Meet the Willow Wearable Breast Pump and Say Goodbye to Traditional Pumps


That typical breast pump may be a thing of the past. Meet the Willow wearable breast pump that may just make all of your nursing needs come true!

So, you pump breast milk. Yeah, plenty of us mums do it. Whether you need to keep baby fed when you head out to work or you’re about to leave for a mini holiday, you don’t want to switch over to formula just because your boobs will be somewhere else.

Before baby was even born you started investigating pumps. You asked your mum-friends, you read the blogs and you checked out all of the reviews. As you did your research you realised there are options galore – inexpensive hand-pump models, electric versions and even hospital-grade gizmos. The thing is, all of these models have tubes, cups, dangling bottles, cords and everything else.

Okay, so no one ever said that pumping should be a leisure activity. We get it. It’s just one of the many things that you do for your child. But, one company doesn’t feel that way. They don’t think that mums should be stuck sitting awkwardly tethered to a pump – ever! And that’s where the Willow wearable breast pump comes into play.

Yep, that’s right. It’s a wearable pump. Right now it’s the only one of its kind, and its kind of revolutionary when it comes to nursing. What’s up with Willow? Well, it fits into your bra! That means you can actually get up and move around, and still pump at the same time. Brilliant!

willow wearable breast pump

Not only can you move while pumping, but it means that mums on-the-go (and working mums) don’t need to find a secluded little closet to get the milk out. If you’re totally sick of having to hang out in the office supply closet or bathroom stall just to pump, this wearable version means that you can stay put (at your desk, in your cubicle or wherever) and still get the same result.

Along with the obvious advantages of pumping anywhere (without having to hook your nipples up to some sort of massive contraption), the wearable breast pump has less pieces than the traditional ones. That means less to carry around. And, of course, less to lose. What? A mum losing something? No way. Not with all of the binkies, blankies, onesies, teeny little socks and everything else you have to keep track of.

Um, so your traditional pump makes a noise that falls somewhere between washing machine and tractor. That makes you wonder how this wearable pump could possibly be in any way discreet – in other words, how can you stuff it into your bra and pump while working? It’s rumored to be surprisingly quiet, making it totally okay to wear in public.

Oh, and there’s one more perk to this pump. You can connect it to a milk-tracking app. Willow actually senses your let-down. This lets it work around your own milk production schedule. As you make milk (and as the pump collects it in your in-bra carrying bags) the app tracks how much of the liquid gold you’re putting out. Brilliant!


But it doesn’t come cheap. The FDA approved Willow wearable breast pump retails at $429.99USD so they’re currently working on how they can make it more affordable.

So tell us, what do you think?

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