VIDEO: 7 Ways to Instantly Calm a Crying Baby

All new parents have a bag of tricks to bring out when their babies start to howl. White noise. A special blanket. A certain song or lullaby. Some tricks to calm a crying baby work. Others don’t.

But these easy ways to calm a baby are certainly worth a shot.

They worked wonders for the little babies in the video. They may just work for your crying cherub too!

Ways to instantly calm a crying baby

1. Hair Dryer

As the video above explains, sometimes the simplest thing can help calm a crying baby. Like a hairdryer. Simply place it near baby while she’s wailing the house down and wait for the silence.

2. Sink

I’ve also heard of babies that will calm down when they hear the sound of water running such as in the sink. Or when mum turns on the vacuum cleaner.

The reason is the same – it’s all about the white noise, baby! These sounds mimic the strange yet familiar sounds babies are used to from the womb.

3. Robot noise

The second way to calm a crying baby in the video above is to distract them with weird robot noises. Bub is clearly distressed in the capsule (not in the car, just on the floor) until dad comes along and does weird dad sounds, pretending that the capsule is a robot.

It works for this little bubba. Never underestimate the power of distraction, even in newborns. That, and weird dad games.

4. Mum’s dirty clothing

LOVE this one and great for the dads when mum isn’t around. The next time bub is upset, simply pull out a jumper with mum’s smell on it and give it to your baby.

Bub will smell mum (aka the milk machine) and hopefully remain content. Until, of course, the baby realises that there is no boob attached to the jumper.

5. More crying

What’s better than one baby crying? Two babies crying, apparently. Another trick to calm a crying baby is to try is to play a video of your baby crying to your baby, when crying.

It worked for the mum in the video above. As soon as she played the video, her baby stopped crying. Of course, you still have to hear the sounds of a baby crying on your phone though. Didn’t really think this one through…

6. David Bowie

If you can’t stand the sound of crying, then try David Bowie. A mum swears that her son would go from screaming to sleeping in 60 seconds every time she turned on Bowie’s Heroes.

7. Film it

Finally, try catching their reaction on camera. How cute is the cheeky little bub in the video who lets out an adorable smile the second she realises she’s being filmed? Say cheese!

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