REVIEW: Meet the Spacetalk Smartwatch that Lets Kids be Kids Again

There’s a new watch on the block, and it’s about to change the way we let our kids play. 

Meet the ultra-clever Spacetalk smartwatch (with a built-in phone) that lets you monitor your kids’ movements without fretting the minute they leave your sight.

It’s clever tech too! The device uses GPS to keep track of your child’s movements, with updates available in real time, so parents can monitor if they arrive at school, get from school to training, the park, a friend’s house or check they’re at school (and staying there)!

Get ready to return to the good ol’ days when kids could actually be kids. And parents could actually relax knowing that their kids are safe, no matter where they may be.

Space Talk smart monitoring watch for kids

Keep Watch, With a Watch

Remember when kids played outside at the park, not inside on their iPads? Remember when parents could leave their child’s side and still have peace of mind? This piece of the past is finally returning to us. And, ironically, we have a piece of technology to thank.

Meet Spacetalk – the latest clever tech gadget for busy families

Spacetalk is an all-in-one watch, GPS and phone for kiddies aged 4 to 12. Parents simply download the AllMyTribe app onto their smartphone, and program numbers that are permitted to connect with your child’s unit. You can then keep track of where the kids are at via a GPS signal sent from the watch. Plus, you can also contact them instantly via telephone or text message.

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There’s a whole slew of other awesome things this nifty watch can do.

Watch with Alarm: Choose digital or analogue watch face, with 12 or 24-hour clocks. You can set multiple alarms and reminders to teach your kids to be independent (particularly helpful for the forgetful ones!)

Safe Zones: You can create ‘safe zones’ so that the watch alerts you if your child hasn’t arrived at school, for example, or when they leave a zone. 

Send & Receive Calls: Yes it’s a watch that makes calls! But don’t panic folks – it’s a very well managed watch with a built-in phone.  Parents pre-program the phone’s contacts via the app so your child can only send or receive calls to the numbers who are contacts on the phone.  That’s a tick for grandparents, parents, baby-sitters and anyone else responsible for your child and big no to strangers. The phone uses the 3G network and is designed to work with the Telstra network to give the best possible coverage across the country (and overseas too – check for service).

Send & Receive Text Messages:  You can send text messages to the watch, which is so convenient to remind forgetful Master 8 not to forget to bring his sports bag home, or that he has hockey practice (or even that you’re running a little late!). If they’re down at the park it’s the perfect way to tell them to head on home because dinner’s ready! NOTE: Kids can receive text messages, but only from approved contacts. Any message from a random is rejected and sent to your phone instead.

Step Counter: I don’t know about your kids, but my boys are super competitive when it comes to step counters! They’ve been badgering me to buy them one of the other brand step counters, which retails at $129 and all it does it count steps! This unit does that plus SO much more (and it speaks to them too!)

SOS:  This is my favourite feature! There’s a little SOS button on the left of the watch that kids can press to activate if they are in trouble. The watch sends a notification to your phone, then automatically dials your number. And if you don’t answer? It goes through the contact list until someone picks up and even alerts authorities if you wish.

spacetalk-smartwatch-features-2Aussie Owned and Made 

Because Spacetalk is designed and built in Australia (by the same company that made the Apple Watch!) it’s designed to work with the Telstra network, so the coverage is incredible! While testing they actually managed to get reception in areas a smartphone couldn’t so rest assured when it matters, your kids are covered!

Unlike some of the cheap imports I’ve stumbled across, Spacetalk is designed in Australia, for Australian parents, and by an Australian company.

Kids can go and be kids, and play to their heart’s content knowing you can phone or text them at a moment’s notice.  Plus,  they can call or alert you if they get hurt, get in trouble or need you while you’re not immediately there by their side. It gives the kids the independence they need and still gives you the peace of mind that’s so important.

Naturally, it can’t replace being in the same room as them, but let’s face the reality of  the day, more often than not parents can’t be by their child’s side 24/7 (nor would they want to be!)


Cyber Security at its Finest

The Spacetalk Smartwatch has received Australian regulatory compliance approval, so you can trust the integrity of the data (unlike other similar watches from cheaper overseas suppliers).

Plus it comes with up to 24-hour battery power and a magnetic charging station  so simple for the kids to put on charge every night – again encouraging independence. Oh, and, get this – you don’t have to get annoyed with those “software update required” notifications. The app does it automatically every week. No need to plug it in even!

Spacetalk Smartwatch



  • SOS Feature
  • Encrypted technology
  • Great coverage
  • GPS
  • Text, Talk and Count Steps
Peace of Mind
Value for Money

SpaceTalk Smart Watch for kids

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Buy Yours Today!

