The summer months can be synonymous with being on the go, embracing the great outdoors and soaking up the sun’s rays. But, they can also present a few challenges, especially for busy mums.

From juggling an ever-expanding nappy bag, to protecting very sensitive skin, summer and the holiday season can prove tough on both mum and baby.

Nappy specialists, BabyLove shares with us their 5 TOP TIPS to sail through summer with a happy baby in tow:

  1. Essential ‘travel’ kit – every nappy bag should contain a few essential items, including 4 disposable nappies, a pack of nappy wipes, plastic bags for easy disposal as you go, a clean towel/sheet for a make-shift change-table, 1-2 changes of clothes and sun protection!
  1. Avoid irritating nappy rash – to prevent nappy rash this season, nappy specialists BabyLove advises parents to use nappies that have high absorbency so that they stay dry and breathable at all times while also giving babies sufficient care and comfort.
  1. Reduce over-heating by regularly checking and changing nappies. A highly absorbent nappy will also be vital in ensuring a more comfortable feel. BabyLove’s nappies include a DriWave™ layer that absorbs instantly, actively drawing liquid away from the nappy’s surface.
  1. Fit baby nappies with ease. To avoid nasty red marks on your baby’s legs, ensure a snug – but not a tight – fit when dressing your baby or toddler. Cosifit™ is the only nappy in Australia to include specially designed “double support gathers” which more evenly distribute pressure from the leg band elastic, whilst also providing a snug fit. And, they deliver an advanced level of leakage protection, so you won’t be caught out when you’re out and about.
  1. Regularly re-hydrate your little one as the day unfolds. A cold pack or vacuum container are ideal for keeping drinks twice as refreshing, so you and baby can cool down whilst on the go!

“We know that mums want nappies to care for their babies’ sensitive skin and this is never more so than in the warmer summer months, when delicate skin is more susceptible to the harsh elements,” said Debra Smith of Unicharm, the manufacturers of BabyLove Nappies.

BabyLove recently launched the revolutionary new nappy, Cosifit™ – the first nappy in Australia to feature specially designed double support gathers which prevent red marks appearing on a baby or infant’s skin. The reinforced gathers also deliver a higher level of leakage protection, minimising gaps emerging around the legs.

BabyLove Cosifit is available in a range of sizes from Newborn and Infant to Crawler, Toddler, Walker and Junior. The range is available at Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Big W, Kmart, Babies’R’US, Baby Bunting, Chemist Warehouse and other leading retailers and online stores.


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  1. Michelle Reynolds Reply

    I’ve changed a nappy at the park at the bottom of the slippery dip

  2. Samala Cambridge Reply

    Not sure if it is funny, when you gotta change them you gotta change them specially when you are chasing around two other toddlers. I have changed my toddler in front of the lion exhibit at Werribee Zoo.

  3. Shelley West Reply

    I changed a nappy in the back seat while going through a car wash. Bubs was safely strapped in by the time we drove off 🙂

  4. Connie Christensen Reply

    in my dads massive machinery shed next to the kitchen area near the motorbikes, wasnt much odour it was overpowered by my hubbys brute (i let him wear it because we were great out doorsing it and didnt think id smell it!)

  5. blackwidow63 Reply

    IN the boot as it was the cleanest area when we were at the Show

  6. kathy clark Reply

    ON the top of the car, as their was no other place that was clean and uncluttered while we were out

  7. On my lap. There was no other choice. Luckily she was a newborn; I certainly wouldn’t be able to do that now and thankfully it was a ‘tidy’ one.

  8. Dawn Taylor Reply

    In the confessional at church, it wasn’t confession time, so gave me privacy but didn’t interfere with anyone.

  9. LilMiss Kibby Reply

    on top of a parcel left at our front door when i was locked out!

  10. Samwilkins Reply

    Strangest/funniest place would be on an eski lid when we were out for the day by the creek.on rounded pebbles there was a lot of slipping and sliding around.

  11. Sarahmary92 Reply

    The tray of our ute. It was actually really convinient but not that practical!

  12. On the beach, great fun with a toddler that wants to run and frolic, trying to wipe mess away!

  13. We were assembling a Nativity scene and you guessed it, we used our new born to test out where baby Jesus was supposed to lay. A big smile came over her face, yep, smelly and in need of a change right there and then. Happy baby, happy scene

  14. Kate Walton Reply

    On the checkout in Coles, I was the last person at the end of the day with a trolley full of shopping so the kind lady told me to go ahead. It was a bit of a simpsons moment

  15. christine morris Reply

    Thanks for the chance, i usually change my Granddaughters nappy wherever possible. 🙂

  16. amandagorton Reply

    On a pool table while at a bowling arcade – desperate times call for desperate measures!

