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WIN a Baby Brezza Formula Pro: The Bottle Feeding Parents’ BFF

Move over coffee machine and step aside kettle. There’s a new ‘must have’ appliance for parents, ready to make #mumlife easier.

Making up a bottle of formula in the middle of the night is not much fun. There’s the kettle to contend with, the formula lid to manage. Then there’s what we like to call ‘scoop amnesia’ when you’ve made up the bottle, but can’t remember if you’ve actually put in enough powder. NIGHTMARE.

Enter the Baby Brezza Formula Pro AKA the bottle feeding parents’ new BFF. And the best news? We’ve got one to give away, valued at $329.

WIN a Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Bottle prep made easy

Ever tried to make up a bottle for your babe while they scream blue murder? Yeah, it’s not much fun is it? The #mumlife struggle is real.

Enter the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. This baby takes all the hard work out of preparing your baby’s bottle. Remove the guesswork out of preparing standard formula bottles by using their clever presets and revel in the ease in which you’ll get perfectly prepared bottles with the ideal temperature, consistency and not an air bubble to be seen.

WIN a Baby Brezza Formula Pro

An extra pair of hands in the kitchen

Think of it like your extra pair of hands in the kitchen. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro uses some pretty nifty, patented technology to measure, dispense and mix water and formula powder to the perfect temperature and consistency with a single tap. No juggling, measuring or mixing required!

WIN a Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Think of it like you think of your bottle barista; someone who takes all the effort out of making your favourite drink. All you need to do is rock up and you’re delivered a cup of deliciousness. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro does exactly this, but for your baby.

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Ready, set, go –  Here’s how it works

Both the formula and water are stored in the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. You simply choose the amount of formula you want to make (60ml, 120ml, 180ml, 240ml or 300ml), pop your bottle of choice in place and you’re set.

The airtight formula storage container holds up to 700g of most brands of baby formula powder, which is enough powder to make up 20 x 240ml bottles. The removable water tank heats water to near body temperature, which is the optimal temperature for feeding your precious babe and can be easily removed for washing and refilling.

The perfect partner for grandparents and carers

Leaving your baby with somebody else, even a grandparent, can be daunting too, especially when you know that they’ll need a feed or two while you’re gone.

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro is very portable and can give peace of mind that the perfect bottle will be prepped and ready to go, without any need for measuring out powder or boiling and cooling water. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for your babe served in seconds, with the touch of a button. Pure genius!


Want to win your very own Baby Brezza Formula Pro?  Simply complete the  entry form below in full, comment on the bottom of the article telling us what you love about the Baby Brezza Formula Pro and you’re in the running!


Win a Baby Brezza Formula Pro, valued at over $300!


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  1. Avatar of Kirsty Moulton
    Kirsty Moulton Reply

    Having this amazing product would help me be able to spend more time with both my boys as we adjust to a new baby in the house plus entertaining a toddler lol 🙂 thank you

    • Avatar of Jacqui Stevens
      Jacqui Stevens Reply

      I’m due for my first baby in May and making bottles a breeze is exactly what I need.

      • Avatar of Kelly

        Due for a baby in December, want to be super organised before then. This would be a great addition for us!

    • Avatar of Julie Morgan
      Julie Morgan Reply

      Would be amazing for my little 6 month old easy and quick for her bottles

    • Avatar of Corina

      This would help hubby when I return to work and he becomes a stay at home dad while studying.

    • Avatar of Anna 1.0

      Agree with all comments!
      Great looking product would look fantastic on my kitchen counter…and make my life so much easier! More time with bub and less time fussing with formula.

  2. Avatar of Sami

    Where do I start, I am due to have twins and have a 31/2 year old at home. I couldn’t breast feed after my first pregnancy and will no doubt be the same this time around. This appliance would sit.prpudly on my bench, and make life a breeze having 2 babies to feed, will save a lot of stress for hubby and I. Who ever designed this needs a medal!!!

  3. Avatar of Toril

    WOW! That is innovative and game changing, makes me wonder why noone thought of it earlier…. This is a GREAT idea, and a valuable addition to every kitchen whilst having babies..

  4. Avatar of Rebecca Cook
    Rebecca Cook Reply

    I love the fact that the water gets heated to the perfect temperature. I am constantly struggling with either getting the bottles too hot or cold especially in the middle of the night when half asleep. Then having to deal with a screaming baby whilst I sort it out.

  5. Avatar of Michelle Davis
    Michelle Davis Reply

    What not to love?! I’ll have two hands free for our new bub and 2yo. No worries about temp and forgetting how many scoops at 3am!

  6. Avatar of Ally

    I would love this as it will make life so much easier when trying to make a bottle at stupid o’clock in the morning and my brain hasn’t switched on.

  7. Avatar of Kelly

    This would be great to have as it seems easy to use and would cut bottle making time down and there would be less screaming during bottle making time.

  8. Avatar of Lauren

    The Baby Bezza Pro would help me so much! Instead of making a bottle for bubs while she is screaming. The baby brezza pro can do all the work making life easier for the whole family and leave more time for cuddles

  9. Avatar of Allisia dawson
    Allisia dawson Reply

    This would make those middle of the night feeds a lot easier and great for when my daughter is being babysat.

  10. Avatar of Jackie Wolters
    Jackie Wolters Reply

    You can make sure your making your babies bottles exactly how they should be made.

  11. Avatar of Jrufus

    It would make night time feeds easyer and get for hubby to use so i could have a sleep

  12. Avatar of Rachel

    I love that it’s an all in one machine! So when this mum gets woken up endless times during the night for a feee I know my baby bottle will be perfect everytime!

  13. Avatar of Aleks Darwin
    Aleks Darwin Reply

    I would love to win this for my grandson who is 2mths old corrected. His mum and Dad have endured so much already and have a long road ahead with his special needs. As they are so young, this would help with his day to day care.

    Thank you for giving someone
    This amazing opportunity.

  14. Avatar of NicoleH

    Being a mum to a 2 year old and a new born anything to make life easier. And that fact that its so simple to use even my 2 year old could use it and help out.even dad friends or the grandparents are able to help feed bub.

  15. Avatar of Tracie madden
    Tracie madden Reply

    This will be a defiant buy for me if I have to bottle feed my child
    What a great idea for it to have the right temp water every time!!! No more making it too hot or too cold!!!

  16. Avatar of Kirsty Moulton
    Kirsty Moulton Reply

    I would love a chance to win one of these as I’m currently pregnant with my second boy and as you can imagine with a toddler & newborn , it’s hectic so I would love to be able to not let my previous pnd creep back in by being able to keep control of the my daily life as a Mum of two 🙂 thank you

  17. Avatar of chers

    whats better than winning any prize is winning a machine that saves time to be with my newborn baby

  18. Avatar of Amy oxley

    I’m about to be a first time mum and anything to make things easier is amazing

  19. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    Would love for my newborn nephew he’s parents don’t have an awful lot

  20. Avatar of Sofia p

    I would love one to make feeding my youngest easier with the correct temperatures and makes a bottle in less than 30seconds seems like it would make every single feed easier even the dreaded night feeds and with my other two keeping me on my toes I think it would be a total life saver like a extra needed set of hands

  21. Avatar of Angela brown
    Angela brown Reply

    I like that the baby brezza gets a bottle perfect every time. With bottle feeding twins I think this would be a sure winner even when daddy needs to make a bottle or 2.

