Wedding Video: It’s Not Every Day a Mascot Walks You Down the Aisle

Meet Jennifer Urs Sullivan.  Her father passed away a week before her wedding.  Wanting to have him somehow still walk her down the aisle, Jennifer got creative. Watch this heartwarming wedding video to see just what unfolded.

You see, he worked for the Miami Hurricanes so what better than having the team mascot don a jersey with dad’s name and walk this beautiful lady down the aisle.

Jennifer said: “When my dad passed away, I dreaded walking down the aisle without him and wasn’t sure how I’d make it through the moment. And yet it ended up being one of the most amazing/memorable moments of the day. I just want to thank all of the amazing people in the athletic department (along with Harry Rothwell of who customized the jersey to include my dad’s nickname on the back) who helped to make this happen. Without you, my day might have been just a little less beautiful. We’re all so lucky to be fans of such a great program, led by the most compassionate of people.”

Watch it all unfold below and watch the video – beware it’s pretty touching so grab a tissue!



The Groom waits in anticipation for his beautiful bride.



And here she comes in all her glory.



The crowd delivers a standing ovation as the mascot joins her at the base of the stairs

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