  17. paula harris Reply

    in the car boot parked on a busy street…..messy and awkward

  18. Brianna Taylor Reply

    Changed a poo explosion in the boot on the side of the great ocean road….followed by cleaning up car sickness less than an hour later!

  19. On the boot on a long road trip. The car was full of carseats, pillows, blankets, dvds and toys.

  20. Sarah Beck Reply

    Seems like there are a lot of in the boot- but thats the strangest place ive changed lil ones nappy too!

  21. My ex husband and I did the old “you dangle him and I’ll change him trick” there was no where to put him down so we did some mid air magic!

  22. Joanna Hayward Reply

    On the floor in the middle of the little miss’ 7-year-old brother’s birthday (she refused to be picked up and taken to another location, so we went for it on the floor in the middle of pass the parcel. And, no, the parcels were not mixed up (luckily!).

  23. Kasey Evans Reply

    On the beach, so hard blocking the sand from blowing allover!

  24. Heather Hopley Reply

    on the seat of a tuk tuk in Thailand, while we stood up! Dangerous and reckless but phew… so necessary!

  25. After being called on to go out in the paddock with the ute & dogs on the back, there was an urgent need for a nappy change…the tray of the ute was the flattest spot-even the dogs jumped off they couldn’t bear it !! Life in the country 🙂

  26. Kara Healey Reply

    If we are out and about and I can’t find a clean enough surface to change bub (let’s face it some change rooms are disgusting!) poor hubby regularly becomes the change table- I make him sit and lean back a bit and lie bub across his stomach!

  27. In a service station public toilet. I had blankets spread everywhere.we were road tripping down south and our daughter needed a change NOW and it smelled so bad it couldn’t wait.

  28. Amy Louise Price Reply

    In the homewares department of ikea in a trolley. Its a maze in there.

  29. Gillian Harridge Reply

    At a skydive centre, wasn’t what the skydivers were expecting on their big day.

  30. In a circus, the clown noticed me changing the baby, so he came by to help me. You can imagine how, with the balloons, and all the clowning around to make everyone look our way.

  31. On my wedding day in Fiji, in my big wedding dress, at our reception! It was on the grass in front of a beautiful beach. Had to try so hard not to get poo on my wedding dress!

  32. Leah Taylor Reply

    I’ve changed my son on the floor of the car, in the front seat where your feet go.

    Not sure if anyone has tried to change a baby on a car seat that is a bucket seat, it really doesn’t work cause the roll into the deepest part. So the only flat part was the floor.
    Bit squashy but we got the job done! The look on bubs face was priceless.

  33. Rachael Brown Reply

    I haven’t changed one yet but I’ve seen a lady changing one on a furniture display at bunnings. That made me laugh 🙂 although the outdoor bar looked like it made a good change table!

  34. Lisa Brown Reply

    In the park during a exercise session, we had a poo explosion all through the pram and down his leg. I had to strip him totally with leaves etc sticking to him while rolling around and crawling away from the change mat. Managed to borrowed some baby girls clothes for him to wear plus used everyones spare wipes and plastic bags for poo covered clothes and pram cover!

  35. Elaine Gamboa Reply

    You know, I’d never really thought about it until it got brought up here. It really depends on where I am as to if I ask if it’s ok to change CCB. At mothers group I never ask, but that’s because we all have children that are the same age and everyone who needs to change a nappy just finds a convenient, out of the way spot, pulls out a change mat and changes the nappy on the floor. Thinking about it though, at anyone else’s house, I would ask the host where would be a good place to change a nappy and they usually show me to a spare room.

    As for pooey nappies, I use cloth, so I usually carry little plastic bags that I put the wipes and scrapings into, tie it up and throw it in my nappy bag to be disposed of when I get home and I carry a wet bag in the nappy bag for dirty nappies. There is no way I would throw something like that in someone’s inside bin.

  36. Not the most unusual, but definitely the funniest was at a friends house, where my son decided to have an epic poo-splosion. They were renovating so the only place to change him was on the kitchen floor. My husband and I laughed as we saw them both look at us in horror and step backwards to escape the carnage and smell. The last laugh is on them though – their first baby is due soon!

