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WIN a Westinghouse French Door Fridge (You Betta Believe It!)

Hey, want a fridge? Betta Home Living has one. And they want to give it away. 

That’s right. You don’t have to go white goods shopping, argue with your husband about the price or attempt to get the heavy thing from the store to your door.

Oh, and you don’t have to pay for it either.

Thanks to our partners over at Betta Home Living, one lucky Mum Central reader can breeze through the festive season with an effortlessly cool Westinghouse French door fridge (French doors – whoo hooo!).

Not only do these ultra-sleek refrigerators store ALL the things, but also fit into small spaces, making it easy to upgrade without having to worry about fitting in your kitchen.

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Give your kitchen an upgrade, just in time for summer

If you’ve ever stumbled upon a renovation show, then you know that a fridge can make or break a kitchen. However, many of the high end fridges these days won’t fit through the older style homes or apartments.

What this means is that if you do plan on bringing a new fridge into the mix, then you may be faced with some unexpected obstacles when trying to get the darn thing through the door. Many people who upgrade to a larger fridge are faced with structural renovations, financial stress and the strong urge to scream profanities at their new fridge.

Swear no more. Because Westinghouse fridges are different. See for yourself.

Designed to fit your kitchen nook 

Posted by Mum Central on Sunday, 1 October 2017

They fit neatly into the standard Australian 90cm kitchen cavity. However, they still pack plenty of storage punch with a huge 605L capacity and storage solutions galore!

You can still enjoy the luxury of the French door style, but without having to leave the fridge outside or in the hallway until you can renovate your kitchen.

Store more 

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Obviously having a fridge that fits inside your home is a BIG plus. But what makes this fridge extra cool is the FlexStor™ adjustable storage solutions. You can configure your shelves and door bins to any height and position that suits your food and beverage needs. Organise your fridge by meal, by child, by size, by shape, by food group, however you want.

Having an organised fridge can make the meal time planning and prepping so much easier! Plus, it eliminates food waste (no more hidden watermelon rotting at the back). Oh, and easily accessible shelves also mean the kids can grab whatever they want without yelling “Mum, I’m hungry,” eight gazillion times a day.

Hear that, kids? Refrain from yelling “Mum”. Instead, open door. Locate desired food. Eat it. And don’t forget to SHUT THE FRIDGE DOORS!

Water… on tap


The inside of the fridge looks pretty good, right? But the outside is pretty sleek too, thanks to the on tap ice and water filter. That’s right – water and ice, whenever you (and the kids) want. Do you know what this means? You no longer have to yell at the kids to refill the ice tray every time they want a cool drink. Because, apparently, refilling the ice cube trays is physically impossible for children (and husbands). Go figure.

Now, if only the fridge could magical transform this endless stream of water into wine…


Okay, so who wants a fancy French door fridge? I do! I do!

Betta Home Living are giving away ONE  Westinghouse 605 L Stainless Steel French Door Fridge valued at an incredible $2899. This includes delivery too (winning!).

Get ready for summer with icy cool drinks and fresh foods at your fingertips. To enter, simply fill out the form below and tell us in the comments on this post what you love most about the Westinghouse 605L Stainless Steel French Door Fridge and why we should pick you!

Win a Westinghouse 605L Stainless Steel French Door Fridge, valued at $2,899!

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Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Jiana Sumner
    Jiana SumnerReply

    I would love this fridge as ours has broken shelves and is taped together and is currently so loud I think it is dying. I always dreamed of a french door fridge and having a water dispenser on the door is amazing. I love that it dispenses ice so I don’t have to fight with hubby about not refilling the ice tray.

    • Avatar of Claire Emma
      Claire EmmaReply

      The huge capacity would allow me to make more meals for my hubby to take on his night shift and I would no longer have to squish all the groceries in with them falling out each time I open the door! We’re desperate for a new fridge after our current one got battered in a shipping container when we shipped it and it now has a large crack inside and numerous dents externally but the insurance wouldn’t cover it.

      • Avatar of Carolyn Pease
        Carolyn PeaseReply

        I originally had a Westinghouse which was replaced with another brand and have had nothing but problems with it. Would love to have a Westinghouse again!!

        • Avatar of Christine Burch
          Christine BurchReply

          Totally agree, Westing House for fridges all the way!

