity wherever I am. Also my fiancé does night shift so he can get his baby fix whenever he wants 🙂

  212. I would love to trial and review this baby monitor. We’ve just moved our son out of our room and our current monitor won’t reach his room. It keeps cutting in and out. It would really give us peace of mind to have a monitor that works and a way to check on him throughout the night without getting out of bed!

  213. This is my first baby and he is now 4 moths old. I would like to transition him to his own room but am unsure about not being with him. He has always been with me. I currently nurse him as he sleeps, so if I were to be able to trial this monitor I would be looking for peace of mind knowing I will be able to see and hear what he is experiencing when we are apart.

  214. Amanda Kelly Reply

    I’ve been searching for a video monitor for the last 6 months but I’ve been stuck in a plethora of reviews; not knowing which ones to trust. Vtech has been a consistently high standout for range and monitor clarity. This unit sounds like it has everything I need to keep my mind at ease especially the auto night function and pan/tilt/zoom option. I haven’t workes up the courage to move our son to his own room and he is nearly one! I need a video monitor to be able to rest assure that he is safe and sound!

  215. Barbara Vincent Reply

    I would like to trial a camera first before purchasing as we are unsure if it is something we need or . Currently bub is 8 months and sits and plays in his cot before sleeping. Then he grizzled and cries. The cries vary from attention crying to screaming. Most of the time they are minor but when I open the door to take peak he sees me and sits up and it starts all over again. Would be good to check up on him without opening the door. As well as check up on him when hubby is home alone with him as he is not familiar with his cries. Would also be handy to spy on the dog when we are all out to see how she escapes from her crated area

  216. Nicole Gordon Reply

    Keen to compare with my 4 year old video monitor I’m currently using! The old monitor is starting to die and my 9 month old can be a wriggler so I need to keep an eye on her.!

  217. I would love to test this monitor as my youngest of 3 is just 10 months and I have a big habit of breaking the parent unit so a wifi monitor would be the best. I love the pan and tilt function as had a vtech previously but broke parent unit

  218. Natasha tower Reply

    I would love a chance to review the baby monitor our monitor is on its way out and we are in need to purchase a new one to be given the opportunity to try this before me make a purchase would be great 🙂

  219. Our old monitor died and our two kids share a room. So when we hear laughing we never know if it is good or bad. Are they laughing because they think something is funny or because someone just made a rope out of their bedsheets and is climbing out the window?
    I do think the best feature of the VTech VM9900 is the ability to record video. The oldest was not keen on the younger ones arrival, but when they go to bed at night they play and laugh with each other. To watch and record that would be fantastic!

  220. Kelly Heffernan Reply

    Just this week I dropped my VTech monitor and miss it so much. I would love the opportunity to test this newer model

  221. Belinda Gallagher Reply

    I would love to try this monitor!
    I will be moving my nearly 5month old into her room in the next few months and need to get a new monitor. Having video is a must when bubs are so small!
    I have and use an Oricom monitor for my 2.5yr old.
    Would love to try this one to compare how it works with phone connection vs back to base type monitor option.
    Please, please, please!!!

  222. I would love to try the vtech monitor as my partner and I have not been able to afford to purchase a monitor yet so I am on edge every single night listening out for my 5 months old. Which results in me being very tired just cause I’m so conscious of hearing him make noise!

  223. I’m in the process of moving my son into his own room as I’m due in Sept with #2. The monitor we had literally just broke so this would be amazing. Not only for peace of mind for myself when he is fully moved but because it sounds like a great monitor which has amazing features and will help this mummy sleep at night.

  224. I have an older model baby monitor currently. The battery life has never been great, but i’m lucky to get 15 minutes out of it now and i’ve only used it a handful of times over the past 8 months.
    Having a new model to try out, as well as the app which is very appealing in that i can use it as long as my phone or tablet is charged, sounds like an amazing opportunity.
    I have a very active toddler and i like to spend time outside with him whilst my baby is napping, this is when i would use it the most. I could check up on him when i cant see or hear him.

  225. I would love this baby monitor! The kitchen and lounge room are too far away from each other! So it becomes difficult when I need to get my 6 month olds bottles ready not too mention cleaning and sanitising them, but by using the talking feature on the monitor I can keep him calm whilst preparing his bottles.