  22. Avatar of Ellie

    I love how you can easily breeze through the bottle making part by a press of a button even if your fogged head seems like it has gone on holiday and haven’t return yet.

  23. Avatar of lily goodwin
    lily goodwin Reply

    As a soon to be new mum i would love to win this prize and would appreciate and use it so much .

  24. Avatar of Nichelle Mold
    Nichelle Mold Reply

    Being a mum of 6 soon to be 7 this would be so invaluable as then i wouldn’t have the concern of measuring all feeds and with this i could even get my other children to help.

  25. Avatar of Vicki

    Foolproof – even my husband could manoeuvre
    Convenient, stylish technology
    If it makes a mum’s life easier, it’s a winner!

  26. Avatar of Emma Brown
    Emma Brown Reply

    I love how easy it would make the middle of the night/early morning feeds…especially as it’s coming to those cold winter nights! The quicker I can make the bottles, the quicker I can jump back into my nice warm bed

  27. Avatar of natalie

    omg this is amazing i would love this would come in handing with my 4 pregnant with no 5… with this new invention mummies can get sleep

  28. Avatar of kathryn

    with a baby and another on the way this would make life so much easier, and my partner could even help.

  29. Avatar of Stacey

    I am about to have 2 under 2 and this machine would make life so much easier! It means hubby can use the convenience of simultaneously making a bottle and coffee at the same time and have bonding time before he leaves for work early in the morning.

  30. Avatar of Sophie

    Would making up bottle easy peasy lemon squeasy!! Myself and my partner never manage to get the timing right with getting the bottles ready and this would make it 🙂

  31. Avatar of Carolyn O’Loughlin
    Carolyn O’Loughlin Reply

    I would love to win as I am due to have my son in 2 weeks, and having the Baby Brezza Formula Pro would make my life that much easier between feeding the new baby and taking care of my other child who requires constant blood glucose checks and 5+ injections a day so she can eat and live!

  32. Avatar of Courtney

    It would make those modnight feeds such a breeze when I’m bleary eyed and he’s hangry!

  33. Avatar of Caira

    Would love to win one to make life easier whilst feeding and also to help my partner make the perfect bottle everytime!

  34. Avatar of Elizabeth Kaminski
    Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    OMG i love this! So convenient but still sleek and compact enough that it wont be constantly in the way! Love it!!

  35. Avatar of Kathy CLARK
    Kathy CLARK Reply

    To make it easier to feed as then my partner could make up the bottles perfectly every time

  36. Avatar of Deborah Gough
    Deborah Gough Reply

    To make sure that the bottle is right everytime especially after a few long nights and you cant remember how much formula you have put in.

  37. Avatar of Twinstobe

    With twins on board, I need a quick and easy way to prepare their bottles. The Baby Brezza would be absolutely perfect.

  38. Avatar of Brayjoe

    Bubba 4 Is due later this year s d this would help me out alot

  39. Avatar of Diandra Navara
    Diandra Navara Reply

    We’re due with twins in 3 mths and my husband works nights. This would be an absolute life saver on those night time feeds on my own

  40. Avatar of Abbie

    I’ve breastfed my last two children, and one big reason was, aside from being lucky enough to be able to, I was a bit overwhelmed by bottles and formula. This looks like it may be the answer!

  41. Avatar of Alysia sheehy
    Alysia sheehy Reply

    I love the fact that you don’t have to remember how many scoops! The amount of bottles I wasted or had to start over again when our daughter was little would be too many to count! Also love that it heats the water to a perfect temperature

  42. Avatar of Esther

    Those 3am feeds would be made more bearable if I had access to a Brezza, no more switching on the kettle (without water!) and realising it’s empty and trying to get the perfect temperature for that milk and spilling half the powder on the kitchen bench in the middle of the night!

  43. Avatar of Amyjae

    Would be fantastic to have a bottle made for my babe so easily when I’m holding her calming her while she’s hungry 🙂

  44. Avatar of Gabbi

    As I first time mum to be this sounds like an amazing concept. It would definitely take the guess work out of sleep deprived feeds!!

  45. Avatar of LauraG

    I’m forever stumbling around st 3am making bottles, forgetting how much formula I’ve but in, pressing the wrong time on the microwave and having to start again. The Baby Brezza would take away all that stress and effort!

  46. Avatar of Katrina

    I am expecting my little rainbow in July. The baby Brezza sounds so versatile and will make my life so much easier. Miss 3 may even be able to help as she has decided that everything else will be her job too…. (except the nappies).

  47. Avatar of Renee

    Is love a Brezza because:

    B- Best for getting dad involved
    R- Rest for mum
    E- Easy prep
    Z- Zippy prep for hungry baby
    Z- Zest for motherhood
    A- Always perfect milk

  48. Avatar of Haylee Thomson
    Haylee Thomson Reply

    With 4 kids (6yrs, 4yrs, 1yr and 12wks) that seem to constantly demand my attention, this would help so much with making up my daughters bottles! It would be amazing to enjoy the hassle free experience that the Baby Brezza Formula Pro has to offer!

  49. Avatar of Rebecca

    I have heard amazing things about the Baby Brezza, I have a ten week old son that is bottle fed only and would love to give it a go!!

  50. Avatar of Jodie

    I’m due with my 2nd baby end of this year. I currently have one 8 year old who has autism and ADHD and am very time poor due to his appointments. This machine would be a brilliant help to me with my 2nd bub

  51. Avatar of Elli W

    The Baby Brazza Formula Pro would ensure my inability to count would not effect my babies midnight snack.

  52. Avatar of Christina L
    Christina L Reply

    It would make life so much easier. And more of a peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing as well as training others to help out

  53. Avatar of Di L

    I love this machine and how fast it makes the perfect bottle. With twins on the way and being unable to breastfeed them, this machine would be a dream come true, especially at 2am when I should be dreaming.

  54. Avatar of Fiona

    Takes all the hassle out of making a bottle. One press of a button and a way you go. Also no air bubbles which is great for baby’s belly.

  55. Avatar of Biancat

    I really want one of these, as a third time mum with two kids already I’m going to be run off my feet!
    Thank goodness there’s appliances like this that make life simpler

  56. Avatar of Sarah

    My baby goes from 0 to a thousand in 0.000001 seconds. Would love to win so I’m not so stressed about noise complaints from my nasty neighbors

  57. Avatar of Julie H

    Perfect gift for my sis in law who has just had a bub. Wish this was around for me.

