If you love food, friends and sharing, then you cannot look past a good cheese board for simple, delicious and simple entertaining.

Whether it’s a humble pre- or post dinner party offering or the full grazing table extravaganza this style of catering appeals to everyone. And the best part about it? It’s easy! Amazing Grazers tell us how!

Of course, before you can create the perfect grazing board, you need to have the right ingredients. But what are the right ingredients? Well that’s the other best part – there’s no right or wrong! Today I am sharing the produce I typically have on hand when I’m putting something together. This list should serve as your inspiration but use your own discretion (and budget!) to decide what’s best for you and your guests!

What to Buy for an Amazing Cheese Board


Cheeses can be easily found supermarket brands or internationally sourced artisan delicacies. Ultimately your palate and budget will decide! Whichever way you go, it’s usually safe to have a selection that includes a hard cheese, a soft cheese, a goat cheese, a blue cheese and a flavored cheese such as smoked or fruit.


Fresh seasonal fruit and veggies are a must for color and crunch. Grapes, apples, pears, berries, cherries, oranges, figs, pomegranate, kiwifruit, melon, mango, stone fruit, cherry tomatoes, radishes, cucumber, green beans, asparagus, rocket to name only a few!

What to Buy for an Amazing Cheese Board

Cured meats

Everyone loves deli meats. The choices are amazing. Think salami, soppressa, casalinga, prosciutto, mortadella, ham, chorizo or smoked turkey – they’re all so delicious!

Cured fish

Got budget and sophisticated guests? Why not add some cured fish? Choose from trout, salmon, anchovies or herrings.

What to Buy for an Amazing Cheese Board


Forget being carb free! A selection of crackers, including gluten-free options, and bread is a must. Find that balance with crusty bread, crunchy mini toasts and flavored crackers for a great spread.

Pickled accompaniments

Pickled products add depth of flavor, you might like to consider cornichons, onions, olives, eggplant, capsicum, tomatoes, caper berries or artichoke.

What to Buy for an Amazing Cheese Board

Soft furnishings

By this we mean the dips, pates, relishes, jams or sauces. Buy them, make them – whichever you prefer but these are essential.


Feel like you still need more? Well, how about nuts, dried fruits, crisps, pretzels… anything people can graze on.

What to Buy for an Amazing Cheese Board

We hope you’ve compiled a tasty shopping list with these suggestions, you’re probably already drooling at the thought of all this cheese platter goodness! Wondering what the heck to do with it when you get home? Click on through for How to Style a Killer Cheese Board!


Tania’s love language is ‘feeding people’. With a strong European heritage, her love of mixing flavors and quality, gourmet food coupled with her intense need to feed people en masse was bound to lead her to the catering game. Amazing Grazers is her latest baby which she manages to run while parenting two very busy tween-aged sons. When she’s not rolling salami in the kitchen she can be found with her head in a good glass of wine and a book in her hand. Or something like that.

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