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We’ve Got You an Invite to Jimmy Giggle’s Christmas Party!

We got up close and personal with James Rees [AKA Jimmy Giggle] and got all the goss on how he’s coping as a new dad, his new Christmas album and show and one very embarrassing episode with a Mum-fan!

Jimmy Giggle’s Christmas Party brings together Hoot, Hootabelle and some very special guest appearances on stage between 19 and 23 December and on his Christmas CD, available in stores now.

1. James, you’re a successful entertainer and TV Host, ABC Kids favourite, an Aria nominee and a household name to many. Were you always destined to work in the entertainment industry and how did you get your big break?

My family tells me that all I wanted to do was entertain everyone, so I guess you could say I was practicing for my career, haha! I knew that I wanted to be on TV in some capacity but I wasn’t sure how I would get there. So, I saw an open audition for new talent on ABC and sent away my video audition. A few weeks went by and I got a call back and following that my audition tape was sent to the guys at Giggle and Hoot who wanted to audition me as well. The rest is history I guess. I think I landed the best job ever. We have an absolute ball on the set.

2. Can you tell us about your career highlight so far?

I wouldn’t say I have one big moment. The highlight is always getting out as Jimmy Giggle to meet the people who watch the show. Kids really are a wonderful audience and it is amazing to meet them and talk about Giggle and Hoot.

3. Congratulations on your success as Jimmy Giggle but also on the birth of your gorgeous son Lenny in April. How have things changed for you since becoming a parent?

I’m sure any parent will tell you it is a crazy ride but what an amazing ride it is at the same time. Watching him grow and learn new things is an awesome experience. and he is SO CUTE!!! #biased

4. In a previous interview, and before you became a father, you were quoted saying you hoped to take on a “laid-back” approach to your parenting, much like that of your own parents. So, are you a laid-back parent or a stress-head”?

Haha, I’m pretty laid back, I’ve got the entertaining thing down pat. But when it is the middle of the night and the little fella is crying and you just cant figure out what he wants it’s hard not to be a little stressed. All you want to do is help the little man.

5. No doubt you’re a very busy man – how do you best manage work and family commitments, in particular time spent away from your family as you tour?

Being away these days is definitely harder. I have just had a few weeks where I was away a lot and I think in the future I will plan things a little better. The best part of my job is that when I am home, I’m home. I can spend all the time in the world with my family and I live on the Mornington Peninsula which has so many brilliant features to explore. It’s a relaxing part of the world! 🙂

6. You’re pretty much a rock star with the preschool demographic. How do you prepare before a performance in front of hundreds of highly excited little people? 

I find it easy to get ready for a performance, people forget that it’s really exciting for us as performers as well. Although I may have performed the same show over and over there is a particular unknown element of a live performance which is both exciting and nerve wracking. I love the feedback you get at a live performance, “He’s behhhhiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnd you” haha!!

7. You have connected with thousands of children during your career, made a lasting impression and have made a positive difference to many. Have any of these particular experiences or meetings made an impact on you and can you tell us about one?

I have the privilege of being about to use the world of Giggle and Hoot and Jimmy Giggle to bring joy to kids but a moment for me that stands out is being able to visit a hospital where kids are facing all sorts of adversity and put a smile on their faces. Hoot and I have done this a few times and it’s always a humbling experience.

8. Your fan base also extends to mums and I have heard many Mums compliment Mr Giggle. Perhaps it is the pyjamas? Or maybe it is because Hoot’s Lullaby has the power to send their children into slumber each night at 7pm. Whatever the reason, can you share a funny encounter or meeting with one of your older fans? 

It’s always a little awkward when someone comes up for a photo and doesn’t have any kids! haha! You know it’s all a bit funny! I had a lady pass Tori her phone number to pass on to me once! A little embarrassing for all involved.

9. At one point my son’s bedroom resembled a Giggle and Hoot merchandise stall usually positioned outside one of your concerts. We had it all but have recently discovered a Jimmy Giggle plush toy now on the market – how does it feel to be made into a doll and how many do you have at home?