    • Avatar of amanda harris
      amanda harrisReply

      It would be great to win a new fridge for my family because my kids eat so much that I need a new one .

    • Avatar of Yourpalsal

      Cold water on tap would be brilliant to encourage my teens to hydrate and stop drinking awful fizzy drink.

      • Avatar of Rita graham

        I would soo love this fridge as my son and his 2 children have moved in with us cold water on tap would be GREAT

    • Avatar of Tiani

      Oh I would love a French door fridge. Upside down fridges look so much more convienient, it is super good looking fridge, especially compared to mine which seal keeps coming loose and door shelves are gaffa taped together. Good luck everyone!

    • Avatar of Leisa

      With 6 kids my poor fridge is open continuously for water especially during summer. I can only dream of how fantastic it would be to have the water dispenser on the outside it would save me yelling at the kids all day to hurry up and close the fridge door.

    • Avatar of Fiona

      Id luvthis my fridge died with summer coming up and 3 kidsthis would be awesome to have not have to shop everyday

    • Avatar of Fiona

      I need this awesome fridge mine died with summer 2 mnths away i need a fridge my 3 kids would be wrapped to have thisstunnung fridge so i dont have to shop everyday my kids are 15.17.19 are always asking we need a fridge forsummer to be able to have chilled water in summer

    • Avatar of Nini Watkins
      Nini WatkinsReply

      On tap ice maker! You’ve literally saved my marriage! That and the adjustable space options. No more food hiding in the back of the fridge, squashed, old and mouldy. I will actually be saving money, with this organised and so very stylish fridge.

    • Avatar of Aldo

      Love the design aesthetics and functionality that this exemplifies… along with the clever use of technology and storage space.

    • Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
      Barbara FehmelReply

      I love the easy way the French doors open, o great for an older person to cope with. I have family come all the time, and this would allow me to have a large fridge stocked well.

    • Avatar of Debbie Hoffman
      Debbie HoffmanReply

      Our current fridge/freezer with water and ice dispenser has been fantastic but is over 12 years old and well past it’s due by date

    • Avatar of Katrina Stanton
      Katrina StantonReply

      The doors swing both ways. The fine lines of a Perfect Fridge, The Capacity Awesome. Everything at your finger tips. French in my kitchen. What more can I say. You should pick me, because I am a Westinghouse Fan.

    • Avatar of Michelle Williams
      Michelle WilliamsReply

      I would love a new fridge, currently trying to save for a house and our fridge is slowly dying (17 years old this year), would love to spoil the family with this (and still save some money), the water dispenser will make drink making so much easier for my children (and me so I can put my feet up occasionally and encourage their fresh water intake).

    • Avatar of Jasmin Inglis
      Jasmin InglisReply

      I love the ice dispenser and the French door design this would make the perfect fridge/house warming present for when I move from living remote to have my baby

    • Avatar of Sarah krik

      I would love the westinghouse fridge as my fridge died recently with a fortnights worth of food shopping inside it. I had to spent hours cleaning my boyfriends outside grotty beer fridge to keep our food in.

    • Avatar of Rachel

      I am planning to buy my first home soon and a brand new fridge would be perfect! A home deposit is expensive and so is a mortgage so if I won this fridge I’d be forever grateful.

    • Avatar of Kim Cassidy
      Kim CassidyReply

      Hot QLD days + instant cold water & ice = super chilled out family ! We are dreaming about this !!

    • Avatar of Jan

      Love the space and design. The French doors are stylish and the ice dispenser is pretty awesome. Great for those summer G&T’s.

      • Avatar of Dizi

        Innovative design!! Although our current Westinghouse is still working fine after 30+ years, an update would be awesome!!! : )

        • Avatar of Lydia

          I am desperate for a new fridge … I go to bed at night wondering if I’m going to wake up to water all over my kitchen floor because of the horrible noises my 13 year old fridge makes!

    • Avatar of MARY WHITTA
      MARY WHITTAReply


    • Avatar of Debbie

      With everyone in the family having different diets… Vegetarian vs gluten free vs meat lovers vs loads of fruit and vegetables! I can’t find anything in our fridge…. Full on search just for the butter. The french style doors would be amazing, We could all see everything in the fridge! Dreaming of how easy life would be with a water dispenser. Xx

    • Avatar of Melinda L Scott
      Melinda L ScottReply

      Our family really needs a new fridge, our current one is on the fritz and our weekly grocery shop never seems to fit!