  37. In the girls toilet at my daughters school holding him in the air changing his poo bum

  38. On the bonnet of my husband’s car, in the car park at Comicon with a heap of dressed up people everywhere. lol

  39. My partner changed our son on a park bench on a busy café street in Qld – full view of everyone.

  40. the front seat of my car. boot filled with groceries and the bonnet was boiling hot

  41. Leonie Walker-Rackebrandt Reply

    The back tailgate of my car in the busiest carpark I’ve ever seen was pretty bad even people walking past could smell what was hiding in the nappy

  42. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    Waiting in a queue to board a cruise ship, I couldn’t leave the line, baby needed tending to as the aroma was not good. I laid him on a towel on the ground and did it there in the line with many people turning up their noses at this.

  43. Kyla Booth Reply

    I have changed nappies in many strange places so hard to pick the strangest. However, the most embarrassing and difficult was in Thailand (where change tables are very hard to find in public places) so found a little alcove on a busy street and began changing there. The locals were fascinated and soon I had an audience. xx

  44. Outside a workshop where I dropped the car off for a quick repair. He had the shits and it ran everywhere, dripping all over the place. I had to use their outdoor hose and hold him over the garden then try and wash it all in and off their driveway.

  45. Now the high speed train from Shanghai airport to the city 515km it just seemed like I should have been taking in the reality of this wonderful engenering but I with staring at a poo

  46. In a lift just when you thought you had it to yourself certainly wasn’t appreciated even though I sprayed the air go figure had no choice

  47. I’ve changed nappies in many strange places, sometimes it just can not be helped.
    My strangest would be at the hair salon, the girl was mortified!

  48. Rachel Bird Reply

    Funniest/strangest place I’ve changed a nappy is at a bus stop. Bub was in the pram and had pooped so I had no option but to change her. Got some dirty looks but what can you do?

  49. Funniest place was while I was heavily pregnant with my second Bub changing my wriggly 16month old mid flight on commercial flight interstate across mine & my partners lap. safe to say there was not much room! but luckily my brother was the third occupant in the aisle seat. So he had the job of fetching the baby bag and passing the wipes, nappy and so on..

  50. Dayna Rowe Reply

    The funniest/strangest place I have changed a nappy would probably have to be in the boot of our car. There have been several others, but the boot change has stayed in my memory!

  51. Jodi Wells Reply

    In a cathedral on my little boys christening day! Major stinky poo explosion in the middle of summer and a packed cathedral. Boy did it stink and got a lot of peoples attention. Needless to say the christening outfit was not white for too long! He sure did a good job of it 🙂

  52. leeanne peters Reply

    I was on the highway the traffic in Sydney was bumper to bumper and what did I do had to change babies nappy there was no toilet no charge area so I had to change by daughter as uncomfortable as it was to change her and lucky the traffic didn’t move. That was just luck I guess and funny there was no other way for me to do it

  53. julia sheedy Reply

    This would be so wonderful to win…not for myself….but for a friend of the family…..after trying for many yrs to have a baby…and after two losses….she is now 5 and a half months pregnant with twin girls… to win something like this….and to be able to pass it onto her….would make her a very happy lady.

  54. Dorothy Kezich Reply

    Taking my husband and baby to a movie cinema to watch a comedy movie was one of the funniest things we have done. Hoping the baby would sleep through the film was not reality.
    Half way through after fits of laughter, the baby woke for a nappy change and feed. It went everywhere. Needless to say it was funny to us but not so to the theatre persons. Lesson learnt, dont take babies to the movies.

  55. Maria Braund Reply

    We were stuck in traffic and my daughter who was around 6 or 7 at the time, was busting to go to the toilet, for a boy it’s easy, but for a girl with no where to go, not easy, so all I could do is put a nappy on her that belonged to her baby brother (luckily it was a pull up) so she could pee. She soo didn’t want to but couldn’t wait any longer.

  56. Mum stood in front of me, while I changed my daughter at the railway station, no toilets, and quite a few people waiting for the train, I learned to be very quick and not to be embarrased

  57. Nicole Williams Reply

    On the side of the highway when travelling. Couldn’t stand the smell so had to stop and do it straight away.

  58. we went on the Eye Of Brisbane In Southbank and I had to change my grand son

  59. Sarah Kennedy Reply

    In a corner of Kmart. My newborn daughter had an explosion which had left her entirely coated in poo. Had to strip her down and wipe her there and then because she was screaming as she didn’t like it. We had nappies and wipes but no spare clothes so had to buy some and rush out to the parents room to dress her!

  60. At a school Presentation Day Assembly, it was that bad I had to leave baby in a nappy only, till his dad arrived with some clothes.

