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Win the Brand New David Beckham BEYOND Fragrance for Dad!

David Beckham Fans will know how much he likes to dream big. It’s no surprise then that this has been the inspiration behind his latest fragrance for men: David Beckham Beyond.

The new masculine scent captures the bold ambitions and determined spirit of this exceptional man. Go beyond the ordinary; dare to be extraordinary.

David Beckham has written his own legend; if you dare to believe, anything is possible. And he is living proof that drive, energy and determination can take a man to the pinnacle of his career, personal life and beyond. Football hero, sporting ambassador, charity campaigner, adventurer, style icon, father – for David there are no limits to who you can become. A modern fougère herbaceous fragrance, David Beckham Beyond expresses the power to dream… fight… become… and go beyond.

Beyond: The Fragrance

Blending confidence with glamour, Beyond encapsulates David Beckham’s compelling personality and unparalleled signature style. Opening on a refreshing mojito accord, the fragrance immediately delights the senses. An invigorating hit of spicy cardamom and zesty grapefruit adds dynamic sophistication. In the heart, a vibrant burst of black pepper, combined with the assertive masculinity of cedarwood and geranium, delivers a timeless refinement. This melts into an intense and textured trail; magnetic patchouli is blended with warm tones of vanilla and leather to confer a strong, charismatic signature. A true concentrate of David Beckham’s identity, Beyond is refined, sensual and daring.

To celebrate, we’ve got 8 bottles of David Beckham Beyond up for grabs, valued at $49 each.

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Win 1 of 8 Bottles of David Beckham Beyond Fragrance for Men

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  1. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    David Beckham’s BEYOND … wonderful for my hard working Macho Man, super hero DAD to help in the quest to have him accept that real men need skincare and pampering other than just using a deodorant.

  2. Avatar of Jane Somerville
    Jane Somerville Reply

    My Dad of course….it might make him look a little more like Becks???

  3. Avatar of Rebecca

    My husband, he would love it, and would be an added bonus for me with a gorgeous smelling husband 🙂

  4. Avatar of Margot Farquharson
    Margot Farquharson Reply

    My husband would not really care if he got this but I would love him to smell like David Beckham.

  5. Avatar of Shanaz Steele
    Shanaz Steele Reply

    I’d give this to my husband, for fathers day from the kids, as he is a great inspiration to them. He instils in them the belief that there is nothing that they cant do, and that they only have to put the effort in and they can achieve big.

  6. Avatar of Rebecca Foster
    Rebecca Foster Reply

    I would give this to my husband Wayne who loves a great quality fragrance.

  7. Avatar of rocky

    My incredible partner- he refuses to leave the house without his “smells” (as he likes to call them) on! Who wouldn’t want their man smelling like Becks!?

  8. Avatar of Brooke Parker
    Brooke Parker Reply

    My Dad. So he can smell even more good than he already does.

  9. Avatar of shelbyward
    shelbyward Reply

    Not that he needs to be like David Beckham but a little scent wouldn’t hurt – my husband.

  10. Avatar of Alison O

    This will make my man smell divine and the kids will like him more too

  11. Avatar of Kylie Talbot
    Kylie Talbot Reply

    Would make a perfect Father’s Day gift for the kids to give their soccer mad and huge Beckham fan Daddy!

  12. Avatar of Kelly Sherwood Brown
    Kelly Sherwood Brown Reply

    If I won, I would give this to my Husband to make him smell irresistible!

  13. Avatar of kathy clark
    kathy clark Reply

    My best friend as he has always struggled finacially and this would mean the world to him

  14. Avatar of jayla1987

    I’d give to my hubby he has a few beckham perfumes I’d love to add this to his beckham collection

  15. Avatar of Natalie Passmore
    Natalie Passmore Reply

    I would give this to my husband, but I get to enjoy the smell!

  16. Avatar of Lisa Jene

    I’d give this to my dad. He’s getting on but he still likes to cut a handsome figure!

  17. Avatar of 78DaysofSummer
    78DaysofSummer Reply

    i’d give this to my sweetheart, my hubby! 🙂 thanks for the chance MC!

  18. Avatar of lindakaz

    My dad of course! With fathers day coming up, he would love this as a present!

  19. Avatar of Lesley Needham
    Lesley Needham Reply

    I would give it to my son Tom. He has hit puberty and is focused on his hygiene and presentation. Might as well start him off on the right track with awesome products.

  20. Avatar of Sarahmary92
    Sarahmary92 Reply

    My partner. He usually wears lynx body spray. .so it would certainly be a nice treat

  21. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I would give this “David Becham” body spray to my son-in-law to get into his good books.

  22. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    My darling husband would be the very grateful recipient of this 🙂

  23. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita Thorn Reply

    I’d give this to my Dad….if I didn’t make Father’s Day – then I’d put it away for Christmas…

  24. Avatar of James Pizzey
    James Pizzey Reply

    would be for me a fathers day present so i smell like the man himself

  25. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    I would love to win this for my hubby who is an amazing dad to his 2 boys and also an amazing step dad to my daughter.

