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Win an Emma Sleep Mattress, Beds and More in our $8,000+ Bedding Giveaway!

With almost half of Australians reporting at least two or more sleep concerns*, it’s clear that we aren’t getting good quality sleep. From not sleeping enough hours a night to poor sleep hygiene, it is essential to create a space that will give you a good night’s sleep. That’s where an Emma Sleep mattress comes in.

Racing thoughts, children in your bed and snoring husbands tend to keep many of us up at night, with insomnia being the leading sleep problem for women. So, what can we do to get a better night’s sleep?

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We have a total of 5 award-winning sleep products from Emma Sleep to give away, including:

  • Emma Rosewood Bed Frame
  • Emma Metal Bed Frame
  • Emma Sofa Bed
  • Emma Diamond Bedding bundle including mattress, pillows and bed topper!
  • Emma Manchester bundle including mattress protector, duvet and bed sheets


Want to be one of our lucky winners? Simply complete our entry form below, tick the items you would like to win (tick one or ALL!) and you’re in the running!

Ready for a great night’s sleep? Source: Supplied

We all need a good night’s shut-eye. 

Without it, I’d imagine we turn into mindless zombies. But let’s agree not to give that a go, OK? A quick social media scroll will show that sleep hygiene and creating blissful sleep spaces are all the rage (am I showing my age here?). But when faced with a forever-hungry newborn and a toddler with night terrors at 2 am, locking in eight hours of sleep each night can be a struggle.

The team at Emma Sleep understand. They may not be able to feed your new baby or lie with your toddler for the fourth time that night (wouldn’t that be amazing, though!). But they can provide you with their award-winning sleep range, backed by sleep research, to at least help you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud when you do finally get those hours/minutes of shuteye.

An Emma Sleep Mattress is not just any mattress

Investing in quality sleep products that won’t let you down (or leave you with a kink in your neck) is so important. Expertly designed and engineered by sleep experts, Emma Sleep’s award-winning sleep products include bed frames, mattresses, sofa beds, quilts, mattress protectors and oh-so-cosy pillows.

Whether you’re keen to dump your creaky bed for a new sleek bed frame or chuck that stained, lumpy mattress for a premium one with a luxurious topper, we’ve got the top picks for your best night’s sleep (and they’re all up for grabs below!).

Bet of all, Emma Sleep offers a 100-night trial for their bedframes and mattresses plus a 5-year guarantee. Best of all, they also offer free delivery and easy returns.

10 Must-Have Sleep Products

1. Emma Rosewood Bed

RRP: Single $969 | King Single $1,050 | Double $1,125 | Queen $1,188 | King $1,250

Source: Supplied

When shopping for a bed frame, you want one that is durable and strong. And when looking for one made from timber, you also want it to be sustainable (because we care about the environment).

With its long-lasting craftsmanship, rich brown hues and timeless design, the Emma Rosewood Bed ticks all the boxes. Made from top-notch, eco-friendly rosewood, this bed is a style statement with a conscience. It’s also a breeze to assemble, using its easy clip-in features, taking just FIVE MINUTES to put together. No more arguments in the bedroom!

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ENTER BELOW TO WIN:   1 x Emma Rosewood Bed, valued at up to $1,250. The winner can choose their bed frame size.

2. Emma Metal Bed

RRP: Single $580 | King Single $600 | Double $680 | Queen $750 | King $850

Source: Supplied

If you’re looking for a clean, minimalist bed frame design that doesn’t compromise on durability, look no further. With effortless style and unwavering support, the Emma Metal Bed features durable metals that are ISO-certified and suit any bedroom aesthetic.

This gorgeous metal frame takes minutes to assemble, using only one tool (provided), and the under-bed space is perfect for storing seasonal clothes or kicking under stray shoes, balls and toys when guests arrive.

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ENTER BELOW TO WIN: 1 x Emma Metal Bed, valued at up to $850. The winner can choose their bed frame size. Prize only available to winners in NSW, VIC and QLD only.

3. Emma Diamond II Mattress

RRP: Single $1,159 | King Single $1,269 | Double $1,609 | Queen $1,719 | King $1,929

Source: Supplied

Ever wanted to sleep on a cloud? Then the Emma Diamond II Mattress is for you. This latest upgrade of Emma Sleep’s award-winning cooling mattress with revolutionary ThermoSync® technology will keep you both cosy and cool all night long.

Made from cutting-edge foam that moulds to your body to give you deeper and uninterrupted rest, the Emma Diamond II Mattress helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night, giving you a premium sleep experience (goodbye hot flushes!).

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4. Emma Diamond Topper

RRP: Single $598 | King Single $638 | Double $698 | Queen $798 | King $858 

Source: Supplied

Looking to make your mattress even more comfortable? The Emma Diamond Topper will lull you into a deep sleep thanks to its temperature-regulating Diamond Degree® technology. Featuring graphite-infused foam and a supportive HRX foam layer, the Emma Diamond Topper creates the ideal sleeping temperature, no matter the weather. Plus, it comes with a breathable and washable cover, so you don’t have to worry about stubborn stains ruining your mattress.