Get yourself a Spacetalk watch, plus free express shipping, for just $349. 

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mum central

Let kids be kids, without the safety concerns

As parents, we all have to be away from the kids, especially as they get older and go to school, join sports, have playdates and sleepovers with friends. SpaceTalk means you don’t have to worry about whether they are okay or not. That’s the beauty of this device. You can stress less when you’re away from them.

For me, this especially helped when I was away for work. Like many parents, I have to travel a fair bit, and having the ability to check an app, to be reassured that the kids are fine at home, is so comforting.

mum central

Of course, it’s not just for mums who travel or work away. It’s great for just everyday activities too. I was running late picking my eldest up from soccer one day so a quick SMS and he knew I would be there as soon as possible, without him worrying that something had happened to me.

On the weekend, I finally felt confident enough to let the boys take their bikes to the park without me trailing behind. They could ride around the neighbourhood and I could see their every move from the phone. Sure, the watch doesn’t replace the need to supervise our kids, but it does give both us and our kids a bit of space.

Oh, and it’s also splashproof, so you can relax and know it’s been designed to be pretty robust and take the knocks and challenges that kids can throw at it!

SpaceTalk smart watch review

Mum-Tested, Kid-Approved

Even the boys were impressed with the Spacetalk. At first it was simply because it was a new gadget to play with, and look at, and check every two seconds. But now, the watches have become part of them.

Spacetalk acts almost like a safety barrier for them, especially my youngest, who has always struggled with separation from me since he started school this year. Knowing that he can contact me with a click of a button, is incredibly reassuring for him, and to  be honest he hasn’t really used it as much as I might have expected (#winning)

He called me on the first day at recess to request a playdate, and another time to check I was coming to pick him up from the classroom, but to be honest, that’s nothing when it gives him the reassurance in a little person’s world. He knows it costs money each time he calls and really those are the only two times he’s called. He knows it’s there and will use it if and when he needs it.

For parents who have kids with anxiety, for mums with little ones starting school for the first time, or for dads who work on a FIFO roster, this little device is a serious sanity-saver.

mum centralStay connected even when you’re apart. Get your child’s Spacetalk smartwatch today!

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This is a sponsored review for Spacetalk. All opinions are our own.

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  1. Avatar of Chont

    Are the call and text rates billed to your ordinary mobile account? I really need this for my autistic son who absconds.

    • Avatar of Mum Central

      Hi Chont. You buy a SIM and run it independently on a prepaid if you prefer. We used a $5 ALDI SIM Card (runs on the Telstra network) and popped $20 pay as you go credit onboard so you pay for the calls you make rather than a contract per se. Hope that helps … great solution! Thanks, Bel

        • Avatar of Adam Waltke
          Adam WaltkeReply

          Its a great idea !! But not ideal the battery life is not great my daughter charges it overnight and its on school mode from 830am untill 3pm and the watch is flat by 5pm its kind of frustraing !! Needs battery life improvement…

    • Avatar of melissa

      it has its own sim card my son has one and $15 credit lasted 7months

  2. Avatar of Darran

    We are looking at something like the Spacetalk watch for our daughter and looking at their website they state they get 24hrs standby time (depending on GPS update setting). My worry is that the 24hrs is possibly with very long GPS updates. Are you able to share your experience with battery life and the GPS update frequency of your trials?

  3. Avatar of Rob

    Is there a version for seniors? We want something like this for our Mother who is 82 and who,s phone keeps cutting out

  4. Avatar of David Cunningham
    David CunninghamReply

    We were very excited about this product. Bought four. Broke one in the pool. The other proved to run out of charge far too quickly. Regular phone have taken over. Disappointing but they may improve with time.

  5. Avatar of Michelle

    Incredibly disappointed. The functions don’t work unless you subscribe to the app for $6/month ($72/year). This, along with the ongoing phone credit you have to purchase, makes it quite the rip off.

    • Avatar of Liezel

      Please don’t buy this. Bought one for my daughter and just a useless and unreliable mobile watch… Most reviews on the internet about this new mobile watch sounds really great and I wonder these people who wrote great reviews must be part of this business. I Most of the times Watch is in an undercoverage when tried calling my daughter. Can’t locate my daughter most of the times. Don’t feel this watch will be helpful in times of need. Battery runs out too quickly even though watch been not in use and been fully charged overnight. My daughter only use this as a watch now as I found this useless

  6. Avatar of Dave

    This is an ad, not a genuine review. I can’t trust a site that does this or a product that needs it.

    • Avatar of Mum Central

      Actually Dave, this is a review. My kids put the product through its paces and I have listed out our findings in the article.