  26. Avatar of AmyMcC

    I would definitely give this to my hubby if I won – he has been saying for ages he wants to get a “nice man perfume” but never does anything about it, so this would be absolutely perfect for him!

  27. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah Phillips Reply

    I’d give it to my dad as a replacement for his ‘Old Spice’!

  28. Avatar of ggrugger

    I would gift it to my ex, I am the only one who gives him gifts, he deserves more.

  29. Avatar of Christina

    I’ld give it to hubby, working hard for 6 kids he deserves to smell nice for once..

  30. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    My nephew who is a huge fan of David Beckham and loves his soccer.

  31. Avatar of Jade o

    My younger brother. I was visiting mum the other day before work and he was getting ready for school. I walked past his room and saw him using a whole can of deodorant as well as half a can of hairspray. I was in fits of laughter! I offered him a lift to school but I think I embarrassed him. He deserves a little reward lol.

  32. Avatar of Xzavia Green
    Xzavia Green Reply

    To my own dad. He’s trying out dating and I reckon some Beckham will help him out for sure!

  33. Avatar of Ying Ying TAN
    Ying Ying TAN Reply

    It will be too strong for my dad and hubby, so it will be for my brother who will be a first time daddy in Dec, perfect celebration!!

  34. Avatar of kori

    Id give it to my grandfather as his the king of scents, he always smells great.

  35. Avatar of sian

    I would give it to my kids to give to their father. We aren’t together but the kids would be excited to give him a nice present, and he’s a good dad.

  36. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne Childs Reply

    My husband! He never wears fragrance so this would be a real treat.

  37. Avatar of Lauren Ciantar
    Lauren Ciantar Reply

    I would give this to my husband because he can never have enough fragrances!

  38. Avatar of Robyn

    Would love to give this to my grandkids so they can give it to there Dad. 🙂

  39. Avatar of lorexstevex
    lorexstevex Reply

    My husband because he stinks! Well … He could smell better 😉

  40. Avatar of AmberB

    My big brother because he was a great father figure to me growing up, and is now a fantastic dad to his two beautiful daughters.

  41. Avatar of Belle McArdle
    Belle McArdle Reply

    My other half because he’s been using the same old fragrance for the past 12 years, at least, & I’m SICK OF IT!! (Sorry dear)

  42. Avatar of Jack

    My friend who has a massive long time crush on Beckham. She could sniff it every night before bed.

  43. Avatar of Sam H

    A person who suffers an extreme case of body odour and is in need of some fragrance.

  44. Avatar of Lauren Barnes
    Lauren Barnes Reply

    Dad – who is soccer mad, so this is Beckham and he will be glad.

  45. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    Sadly my dad passed away 2 years ago, so I’d give this to either my brother or my nephew.

  46. Avatar of Michelle

    I would give it to my partner, our sons name is Beckham so I think they would both be pleased 😀

  47. Avatar of Sarah Kuno
    Sarah Kuno Reply

    I would give this to my hubby, thanks for this opportunity ❤❤❤

  48. Avatar of Bex

    I would give this to my Dad who still uses Old spice. It would be a nice stylish smell for him and nice for mum too 😉

  49. Avatar of Ashlee Usborne Carper
    Ashlee Usborne Carper Reply

    My wonderful Hard working Husband, Father, and Lover

    even though were a poor family he makes sure we all have our neeeds AND wants
    we love you <3<3

    You deserve this Honey, For you birthday October, 12th, 2015

    love Us * ;

  50. Avatar of shane

    I live on Beckham rise in south Australia, so seems fitting I should use his fragrance! (if I win that is)

  51. Avatar of Antonietta
    Antonietta Reply

    My soccer loving son, who bends it like Beckham and should smell like him too.

  52. Avatar of Cheval

    I might bend my way into giving it a go, but if it doesn’t score, it’s going to the penalty bin.

  53. Avatar of christine morris
    christine morris Reply

    My Hubby hasn’t tried David Beckham as yet, i hope it smells nice 🙂

  54. Avatar of Bethany Allen
    Bethany Allen Reply

    My darling father – he’s been the rock of this family for so long, and deserves all that we can give him in return!

  55. Avatar of Bec Taylor
    Bec Taylor Reply

    I”d give the New David Beckham fragrance to my husband, that way we can both enjoy it!

  56. Avatar of Adam Mitchell
    Adam Mitchell Reply

    a gift for me as I need a treat as I don’t have a body like becks booo

  57. Avatar of Maria Stringer
    Maria Stringer Reply

    Has to go to my husband, he always likes to smell nice and he does!!!!

  58. Avatar of Darren Chau
    Darren Chau Reply

    To my father so he can smell good for my mum when they go to their anniversary dinner!