      I love that the Westinghouse French Door fridge comes with adjustable shelving to fit more and to suit what groceries you may have that week. The auto ice maker would be a luxury, my 2 year old is always asking for ice in her drink and I never seem to remember to fill it up when it’s empty.

    • Avatar of Jon

      I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Puts my current fridge to shame. I have almost no freezer space for meal preps for the kids or anything :(.

    • Avatar of Lee

      I do not own a fridge . My ex husband took mine. So tgisbwould be fabulous and way better than the won we had. Would love to show him that i have a fridge with all the fabulous features this has. Especially the cold water.

    • Avatar of Elisabeth Brown
      Elisabeth BrownReply

      Every time I open my jolly freezer something falls out on my head or my toe.

    • Avatar of Meagan

      Ice and water dispenser! So easy and family friendly heading into summer!

    • Avatar of Braiden Gundlach
      Braiden GundlachReply

      I would absolutely love this fridge as I’m currently looking for a house to move into and would be so grateful to have this in whichever house I end up choosing. Also can’t get enough of the French door style fridges!

    • Avatar of Kerry Prior
      Kerry PriorReply

      Love knowing I am able to configure the interior to suit my needs and also that the doors are not being opened every five minutes to get a drink is a must for me.. Who wouldn’t love a new stylish French door fridge!

    • Avatar of sandy Johnston
      sandy JohnstonReply

      I love all the features of this fridge, but i must have the ice dispenser feature, I would love a roomier fridge.

    • Avatar of Annie

      This fridge would be heaven sent. Our current fridge is a Westinghouse that is 24 yrs old. It has been amazing but is on its last legs. This new fridge would suit all our needs and because it is a Westinghouse I know it will last a very long time. Plus the space and the ice and water features will help us survive our hot queensland summers.

    • Avatar of Stephanie Ciempka
      Stephanie CiempkaReply

      I have had a Westinghouse refrigerator for 20 years plus. We are desperate to up grade but we need early Santa’s Helper. I love my Westinghouse, friend say to purchase other brand names but the Westinghouse is so reliable.

    • Avatar of Sonya

      I have six amazing children aged from 22 down to 10 five still living at home would love an upgrade for two reasons
      1 my current fridge freezer doesn’t fit in the fridge area and is taking up space
      2 now the children are older they appreciate new household items and take pride in looking after them

    • Avatar of Amanda

      I want to win this fridge for my daughter who is just starting out. The perfect Housewarming gift!

    • Avatar of Bianca Hlavac

      Being super organized and having everything ready at hand when you need it can be such a chore for any parent. The household fridge can be such a headache when it comes to space, visability, organization,and being user friendly. How wonderful would it be to have a fridge that customizes to your family needs. Yes Please!

    • Avatar of SM1973

      One of the original and best brands in Australia. Like Australians….tough, durable and long lasting. Having all boys….you need a big fridge to hold all the food they inhale.

    • Avatar of naomi m

      love the sleek style of this fridge and the cool design of the inside for convenient storage

    • Avatar of Patrick Steere
      Patrick SteereReply

      Water on tap from the fridge. Never had that before and the kids would love it.

    • Avatar of Cherie Cooper

      Come on, come on, come on, come on
      (Together) our fridge has had its day
      (Together) new fridge is here, make way
      (Together) we’ll configure it for tiny hands
      (Together) we will make our plans
      (Together) wine and chocolate up high
      (Together) tell our old fridge goodbye
      (Together) we will start Mum life anew
      (Together) this is what we’ll do
      The kitchen is peaceful there
      (Go westinghouse) French doors for style and flair
      (Go Westinghouse ) Mum Central – Merci beaucoup
      (Go Westinghouse ) Betta Home Living – thanks in advance to you too
      (Go Westinghouse , this is what we’re gonna do, go Westinghouse)

      • Avatar of Sylvia Astor
        Sylvia AstorReply

        Oh Cherie, I love it that you have made this into a song that you can sing as a group. Adorable! Do you know where I can buy the album? Does the fridge come in magenta? Toss out that out fridge even from the penthouse apartment it’s no good goodbye sweet fridge

    • Avatar of Katie Kenny
      Katie KennyReply

      Our current fridge door no longer seals, the handle comes off and there just isn’t enough space to fit enough food to feed my 4 hungry children and allow them to work on their budding chef skills.