  226. Fiona Morouco Reply

    I would love to review this monitor! Second bub has all the hand-me-downs from his older brother so a new monitor would be fantastic. Plus we don’t have a video monitor so this would be so exciting to use!

  227. Natalie power Reply

    With 5 children I would love to have one for peace of mind while bubs #5 sleeps (10months old!)

  228. aleisha Austbo Reply

    I think the Vtech monitor would mostly come in handy for us during the day. My 3 year old loves to be outdoors and enjoys water play but when bub is in bed and I finally get to spend one on one time with her, I need to stay inside and supervise bub sleeping as he wriggles alot and gets his arms and legs stuck in his cot bars. The monitor would help me to keep an eye on him while also spending quality time with my daughter!

  229. I have tried 2 home monitors and wasn’t happy with them.. this one actually looks really good! I would just love to be able to keep an eye on bub while he sleeps at the back of the house and do so without having to use my phone as the parent screen.

  230. I love the idea of a pan and tilt function. Now that bubs moves around so much in the middle of the night it would be so much easier to follow her around with the camera without having to go into the room to disturb her.

  231. The pan and tilt feature sounds amazing. I have a wriggly 11 month old so I lose sight of him on our current monitor which only shows barely half of the cot. I have to constantly creep into his bedroom to see where he is.

  232. I am very interested to try the app and be able to check in remotely. As a new Mum who has just gone back to work, I could have a sneaky peek and put my mind at ease!

  233. Sue Ling Lim-Zabaras Reply

    I can’t say we’ve ever needed a baby monitor, but now that we’ve moved to a much larger house and are thinking of finally moving my 16 month old to his own room across the other side of the house, a baby monitor is exactly what we need! I would feel much more at ease knowing I could keep an eye my bubba from my room and from anywhere (especially when the naps and I’m outside putting out the laundry)

  234. Nicole Binder Reply

    With 5 children at home it’s hard to keep an eye on them all of the time. I like the thought of having an eye on them whichever room they are in. A video monitor that pans and tilts would be a perfect addition for nighttime with a toddler who we are trying to keep an eye on while we try to transfer to a toddler bed….unsuccessfully
    To just have peace of mind while you aren’t able to be right next to your child 24/7.

  235. Aimee McCloy Reply

    I would love to trial this monitor as my current one just isn’t cutting it. My 6 month old daughter is an active sleeper and the 4 year old monitor I am using doesn’t cater to that. I love the adjustable camera and that it is accessible through an app. I use my phone for everything else, why not checking on my gorgeous girl!

  236. Brooke sullivan Reply

    I would love to review this monitor, as I only have an audio monitor at the moment. My 15 month old daughter has been refusing her afternoon naps, I would love to be able to see what she is doing in her cot whilst she is meant to be sleeping!!

  237. Leah Gibson Reply

    We have just had a new baby and this would make our sleepless nights worrying about about him so much more stress free!

  238. Rachael Juett Reply

    I will be a first time mum in July and have always suffered from anxiety. I know that a baby monitor like this will help ease my mind during the day when she goes for naps and especially when she sleeps at night. I have done extensive research into baby monitors for the past couple of months to try and find the perfect one! and V-tech has proven to be an amazing brand and I would love love love to be able to test this monitor as I’m confident it will be amazing.

  239. I have been looking out for the perfect monitor for my 4mth old daughter. I’d love to have the chance to review this monitor and find out how good it is for myself.

  240. I would love to trial this monitor as I don’t have any monitor for my near 3 year old or 8 month old. This would allow me to sleep back in my room with hubby!
    I’d also be interested to hook it up in toddlers room as he’s been having night terrors and might be able to figure what’s triggering them or at least know if he’s still asleep when crying out.

  241. I’m currently in the search for a new monitor as my current one has not come close to meeting my expectations, and after the distributor has replaced it 3 times in 18 months, even though it’s out of warranty, they’ve now authorised a refund as they’re embarrassed by how many issues I’ve experienced! Remote viewing has always been important for me as I like to check in on the kids while I’m away from home. Now that I have a toddler and newborn to watch, I really need a state of the art monitor. This new VTech monitor would be perfect, wth the tilt & pan exactly what’s needed to see my toddler move around the cot, and the ability to console my newborn without having to go into his room. It sounds like this monitor has it all!