  61. Tara Glennie Reply

    On the floor of a disabled toilet in a retirement home at a baby shower for a baby who was already born (10 weeks premature)!! And it was a poonami too!!!

  62. Karina Lee Reply

    In a church pew during a sermon. I couldn’t get out and i couldn’t stand the damp no more!


  64. Amanda Pope Reply

    At a dance competition. They won’t open the doors during performances to let you in or out, so I went right ahead and changed her in the theatre in front of the usher!

  65. the funniest place I had to change my little one was at my daughter end of year Presentation night in the middle of her getting awards

  66. Jennalee Izzard Reply

    We were out for lunch and some cafes in our area are not child friendly. So much so that one had a sign with a baby and red line through it… I didnt want to ask to use thier toilets and just because I thought the sign was RUDE. I changed my baby in the pram next to the sign!!

  67. Jennalee Izzard Reply

    We were out for lunch and some cafes in our area are not child friendly. So much so that one had a sign with a baby and red line through it… I didnt want to ask to use thier toilets and just because I thought the sign was RUDE. I changed my baby in the pram next to the sign!! Made me laugh!!

  68. Changed my baby on the grounds on new years eve waiting for fireworks to go off at Sydney Harbour. Port a loos didn’t have changing tables so was quicker (and prob cleaner now i think about it) to just to clean him outside on the grass.

  69. Gail Davies Reply

    At my son’s end of kindy christmas concert amongst the class running around dressed as christmas ornaments ,,, I thought I had chosen a quiet corner !!!

  70. Deb Caldararo Reply

    In the wheel of Brisbane while it was going around. The most enormous dirty nappy just had to be changed there and then.

  71. I’m just about to become a first time mum, however i used to work at ABC child care centres.. weirdest place was by the sandpit as the child was having way too much fun (tantrum) to want to come inside! hard to not get sand in and around everything! luckily i had a play mat spare 🙂

  72. On my lap at a cafe at Scienceworks.
    Had to do it discreetly under the table whilst everyone ate their lunch as I had my 4 year old daughter and her friend and it seemed all to much to disturb their lunch

  73. Caitlin Fraser Reply

    At speedway had to do it in between races and quickly so my son didn’t get dirty all on his nappy

  74. Kylie Parremore Reply

    In the boot of the car in a car park with my bum sticking out of the boot lol

  75. On the side of a mountain. It was most definitely a challenge!

  76. susan wratten Reply

    Bub did a poo explosion attempted to change him in the pram on a footpath unsuccessfully and ended up having to clean the whole pram and wash bubs hair :/

  77. Dennis N Ronda Clark Reply

    My wife did in a tent on the airbed and promptly stuck pins in mattress like at home

  78. One too many plane toilets. Not that out of the ordinary, but those tiny cubicles are so cramped and awkward that when faced with a poonami in there all you can do is see the funny side and laugh or you’ll probably cry lol

  79. Bronwyn Elmes Reply

    After having 4 kids there isn’t too many places I haven’t changed a nappy. Most memorable though is on an airplane in the tiny bathroom.

  80. Regularly in the car but in the pram in the disabled toilet at the holgate brewery for our 5 week old

  81. Million Paws Walk – stinky baby and excitable pug plus hundreds of other dogs stopping to sticky beak (smell) what we were doing. Oh well, it’s a great cause and a fun day out. Picking up dog poo is worse 🙂

  82. Sarah Evans Reply

    In a job interview!!!! I went to meet my prospective new boss and bubs had to come with me, and of course used that ten minutes to do his best work! I got the job though 🙂

  83. Trudy Scott Reply

    In the boot of the car on the side of the highway. It stunk out the car and we couldn’t cope long enough to get to a rest stop.

  84. Whilst setting up our tent in the dark. Trying to hold a torch in your mouth whilst dealing with a squirming baby is lots of fun.

  85. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    on the front seat of a car it isn’t so much as funny but its very awkard

  86. Chelsea Gibson Reply

    On a train, heading towards the city lucky for me it was only a wet nappy but nature calls!

  87. Veronica Paterson Reply

    At the circus, during the show……people in the immediate area didn’t appreciate the aroma lol

  88. Joanne Lloyd Reply

    On a bench seat at a park for our 9 month old, whilst our 2 year old played, it was funny because it was blowing a gale and the clean nappy I was going to use kept blowing away, lucky the mother in law was quick a number of times to catch it!

  89. Kitty_wench Reply

    In the boot of the car, while breastfeeding her brother. Very squishy, very awkward.