    • Avatar of Kate

      I love how much room this fridge has! Our fridge has hardly any space for just two adults. Now that our little one is getting old enough to need more meals and snacks ready to go in the fridge, this prize would be perfect, especially in our little house!

      • Avatar of Jade

        Kate, two adults should not be left in the fridge alone. Take them out to make room for your children’s snacks. Has your selfishness no bounds? Buy a bigger apartment or a mini beer fridge for the little one.

    • Avatar of Melissa

      Being able to fit platters in the fridge would be awesome. Seeing everything and knowing exactly what you have. Ice in an instant!!! No more ice trays in the freezer!

    • Avatar of N. Sailes

      The space, the organisation, the thought of never having to refill ice containers! It makes me feel happy. I don’t think I have a good enough reason to be chosen. Plenty of people who are deserving of it. It’d sure be nice to win though 🙂

    • Avatar of Cass

      This fridge looks amazing.
      What a great prize to win. Ours certainly does need updating

    • Avatar of FionaL

      This fridge is amazing- it fits into a regular space but has so many features
      spacious, and freezer at the bottom great all in one

    • Avatar of Tara Newlands
      Tara NewlandsReply

      I desperatrly need a new fridge with all shleves cracked on my old one. The Westinghouse has been my dream fridge for a while and would love to be able to cook fresh meals for my new bubba

    • Avatar of Yvonne Stewart
      Yvonne StewartReply

      With three young grandchildren who we actively encourage to drink mostly water the novelty of getting water through the fridge door would make it fun. Also the great capacity of the fridge we would be able to store more fresh fruit and vegetables which they love

    • Avatar of Rebecca woods
      Rebecca woodsReply

      Currently living with my partners Aunty while we build our house, recently had our second child a new fridge would be great for our new home and growing family. Our old one was never big enough and didn’t have a crisper, I love to cook and always have fresh veggies in the fridge. The westing house fridge would enable me to keep my veggies longer and always have fresh meals for my family as well as looking fantastic in our new kitchen!!

    • Avatar of Janis white
      Janis whiteReply

      My old Hoover yes Hoover is 30 years old and the old girl struggles time for her to rest while I enjoy this stunning new fridge

    • Avatar of Tiffany Johnston
      Tiffany JohnstonReply

      I would love this fridge as I’m buying a house and would love a lovely new fridge for it also needed a bigger fridge as i am hooding to extend my family soon and I love the style of it

    • Avatar of Dimi Trantopoulos
      Dimi TrantopoulosReply

      Our fridge is 10 years old and its time for an upgrade as its too small. My entire family has had Westinghouse and been happy over the years and fully recommend Westinghouse. This has all the features I would love in a new fridge.

    • Avatar of Nari Moeller
      Nari MoellerReply

      I absolutely love the french doors aswell as the the water dispenser and being able to rearrange the shelves and draws is such a bonus and considering our fridge is leeking and most definitely on the way out we would be super greatful to win this beautiful fridge. 🙂

    • Avatar of Jamie Davidson
      Jamie DavidsonReply

      I would absolutely love to win this fridge as the built in water dispenser will mean not having to fetch my daughter a million cups of water a day 🙂

    • Avatar of Samantha

      I was diagnosed Coeliac after having my 1st child – the change in our diet has been huge (and for the better really!). Our fridge is now bursting at the seams every week with fresh fruit and veg. Plus I cook all the kids snacks (i have found my body doesn’t like processed sugar either) and the adult snacks. (Read wine.) Sigh…..

    • Avatar of Shanelle Harris
      Shanelle HarrisReply

      I’ve never owned a new fridge! I would love one, plus a real sized fridge- our current one is not a full size fridge but not a bar fridge- definitely not big enough to fit a weeks shopping in! So frustrating!!!

    • Avatar of Tammy Tumeth
      Tammy TumethReply

      I would love to win the Westinghouse fridge, the water filter, ice maker and added extras would make meal prepping easier for this busy mum.