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5. Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow

RRP: $279

Source: Supplied

Can’t decide between a microfibre pillow and a memory foam one? The sleep experts at Emma Sleep have got you covered. The Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow combines the lightness of a microfibre pocket with the support of a memory foam core, providing the perfect support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep.

This new generation pillow is so fluffy and breathable that it is like sleeping on cloud nine. No more sore neck in the morning!

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ENTER BELOW TO WIN:  1 x Emma Diamond Dream Setup, including 1 x Emma Diamond II Mattress, 1 x Emma Diamond Topper and 2 x Emma Cloud Pillows valued at up to $3,345! Winner can select their bed size.

6. Emma Sofa Bed

RRP: $1,850

Source: Supplied

We’ve all had that moment. Guests arrive for a late event at yours, or the kids’ playdate lingers into the night, and you don’t have a spare bed (or two) to offer. Worry no more. The Emma Sofa Bed is both space-saving and versatile. It can easily be converted from a comfortable and stylish sofa to a cosy bed – and back again – in seconds – no tools necessary.

The Emma Sofa Bed is beautifully upholstered and sustainably made and comes with built-in armrest storage (perfect for the kids to hide the remote). It also features two FREE throw pillows, providing comfort in every way.

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ENTER BELOW TO WIN:  1 x Emma Sofa Bed up for grabs, valued at $1,850.

7. Emma Mattress Protector

RRP: Single $169 | King Single $179 | Double $189 | Queen $199 | King $209

Source: Supplied

Nobody wants dreaded stains on their brand-new mattress, especially those night-time toilet accidents! An Emma Mattress Protector fully protects your mattress from stains and sweat and is 100% waterproof and spill-proof (perfect for breakfast in bed!).

Its top layer is made of a material that blocks liquid and protects your mattress from moisture and dirt so that your mattress stays clean and lasts longer. This bedding superhero also extends the life of your mattress by protecting it from dirt, spills and abrasions. Easy to put on, compatible with ALL mattresses, crinkle-free and (most importantly!) it’s machine washable.

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8. Emma All Seasons Duvet

RRP: Double $239 | Queen $249 | King $259

Source: Supplied

Want to keep warm during chilly autumn nights, and cool throughout summer? The Emma All Seasons Duvet can do just that. This machine-washable duvet guarantees a good night’s sleep at the perfect temperature, helping you plunge into the deepest of sleep.

Its white woven fabric featuring a chic wavy stitch is made of 100% cotton, allowing a flow of fresh air through and has a 250-gsm fill made of polyester blend – no more sweaty nights! Also, forget fighting over the covers as the Emma All Seasons Duvet comes in three sizes: double, queen and king, suitable for all bed sizes.

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9. Emma Bamboo Bedding Set

RRP: Single $179 | King Single $189 | Double $209 | Queen $219 | King $239

Source: Supplied

Get ready to elevate your sleep space! The newly launched Emma Bamboo Bedding Set is made from 100% bamboo for a luxurious, breathable, and cool-to-the-touch feel.

Featuring 300TC fabric, this lush bedding set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcase, combining comfort, elegance and quality.

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ENTER BELOW TO WIN ALL 3: We have 1 x Emma Accessories Prize Pack up for grabs featuring 1 x Emma Mattress Protector, 1 x Emma All Seasons Duvet and 1 x Emma Bamboo Bedding Set, valued at up to $707!  

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Shop Emma Sleep’s Award-Winning Sleep Range

Expertly designed and engineered by sleep experts, Emma Sleep’s Award-Winning Sleep Range is backed by thorough sleep research, features stunning designs and quality materials and is made to last! 

Emma offers a 100-night free trial, free delivery and returns nationwide, and a money-back guarantee. Their mattresses also have a 10-year warranty and bed frames have a 5-year warranty – both of which are perfect for all types of sleepers.

I mean, you get to try it for yourself for 100 nights, and if, for some reason, you don’t like it, you can return it for FREE! Totally risk-free… you’ve really got nothing to lose and all the sleep in the world to gain!! 

Doze into bliss with their incredible range of sleep products, from study and stylish bed frames and sofa beds to cloud-like mattresses and pillows. All their products come with free delivery and easy returns, so why not try Emma Sleep’s Award-Winning Sleep Range today?

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Lucky Mum Central readers will take home one of Emma Sleep’s Award-Winning Sleep Range in our fabulous sleep competition. We have a prize pool total of over $8,500 with 5 prizes up for grabs.

To enter, simply complete the entry form below in full, select the items you’d like to win (tick one or ALL – it’s up to you!), and you’re in! Winners will be notified directly via email or telephone, so let’s hope we pick your name!


This is a sponsored giveaway for Emma Sleep. At Mum Central, we love giving awesome things away! Check out our competition page for more opportunities to win!

*Sleep statistics from a study by the Australian Government, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

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