  90. On the bench seats of a church during a friend’s wedding ceremony. Lucky the cameras never caught it.

  91. Keri Smith Reply

    I once used the seat of a shopping trolley to change a number two blowout.

  92. On the floor in the middle of a home wares shop. Unfortunately it couldn’t wait, my 2week old at the time exploded!

  93. Stephanie H Beauchamp Reply

    On my lap in a book store because the poo explosion happened on my nap, needless to say i had poo on my jeans so once bub was sorted we went home!

  94. Kelly Sherwood Brown Reply

    My sons funniest nappy change was a number 3 at an Easter Party. Baby love nappies are such great quality. I would love to win this for my baby please! 🙂

  95. Tracey Ibbott Reply

    Bathroom at a wedding. No facilities for nappy changing. Took 2 of us to manage a 5 week old

  96. Ann Marie Hentschke Reply

    My son had a poo explosion at the Adelaide show the line up to the baby change room was so long so I ducked into the woman’s competitors change rooms and used a bench. I certainly got some looks but it wasn’t long before several other mums followed me : )

  97. Jenna Porter Reply

    In a cafe on the table in front of everyone eating. I was with a girlfriend and said I need to go change bub, what do you know on the table her bub went so i followed on the table mine went. The looks we got my goodness :). I originally used normal baby love then saw cosfit now I always buy those and I think they are great 🙂

  98. Rachelle Lamb Reply

    In the boot of our car before our son’s baptism started in 2 mins haha!!

  99. Emma Knight Reply

    In the back of our station wagon. Baby had done a poo and it smelt really bad.

  100. On the passenger seat as i ve been driving and baby has done a massive number 2 aka poo and i want to avoid nappy rashes.

  101. Louise Schuldt Reply

    On the side of the road on the tray of my dual cab 🙂

  102. I had forgotten my nappy bag on a “quick” trip to the park. My baby had a poosplosion. I changed her with tissues and paper towel and fashioned a makeshift nappy out of my husbands shirt that happened to be in the back of our car. That was a fast drive home!

  103. In a grounded Chinook (military aircraft, the one like a big helicopter with two rotors on the top). Little brother’s in the army, it was open day and yeah things happen…….probably more strange funny than haha funny.

  104. Sharon Howe Reply

    I’m pretty tame with my nappy changes, the most exciting one was the boot of my sedan in a stupidly hot carpark next to a toy store. so much MEH!

  105. On my lap in a furniture store. The poo was bad enough but it was closely followed by a wee then just to spice things up a little when the nappy had finally been dealt with I got a massive vomit all over me.
    Apparently good things come in threes…..

  106. Louise Patterson Reply

    The funniest place that I changed a nappy was at a comedy show. 🙂

  107. the floor of a disabled toilet at a huge furniture/outdoor store which failed to have change facilities yet had male, female & disabled toilets & even managed to have a kids minding area -_-‘

  108. Ivana Vuletić Reply

    At a wedding in the foyer area, on the floor as they didn’t have change facility, only male and female toilets!

  109. Kim Cynthia Reply

    The front seat of my car where he attempted to urinate all over the front part of my car. It was hilarious. Mum and I were doubling over with laughter.

  110. Samuel Chan Reply

    The standing up nappy change is great to do, but only for a wee nappy!

  111. In the aisle at Coles!! A leaking nappy calls for an urgent nappy change. Amoxol antibiotics causes some messy nappy experiences…. lesson learnt

  112. As a new mum with a little boy, changing him in bed in the middle of the night. I did not get the clean nappy there fast enough and he weeeeeeed like a water sprinkler all over his dads belly who asked if there was a hole in the roof and rain was getting in?
    I laughed and laughed – my pelvic floor was still quite weak… which is another story!

  113. The funniest place i had to change a nappy was in the corner of a formal reception because there was no nearby toilets or places to change a nappy! Ontop of that, he decided to do a volcanic explosion which erupted towards my formal suit! It was so embarrassing!

  114. Teresa Clark Reply

    it was on the side of a freeway in the boot of the car, when a poo explosion happens it needs to be dealt with, but the funniest part was when a policeman pulled up behind with his lights flashing to check we were ok, i was more embarrassed.

  115. Melisa Stone Reply

    My would be when i was just a new mum and didn’t know the warning signs of pee and poo coming when changing a nappy so i ended up covered in poo and pee and my little one thought is was best thing his done

  116. Nikita Tasi Reply

    Funniest place is more like awkward places. As Niah is 2.5 I can easily just change her name anywhere with a dress on – kudos to pull ups!!