    • Avatar of Annette Taylor
      Annette TaylorReply

      The French door Westinghouse Fridge is a stylish, sleek and compact. Compact and durable shelving for the Family in accessing food and drinks items in a no fuss method saving time, power and waste. The water dispenser for ice and water an integral part of the fine craftsmanship in bringing together the highest quality white good.

    • Avatar of Denise O'Hagan

      I have a terrible fridge that leaks water all over the kitchen floor constantly,and chews through the electricity like a piranha,(very bad for the environment too) I dream of winning this beautiful Westinghouse fridge, ooh LA LA,to be the proud new owner of such an awesome appliance would change my life. Thank you for giving me the chance.

    • Avatar of Ruth Warner
      Ruth WarnerReply

      Gobsmacked such creative Betta features fit in a 90cm fridge space.
      Fridge of the Future – Come live with me.
      Why pick me?
      Because your doors – I adore.

    • Avatar of Nat

      Having just moved from Tasmania to Queensland to be closer to family I realise I would dearly love this fridge. Everyone will be coming to my place for Christmas and I don’t think my old fridge will cope with the heat. Adding to that three growing children are always raiding the fridge so if it ends up at ours it will get plenty of use!

    • Avatar of Ros

      I love how much room it has with 2 kids now we are always struggling with fridge space

    • Avatar of Angela Marie
      Angela MarieReply

      This fridge would really lift my whole kitchen. I love the french door design which apart from looking on trend is so practical. I love the beautiful sleek lines and the design of the interior compartment layout.
      And to top it all off it also dispenses water..
      But to be honest it had me at french door.

    • Avatar of Kylie Heath
      Kylie HeathReply

      We have moved out of a caravan into a house with our three children in Darwin and have not yet been able to get our shipping containers from SA. A new Westinghouse fridge with a external water/ice option in this climate would be awesome as kids alway going to fridge for water. Would be lovely to also renovate kitchen and be complete with a new fridge.

    • Avatar of Amanda Carson
      Amanda CarsonReply

      I love the fridge can fit into a standard 90cm space – amazing since it looks so big. Love the ice cubes and filtered water. What luxuries. We have never had a fridge anything like this one and we would love to show this fridge off to all our family and friends. It would be a well appreciated and loved fridge.

    • Avatar of Julie Hickson
      Julie HicksonReply

      There is a turf war between us and our much loved but spirited cat about who controls the fridge. She can open the door on our tired old fridge….and does., regularly. Ah, but how this sleek, gorgeous, spacious, shiny, stainless steel Westinghouse French Door Fridge with off the floor doors would foil her. The food would be safe, the water cold and our life a whole lot Betta!

    • Avatar of Jo S

      We’re currently using a third hand fridge that can’t fit everything we need into it. The absolute space in this fridge would be amazing and would allow me to easily meal prep for a week at a time instead of cooking every day.

    • Avatar of damo

      would love this fridge if for no other reason than the water dispenser would eliminate the need for 30 bottles of water in our fridge every day……

  2. Avatar of Kate Slack

    The 605L capacity so much room to fit all my food and be able to organise it and find what i am looking for, please pick me as this would fit perfectly in my new house!

  3. Avatar of Melissa

    More space for food for our kids! Can’t wait to fill it

  4. Avatar of Emma

    I would love the fact it’s brand new!! Never had anew fridge before. Ours has seals ripped.

  5. Avatar of Cath007

    This fridge was be awesome as I wouldn’t have to bend down multiple times a day to get things out of the fridge everything is at waist height !! Yippee it would save my back

  6. Avatar of Renata

    Its Maximum Fresh Food Storage, I admire,
    FlexStor storage I desire,
    Fit for an entertaining queen,
    Westinghouse 605 L French Door Fridge, my dream.

  7. Avatar of Rebecca Maree Solomon
    Rebecca Maree SolomonReply

    I’d love a new fridge, currently my fridge has a short term fix as it keeps shorting out my house. So I’m using this and a 3rd had fridge that things are either warm or frozen. I love the pull out freezer drawers. So much room. My current freezer has minimal room, so only small things fit.

  8. Avatar of Kirsty Marshall
    Kirsty MarshallReply

    Would be a great addition to our mental house hold! I feel like a mother losing my mind trying to fit our weekly shops in our current small fridge!

    It would be a great addition, hopefully we’re lucky enough!

