Welcare’s New PureAir Household Air Purifier Scores Top Marks.

There’s a new air purifier on the market and it’s a must-have product for any household this year.

Meet the all-new Welcare PureAir Household Air Purifier. It’s designed to filter dust, pollen, smoke, germs and bacteria, purify the air and eliminate all those unpleasant odours that may arise (yes, pets, we’re looking at you!).

Air Purifier Welcare
Meet the new air purifier in town. You’re going to LOVE it! Source: Supplied

Welcare is one of the leading brands in Australia known for quality household products. We recently put their Sleep-Tight Sleep Sound Machine through its paces and were more than impressed with the results.

We asked our Social Media Manager, Victorian mum-of-one Taylor to trial the new Welcare PureAir Household Air Purifier and see what she and her family thought.


Check out her video review and ratings below AND take a closer look at the Welcare PureAir Household Air Purifier. We think you’ll be just as impressed as we are!

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Suitable for every room of the home, portable and convenient. Source: Supplied

For a clean and healthy home

Like most of us, Taylor juggles plenty of chaos each and every day. She’s got a busy toddler, a cat, and even a few cows frolicking in her paddock.

She also lives on a rural property which is located off a dirt road which means a fair bit of dust makes it into her home, especially the master bedroom and her son’s bedroom.

Welcare air purifier review
Bobby and his cat enjoy the clean air. Source: Supplied

My partner often wakes up feeling stuffy, sneezing and not well rested, which I assume has been brought on by the dust which builds up in our room. 

Living on a rural property we also have scheduled backburns throughout the year which can leave an overwhelming presence of smoke in the house,” Taylor explains.

How it works

The Welcare PureAir Household Air Purifier is one of the simplest air purifiers on the market. There’s no need to sync to an app or any tech-heavy setup – simply plug it in and watch it do its magic.

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Perfect for the bedroom to assist with better sleep. Source: Supplied

Within minutes you may notice the panel changing colour, indicating that the purifier is doing what it’s meant to do.

The four-colour system is really easy to understand too.

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Simple colour coding shows how clean your air is. Source: Supplied

Plus you can time how long it’s on for, (timer function), set your speed (three speeds), mode and function, including auto mode, night mode and silent mode.

welcare air purifier
Purifies the air in minutes. Source: Supplied

Watch it in action below:

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YouTube video

Easy to use and move around

There are a few things that especially stood out for Taylor. One was just how easy it was to use.

Normally I palm everything off to my partner to set up but this was extremely straight forward and the instructions were super easy to follow. The touch panel display makes it really easy to operate and isn’t overly complicated.

I also loved the fact that it’s easily mobile and can be moved around from room to room with ease using the handle located on the back.”

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Lightweight and portable, you can easily move from room to room. Source: Supplied

Quickly purifies the air and removes odours

The secret to the Welcare PureAir Household Air Purifier is its insanely good filtering system. It comes with a 6-stage HEPA (H13) air purification system which basically means it can tackle the harshest of air – we’re talking smoke, dust and so much more.

There’s a pre-filter, plus an efficient HEPA (H-13) filter, plus an activated carbon filter. It’s also got 2 UV lights and a photocatalyst filter which offer highly effective sterilisation that kills a variety of common bacteria and germs.

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Touch panel display for easy operation. Source: Supplied

And then there’s the anion generator, which is what works to eliminate those extra strong odours. So if you know you’re about to cook something with plenty of garlic and onion, you’d activate the anion function and say goodbye to the oniony smell! 

This all equals one of the best air purifying experiences out there. 

We’ve noticed a considerable difference in the unwanted odour which used to linger in our household before introducing the Welcare PureAir Household Air Purifier. Things like the smell of cooking, changing a dirty nappy or a ready to be changed bin/kitty litter, all reduced significantly if not completely gone.
Plus, it’s strangely satisfying watching the air quality indicator change from normal, good to perfect, which just made breathing the air in our house that much better! And surprisingly quick to start purifying!”

Ideal for larger areas

Another great thing about Welcare’s PureAir air purifier is just how efficient it works in larger areas. It’s suitable for large areas up to 40~50m² which is around double the size of the average living room.

If you are after a smaller air purifier, the Welcare PureAir Desktop Air Purifier is probably a better fit and retails at under $200 too.

The Welcare PureAir Desktop Air Purifier may be smaller but it's just as mighty
The Welcare PureAir Desktop Air Purifier may be smaller but it’s just as mighty. Source: Supplied

Less allergens, more sleep! 

Since having the purifier I’ve noticed my partner isn’t waking up sneezing and he has personally noticed a difference which has been worth it alone. My son is sleeping more soundly and the odour from the litter box isn’t as evident as well as the lingering smells which follow while cooking. Plus the build-up of dust doesn’t seem as bad.

I would recommend this product and have done so already to friends and family who I know struggle with allergies with hopes that it will have a positive impact on their quality of living like it has done for us.”

welcare pureair review
The perfect addition to any large living space or playroom. Source: Supplied

Welcare PureAir Household and Desktop Air Purifier

Ease of Use 10.0
Efficiency in Purifying the Air 10.0
Efficiency in Removing Odours and Allergens 9.0
Quality 10.0
Value for Money 10.0

SAVE up to $40 off during their Summer Sale 

You can pick up a Welcare PureAir Household Air Purifier for $399.95 through the Welcare website, or opt for the smaller Welcare PureAir Desktop Air Purifier for $199.95.

They’ve also got a great sale at the moment – save up to $40 on either appliance (that’s 10% off). But, hurry, the sale ends at midnight 31st January 2022.

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If you’re looking for a way to keep your family healthier, your house cleaner and the air purer, then we highly recommend Welcare PureAir Household Air Purifier. Hands down, amazing!

This is a sponsored review for Welcare. All opinions are those of the reviewer. 

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