We Review OMO and JIF and You’ll Be Quietly Surprised at the Results. We Were!

I seem to be doing a lot of cleaning reviews lately and I’m not sure if it’s a karmic response to me doing some dirty things in my youth or the universe simply forcing me to clean up my act [see what I did there?]

So this month’s review is on Jif EasyLift Bathroom and OMO Ultimate Laundry Liquid

Let’s eat the frog first.

Jif EasyLift Bathroom

Remember how in my last review I told you that vacuuming was in my top 3 list of household chores I despise? Well bathrooms is number one. Seriously – does anyone actually enjoy cleaning bathrooms? It’s a hideous job and I don’t even know how they get so dirty. It’s a place where you CLEAN yourself for god’s sake! You’ve got to spray and scrub and actually get on your knees to clean the floor. Say what now? What year is this? Why am I on my knees scrubbing the floor? Because bathrooms are evil. And two boys sharing a bathroom makes it a special kind of hell… thank all the gods they haven’t hit puberty yet. I can’t even go there.

I would like to say that I purposely didn’t clean the shower and basin for weeks for the sole reason of getting a suitably filthy before shot. Oh hell, let’s just go with that.

It would make sense to you that because I hate cleaning bathrooms, I don’t really have a suite of products that I can sing the praises of but I was actually keen to give the Jif EasyLift Bathroom a go. Don’t laugh, but my best friend is the world’s greatest fan of the original Jif. Ok that may not be entirely true. I should say she’s completely in love with it and thinks it’s the best cleaning product made. EVER. So I thought I could get one up on her by trialling the Jif EasyLift Bathroom…

What can I say? As far as bathroom cleaners go – it’s good. It smells nice. It smells ‘clean’. I’m from the old school who believes that ‘clean’ has a smell and that smell isn’t vinegar. Vinegar reminds me of fish and chips and I don’t want my bathroom smelling like fish and chips. Jif EasyLift Bathroom smells fresh and clean and hygienic [I know that doesn’t have a smell but if it did – it would smell like Jif]

It made reasonably light work of all that grossness in the grout and tiles and I was on my knees for a far shorter amount of time than usual.

Is it the best bathroom cleaner I’ve ever tried?

In short, no.

The best bathroom cleaner I’ve ever had went by the name of Janet and I miss her every day. But now that I have to do it myself, I have to say that Jif EasyLift Bathroom certainly makes the job easier!


OMO Ultimate Liquid

Hang on to your hats ladies ’cause I’m about to shock you. I LOVE WASHING.

Yep, my most favourite of all household chores is washing. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than looking at a full Hills Hoist twirling around in the breeze. I love stripping beds and sorting colours and putting delicates into laundry bags. It’s mental, I know. In fact, in winter I will change my plans for that day if it is the only suitable day for drying clothes outside that week. Deadset nutter.  (Note the featured image above, that’s what I look like hanging out the sheets on a nice sunny day!)

Moving right along… reviewing OMO Ultimate Liquid was a no brainer for me. I am already a loyal OMO powder user so moving on to the liquid was a natural progression.

Again, I’m all about fragrance and the combination of my clothes flapping in the wind outside and OMO Ultimate is deliciously fresh and fulfilling. Yes, I find clean clothes fulfilling. I repeat. It’s mental.

But what I’m here to talk about is the stain lifter magic only I’m not going to talk about it really. I’m just going to show you. I think the shirt in the before shot was stained with typical boy grime and red ink but I’m not sure. Because when I asked my nearly 10 year old son what it was he gave me his standard response. Which is “dunno” with a shrug of the shoulders and a ‘don’t bother with me with such inane questions’ attitude. Which I kind of get. Anyway – I set OMO Ultimate to work on the red stuff and the grime and you can see the results for yourself.


So there you go. Another cleaning product review. Now if someone would just ask me to review what it’s like to do an intimate scene in a movie with Brad Pitt…


Unilever sent us some samples of both OMO Ultimate Laundry Liquid and Jif Easy Lift Bathroom for us to trial and review.  All opinions, naturally, are my own. Tan x

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