SPACETALK Smartwatch: It’s the Device Kids and Parents are Raving About

What are the most common Christmas requests from your kids? From my daughter, it’s a phone and a smartwatch.

Really? Are you sure you don’t want a trampoline? Or a new puppy? How about a unicorn?  I suggest as my eight-year-old gives me the hard stare.

“No mum. You have a phone. You have a smartwatch. I want those things too.” 

Of course. If mum has it, then she wants it. #LawsOfParenting


SPACETALK is a smartwatch but it’s also a phone and a GPS to keep track of your child’s location. Tell the time, count the steps, call and SMS. YEP – SPACETALK does it all!

But best of all, it’s specially designed for kids 5+ and completely controlled by you, the parent.

Sure, it’s a gift for them, but it also comes with plenty of perks for us parents too (more of these below) – and really represents the perfect Christmas gift idea for kids young and old.

But first, let’s have a look at what SPACETALK Smartwatch can do!

hot toys spacetalk watch
SPACETALK Smartwatch is a clever assistant to help you stay in touch with your kids (and them with you!) Source: Supplied

SPACETALK – 3G smartwatch, phone and GPS device all in one

SPACETALK has all the features of a typical smartwatch – alarms, stopwatch, step counter etc, but it can also call or send simple SMS messages to parent authorised contacts.

It’s specifically designed for kids 5+ and makes an ideal first phone for primary school kids who are most likely not ready for a real phone.

So easy

Easy to use, easy to set up, easy to keep in touch, easy to charge, easy to control. It’s all through the AllMyTribe App created by SPACETALK, and will cost you $5.99 per month.

Safety first

The thing we love about SPACETALK is that all the contact and access to your child via telephone and SMS is controlled by YOU. You see, kids will have access to contact people on their contact list ONLY.

    • No access to open internet or social media
    • No apps
    • And no camera
    • No random calls from random numbers – only calls from numbers in contact list will actually get through (and you’ll be alerted if an unauthorised contact attempts contact!)

100% Australian

Unlike other Chinese brands on the market, SPACETALK has been developed for Australian conditions and the company is super committed to ensuring your data is securely stored in Australia. The watch is built for Australian telecommunications network requirements which ensures reliable mobile phone coverage across Australia and New Zealand.

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Available in three colours. Source: Supplied

“School Mode”

Worried your kids might get a little carried away with their smartwatch during class? Don’t fear – SPACETALK has thought of that too! School Mode ensures that your child’s safety device can be worn as a simple wristwatch during school hours. And that means no distractions (from the smartwatch anyway!) 😉

SOS function

If your child runs into trouble at any point, you’re literally only a touch away with the special SOS alert function, which can be customised to call you and other preset contacts if your child needs help.


SPACETALK comes with scratch-resistant glass and is dustproof, splash proof and water-resistant (but not swim proof so make sure they take it off before diving into the pool).

SPACETALK is a smartwatch, but it’s so much more.  It’s the happy medium we’ve been searching for when it comes to kids and technology.

A responsible first phone for kids

What we especially love about SPACETALK is that it caters to both our needs and our kids’ wants.

It does all the cool things kids want it to do but it also gives our kids what they need – our trust and our belief that they are responsible enough for a ‘phone’. This is a huge deal for kids and a massive boost for their confidence.

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Great for active kids on the go. Source: Supplied

Independence for them, peace of mind for everyone

It provides kids with the assurance that mum and dad are literally only a phone call or text away. For kids just starting school or those who get anxious about leaving mum or dad, this assurance is priceless.

Designed for our kids, but controlled by us

Kids get their cool tech, and parents get a chance to let their kids be kids while still being responsible parents.

SPACETALK nurtures our kids’ independence but ensures we are still in control. Through the AllMyTribe app we can:

  • See exactly where our kids are at all times thanks to the very accurate built-in GPS. Great to see if they made it to school or are still at the park.
  • Set up alerts to notify you when they arrive at school or move locations.
  • Control who they can contact. You can add family and friends to stay in touch too.
  • Set up School Mode for when they are at school so no interruptions during class. You still call the shots.

Stay in touch anytime

Another great thing about SPACETALK is that it allows us to stay connected no matter where we (or they) are.

  • Send them a quick SMS if you’re running late to school pick up or to remind them to bring something home.
  • Call to say goodnight if they are at a sleepover.

SPACETALK’S also super handy if you work away, are FIFO, or share custody with your ex, so you can keep in contact with your child even when you’re apart.

It’s all possible with a SPACETALK Smartwatch.

If you’re on the hunt for a great Christmas gift for your child, we reviewed the watch previously and highly recommend SPACETALK. Your child will LOVE it and so will you. After all, what’s better than a watch or a phone for Christmas? BOTH, of course!

I can hear the sound of children’s squeals come Christmas morning already…

Where to buy

Valued at $299 each, the SPACETALKSPACETALK Smartwatch makes a great Christmas gift for kids 5+. It’s available at the SPACETALK website, JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, The Good Guys and on a plan from Vodafone.

shop now

In addition to the SPACETALK watch, you’ll also need:

  • A Nano SIM card with calls, SMS and data. We found the ALDI PAYG plan quite affordable and convenient however there are so many prepaid plans out there you’re bound to get a great deal.
  • An AllMyTribe in-app subscription ($5.99/month) which you download onto your phone; this is the control centre of your child’s watch.

This prize does not cover the cost of the App or the SIM provider. 

This is a sponsored post for SPACETALK Smart Watch

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