  58. Avatar of Jen Bowerman
    Jen Bowerman Reply

    I know I won’t be able to BF (again) with my new Bub so I need one of these to start off straight away!

  59. Avatar of Nicole

    This seems perfect for me, im a time poor mother of 3 crazy, handful, very active yet adorable boys. My baby is formula fed and i always feel like im doing 20 other things whilst trying to make a bottle. So anything that can save me a few minutes seems like a life saver!

  60. Avatar of Alana G

    What an amazing machine! Would save me trying to remember how many scoops I’ve already put in during the late feeds

  61. Avatar of Kristine Smith
    Kristine Smith Reply

    Being a first time mum and clueless with everything this would really help me and save me.

  62. Avatar of Lotoa Dougal
    Lotoa Dougal Reply

    “A mother’s job is never done”, but with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro it would definitely make it whole of a lot easier!
    I absolutely love the convenience and with juggling a demanding lil infant – convenience is key.

  63. Avatar of Jhezzebel

    Would love to win the Baby Brezza Formula Pro to help with making bottles during those 2am zombie-like states that I often find myself in.

  64. Avatar of Taleen

    I would love to not have to listen to my Bub scream blue murder because I’m taking so long to make her bottle. Or having forgotten to put some water in a bottle before I turn on the kettle so it’s so hot she has to wait for it to cool

  65. Avatar of Anna Lam

    With an active toddler who keeps me busy I need the extra help I can get and the Brezza Formula Pro can do just that helping me make bottles for my baby boy due this Winter.

  66. Avatar of Lina Breitkreutz

    As a first time Mum to win this would be fantastic, my Bub doesn’t understand time and it’s really hard to make a bottle and calm him from uncontrollable cries at the same time! Need this in my life!!!

  67. Avatar of Chelsea Hurring
    Chelsea Hurring Reply

    I’d love to win because having that peace of mind knowing that every single bottle is at the right temperature is what I need! I’m hoping I’m lucky enough to win!

  68. Avatar of neatsiep

    As a formula feeding mum this would be a life saver. As a busy mum of 4 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been distracted by one of the kids and lost count of formula scoops, spilt bottles of water or overheated bottle in the microwave! The Breeza Formula Pro would save my sanity!

  69. Avatar of Rebecca

    With a toddler and a baby and a newborn i need all the help i can get making bottles is time consuming and to have this would make life so much easier

  70. Avatar of Michelle Cunningham
    Michelle Cunningham Reply

    Because it would make our lives so much easier during those middle of the night feeds!

  71. Avatar of Samantha nicole
    Samantha nicole Reply

    I have 12 week old twins and a 23 month old. Love the idea of this instead of a microwave for quick and easy preparation of bottles. I would know that the temperature is right and the consistency also which i always worry about. I tried boiling a kettle to heat up bottles but was too long and hard with 2 screaming babies at the same time and a toddler also wanting your attention. The product looks brilliant

  72. Avatar of Nitisha Khatri
    Nitisha Khatri Reply

    Alone with 2 kids each day… this ready, set, go maker… will make my life better.
    Temperature control including consistency as well, that saves my time by far the best.
    A product of epic proportion … Brezza make my life a breeze.

  73. Avatar of Amy Hucker
    Amy Hucker Reply

    Knowing that the temp and the volume are always going to be correct. What more could a sleep deprived mother want, and stylish to boot.

  74. Avatar of bee

    It looks so stylish – It’ll fit right in with my other appliances and it’ll make life so much easier!

  75. Avatar of Vanessa M

    Oh my goodness this would make life so much easier! 20 years between having my children and I’m blown away by what handy gadgets are available now.

  76. Avatar of Christine F
    Christine F Reply

    I love the large airtight formula storage container. This gadget would be amazingly helpful since I won’t have the option to breastfeed.

  77. Avatar of Alicia Smith
    Alicia Smith Reply

    I would like to win to make my life easier and breezier when preparing formula for my little lady who sometimes gets a little inpatient. It’ll take the guess work out of heating the water and avoid the age old question of ‘how many scoops have I done?’ at 3am in the morning.

  78. Avatar of Lisa-Marie Monaghan
    Lisa-Marie Monaghan Reply

    This would make life so so so so so so much easier!!!! Being able to have made perfectly every time and the perfect temperature.. I have trouble feeling if something is hot, a nerve problem I have so this would be an amazing tool so I don’t burn the baby..

  79. Avatar of Holly

    What I love about the Baby Brezza Formula Pro is that it would give me more time to focus on my baby and family and it would change my #mumlife

    I have nappy brain and sometimes lose and forget things and a lot of times half way through making formula I have to really try and remember how many scoops I’ve done or throw the bottle out and start again.

    They really do think of everything these days, what an awesome machine!!

  80. Avatar of Leah

    I’d love to win this, my hubby is in a wheelchair and this would be great to help him out and me out with making bottles

  81. Avatar of Noleen Brookfield
    Noleen Brookfield Reply

    Having a Baby Brezza would be like having an extra pair of hands prepping your bottles while you are changing & cleaning baby. It would make life so much easier having perfectly made bottles every time without having to warm them up or cool them down. Baby is fed sooner which will limit any night time stress when you’re trying not to wake the rest of the household up. I’m past having babies, but I know my Son and Daughter in Law would love this for their young one. They haven’t got family living close to them and I know it gets tough for them at times.

  82. Avatar of Dominique Towns
    Dominique Towns Reply

    The Baby Brezza formula pro, would make nighttime feeds so much easier when my eyes can barely open to see what I’m doing. And the fact that it will make it so much easier for my parents to make bottles for the baby.

  83. Avatar of Irene valentina
    Irene valentina Reply

    So convenient to have and it mixes to the right temperature and consistency

  84. Avatar of Sarah Lang
    Sarah Lang Reply

    As a new mum who is still working from home AND studying, this device would certainly save me time and could be in the office with bub and I ready to go as soon as he wakes. Certainly a machine designed for the mum who does it all!

  85. Avatar of Gabi

    i am pregnant with my 4th and have never been able to successfully breastfeed. Having this make thw bottles for me would be a big help when i am already sleep deprived and always forget what scoops im up to

  86. Avatar of Sophie White
    Sophie White Reply

    As a new mum feeding formula, it can be very daunting making formula up. Wondering whether there’s enough formula mixture, is the bottle too hot, did you shake it well enough? All these questions plus doing it in the dark most nights (and feeling overwhelmed by the screaming, hungry baby). This would make any parents life A LOT easier.

  87. Avatar of Gayle Vos

    Having a Baby Brezza in my home would make life as a nanna so much simplier and easier for when I’m caring for my little cherubs

  88. Avatar of Naomi

    Second baby on the way really struggled with first bubs and night feeds

  89. Avatar of Nicole Pettifor
    Nicole Pettifor Reply

    I would love to win a Baby Brezza Formula as it would make life with my newborn due in May, so much easier!!

