Here’s 13 Clever WD-40 Hacks That’ll Have You Reaching for a Can!


If you thought WD-40 was just for bike chains, rusty tools and other random ‘shed stuff’, you’d be wrong. Prepare to have your mind blown with these brilliant WD-40 uses and hacks!

Hometalk posted to their Facebook page this very handy video of WD-40 uses and we have to say, we’re impressed by what they’ve done – you can check out their video below (or jump on down to read them below).

From polishing stainless steel appliances to fixing those doors which squeak in the night, one thing I DO know for sure is that this is a post you’re going to want to bookmark for later.

Take a look at these super-handy WD-40 hacks and uses in the video below!

13 WD-40 Hacks and Handy Uses You Need to Know!

1. Sticky locks and door handles

Sticky locks and door handles that don’t glide quite as easily as they used to can be given a quick fix with WD-40. Spray, wipe up the excess and work the lock or door handle a little until they glide effortlessly.

2. An excellent crayon remover

Do you have a budding artist who works with a crayon medium and loves to use doors, tables and more as their canvas? Next time you discover a crayon masterpiece, give it a squirt of WD-40 and wipe it clean with a microfibre cloth.

3. Sticky labels, be gone!

Trying to remove the sticky label or tape residue from glass jars or containers but that pesky glue won’t budge? Spray the area generously with WD-40, wait a minute and then use a scraper to scrape the glue away. Wash, dry and you’re done!

SO ANNOYING. WD-40 making label removal a BREEZE. Source: Facebook

4. Loosen up your sticky scissors

If your scissors aren’t as efficient as they used to be, gummed up with tape residue and just generally stiff, give them a spritz of WD-40 and they’ll loosen right up. You can also use this for other tools like secateurs, hedge trimmers and pliers.

5. Dirty, greasy handprint removal

If you have a tradie partner, you’ll know only too well how grubby the garage door (and more!) can get with dirty handprints. An easy way to get them off is to spray WD-40 and wipe them off. TOO EASY!

6. Easy bug removal from car windscreens

Save on elbow grease when washing the car by cleaning smushed bugs from your windscreen with WD-40 first. GENIUS. Just spray the bugs, leave it a minute and then wipe away with a towel!

Swap the scrubbing brush for WD-40 and then soap and lather! Source: Facebook

7. Hot glue remover

Did you have hot glue set on something it shouldn’t be? DON’T WORRY. Hard surfaces can become free of hot glue spills by simply spraying the offending set glue with WD-40, giving it a couple of minutes to do its magical thing and then lifting the glue away. AMAZING.

8. Repels dirt on tools

Before planting out that veggie patch, grab your hand tools and wipe them over with WD-40. No potting mix or clumping soil will stick to your spade now!

9. Weatherproof shoes

Want to make your shoes last that little bit longer? WD-40 can apparently make them weather-resistant. Simply spray onto a microfibre cloth and rub it into your shoes. This could be a neat trick for kids school shoes!* (*test on a small area first!)

Weather-resistant shoes – a new level unlocked! Source: Facebook

10. Stuck hose attachments

Hose attachments that have been fixed to a hose all summer long might feel like they’re not coming off anytime soon, no matter how hard you try to twist them free. Give the connecting threads a spritz of WD-40 and then twist to remove and free them up.

11. Bug repellent

If you have bugs infesting your plant pots or ants marching their way around your garden steps, WD-40 is an excellent repellent. Spray underneath your garden pots and around steps to help keep bugs at bay.

12. Stainless steel polish

WINNER! My favourite WD-40 cleaning hack, add a fingerprint-free, streak-free finish to your stainless steel appliances with WD-40. Simply spray it on and using a microfibre cloth, buff it in. So easy and so very sparkly!

Shine bright with WD-40. Source: Facebook

13. Squeaky door eliminator

It’s always the toilet door, nursery door or pantry door that squeaks the most, right? An easy way to fix that squeak is to spray the door hinges with WD-40, wipe away the excess, open and close the door a few times and then enjoy the SILENCE!

Where to buy WD-40

You might think you have to head into the local hardware store to buy WD-40 (which is true – and who doesn’t love an excuse for a Bunnings sausage) but you can actually pick it up at the supermarket too! It’s SO handy to have, you’d be crazy not to add a can to your trolley. Find it at Woolworths for just $6.55!

mum central
Grab your can at all good retailers, we got ours at Woolies. Source: Supplied

Have you already discovered all the benefits of WD-40? We’d love to hear what you use it for at home, drop us a comment below and let us know!

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