  59. Avatar of SonyaS

    My partner, then maybe he’ll get a little something (if I can contain myself ) ‘Beyond’ his wildest dreams!…

  60. Avatar of Steve Hardy
    Steve Hardy Reply

    For me coz im sick of smelling like lynx Africa since thats all my partner buys me. Time to smell good

  61. Avatar of spog777

    Myself as I love aftershave but rarely get the chance to own any

  62. Avatar of Lara Daebritz
    Lara Daebritz Reply

    My Dad (Poppy to the kids) deserves a special treat;
    David Beckham’s BEYOND to make him smell sweet!

  63. Avatar of Amy

    I’d give this to my partner! He looks up to david beckham and would love to smell like him.

  64. Avatar of Alarna

    My hubby, the sense of smell is just so powerful, I love to walk into a room after my hubby has been in their, when he’s wearing an aftershave that lingers

  65. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    My husband has strong big man smell, it is a beautiful prize for our family’s guy.

  66. Avatar of Beksmum

    I’d give this to hubby so he can change from his current one (makes me gag)

  67. Avatar of Karina Lee
    Karina Lee Reply

    My husband because he has no nice fragrance in the house. Just because we are married doesn’t mean I don’t like a man to smell nice.

  68. Avatar of Kate

    My dad, he runs out of the cologne we give him for christmas every year. So this would keep hi going till then.

  69. Avatar of Jacqui Day
    Jacqui Day Reply

    My husband has only recently gone back to wearing aftershave. I’d love for him to have another great scent to add to his one bottle (& if he smells like David Beckham, even better!)

  70. Avatar of Rachelle D.
    Rachelle D. Reply

    My dad would love a new fragrance so I would give it to him 🙂 🙂

  71. Avatar of Jessica Maloney
    Jessica Maloney Reply

    My Dad. He’s on his way back from Ethiopia after being there with the Drs for Africa charity, and will be in some serious need of grooming!

  72. Avatar of Anne-Marie Wingfield
    Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    I would give it to my Fiance, the man of my dreams and father to our 2 beautiful girls 🙂

  73. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams Reply

    I would gift this to my brother-in-law for his birthday which is coming up. Would make an awesome gift.

  74. Avatar of Andieharrie
    Andieharrie Reply

    My hubby would love to smell like david Beckham (well i’d like him to smell like david beckham) but he will be ahppy anyway

  75. Avatar of Ed Ahsan

    1 for me, 1 for each team member – basketball can be a smelly sport

  76. Avatar of Deb Lee

    My partner – maybe it will change him into David Beckham 😉

  77. Avatar of K Morris

    Husband – now i just need to get him to drop the footy for a soccer ball and it’ll be the closest to beckham i ever get.

  78. Avatar of Sam Alexander Sargent
    Sam Alexander Sargent Reply

    myself because i need to be treated and feel good about myself. 🙂

  79. Avatar of empressjo

    My son has grown into the most amazing human & adult that I’m so proud of

  80. Avatar of Jennifer B.
    Jennifer B. Reply

    This is for my son who starts his first professional job in two weeks! He’s shopping for decent clothes this week and David Beckham Beyond would complete the look perfectly!

  81. Avatar of Martin

    For myself! He and I have a lot in common. He has a tattoo on his chest showing ‘golden balls’ and I don’t have the ‘balls’ to get a tattoo. He is good looking, a super athlete, extremely rich and plays football – I can play football. I also have a wife who looks like Victoria….the Queen that is!

  82. Avatar of Liana Perica
    Liana Perica Reply

    I have always wanted a football playing partner but I guess I’ll have to settle with having my man smell like one! This will be given to my partner David if I win! They even have the same name!

  83. Avatar of Colin Burt
    Colin Burt Reply

    me kids reckon I stink so need to sweeten up (at least I think that’s what they mean?)

  84. Avatar of Wendy Daniels
    Wendy Daniels Reply

    The guy at work who is a massive soccer fan and I think he needs to smell nicer.

  85. Avatar of Shu-Ching Chang
    Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    My kids asked me -Dad has bad smell, he need a perfume. Love this prize , thank you

  86. Avatar of Deb K

    A father of four who spends many days in hospital yet still loves to watch the soccer when he can!

  87. Avatar of Sally

    My partner of course, to get him away from his usual Joop scent! A new scent would be fantastic.

  88. Avatar of Edward Dekkers
    Edward Dekkers Reply

    Myself. My family would never buy me anything like this and I need to make myself even more irresistible to my wife. If I can’t look like David maybe smelling like him will work?

  89. Avatar of Eva Kiraly
    Eva Kiraly Reply

    My Son would really appreciate this, it’s his birthday next month! 🙂

  90. Avatar of Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    My hubby, who’s just had his Birthday and Father’s Day together, this would make a lovely belated present!

  91. Avatar of Han E

    My hubby would love this, he likes to smell good and I love it too!

  92. Avatar of oldfellow

    My son, he is a giver to everyone and deserves a gift back in return now and again

  93. Avatar of Tracy Andreatta
    Tracy Andreatta Reply

    My husband ,if I can’t have David Beckham hubbie can at least smell like him !

  94. Avatar of Rebecca Foster
    Rebecca Foster Reply

    Thank you so very much for choosing me as one of the winners. Congratulations to the other winners too 🙂

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