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Mummy Truth: Who Is Mother’s Day Really About, Anyway?

Congratulations! You’re a mum! And that means you now have a whole day dedicated to you – Mother’s Day!

Right…..? Wrong!

When I first became a mum myself, I admit I was quietly celebrating inside. Not only had I been blessed with a beautiful child, I was also getting another day (besides my birthday) to be celebrated! Mother’s Day. Sweet! A day for me, me, me!

Yep! I could just picture it on that Sunday in May…. Breakfast in bed with a glass of bubbly (it was a dream, work with me here!) being pampered, just relaxing on the couch with my feet up. All day long. Does this sound like a familiar fantasy, ladies?

Fantasy? Yes. Reality? Oh, how wrong I was!

Mother’s Day is never truly 100% any single mother’s day. Because of family. And family-in-law. And wider extended family. Truth be told, Mother’s Day is a day we all have to share.

Wait, what? Nobody ever told me that I was going to have to share this day with other people. Mother’s Day was supposed to be about me! 

Oh, how naïve I was. Mother’s Day is not like your birthday. It’s never just about you. So – newsflash – stop being delusional and longing for that relaxing day in bed binge-watching Netflix. It’s never going to happen. Because in truth, Mother’s Day probably has more in common with Christmas or Easter than any other celebration of the year.

Why? You receive presents along with a zillion other people. You have to buy all the other people’s ‘meaningful, special, perfect’ presents. And then you drive around a lot, trying to see and please a lot of people. And deliver the presents you so carefully chose.

On your first Mother’s Day, this is when you find out how crazy you were believing that you might have the world revolve around yourself for 24-hours. Reality is, Mother’s Day is spent making sure you see all the mothers of the family in a valiant effort to avoid World War III. And make everyone feel appreciated, valued and loved.

That’s it. In short, Mother’s Day is a maternal, love-showing, battlefield to be shared (and sometimes fought over) between all the women in your life.

The good news is that no matter how many people you need to share ‘your day’ with, you will absolutely still be celebrated. There are many breakfasts-in-bed in your future, many slices of burnt toast and rubbish coffees ahead… It’s about knowing you’re loved. And showing your mum and beyond they’re loved too.

Personally, I’m incredibly thankful to be able to celebrate my Mother’s Day with not only my mum, but also my grandmother. The day is just as much about them, as me… if not more! I also have my mother-in-law and my father’s beautiful wife who deserve to be honoured too. So that’s four amazing mummy figures who also share this day with me – I’m in good (albeit very much shared) company.

What about you?

Mother’s Day will always be your day, you will just have to share it with others you love…. damn!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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