  117. I wouldn’t really say it is funny but embarrassing I was travelling on a train for a trip to see family when my,little girl had just done a big poo and I had to change her on the seat next to me as the toilets did not have the room or equipment I needed…
    I apologised to the other passengers but nothing could really say sorry for the smell

  118. I would probably say mine place is more awkward too. We happened to have dinner across the road from work one nigh and the daughter did a explosion of poop in the car on the way. It stunk so bad & we didn’t want to take her into a fine dining restaurant in that state, so we popped into the office. I moved everything off the desk & changed her at my work station. Well when nature calls, you need to answer :o)

  119. In the middle of a comedy show at the Fringe Festival – trying my hardest to quickly change the nappy while crying with laughter at the comedian’s jokes. Luckily he couldn’t see us or we may have become part of the act…

  120. Outside the Gorilla Exhibit at the Zoo while they were all watching!

  121. Kit Man HA HAU Reply

    In the middle of a fully packed Indian restaurant. As this Indian restaurant does not have a baby change room and the toilets are not baby friendly. So we had to change the dirty soiled nappy next to our table. Feel sorry to the two customers next to us and requested to change to a different table.

  122. He decided to go in his first bath with a nurse present and it came out like an army green soft serve! Changing the water was the first step before even thinking of changing to a nappy!!

  123. Christopher King Reply

    In a tallboy drawer I had to empty out in a hurry. The night before I broke one of the castors on the change table when vacuuming. The change table was quite skewiff! Trip to Bunnings planned first light, however Baby beat me to it. First change was a really, really messy one, and of some urgency shall we say. I had no choice but to fling out baby clothes from the drawer left, right and centre, leaving a few for cushioning. Put bub in there, squirming, with a handful of gro’suits serving as a pillow. We got there in the end!

  124. Brookelyn Cooper Reply

    Havn’t really been many places since my little man was born so in the back seat of the car is probably weirdest place it was a reallly hot day so i had to be in the back seat with him and the car seat with the aircon on. Not a lot of room to move but he thought it was funny!

  125. Lara Hamlyn Reply

    On a toboggan in the snow! Needless to say it was a very quick nappy change!!


    Not me but my wife….back in the 1970’s…..we were flying from the bush to Sydney on one of the old Ansett Fokker Friensships….young son decided to let one out and boy, it was momentous….rich….higher than the plane itself….amenities weren’t like they are today on a plane so he had to be changed on our seats….suffice to say the smell lingered….and lingered…..only other time I ever saw faces as green as our passengers that day was on another flight hit by massive turbulence storm….I think my young fella had the most memorable turbulence though….as for us, when we finally got to Sydney we could not get off the plane quick enough to hide our embarrasment…..but it’s bought many laughs since

  127. Jody Smith Reply

    At my husband’s work. Funny for me, not my husband. Awkward.

  128. Jess Claes Reply

    I took my son for a walk in his pram to the park when he was still young. I thought I was safe as he had done a poo not long before…. unfortunately I don’t think he was done and the park didn’t have any toilets or change areas, so I had to try and change him in his pram, and discovered it had gone down his leg too. Akward, but we managed!!

  129. Lizzie Midgley Reply

    The funniest place we changed a nappy must have been in front of the big cats at the zoo. The curious beasts even came over for a look. Thank goodness for pull ups and glass walls.

  130. Casey Rolph Reply

    I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in YEARS! Of course my girl had to poop a stinky one. No change areas anywhere! So outside on the cafe seat it was, thankfully I had a change mat to protect the seat and hand sanitizer. My poor kidless friend was a tad horrified haha

  131. In an elevator. Thought I had time to change it quickly before the next floor… I was wrong. Needless to say the people on the next floor chose to wait for the next elevator! So embarrassed!

  132. lennicecummings Reply

    A poo explosion in a corner of a restaurant floor because had no change tables

  133. Douglas Mills Reply

    on the boot of the car 100kms out of longreach. the smell
    was so bad i had to get him out of the car coz i was gagging

  134. Kathy Bowdlert Reply

    Sight seeing in Sydney, near the Opera House, couldn’t find a change room, so I changed bub on the ground beside the Opera House sail and toddler peed on the sail while we were at it.! That was nearly thirty years ago, our peeing toddler now an adult takes great delight in telling people that he peed on the Sydney Opera House!

  135. we were visititing sydney walking through Taronga zoo, when daughter picked baby up to get photo with her sisters covered in faeces,lucky we had wipes changed on grass.

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