That’s a sign you can retire I think! haha! Yeah, that was a fun moment when that hit the market. I only have one at home, the dogs took to it first but now it is in Lenny’s room!

10. We’re all really excited about your new Christmas Party album – a perfect Christmas gift for the little ones but some great collaborations with Tina Arena, Deb Mailman, Ali McGregor, Justine Clarke, David Campbell and Kate Miller Heidke to name a few. Do you have a favourite song on the album and will the Christmas Party album be played at your place on Christmas Day?

Haha, my mum has a Frank Sinatra album that has been played on every Christmas morning that I can remember so Jimmy Giggle’s Christmas Party will have to knock off Franky. I had such a great time working with all the wonderful artists on the album, everyone is so great. I hope you all enjoy it! 🙂

I’m sure we will Jimmy!

Finally, we wish you the very best as you embark on your Christmas Party tour on 19 December with dates in Sydney and Melbourne.

Tickets can be purchased via Live Nation here and the new Jimmy Giggle’s Christmas Party album is out now – a perfect Christmas present for our little ones.




To celebrate Jimmy’s upcoming Christmas Party tour, we’ve got 2 family passes up for grabs to his Sydney and Melbourne shows PLUS 10 x copies of his CD up for grabs.

  • 1 x family pass (admission for four) to the Sydney on Saturday 19th December, 1.30pm show at the Concourse in Chatswood.
  • 1 x family pass (admission for four) to the Melbourne show on Monday December 21, 1.30pm show at the Art Centre.

To enter, simply complete the entry form below and you’re in the running. Remember that the more friends you refer who enter the more chances to win so be sure to share across social media to increase your chances.


Win a Family Pass to Jimmy Giggle’s Christmas Party or 1 of 10 CDs

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  1. Avatar of Kim Kilgour
    Kim Kilgour Reply

    Both of my children are engaged by Jimmy Giggle, aged 4 & 18mths, i’ll have to admit that i’m a bit of a fan too! hehe

  2. Avatar of GC

    My 4.5 year old son Zane is the “BIGGEST” Jimmy Giggle fan ever!

  3. Avatar of Imogen Crosby
    Imogen Crosby Reply

    Alright, I’ll admit it! I loved giggle and hoot years before my own children came along… Most likely due to working with kids & my love of owls! So, I may have influenced my daughter… A lot! Her 3rd word was Hoot, I was pretty proud! Save to save, she has just turned 2 and is still loving them, and so do I!

  4. Avatar of Chantelle Carbonaro-jolly
    Chantelle Carbonaro-jolly Reply

    My son Kennedy is the Big jimmy giggle fan he also really loves Hoot and Hootabella and i have to admit i like them all too

  5. Avatar of Amey Putt

    Miss 3 love Jimmy giggle and hootabelle. She must watch Jimmy go to sleep before going to bed herself

  6. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee Izzard Reply

    My Son 20 months adores Jimmy Giggle and Hoot! It’s amazing watching him interact with the TV when their theme song comes on. He is learning the words to the songs and just cant sit still when they start to sing he get ms up and dances along

  7. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My 6 year old is still in love with Jimmy giggle, thinks he is GOOD looking and FUNNY =)

  8. Avatar of genn sheree
    genn sheree Reply

    My 22 month old son Lachie loves to watch Jimmy giggle all the time and runs around going “hoot, hoot” – he just stops everything when Jimmy and Hoot is on.

  9. Avatar of Melissa Ridgeway
    Melissa Ridgeway Reply

    My 3 year old daughter River is the biggest Jimmy Giggle fan ever!! She’s dying to get a Giggle Fangs toy for Christmas as well!!