  242. I would love to see how much monitors have changed. The last time I needed a monitor was 4 years ago. So to have the opportunity to trial a new product that will give me so much peace, would be wonderful. What Mum wouldn’t like the opportunity to sleep without all the worry.

  243. With baby #3 on the way and a huge age gap inbetween I need to get the family a monitor but want one that’s not too tech savvy and easy for the older kids to use too if needed.

  244. Chantelle Kinsella Reply

    I would live to try this as we don’t have a monitor, and a video one would be perfect for our needs.

  245. Charlene Masters Reply

    I would love to trial one, never being able to afford one or actually think there worth the money to fork out would be the perfect test and comparison for not only me but for other mums out there who are in the same boat.

  246. This would give me piece of mind during the day while my bub is resting, allowing me to get on with chores in the home. I have my phone on me all the time so love that there is an app that allows you to view bub. The remote feature that allows you to pan the camera is a great option if bub is moving around the cot, reducing need to disturb her. It sou dis perfect, if love to see if it lives up to the information provided

  247. Alyshia Sokor Reply

    I’d love to trial the new vtech baby monitor. With the other half working long hours or away knowing he can quickly take a peak at his kids would be an amazing opportunity for him to be involved and see them sleeping or even starting a new day.

  248. Alise Headlam Reply

    I want to trial it because I am back to work on a cattle station and need to be able to put him to sleep while completing tasks but still know he is ok. My oricom one is hopeless, so I would love to try something new

  249. Jamie huntley Reply

    I would love to try this amazing monitor because we have never been able to afford one and having the security of being able to check on our princess without having to enter the room and wake her up would be a life saver! Codie has always been hard to get to sleep so once she’s down we will do anything to not wake her up!

  250. I would love to trial this monitor because it would give me the peace of mind that I can check on my 3 week baby whenever I liked and I wouldn’t have to enter his room and risk waking my sleeping little angel. I love that this has an app so whenever I have my phone I can take a quick peek. My 3 year old will also love that he can check on his baby brother at anytime.

  251. With a new baby coming soon, I would love the peace of mind that comes with knowing i can see her and that she is ok.

  252. While at work, my elderly mother I law voluntarily looks after my little one and with some recent health issues, having this device would give me peace of mind as I can check in without waking her or baby when they are napping or help soothe bub with the two way function when nannys cuddles just aren’t cutting it. Having a device that can easily and quickly check in and ensure they are both safe at home is priceless.

  253. Stacey Nolan Reply

    I love tech stuff and lots of functions. To be able to move the camera is awesome as bubs never keep still. Also love you can use your phone and an app and check whenever you like. Hubby would love with working away also.

  254. I thought that I would be happy with a baby monitor without a camera but find myself waking and checking my baby multiple times a night to every noise which sometimes disrupts him.
    To be able to check him without leaving my bed and also remotely using the app would make such difference in our family, and put mum’s concerns at ease

  255. Just had baby number 3,
    All baby things we gave away, you see.
    I’d love to keep an eye on our little bub,
    And make sure siblings don’t poke and prod,
    And give some feedback to dads, mums and all kind,
    On how this monitor gives us peace of mind.

  256. Alison Humble Reply

    Yes please!!! This would be brilliant. We’ve used normal monitors in the past but to be able to actually watch our baby or toddler in their room would be better for peace of mind

  257. JOHANNE STONE Reply

    I would really love this for my little one as she suffers severe Anxiety and wont sleep in her bed nor enter her bedroom at night time thanks to her father (seperated) coming around drunk and bashing on doors and windows. My daughter is petrified to go into her bedroom due to this. The Clinical psychologist is trying to help her feel safe in her room and i really think the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor would help her. Never thought of this idea but BRILLIANT.

  258. Larissa Campbell Reply

    It would be great to review as we are moving and just to make sure the little one isn’t up to mischief while they should be asleep.

  259. Catherine C Reply

    OMG the features on this monitor sound AMAZING!! We recently moved house and lost our monitor which didn’t have has many features as the VTech VM9900 Video Monitor, the receiver also went flat really quickly. I really love that my partner could check in while he is working away, what a great idea. My bub is also super active when asleep so being able to keep an eye on her would give me peace of mind.