    Thank you for the opportunity:)

  9. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny WoodsReply

    Would love to win this beautiful 605L capacity fridge for my son & his family. They have just had a lot of expense replacing the oven & stove top & getting the bathroom fixed & now their fridge is on it’s last legs. The FlexStor™ adjustable storage would be a real advantage for them as they can configure the shelves and door bins to any height and position they want. At the moment everything just gets shoved in wherever it will fit!!

  10. Avatar of Alexandram

    I just love the water and ice filter no need to worry about running out especially in the hot qld summer. I’m a full time working mum with a shift working husband so this would be perfect for me so I can cook up a massive batch of food every Sunday and I would have plenty of meals for my self and my 2 girls and room for plenty of dinners for hubby.

  11. Avatar of Kellee Graham
    Kellee GrahamReply

    I love that you wouldn’t have to pull out 4 things to find one jar up the back; with this much room and storage you could see the entire contents as soon as you open the door. Plus wide enough to store a platter…fridge heaven!

  12. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole WoodsReply

    I love that the fridge is on top because it’s used much more than the freezer. Oh, and the French doors are genius! No need to let all the coolness out when you just want to grab the milk for a coffee.

    • Avatar of 9

      We would love a new big fridge for our new home. Our current one is tiny, not big ebough for our growing family

  13. Avatar of Lana S

    I love the design, both inside and out! Also love that is has an ice/water maker

  14. Avatar of Sara

    I loooove the french doors on top, and also love that it can fit wide platters in it, great for entertaining or for chilling slices etc when cooking lunchbox snacks!

  15. Avatar of Joe crisafulli
    Joe crisafulliReply

    Lots of things are better in two’s…like eyes, ears & doors on awesome fridges!

  16. Avatar of Amanda Giffard
    Amanda GiffardReply

    I love that the shelves are height adjustable! Our current fridge isn’t very flexible when it comes to storing high foods such as three layered cakes and Im a bit of a baker so this feature would be fantastic! My food loving family would definitely put it through its paces and see just how flexible it can be! No more stacking foods on top of each other due to lack of storage space, this Westinghouse would be a dream come true, and it’s stylish too! Perfect!

  17. Avatar of louisa ward
    louisa wardReply

    Stylish, Cool. Fits in well, Packed full of goof stuff. These things cover both the Westinghouse 605 L Stainless Steel French Door Fridge and I.

  18. Avatar of Richard Cikursch
    Richard CikurschReply

    I sooo need the water and ice on tap,that would be the icing on the cake.

  19. Avatar of Briony

    That my little children can no longer stand on the bottom of the fridge to locate things in higher shelves. It’s sophisticated look and space, with 4 children space is so important.

  20. Avatar of Kelli

    This fridge would suit our family perfectly!! My children love ice and we go through so much of it in this house. Being able to fill your cup up at the door would encourage my whole family to drink more water. We have never owned a brand new fridge so that would be a luxury.

  21. Avatar of Kyliem

    We love Westinghouse. We currently have a small fridge that isn’t adequate for a family of 4. 2 kids that eat constantly we need more space. This fridge I absouletly love the French doors & the space that it provides.

  22. Avatar of Armanda

    You had me at ‘water on tap’…4 boys including a husband makes for a lot of eye rolling from me on a daily basis – I NEED this!!

  23. Avatar of Cheryle Wallker

    This Westinghouse 605 L stainless steel refrigerator would be wonderful to compliment my kitchen. Cold water on tap will be so convenient. Love the look and stylish finish.

  24. Avatar of Tracy

    I have loved our Westinghouse fridge for years but with a growing family would love a bigger fridge freezer combo with the fridge on the top. I’ve been waiting for a bigger kitchen to get dual fridge doors so this would be perfect!

  25. Avatar of Kylie

    My freezer door keeps getting stuck and we have lost thousands of dollars worth of meat but can’t afford a new fridge.

  26. Avatar of Kate McCrohan
    Kate McCrohanReply

    Because I am feeling a bit depressed today and a lovely new fridge would really cheer me up!

  27. Avatar of Tash

    I absolutely love the amount of storage space and the cold water tap! I could see the cool tap being such a ‘fun’ way to get my toddler to drink more water 🙂 (oh and would also be awesome not to have to always have water bottles around the house when you can just have that icy cold water on tap! ) We currently own a stainless steel Boschfridge which was perfect for us when it was just myself and my hubby but now that we have a toddler we are finding that it just does not have the storage space that we need.
    Would love love love a brand spanking new fridge!