  10. Avatar of Ash Johns

    My 14 month old! Anytime he hears, Jimmy giggle or Hoot or he stops what he’s doing & is glued to the tv. He can’t go to bed without hearing the goodnight song aswell, he get so so excited when he hears it 🙂

  11. Avatar of Olivia de Sousa-Ferres
    Olivia de Sousa-Ferres Reply

    ME!!! I’m a huge fan! I think Jimmy is super talented. However, officially I will put my 18 month old son’s name, Robbie Ferres, who is always riveted to the telly when Jimmy Giggle is on 😀

  12. Avatar of Natalie Raffenot
    Natalie Raffenot Reply

    My 6 year old, 4 year old and 7 month old all adore Jimmy Giggle and Hoot. They would all scream with excitement if they got to meet them!

  13. Avatar of Jess Lunniss-Read
    Jess Lunniss-Read Reply

    My daughter! She cries at night if she doesn’t get to see hoots lullaby and say goodnight

  14. Avatar of Deanne Lindsay

    My 3 granddaughters are the fans of Jimmy giggle, just don’t tell anyone that I am really the biggest fan of Jimmy Giggle and Hoot… xxx(its a secret that I want his pj’s)

  15. Avatar of tuffyy

    We have had a little Hoot and Jimmy fan in our house from day dot! I remember watching this gorgeous show while breastfeeding and my daughters have always loved them. The Christmas specials make this time of year just that little bit more magical!

  16. Avatar of Brianna Taylor
    Brianna Taylor Reply

    My 20 month old son. Absolutely adores Jimmy giggle, hoot and gigglesaurus!

  17. Avatar of hanna.algeo
    hanna.algeo Reply

    i have a giggle n hoot finatic in my house the music and dancing he loves and he addores his PJs

  18. Avatar of hanna.algeo
    hanna.algeo Reply

    i have a giggle n hoot finatic in my house the music and dancing he loves and he addores his PJs

  19. Avatar of Kristy Grey
    Kristy Grey Reply

    I Am Jimmy Giggles Biggest Fan He Always Makes My Smile With His Bestfriends Giggle And Hoot!! 😀

  20. Avatar of Alyce

    My 2 year old daughter LOVES Jimmy Giggle and is slowly spreading the obsession to her 8 month old sister!!

  21. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams Reply

    Mummy is a bit of a fan but sshhh don’t tell my son who thinks he is quite funny too. 😉

  22. Avatar of julia sheedy
    julia sheedy Reply

    I would Love to take my 2 yr old Granddaughter she love watching the show and dancing around…and she just love Jimmy Giggle and Hoot…soon as she hears them come on T.V she runs into the room all excited shouting gig (giggle) hooo (Hoot) and jumping up and down….and she always kisses the T.V when Hoot does hoots lullaby and says goodnight.

  23. Avatar of Kerrie Groves
    Kerrie Groves Reply

    My Master 3 and Master 1.5 love Jimmy and hoot. It is one of their favourite shows on iview.

  24. Avatar of Frances McCann
    Frances McCann Reply

    My daughter Jasmine just had a giggle and hoot 1st birthday. She says hoot hoot all the time and won’t go to bed until she hears the goodnight song

  25. Avatar of domandlauren
    domandlauren Reply

    My 2 and a half year old mister is a huge Giggle fan!!! One of the first times he crawled was to the giggle and hoot theme song playing on a phone!

  26. Avatar of Nat M

    My 5yr old Tyler. He just finished his first magazine of things to do and was so proud of himself.

  27. Avatar of Valerie Cooke
    Valerie Cooke Reply

    My 3 year old son loves giggle and hoot and my 14 month old daughter is a fan of hootabell… Would make a great start to our Christmas holiday break to see them in Sydney, plus I don’t mind the night watch or the giggle Galaxy … Yeah yeah

  28. Avatar of Kylie N

    My little girl, Lucia, just LOVES jimmy giggle! Almost as much as me! Hehe! The house stops when he comes on the tv.

  29. Avatar of Alison Henderson
    Alison Henderson Reply

    Master Floyd (3 years) loves Jimmy Giggle and Chatswood right near us, would love to take him!

