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Stroll in Style, Sleep in Comfort with Oscar Mx Pram and SnüzPod4 Bedside Crib

Rest easy whether at home or out and about with this amazing package from Edwards & Co.  We’re talking the super sleek Oscar Mx Pram (+ Carry Cot), designed to make getting out and about with bub stress-free, teamed with the chic SnüzPod4,  the ultimate bedside accessory for safe, secure and cosy newborn sleeps.

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That’s right – a pram AND bassinet. That’s two must-have baby items to tick off the list. And from Edwards & Co too, one of the leading names in baby products! #Score

Let’s take a closer look at the Edwards & Co Oscar Mx + Carry Cot and SnüzPod4 and why both are such a good investment for new mums.

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It all starts with sleep

SLEEP – such an important topic for new mums. The lack of sleep, the strange new sleep cycle, the attempts to get into a sleep routine, the concern about safe sleep.

How much is baby getting? How much are you getting? Is she sleeping through? Is she co-sleeping or in a cot? So many questions, so many unknowns.

It’s tough and it’s perfectly acceptable to turn into a hot mess over your baby’s sleep, or lack thereof.

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That’s why investing in a decent sleep system for your baby, such as the SnüzPod4, is so crucial. Not only for their safety and comfort, but for your own sanity too.

The SnüzPod4 is a bedside crib which attaches to the side of the bed and is designed to keep baby as close to you as possible all the while sleeping safely in their own space.

It provides a safe and secure way to sleep soundly with your baby nearby, ideal for those multiple night wakings or when you feel the urge to reach over and check that she’s all okay.

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The SnüzPod4 gives the ultimate peace of mind and convenience for your newborn baby. Source: Supplied

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The Edwards & Co SnüzPod4 is not only ideal for your bedroom, but for any room because it’s portable. You can move this beauty around the house during naptimes and constantly have one eye on bub.

Plus, you can lift the bassinet off to move around the house or take with you on your travels.

SnüzPod4 is suitable for newborn to six months and weighs just 4.1kg.

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Super portable, super versatile, the SnüzPod4 is a real winner right around the house! Source: Supplied

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Stylish too, SnüzPod4 is made with beech wood and available in seven modern colours. Plus it has 9 height settings to fit both divan and framed beds too. In fact, it fits more beds than any other bedside crib and meets all safety standards.

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Oh, and did we mention it ROCKS? YEP! You can gently rock your baby to sleep without holding her. Just place her in the SnüzPod4, lay down next to it and let your arm do the work while you rest.

This is an amazing feature to have and a great step to teach your baby how to eventually self-settle.

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There is no one-size-fits-all sleep solution when it comes to your newborn. Often you won’t know how your baby prefers to sleep until she’s born.

This is the main reason why we love SnüzPod4. You can use it as a stand-alone bassinet, bedside cot or a portable bed – it’s literally designed to work with your baby’s sleep routine, whether she naps in a pitch-black nursery, in your bedroom, or in the living room while you cook dinner.

Best of all, if she happens to change her sleep routine the next day, SnüzPod4 just rolls with it!

SnuzPod 4
Flexible to adapt to changing sleeping preferences, the SnüzPod4 will meet you where you’re at! Source: Supplied

Next stop … strolling!

Once you’ve got sleep under control, everything else starts falling into place. And when you are ready to venture out, we’ve got the perfect pram to take you there – the Edwards & Co Oscar Mx (+ Carry Cot).

Choosing your pram is a pretty big decision and one you shouldn’t take lightly. You will need to consider price, how you plan on using the pram, where you are going to store it, how big your car boot is, how often you’ll be using it and so much more.

In terms of everyday strolling needs, the Oscar Mx is an ideal candidate. This pram has featured on our best prams guides for several years now and once you see what it can do, you’ll understand why.

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Edwards & Co Oscar Mx is all about everyday adventures. It’s a three-wheel buggy, making it perfect for all-terrain (sand, grass, asphalt, etc) and suitable for light running if you are in the mood for a bit of a jog.

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With all-wheel suspension and puncture-proof tyres, the pram is smooth to push and sit in too. This is a big benefit to look for in a pram – one that you can effortlessly push without feeling like you’re pushing an elephant. Some prams are impossibly hard to push – Oscar Mx is definitely not one of them!

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”So many ways to stroll”]

Another fun thing about the Edwards & Co Oscar Mx is that it allows you to choose how they want to walk – with baby facing you or facing out to the world. Often bub will want to change halfway through a walk, which is totally doable with Oscar Mx’s quick rotation. Just click a button and rotate the seat.

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For newborns, Oscar Mx comes with plenty of options too! The cosy newborn insert (included with the pram) is a perfect place for naps on the go.

Oscar Mx is also compatible with Maxi Cosi, Nuna or Cybex capsules – all you need is the adapters ($49).

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You can also go with the more luxe Carry Cot ($249), which easily clips to the chassis of the pram, is collapsible and can be placed on any flat surface (perfect for picnics). It even has the EN 1466 safety certification for overnight sleep.

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There are heaps of other cool features too including a massive storage basket – you can load several items in it and it’s still easy to push.

It’s got an extended canopy for extra protection and folds into the back of even the littlest cars.

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[mc_block_title custom_title=”Grows with your child”]

Suitable for newborns to 20 kg, Oscar Mx is designed to make getting out easier for parents with newborns, all the way to preschoolers. It’s kid-proof too, meaning it’s built to last, even through baby teething (and chewing on everything).

Oscar Mx comes in three sleek colours – Smoke, Black and Slate and looks as good as it feels to push.

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Roll with the parenting punches with Oscar Mx and SnüzPod4

Both the Edwards & Co SnüzPod4 and the Oscar Mx are designed with parents in mind – durable, modern, stylish and smart.

SnüzPod4 makes the SLEEP portion of babyhood easier while Oscar Mx makes EVERYDAY OUTINGS more enjoyable for both you and bub. 

You can pick up the SnüzPod4 for $495 and the Oscar Mx for $899 or with Carry Cot for $1,148.

Whether staying in or going out, enjoy a little bit of luxury and treat yourself with these two beautiful baby products from Edwards & Co.

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