  90. Avatar of Josipa Damijanic
    Josipa Damijanic Reply

    Now why did i not know about the brezza earlier!?!
    I need this for my second bubs. This will be especially ideal at night time. I recall the amount of mistakes i did with the quantity of formula or water, or both. Brezza will be so accurate.

  91. Avatar of Iain D

    One less thing to have to think about when you are awake in the middle of the night would be so good, not having to worry about the water temperature the amount of formula would be amazing

  92. Avatar of Georgina

    This would allow me to spend more time with my 3 month old and 3 year old!!

  93. Avatar of Milan F

    I find it hard to be eco-friendly as a parent, so I love that exact amounts of formula can be made up – no more wastage or mix ups because of lack of sleep!

  94. Avatar of Gia S

    What a great, time-saving invention for parents! I adore how quick formula can be made, and the ease of use is fantastic for babysitters, in-laws and parents (even on little sleep!)

  95. Avatar of Ryan H

    We bottle feed as well as breast feed, which is making my wife exhausted. Winning this would mean I could help her out more as well as keeps bubs happy and fed.

  96. Avatar of My-ngoc

    Who wouldn’t want an extra pair of hands in the kitchen?!?
    Baby will be the boss of me when she’s screaming down the house for her bottle but I’ll be the boss of my very own nifty milk barrista to help measure, dispense and mix water and formula powder to the perfect and consistent temperature! So who’s the boss now?

  97. Avatar of Charlotte B
    Charlotte B Reply

    Pregancy has frazzled my brain so I have no idea what I’m doing half the time. A machine like this takes all the guesswork out of feeding for me and pretty much does the job for me so one less thing to have to concentrate on.

  98. Avatar of Barbara M

    I would really love to win this machine to give to one of my nieces who has just recently had a baby. She would think it was so cool.

  99. Avatar of LizB

    Great invention, this would be great to have. I’m a single parent and foster carer and it would be fantastic to have

  100. Avatar of Elise M

    Such a simple product that would be great to have especially to help out the husband! Might actually encourage him to make more bottles then me!

  101. Avatar of Stephclarke12
    Stephclarke12 Reply

    Winning this prize would help a tired, stressed mumma with a 14 month old who just lovessss to wake up at midnight for a bottle, cope with making that bottle! what an amazing machine this is. I would be signing to the high heavens if I won this!

  102. Avatar of Rebecca Pattie
    Rebecca Pattie Reply

    The joy of this baby will make my life a breeze!
    The babybreeza makes a mums life easier
    With one on formula and a baby on the way
    It makes 2u2 and hopefully a life saving babybreeza 🙂

  103. Avatar of Sarah Wallace
    Sarah Wallace Reply

    nearly every time I make up the formula it ends up bring a huge mess, take into account the number of times and my kitchen is constantly messy! This would make this much easier and faster!

  104. Avatar of Samantha Wake
    Samantha Wake Reply

    I’m guilty of forgetting to put the lid on the bottle and tipping formula all over my baby the Babybreeza will be my bestfriend.

  105. Avatar of Di

    This would be such a luxury item and make life alot easier expecially when you’re half asleep! What a wonderful opportunity.

  106. Avatar of Rikki-lee Puddy
    Rikki-lee Puddy Reply

    Being a new mum and fulltime carer meansong im constantly on the go so a machine that could help me gain a few minites to myself would be a lifesaver

  107. Avatar of Melissa S

    I would love to win this for my friend who is having twins in a few weeks.
    Her 31/2yr old is a terrible sleeper as well and this would make life easier when you have no sleep coming for the forseeable future

  108. Avatar of KARINA L

    It warms the milk to the perfect temperature at the push of a button -great for milk warming session in the middle of the night when you are half asleep!

  109. Avatar of Diana Angel
    Diana Angel Reply

    Id love to give it to my sister who’s going to be a new mum soon!

  110. Avatar of Erika AC

    If there was one thing I regret not getting for my first baby, it would be this. We had to mix feed from day 1 and life would have been so much easier had I known about the Baby Brezza Formula Pro earlier. Just the thought of pressing a button that gives us formula at the perfect temperature without any clumps makes me so happy. The portability would come in handy as well! Whoever wins this prize would be so lucky, thanks for the opportunity to enter,

    • Avatar of Erika AC

      And it’s practically Nespresso for adults, who wouldn’t want that?

  111. Avatar of Luke

    This looks like a great machine for when my wife goes back to work.

  112. Avatar of Alana.m

    Winning this would make this mum very happy!
    I have a newborn who is currently up all night feeding every hour, so my brain is scattered and night feeds are hard to get perfectly right at the moment.
    Have been looking around the market for one of these but it’s a little out of our price range, but to win one would be fabulous!

  113. Avatar of Maggie

    As a Nana, this would really help me enormously when I have baby sitting duties, which thankfully for me, is more often than not.

  114. Avatar of Tania

    I would LOVE to win this for the grandparents house. I love how it is a simple touch of a button. No more measuring of formula scoops, water levels, shaking the bottles to mix the formula and water together, spillage of the power when tipping the scoop in, or having to boil the water to heat the bottle up or run the bottle under cold water because the bottle became too hot. This is perfect for the grandparents house as they will no longer need to worry about if they added enough scoops of formula to the correct level of water or if the bottle is too hot or cold for the baby. This will bring a lot of peace of mind to both myself, my partner and the grandparents. It should be a wonderful, pleasurable experience for grandparents when minding the baby and I believe this machine will help achieve that.

  115. Avatar of Sue Greet

    This would make life a breeze for my daughter expecting her first.

  116. Avatar of Keri Smith
    Keri Smith Reply

    This would make life a hell of a lot easier for my daughter. If I won she’d be one very very happy mummy.

  117. Avatar of Chloe Heatherill
    Chloe Heatherill Reply

    Move over Goldilocks, there’s a new player in the game every Mum hates to play: “Is it too hot, too cold, or just right??”. I’m a second time Mum to an 11 week old and I still haven’t mastered it!
    1. Getting dressed: is this outfit too hot, too cold, or just right?? What about when we’re out in the weather?? Oh bugger, baby spewed on it anyway.
    2. Setting the central heating: is it too hot, too cold, or just right?? Oh bugger, my electricity bill is going to be through the roof.
    3. Nap time: is that sleep suit tog rating too hot, too cold, or just right?? Oh bugger, baby won’t sleep anyway.
    4. Bath time: is it too hot, too cold, or just right?? Oh bugger, I added too much bubble bath gel and now my baby is bathing in a foam pit.
    6. Bottle time: is it too hot, too cold, or just right?? Oh bugger, I just added a questionable amount of formula and now I have to go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. (There’s Isolation in jail though right?! That’s priceless for a Mum!! Hmmmmm Haha!)
    Well, that’s one thing this Mumma wouldn’t have to worry about with the practical and trendy Baby Breeza Formula Pro on hand!! My baby can go from just right to ice ice baby cold in 2.5 seconds once she’s realised she’s hungry (hangry!) so I would love to win this to make our lives easier and take the guess work out of formula feeding.