  30. Avatar of Kaoma Dingle
    Kaoma Dingle Reply

    My son Liam (2) and my daughter Evelyn (1) both love watching jimmy giggle in the mornings, wouldn’t make the show but would love his cd 🙂

  31. Avatar of Baby2

    My son, Samuel (4 1/2), is a MASSIVE fan. His face lights up whenever Giggle and Hoot comes on the TV, and he sings along. He can’t contain himself, he has to stand up because he is so excited 🙂

  32. Avatar of Lisa Brown
    Lisa Brown Reply

    Our little boy Jack (21 months) Loves Jimmy Giggle and Hoot! He gets very excited when they’re on, especially during the singing segments. A CD would be amazing for him to boogie along too! 😉

  33. Avatar of Teresa Clark
    Teresa Clark Reply

    My son (4) loves Jimmy giggle and Hoot, loves the songs and loves the adventures that they go on

  34. Avatar of Leanne Campbell
    Leanne Campbell Reply

    My 2yr old grandson loves Hoot – I can’t stop laughing sometimes as he dances & tries to sing along.

  35. Avatar of Alex

    My little brother enjoys the program whenever it comes on. Fun layout!

  36. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    Oscar loves to dance and sing along . Lights up and gets all excited.

  37. Avatar of Evelyn

    I can proudly say that I’m a huge fan of Jimmy as well as my 3 kids, especially my 2 daughters! I think he’s brilliant, and I always look forward to seeing him on ABC every day. He’s entertaining to both young and old(ish)!

  38. Avatar of Brooke Charters
    Brooke Charters Reply

    My niece absolutely loves Jimmy Giggle. She will stop in her tracks and say, “hoot hoot” whenever it comes on the TV.

  39. Avatar of Simone Lee
    Simone Lee Reply

    My daughter Dakoda was a fan of Jimmy Giggle. She and her dad would be singing the songs when i came home from work. My partner stills knows the words to the goodnight song and we often say goodnight with our daughter saying “see you in the morning” to which we are to reply “hoot hoot”.. our niece Ruby is now in love with Jimmy Giggle and Hoot.

  40. Avatar of Michelle Fezza Ferry
    Michelle Fezza Ferry Reply

    My master 5 has been a big fan as he would say, when I was little and the only time my 2yr old Grandson sits still is when HoooT HoooooT comes on. Must admit I’m a big fan of Jimmy giggle too.

  41. Avatar of Renee Powell
    Renee Powell Reply

    My daughter Morgan LOVES Giggle and Hoot – she especially loves Jimmy Giggle and Hootabelle

  42. Avatar of louise

    Little miss Lucy 18m, loves Hoot, she has her lullaby hoot song everynight and you can hear her singing along in her bed ending with ‘see you in the morning!’,

  43. Avatar of Stephanie Veljanovska
    Stephanie Veljanovska Reply

    My 19 month old little girl she is not the slightest bit interested in the television but as soon as Jimmy giggle and hoot come on she stands in amazement.

  44. Avatar of Joy Lange


  45. Avatar of Kris Ryan

    Both of my sons love Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the Owl – but they love Giggleasaurus best of all! 🙂

  46. Avatar of Cathie Bailey
    Cathie Bailey Reply

    My 3 year old son Bodhi is a huge fan of Giggle and Hoot.

  47. Avatar of Claire

    Mr 5 loves Jimmy Giggle. I have a soft spot myself. If I even look like listening to music on my Spotify account, he has to hear Zat you Santa! Great album for parents too.

  48. Avatar of Jude Little
    Jude Little Reply

    We all love Jimmy Giggle and his owl pals! Mum, Dad, 5 year old and 2 year old! We love the songs and all of their adventures.

  49. Avatar of Lisa W

    I would love to say its my 3 year old daughter but secretly I think it might be me!

  50. Avatar of Maria

    My nearly 4 year old and 8 year old love watching Jimmy Giggle and the gang….know all the songs and love to dance along too.