  260. I have always thought video monitors are a bit silly and that audio is enough. That was before my second son was born. He is often quiet when he wakes and can get into mischief easily and he sometimes only sleeps on my bed (mattress on the ground) which makes me very nervous and wanting to check on him every 5mins. I check on him as soon as I hear noise through my audio monitor however my presence tends to wake him up and seeing as when he does wake he can be really quiet until he hits the wall or something else the audio monitor is not very useful. I now wish I had a video monitor so I could see what he was doing before I go rushing in and waking him up.
    This monitor sounds perfect for this Millenial mum with a brave but often senseless bubba.

  261. The pan and tilt feature is what most excited me when reading about the product features. I had a video monitor 5 years ago with my first son and he would always seem to get into positions while sleeping in his cot that were just out of camera view. Sneaky babies!

  262. Kristen Walter Reply

    Oh i would love to spend my evenings doing the “pan and tilt”. It sounds much easier and less stressful than the current “tiptoe, floorboard creak, drop to the floor and ninja roll” that i currently do multiple times a night!! Id love to review your monitor- my son is 13 months old and i have never used one! The night vision, two way talk and motion activation sound absolutely life changing.

  263. You can tell a parent designed this! We currently have an audio baby monitor with movement detection, which was fantastic, particularly during that early SIDS risk period, but as the little guy has gotten bigger, our need are changing. He’s such a wriggler now, and ends up all over the cot. While I can hear him, it’s hard to tell if he’s lying down having a chat to himself, and likely to fall back asleep, or if he’s standing up and needs me to put him back down again. A video monitor with directional control would let me check where he’s ended up, without getting him excited to see me, or accidentally waking him with the squeaky door! He also settles pretty well with a gentle ‘shhhhh’, so being able to talk to him would be amazing. So much easier to catch him waking early, and shhhh him back to sleep before he has a chance to properly wake up. It would save a lot of rock, paper, scissors trying to decide who’s turn it is to go and settle him. Game changer!

  264. Would love to review and win this monitor. Hubby wants our 6mth old baby girl in her own cot/room (currently cosleeping). He wants his bed back. (currently in spare Trouble is I wouldn’t be able to sleep. To keep my eye and ears on baby from a distance would be a god send. Thanks.

  265. This would be a sanity saver! My son (7 months old) is really on the move now.. and I can never relax while he’s in bed. Just today I sat by his bed as he slept because he insisted on sleeping face down that and his whole life I’ve checked on him every 5 minutes while napping this may just allow baby #2 to be created

  266. As a dad to two little boys, a 3 month old & an 18 month old, I’d love to review the new VTech monitor for its state of the art features. The remote viewing will be a massive plus for my fiancè so she can check in on the kids when she’s out.

  267. Jess Hughes Reply

    I’d love to trial this gorgeous VTech video moniter for my little one. Due to my anxiety I am forever going in to check on her while she is sleeping, occasionally accidentally waking her up in the process. It would be great to see if I could avoid checking all the time with this VTech video moniter.

  268. This camera would be perfect for my little miss who wriggles around constantly!
    She even tries he hardest to get out of the cot so it would be amazing to be able to rotate and zoom in and zoom out on our Houdini!
    And of course just all round safety is an absolute must in our home and would love to keep an eye when out and about while our babies are babysat! It would be a huge plus for my partner to check on bubs while working in the garage!
    Please vtech choose our little bundle of joy 🙂

  269. Tracey Clayton Reply

    My current Angelcare baby monitor isn’t working, it’s 4.5 years old and keeps switching off.
    Would love to try this new model of baby monitor and review it on my third bub who’s been in her own room for a couple months now, I would have kept her in my room longer again.
    It would be perfect to keep an eye on my cheeky girl to see whether she is just being cheeky or not and help me see her overnight.

  270. I love the idea of the remote viewing idea! It will be really reassuring and help my own separation anxiety when I have to go back to work as I’m a shift worker so will miss out on bedtime.

  271. As a first time mum, the VTech-VM9900 video monitor will give me peace of mind

  272. Terri Klause Reply

    After spending alot of money on a reputable video monitor with baby number 3, which is now no longer working. Being able to trial a different brand with even more features would be amazing.

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