  118. Avatar of Meaghan Mack
    Meaghan Mack Reply

    I am having to wean my baby early due to recurrent mastitis, and this would make life so much easier – especially for those 3am feeds!

  119. Avatar of Jess deakes
    Jess deakes Reply

    This would be for my bff who’d just about to have twins.

  120. Avatar of Sarah Farrer
    Sarah Farrer Reply

    With already having 2 children this would make my life so much easier and less stress!

  121. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea Cornish Reply

    Have never seen anything like this before . What a great innovation which will be a big hit with new mums. I would like to win one for my son whose wife is 39 plus weeks and would be over the moon to have this great product.

  122. Avatar of Jessica Keating
    Jessica Keating Reply

    Wow!!! What an amazing innovation, this would make such a difference in my busy kitchen!

  123. Avatar of Russell Mills
    Russell Mills Reply

    Even dad’s get baby brain! With sleep deprivation comes forgetfulness. This would make life so much easier and I like this idea very much.

  124. Avatar of Kearra

    We just found out we are having our second child and this would make life so much easier. It will be my partners first child and having a Brezza would help him get involved especially since I’m going back to work much quicker than I did with my first

  125. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent Reply

    No thinking, guesswork or judging to do
    Baby Brezza Pro does it all for you
    Just perfect for this busy mum
    To prep a bottle when I’m on the run!

  126. Avatar of Fiona mazzei
    Fiona mazzei Reply

    Sisters awaiting baby in June this gift would make her feel of the moon. Her life would be a Breeza!

  127. Avatar of Sarahmary

    I love the simplicity and convience the Baby brezza pro would provide on those half asleep nights when you’re stumbling bleary eyed around the kitchen

  128. Avatar of Jade O

    I cant wait for my sister to give birth, then I can turn around and say to how “now you now what being up all night feels like” after years her telling me “you look like crap but I still love you” I would still love to help her out with the bottle feeds just to make life a little bit easier

  129. Avatar of Jeynelle

    I eould love to won this because with bub still being forinla fed and waking a few tines a night it nakes everything easier at night when you have to get up in the morning for work

  130. Avatar of Rita Maguire
    Rita Maguire Reply

    Brezza, an essential ingredient for feeding success,
    Prepares bottles quickly with great finesse.
    Helps me improve my parenting style,
    Increases my ability by a mile.

  131. Avatar of Leicia Mathers
    Leicia Mathers Reply

    Would love to win for my daughter so her baby feeding days are easier with her baby son thank you

  132. Avatar of tracy wedding
    tracy wedding Reply

    id love to win so I could make my daughters life with a new bub easier

  133. Avatar of Margaret

    Would be an amazing gift for my daughter when they start their family

  134. Avatar of ccheerie murnane
    ccheerie murnane Reply

    This looks so easy to operate and to get it right everytime, Grandma would have no excuse for not baby sitting, cant wait to see the look on her face if i win, simple to use, here is the instructions and the baby, I will be back in a few hours.

  135. Avatar of kiloalphatango
    kiloalphatango Reply

    Since I will be too tired to function like a normal adult, this will be fantastic to get it right straight up! This easy formula maker will also mean my partner has no reason to wake me in the middle of the night and ask a painful question.

  136. Avatar of Mel

    This is perfect for when I’m sleep deprived and up feeding all night. I waste so much formula at 3am when I lose count of the scoops I’m putting in my baby’s bottle then having to start again!

  137. Avatar of StephyR

    I love how you won’t ever need to stress out about the temperature of the formula..:is it to hot or cold! Knowing that your baby is not going to burn their mouth or drink formula that is too cold would be the greatest!

  138. Avatar of Mick G

    wow the list of reasons is totally endless but my main one would be to create safe, nourishing food for little Charlie with ease and confidence

  139. Avatar of Samantha huon
    Samantha huon Reply

    I will love to win the Baby Brezza Formula Pro: The Bottle Feeding Parents’ BFF as i can easily get everthing done really qwickly to be able to be on the go

  140. Avatar of Caroline Kelly
    Caroline Kelly Reply

    Ensuring an optimal amount of formula to water ratio for each stage of baby’s development is imperative for development.

  141. Avatar of Toni Paxton
    Toni Paxton Reply

    Would love to win this for my daughter who is expecting in September but also has a 10 month old child. Her hands will be full and this would make life ‘Brezzia’ for her.

  142. Avatar of jenn

    I would love to win the baby brezza formula pro as my firstborn son would not latch on me despite so many efforts, consultation and teaching. Preparing bottles for night feeds was such an effort during the first 5 months. This time around, as im on my third trimester, I would love to be prepared by winning this for baby no. 2 and juggling my time between him and my toddler. Will be good too for grandparents when they look after my bubs when i return to work.

  143. Avatar of Sue Kraay

    with twins on the way in August I will really need all the expert help and this would be perfect

  144. Avatar of Rachael

    Anything that can make a Mum’s life easier is worth all the tea in China in my book! This would be an amazing addition to our busy household 🙂

  145. Avatar of Sarah White
    Sarah White Reply

    Wow! This is just amazing! Our daughter is soon to bless us with our first grandchild in August. As she suffers anxiety and dad is not in the picture, I will be helping her settle with bub. The baby brezza formula pro would not only make her life easier settling into motherhood, but mine helping me ease into grandparenthood lol. I think the brezza should be a first on any wish list for first time mums. Thank you for the opportunity to win one, and good luck to everyone.

  146. Avatar of Emily Walker
    Emily Walker Reply

    im early in my pregnancy and still breastfeeding a toddler and don’t want to be stuck like this with the new baby. I have done formula before so this would make it 100 times easier to navigate formula feeding while chasing after 3 busy boys

  147. Avatar of Jeanette Latter
    Jeanette Latter Reply

    My son and daughter in law are due to have their second child in October this would make their life so much easier especially the midnight feeds.

  148. Avatar of Justine Schliefert
    Justine Schliefert Reply

    Would definitely make life easier and one Baby Daddy less confused about proper measurements and temp testing. Best of luck to all whom have entered

  149. Avatar of Cassie

    It looks so easy to use and would definitely cut down on time spent making a bottle for my bub.

  150. Avatar of Leah Saunders
    Leah Saunders Reply

    Would love to win this in order to make my life easier when preparing my baby girl’s bottles.

  151. Avatar of Erum Zia

    Fresh of the press new mommy and already suffering with latching and supply issues. Lactation consultants, swaddling, repeat feeds, fennel and all things in between yet my DD refuses my meagre feed. This would be a Godsend for a new mummy as I can focus on bonding more with my baby and stressing less!

