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Win 1 of 10 LEGO Legends of CHIMA Volume 6 DVDs

The Animal Tribes of CHIMA have finally restored peace in the land, but it hasn’t lasted long as new secrets, forces and tribes begin to stir and the greatest legend of all prepares to reveal itself!

Join the animals as they unite once again in an epic battle of Fire versus Ice in the latest installment of the popular series, LEGO Legends of CHIMA: Volume 6, available on DVD from September 25, 2014.

After the battles in the Outlands all is well in CHIMA, but its habitants are soon to be struck by a new evil force. Ancient Tribes of fierce Hunters have been awoken after thousands of years of dreamless sleep, waking with one mission: To conquer all of the CHI!

Led by the Saber Tooth Tiger Sir Fangar, the Hunters advance in their evil plan of spreading crushing ice across CHIMA. In the battle of Crocodile Swamp, the Animal Tribes fight back but learn that their weapons are powerless against this new enemy. Their only hope for a solution, believed by the adventurous Eris, is to make the daring climb up the mystical mountain of Mount Cavora. With Craggar and Laval by her side the adventurous trio set off on their quest to reach the top of the mountain, and it is here they meet the fabled guardians of CHIMA – The Fire Phoenix Tribe.

Will the Phoenix provide the answers to defeat CHIMA’s new enemy, or will CHIMA be lost to the evil Hunters forever? Follow the trio on their daring mission to save CHIMA with six all-­‐new episodes in LEGO® Legends of CHIMA™: Volume 6, yours to own on DVD from September 25, 2014.

Here’s your chance to win 1 of 10 LEGO® Legends of CHIMA™: Volume 6 DVDs

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    Have children this is the prize for them, anything to do with LEGO is great fun

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