  51. Avatar of louise mulvey
    louise mulvey Reply

    My 2 year old granddaughter is – she LOVES Jimmy Giggle and HOOT too – she carries around one of the DVD’s with her EVERYWHERE she goes

  52. Avatar of jayla1987

    Definatley my two year old and she’s always giggling while watching it

  53. Avatar of Anna Elle

    My son thinks Jimmy Giggle is the most hilarious guy on the planet!

  54. Avatar of Levi

    Both my kids love Giggle and Hoot but I’m think I’m the biggest Jimmy Giggle fan in the house by far!

  55. Avatar of Ali Hume

    My daughter Indi is the biggest fan! Giggle and Hoot was the first concert she had ever been to and the theme song is the first song she has danced along to!

  56. Avatar of shellie

    My 3 year old loves jimmy Giggle as she thinks he is funny. She also loves pointing out that he shares a name with her Daddy and Great Grandfather!

  57. Avatar of Amelia Jane
    Amelia Jane Reply

    It was my daughter, until I realised that Jimmy Giggle and my cousin *must* share the same hairdresser, and now I can’t get enough of finding pics to send my poor suffering relative 😉

  58. Avatar of Bec Ballantyne
    Bec Ballantyne Reply

    My 13month old Sam. is a huge fan. He sleeps with a Jimmy Giggle and a Hoot doll of a night and I find that when he is upset watching the dvds is the only thing that will settle him down.

  59. Avatar of Josie Stanford
    Josie Stanford Reply

    My 18m old daughter Alexis loves Jimmy Giggle. She drops everything and dances whenever she hears the Giggle and Hoot music come on.

  60. Avatar of Hayley O'Reilly
    Hayley O'Reilly Reply

    It’s a tie between my 6 year old (Dorian) and my 1 year old (Eleanor). Lol. They both stop playing with toys to watch when the music comes on.

  61. Avatar of Justine Hordyk
    Justine Hordyk Reply

    My 18 month daughter Renesmee is obsessed with hootabelle and the gang her eyes are glued to the screen a few times she has tried to grab hootabelle out the tv she goes crazy

  62. Avatar of Emma Guimaraes
    Emma Guimaraes Reply

    My 3yo daughter is a massive fan!! Has been for the last 2 years. Loves listening to his music all the time and constantly watching it on i view. This would be the best Christmas present for her.

  63. Avatar of Deb Lee

    My daughter is truly obsessed with Giggle, Hoot & Hootabelle!!!

  64. Avatar of Kit Man HA HAU
    Kit Man HA HAU Reply

    My 2 years old daughter. She is big fan, watching him on ABC and listening to his music.

  65. Avatar of Eliebull

    my 5 year old daughter Isabella is a massive fan, but my 16 month old can also cut some shapes and sing a long to giggle and hoot.

  66. Avatar of Jane Whitelaw
    Jane Whitelaw Reply

    My 5 year old is the big fan. We are not allowed to disturb her when Giggle and Hoot is on!

  67. Avatar of Samantha Grundy
    Samantha Grundy Reply

    My 4 year old Makiyah is the biggest jimmy giggle fan (other than myself) this would be HOOT-TASTIC to win !!

  68. Avatar of Jedidah Morley
    Jedidah Morley Reply

    My 3 yo daughter. She said to write that she likes when Hootabelle dances and that she’s pretty.

  69. Avatar of Emma Drew

    Err… I’d like to say my son but to be honest, I’m a pretty big Jimmy Giggle fan myself 😉

  70. Avatar of Maddie Bowerman
    Maddie Bowerman Reply

    We are all big fans- me, my 7 and 5 year old boys, but my 10 month old is a bit young yet. We would love to get the chance to attend the Christmas concert!

  71. Avatar of Helena Leung
    Helena Leung Reply

    My 4 year old. She thinks Jimmy Giggle is “handsome” and I trust her judgement 😀

  72. Avatar of Teigan Lieschke
    Teigan Lieschke Reply

    My almost 2yr old son loves Jimmy Giggle! Whenever he hears the theme music he runs to watch squealing in delight!

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