  152. Avatar of sue perry

    I love that it’s middle of the night, sleep deprived mumma proof.
    That i can rest easy knowing bub will have the perfect bottle every time

    • Avatar of sue perry

      I love that it’s middle of the night, sleep deprived mumma proof.
      That i can rest easy knowing bub will have the perfect bottle every time
      Im a foster carer so at any time i can receive a bub & this will make life easier

  153. Avatar of Megan Bell
    Megan Bell Reply

    I would love love love to win this!!! I’m due with baby number two and I couldn’t count the amount of times I burnt myself with the kettle In the middle of the night trying to make bottles! I wasn’t able to be my first so would love to win this for baby number two!!!

  154. Avatar of Camilla

    Sounds like it will make bottle feeding seem easier than breastfeeding who would not want to add this to must have baby item list

  155. Avatar of Lynley

    No more fumbling over quantities and temperatures whilst juggling a distraught babe at 3am! This would be such a blessing for my SIL, expecting her number 2 under 2 later this year.

  156. Avatar of Alex

    If I win , I will give it to one of my patients who is unable to breastfeed.

  157. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara Johnston Reply

    Omgosh this is absolutely revolutionary, where was this when I had little babies!? I’d love to win to give to my beautiful sister to make her journey a little easier when she has her first bubba Thank you for the chance!

  158. Avatar of Jane Whelan
    Jane Whelan Reply

    My daughter In Law is pregnant and due early June, she has trouble breast feeding and this would be perfect for her. It also makes sure bubs dad has no reason not to make a bottle for bubs too.

  159. Avatar of Daniel F

    I would love to win one of these machines, so that I can help my wife out more when our children are hungry!

  160. Avatar of Natasha

    As a foster carer of 3 babies I would love this as it make my life so easy.

  161. Avatar of Renee Spiteri-Elturk
    Renee Spiteri-Elturk Reply

    I would love this for my second bub who will be formula fed due to a medical condition of not being able to breastfeed. This would be amazing especially at those 3am feeds where you tend to second guess how many scoops of water you added to water because you’re sleep deprived and have a hungry bubba to hurry up and attend to. So this would be a godsend as it takes all the second guessing away and makes life 100% more easier!

  162. Avatar of Rebekah Ballingall
    Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    I have rheumatoid arthritis in both hands, this would take away the stress of not being able to do everything but knowing I can with help

  163. Avatar of Kara

    This would make life soooooo much easier once baby is born I already have a young me destructo and having to boil and prepare formula even having to take the time to measure while being bumped and pulled on is hard this looks like my new best friend

  164. Avatar of Hailey

    Omgosh this would make my life so much easier my baby crys as soon as shes hungry to be able to push a button while I comfort her instead of having to go put her down so i dont risk burning her it wpuld be a life saver plus i just found out im going to be having my second bubs i cant breast feed so for two babies under two omg it will save so much time 🙂

  165. Avatar of Sonia Manoukian
    Sonia Manoukian Reply

    Sometimes I lose track of how many scoops I have put in my twins bottles.. this would save my sanity and time 🙂

  166. Avatar of ErinW

    I have been so envious of the mums who have one of these! I have 6 month old twins and one of these would make it so much easier for us. I would be able to spend more quality time with my precious 2, not having to boil the jug every few hours.

  167. Avatar of Catherine Mccreilly
    Catherine Mccreilly Reply

    This would be amazing especially for a first time mum

  168. Avatar of jann

    This would be so amazing for my friend who is due in 2 weeks, she would be over joyed,this would make her day.

  169. Avatar of Ellee B

    This would be amazing for those feeds in the middle of the night when bub is screaming the house down. And to save me the hassle of explaining to my husband how to make a bottle every single time!

  170. Avatar of Pauline

    We would love this for our twins. We don’t have room for a microwave on our boat so we thought this is the next best thing for preparing warm bottles!

  171. Avatar of Stephanie

    I would love to win this as I have heard such amazing feedback about this product! It will be so handy for my husband not having to ask me all the time if he has made the bottle correctly or how much water or formula has to go into the bottle. Even though you have explained it so many times to him

  172. Avatar of Jade Muffatti
    Jade Muffatti Reply

    This would be amazing as I have a 4 month old and it’s so time consuming trying to get the correct temperature etc while bub is screaming for his bottle

  173. Avatar of Nikki Heiser-Webeck
    Nikki Heiser-Webeck Reply

    After having issues feeding my first born this would have made my life and nights so much easier then trying to make a bottle at the right temp in time to feed.
    Due with my second in 3 months and know I will have issues again this would be a godsend especially with a toddler in tow

  174. Avatar of Kelly. H.

    With twins the Baby Breeza would be so amazing at 2am feed time

  175. Avatar of Shannon S

    The baby breezer will free up my brain for studying at uni with a newborn in a few months!

  176. Avatar of Danielle M

    I’d love to win this cause I had a lot of trouble breastfeeding and bottle feeding is my only option. Im lucky cause my son loves his 3am bottle, Me not so much.

  177. Avatar of Kasey E

    The Baby Brezza Formula Pro would make my bottle making time a breeze when baby number 5 arrives later this year. More time for sleeping, yes please!

  178. Avatar of Rachael

    Will be good to save time and, allow dad to take part and help him to organise bottles/feeds.

  179. Avatar of Courtney Austin
    Courtney Austin Reply

    I would love to win this as not only would it make those middle of the night feeds with my 4 week old easier, but also allow the stress to be taken out of trying to tackle making bottles with a hungry bub in my arms and a crazy toddler at my feet! This would certainly help me get through the day a little easier!

  180. Avatar of Naiya

    I love the fact that the water gets heated to the perfect temperature. I am constantly struggling with either getting the bottles too hot or cold especially in the middle of the night when half asleep. Then having to deal with a screaming baby whilst I sort it out.

  181. Avatar of Naiya

    I love the fact that the water gets heated to the perfect temperature. I am constantly struggling with either getting the bottles too hot or cold especially in the middle of the night when half asleep. Then having to deal with a screaming baby whilst I sort it also help when going out for shopping easy making bottle feed.

  182. Avatar of phil holt

    so my daughter-in-law is able to make some beautiful healthy food for her baby

  183. Avatar of Emma.s

    I have a 1 yr old and a new born…although their formulas are different this could still make life so much easier.

  184. Avatar of Erin H

    I love that I don’t have to worry about the bottles being too hot, particularly when someone else makes it, thanks to this machine. It’s simple and easy to use so my parents can make bubs feeds quick and easy without me having to worry about was it the right amount of formula to water and not too hot. #godsend

  185. Avatar of Lornelle Johnson
    Lornelle Johnson Reply

    Amazing Invention for the 2am foggy feed where you cant recall if you’ve used right ratios. simply press a button for it to be done for yoi and at the right temperature!