  7. Avatar of melissa

    my son has this watch and i love it, we charge it every night and only ran out of charge when he first got it was so excited he called us few times. i love he can only call who i program into the watch. $15 aldi credit lasted 7 months. people complaining about the price and the monthly fee and phone credit honestly you cant put a price on safety and peace of mind. my kids in my mind are worth more then the money i outlay even when i struggle day to day.

  8. Avatar of Anonymous

    Much cheaper than spending $800 for an iWatch. Plus the iWatches only work on Post-Paid plans. This will take a Pre-Paid SIM. The Aldi SIM is $5 and is on a long 365 plan. You just need to top it up.

  9. Avatar of Max

    Just to make clear. I am an advocate of this device, the software and its capability. When it works, it’s amazing. HOWEVER… as mentioned in this article, the Spacetalk is NOT built in Australia, it is built in China. I’ll come back to this.

    We purchased ours very early after its release, spent our hard earned $349.00 on it, so our school going 6-year old could wear it to school and other less supervised places. We loved using it. Until….

    About 6 months in, the device started dialing “000” and I had to apologise and explain what happened to the operator a couple of times. It also started randomly activating the SOS functions, alerting myself, mum and grandpa at 2.00am in the morning.

    On all occasions the device was charging and out of reach of our child. We lived with this phantom behavior for a bit, until the device stopped charging. Which meant that our child went to school unprotected and uncontactable on a number of occasions. Not ideal when you’re waiting in front of the school and try calling without a response.

    After technical support analysis by Allmytribe, the report shows that device had corroded in several crucial points, which made the device fail. The device wasn’t saturated, which proved that it had never been used for swimming. At the claimed IP54, it should withstand splashing water. Reasonable for a school going.

    Most disappointing, it took various discussions to get the warranty honored. Finally, I was sent a “new” device, out of the box accompanied by our old charger. It’s working, but I know it will fail again in about 6 months, unless we are more prudent with it. Like not letting our child wear it to school every day…. Allmytribe only honor the “new” device up to 12 months after purchase.

    • Avatar of Sam

      My (negative) experience echos many of those above. I’m incredibly disappointed with this substandard product.

      First and foremost on the list of negatives is shocking battery life. And when I say shocking, I mean less that 4 hours out of the box. On doing some “suggested” changes, (like turning brightness down to minimum, disable “wake on raise”, reduce GPS pings to 1p/h), battery life climbed to 8 hrs at best. (just under a full school day if you include public transport!).

      Which leads me to the second negative, Support. On contacting support about the issue, I was told that battery life can also be effected by the sim, and specifically the carrier that sim is bound to. (Telstra SIMS are fine, but Optus are not). When I mentioned that this was nowhere in their documentation, or instore info, I was sent a lengthy quote “from their website” highlighting key technical differences between carriers that impact battery performance . I pointed out, this was not clear on the technical specifications section of the site, and it was disingenuous to suggest that this type of information was available anywhere for a prospective purchaser.

      Third on the negatives is corrosion, and moisture resistance. Within the space of 2 weeks, the sim (found in the back of the watch) has corroded (due to a sweaty summer wrists!) to the point of being inoperable.

      Fourth is the subscription model. And I’m listing this low on the negatives purely because its somewhat expected. That said, having paid over $320 for the device, plus a SIM with minimal data plan, one would expect a very nominal (on off) fee to support an app that essentially manages location, steps, and notifications. A monthly cost of $6p/m ($72pa) is a gouge.

      This is an expensive, frustrating product, wrapped in the shell of something that could be awesome.

  10. Avatar of peter

    finding it impossible to put cover back on after inserting sim card, what’s the secret to do this?

  11. Avatar of Vicki

    Frustrated as I have just found out that Telstra do not do have any ‘long life’ plans and it will now be $30 per month plus the $6 subscription fee??? Optus is cheaper but I need to guarantee no coverage issues. Any other recommendations for carriers thay I could use…we’re based in Perth?
    Considering its not going to be used as an ordinary phone this prepaid cost is unrealistic.

    I’ll also contact support as the 2 other ‘recommended’ carriers are affiliated to Telstra and I was not told any if this when I purchased it. Given the ‘corosion’ comments maybe I should just return it to the place of purchase before any issues happen??
    Very confusing and disappointing

    • Avatar of Mum Central

      I’d recommend ALDI as they run under the Telstra network and you can purchase credit affordably to run the watches. PAYG is what it’s called. That’s what we used. Hope it helps x

    • Avatar of Aroha

      Hi I got a ong life plan for my sons spacetalk. Sim was $2, and $30 for my plan, only pay for what you use. Credit expires after 6 months. I thought that was brilliant. Most of the time will call him, if he calls us its only for 1-2 minutes which is approx 60c. Well worth it. Maybe check Telstra again as I just got mine today.

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