  186. Avatar of Tilly

    I have seen anything like this before it looks amazing I would love to have one to help me get the perfect bottle for bub

  187. Avatar of Sarah. C

    This would be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. With a 3yr old, 4yr old and a 3 month old, like every Mumma out there I’m busy and my mind is always going a million miles an hour and I don’t know how many times I’ve lost track while putting formula into bottle and lost count. With this Awesome machine it would make something that’s meant to be simple (but not for a busy brain Mumma) be a whole lot simpler and exciting.

  188. Avatar of Carly Garth
    Carly Garth Reply

    Would love to gift this to my brother and sister-in-law who are soon to be first time parents to twins… I think this will their new best friend, keeping them sane in the cluster feed fazes and give them much more needed sleep.

  189. Avatar of Eman

    I’d love to win this! Mummy for the first time. This machine would save my life; how would i know the right temperature for the bottle. I’m stressing out already reading other comments of experienced mums. Seems like it will be a new daunting experience. I’ll need help already. Save my life!

  190. Avatar of Kodie McMullen
    Kodie McMullen Reply

    Would love this it’s super convenient no measuring and not having the worry of it being too hot

  191. Avatar of Emma Rosaia
    Emma Rosaia Reply

    I currently have a 5 month old and am 12 weeks pregnant with my second baby. Making a bottle of formula with a not so patient child in hand can be quite the task.. and I can only imagine this is only going to intensify once our second baby arrives. I looked into purchasing one of these a few months ago however it was out of our budget. We would love to win one of these machines as they just seem fantastic and anything to help the day run a little smoother would mean the world to us!

  192. Avatar of Tae

    My girlfriend has one and it is absolutely amazing. So easy to use and clean. Definitely a must have especially for those late night / early morning feeds

  193. Avatar of Renee Philip
    Renee Philip Reply

    This would be amazing, such a lifechanger would save so much time haveing to heat bottles and getting the right tempreture.
    Would be amazing for night tome feeds asaell.

  194. Avatar of Bec m

    This would be fantastic as we travel around Australia because getting up at night in a van is an obstacle in itself let alone making a bottle during the night or day!

  195. Avatar of mitch araya

    This is an amazing product! Thanks for the one who invented this. As a full time mum and cant breastfeed my Baby I really love to have this. Im very tired everyday taking care of the 2 kids plus one coming soon. this would make my life easier. my husbnad can help me preaparing milk too.

  196. Avatar of Jaime thompson

    After spending 9 months breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding my first son (for every feed), I know how much work feeding a newborn and baby can be. Due to medical issues I know I won’t be able to breast feed my second (due August) exclusively, so formula feeding and top ups will be required. Having the Brezza Formula Pro would be life saver, saving time, and effort! I can see myself setting it up, breast feeding bubs, then collecting a ready to go top up bottle to feed my little one. What a great prize!

  197. Avatar of Megan Flynn
    Megan Flynn Reply

    This would make middle of night feeds so much easier when half asleep! Easy for hubby to use too !

  198. Avatar of Abby Todd

    I would love to win this lifesaver of a machine. I am heavily pregnant with twins. The idea that its like having that extra pair of hands to help prepare the bottle feeds and makes the process absolutely foolproof makes the Baby Brezza Formula Pro invaluable. Im now wondering what il do without one!

  199. Avatar of Kate beesey
    Kate beesey Reply

    It would make life so much easier with a 1 month old baby. I would love to own one.

  200. Avatar of Nicola Smith
    Nicola Smith Reply

    With 2 year old, a premmie new born on strict 3 hourly feeds and a hubby that works away. I cant describe how much easier having a Brezza Formula Pro would make the long days and nights. I would love to win this

  201. Avatar of Natalie Cizerle

    This GENIUS product would make life so easy! It would also give me peace of mind when I let the grandparents babysit knowing they just have to press one button

  202. Avatar of Janice Hammill
    Janice Hammill Reply

    A toddler who thinks play time is 11.00,1.00,3.00 and 4.30 am and making bottles for a newborn as well….Help.

  203. Avatar of Fatima Celiker
    Fatima Celiker Reply

    I would love to win because when I had my first daughter the night bottles were crazy! So many times I’ve forgotten how many scoops I put, so many times I’ve forgotten to shake the bottle. Winning this means my husband can now get up for our newest daughter with no issues while I get some much needed shut eye 🙂

  204. Avatar of Elise Jones
    Elise Jones Reply

    I have a beautiful 13 day old boy, born by emergency cesarean. This bottle Prep machine would be amazing considering I am not producing any milk. I’m currently getting about 3 hours sleep a day and not having to worry about making bottles every 2 hours would change my life.

  205. Avatar of Lesleigh

    Night time feeds and when the hungry bubba cries fluster this nanny who has thrown out more bottles than she should because she has lost count of how many scoops

  206. Avatar of Sarah Hanlon
    Sarah Hanlon Reply

    Our premmie bub was never able to breastfeed and this would make life so much easier as we both work full time and are flat out when at home and just want more time to spend enjoying our little man

  207. Avatar of Courtney

    Would love this to make life with a newborn so much easier also give peace of mind when other ppl have to look after baby

  208. Avatar of Luke Smith

    I would love to win this for my wife who is at home with our 2 yr old and new born while i am working away to just make her life a little easier. She works so hard for our family while i have to be away and i would love to use it to say thankyou

  209. Avatar of Lee-Anne

    I’m a first time mum to be and having this machine would help me get the formula right every time. Even when sleep deprived.

  210. Avatar of Cassie

    With three girls under the age of five including a newborn… I’d love to have more time to spend with my girls or catch up on some very needed sleep, than wait around for the water to boil to make up a bottle of milk for my baby!!

  211. Avatar of Luisa

    It will be great to remove the guess work out of water temp especially in the middle of the night when tiredness takes over.

  212. Avatar of Mel P

    considering my boobs are failing me & Bub, therefore moving to Formula would make life a ton easier!!!

  213. Avatar of Tricia Leonard
    Tricia Leonard Reply

    I would really love to win this for my daughter in law who is pregnant with my first Grandchild. I’m so excited and would love to surprise her with this!

  214. Avatar of Stephanie Wilkes
    Stephanie Wilkes Reply

    The efficiency and easiness of prepping the bottles as well as the accuracy for those in the middle of the night feeds and trying to remember how many scoops. This would make my life so so much easier as I am doing this mostly alone due to my husband being in the army and away for very long periods of time.

  215. Avatar of Nat W

    To make life easier and fixing formula easier and living with baby easier.

  216. Avatar of Bella Ri

    I’d love to have that pease of mind of knowing that my little one is being fed at the right temperature, the right amount of formula to ensure that he doesn’t get hungry and in a quick and effective way! This would be a LIFE SAVER for me.

  217. Avatar of Kate W

    The best thing about this is it’s idiot proof… oh. Sorry. I mean husband proof! So easy to use and it’s a nifty little toy for us to use too!

  218. Avatar of Kimberley Johnson
    Kimberley Johnson Reply

    I would love love LOVE to win as I already have three kids with number 4 on the way! I am unable to breast feed so this bub will be going straight to bottles With school runs, kinder runs and play group, this mumma over here is going to be very very tired with the late night feeds and broken sleep!! Too many times I have forgotten how many scoops I have put in the bottle at 3 am (and literally cried along side screaming blue murder baby ) or been distracted with never ending questions and demands from my crazy kidlets! This would literally be a life and sanity saver !!!

  219. Avatar of Leanne-Kim
    Leanne-Kim Reply

    With memory problems stemming from head trauma, this would make my life so much easier, when our baby comes, not having to worry if I have measured or mixed the formula correctly, especially after little to no sleep with a newborn.

  220. Avatar of Danielle H
    Danielle H Reply

    This is such a great product! I’m tired of raking my brain trying to remember how many scoops I’ve put in and having to sometimes tip out formula . With this product I would know that the formula is being made perfectly with such a breeze. Oh and it will help tremendously with baby daddy when I have to go back to work.

  221. Avatar of Katherine Hegvold
    Katherine Hegvold Reply

    I would love to win a Baby Brezza Formula Pro as it will give me some TIME back. As a first time Mum I have realised just how much time I wasted before my son.

  222. Avatar of Sal

    We have our 6th little one due in July and will be formula feeding from the start. This would feed times so much quicker and easier and it looks so simple that I think the big siblings would be able to prepare the bottles for their baby brother. It looks so amazing!

  223. Avatar of Briiahna

    This would help my partner feel part of the feeding process with baby. It’s simple for us both to use and he will be able to feel confident that he’s got all the right measurements and temperature to make a bottle to feed his first son.

  224. Avatar of Tirana

    My little 6 Weeks Old suffers from really bad wind pain so no bubbles in the milk would be amazing. Also having the bottle ready in an instant instead of waiting for the kettle to boil and juggling a baby who screams blue murder if the bottle doesn’t instantly appear the moment she exactly wants it would be a godsend.

  225. Avatar of Jayde Ivicevich
    Jayde Ivicevich Reply

    I’d love to win to make feeding time easier and quicker. More quality time to spend with my new edition

  226. Avatar of SelenaBaker
    SelenaBaker Reply

    There’s nothing worse than a sleep deprived parent preparing a bottle for a night feed, then forgetting how many scoops they have already put in.
    This feature for me would save me a small fortune on formula.

  227. Avatar of Amy Petersen
    Amy Petersen Reply

    As a mum to a 3 month old this would be a very useful device to make my life easier and simplified.

  228. Avatar of Alyce sky

    With bub 2 on the way. This would a life safer during the night and day. Help with the brain fog when your not getting any sleep.

  229. Avatar of Chantel Kaye
    Chantel Kaye Reply

    This machine is just what I need for my mental status and financially as well. I’m still learning to juggle being a mum to 4 boys aged 9, 3 and 12 weeks (4 Corrected). I don’t know how many bottles I have discarded because I lost count of how many scoops I have done.

  230. Avatar of Alison Fry
    Alison Fry Reply

    I’d love to win this as it would make it easier to make bottles for my 4 mth old who only has a 5 minute window to start feeding before the histerics start

  231. Avatar of Lauren A

    Night feeds were especially a nightmare with my first bub. Bub #2 is due in less than 2 weeks and this machine would make my life so much easier!

  232. Avatar of Sheree C

    When baby brain kicks in at 3am, I need this lifesaver for me and fam.
    A press of a button is all it takes, to make a bottle for my baby cakes.
    So much more time spent with my little one, would make me one happy Mum.

  233. Avatar of Helen

    What an awesome invention!! This would take so much stress away from a new mother’s life. Perfect for baby. Perfect for Mum.

  234. Avatar of Sallie S

    This would save my sleep and much needed sanity as I wouldn’t have to waste time contending with a crying baby, formula tins, scoops, kettles and testing temperatures!

  235. Avatar of Kerrie T

    I insist on my coffee being at just the right temperature and I expect nothing less for bub too. Not too hot and not too cold. I’m fed up with stumbling around the kitchen in the early hours preparing a bottle then heating it in a saucepan full of water or waiting waiting for the jug to boil and then waiting waiting for it to cool down. I know with Baby Brezza that my precious ones bottle will be not only prepared for me but heated to a perfect, safe temperature as well.

  236. Avatar of Belinda M

    This would be amazing for those middle of the night feeds. Quick bottles ready at a perfect temperature with the right amount of formula without me even needing to turn a light on means I can get myself and baby back to bed quicker and it’ll be much easier to fall asleep afterwards.

  237. Avatar of Crystal

    Sleep deprived and multitasking do not go hand in hand. Trying to juggle a screaming baby,the formula tin,the bottle,the jug did I mention the screaming baby is a nightmare! 3am feeds give me anxiety but with a Baby Brezza in my artilary I would have one less thing to stress about. Mum Central please make my first Mother’s Day complete by picking me!!!

  238. Avatar of lexi

    I love that this will make the perfect bottle every time, so fuss, no spilling, no forgetting how many scoops you’ve already put in. Wish this was around with my older ones.

  239. Avatar of Renee Ballantyne
    Renee Ballantyne Reply

    I’d like to win this for my niece who is having a baby soon

  240. Avatar of Kylie T

    A dream would be the Baby Brezza Formula Pro
    Making mum life easier without the go, go, go
    Innovation and master craftsmanship – one of a kind
    Kaleidoscope’s amidst inspiration, beautifully entwined
    More time to spend and bond with bub
    Perfect addition to our lovely kitchen hub!

  241. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura Scriven Reply

    With number one on the way,
    I already have busy days!
    Unsure how I’ll fit it in,
    But that’ll be one less task if I win!

  242. Avatar of Alicia

    One of my friends got one of these machines and I am totally jelious and would love to win one myself 🙂 would make life so much easier I’m due in 6 weeks so this would be perfect

  243. Avatar of Sunny

    Expecting our first baby later this year and this would be amazing for newbie patents like us!

  244. Avatar of Tamiel

    What parent wouldnt want an extra set of helping hands, someone there to make feeding times a brease. Yes please!

  245. Avatar of Judy Liao

    This is a great product and would make any Mother’s life much easier. I have dumped some formulas down the sink during night feed as lack of sleep had me lost count on how much sccop I’ve put into the bottle.

  246. Avatar of Brooke

    I am NOT a night person. I love my sleep. This would make nights so much easier to deal with! Rested Mum, happy Mum. Happy Mum, happy baby.

  247. Avatar of Darina

    Daughter in-law had to stop breastfeeding so this amazing product, Baby Brezza Formula Pro would make the transition to bottle feeding so much more easier.

  248. Avatar of Harry Cornish
    Harry Cornish Reply

    What an amazing invention, so modern and convenient. Would be great for my new grandson who is not latching on to the breast.

  249. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise Patterson Reply

    I’d love to win this for my niece who is having baby number 2 later this year 🙂

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