  28. Avatar of JulieV

    I’d love to win this refrigerator as it’s sleek and stylish, would make my kitchen, which flows into my living area look so so much better. I crave a bigger fridge, one with cold water on demand and respect the quality of Westinghouse. Such a fantastic prize.

  29. Avatar of Rowan Barber
    Rowan BarberReply

    605L means I can do I big shop once a week and store it all, no more multiple trips to the shops means more time for the more important stuff. Thank you 🙂

  30. Avatar of Kate Kelly

    My daggy old hand me down fridge has seen better days. It’s door hinge has been bolted, its turned yellow with age and the kids drawings that are stuck to it are years old.
    Pretty please with a cherry on top pick me!

  31. Avatar of Natasha

    I would love to win this fridge as it’s been on my wishlist for so long. Our fridge is way overdue for an upgrade and we would love to win it.

  32. Avatar of Hannah Rose
    Hannah RoseReply

    We have been looking to buy this fridge so we can have something more energy efficient (old leaky fridge, I’m looking at you) . It has a fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish which means less cleaning grubby hand marks, and that’s definitely a win for me!

  33. Avatar of Vivienne Cox
    Vivienne CoxReply

    Love the French door design and the clever features, would be just in time for our kitchen reno – pick me!

  34. Avatar of Melissa V

    Love the look of this fridge. Will look great in our new kitchen and come in handy for our first time hosting Christmas.

  35. Avatar of Courtney may
    Courtney mayReply

    I would love to win this new fridge to go in my new shiny kitchen in my brand new house. Three hungry boys are always looking for food to eat so I’d love this spacious fridge to keep filled with fresh, healthy food for growing boys. Cold water and ice at the press of a button is also a great way to keep our water intake up. Beautiful, stylish design, pick me please!!

  36. Avatar of Katie Steele
    Katie SteeleReply

    What an amazing fridge! I kicked myself when I bought mine because I bought too small! It’s all about storage – something this fridge has and something we so need! Well done Westinghouse!

  37. Avatar of Kay Borg

    With our growing family it is time to update our fridge to something more practical. This beauty would not only look great but allow us to be a lot more organised!

  38. Avatar of Gurpreet Kaur
    Gurpreet KaurReply

    It would be an awesome addition to our new home . Love the look and stainless steel will add beauty to my new kitchen .

  39. Avatar of Rachel Tyrrell
    Rachel TyrrellReply

    I love the water feature, my boys love drinking their water and it would make it so much easier for them

  40. Avatar of Rebecca Stretton
    Rebecca StrettonReply

    We’ve owned our current fridge since we first got married over 10 years ago, and before that it belonged to my parents! To say we’re overdue an upgrade is an understatement of epic proportions haha

  41. Avatar of Rebecca Lewis
    Rebecca LewisReply

    We would love this fridge! As a growing family of 6, our current fridge NEVER has enough room! We are constantly having to pick stuff up from the shops!

  42. Avatar of Bev Adams

    I love the bottle shelf as these hog all the shelf space in our current fridge. Also the two crisper would allow members to better sort fruit and vege.

  43. Avatar of Jess

    I am IN LOVE with how customisable this fridge is! We are still using my husband’s Great Grandmother’s hand-me-down fridge that has only one door shelf left and mysteriously makes gurgling water sounds. We’ve talked about painting over the stained outside but feel like Murphy’s Law will see us with the fridge’s inevitable death as soon as we do.

  44. Avatar of Melinda van Vuuren
    Melinda van VuurenReply

    My husband thinks that if we have fridge with a water dispenser on the outside we have truly made it. Please help me make his dreams come true!!

  45. Avatar of Jo

    I love this fridge for its sleek, modern design. I’ve just moved into a brand new house, which has all of the plumbing needed for this fridge.
    There’s no reason why you should pick me over anyone else, I think we are all deserving of a little luxury in our lives! 🙂

  46. Avatar of Kierra Wood
    Kierra WoodReply

    Wow! What a fantastic fridge! We have a large family plus live with 2 others of my family 🙂 it’s a busy, amazing household filled with love and support! However, being the main food provider that I am, I find trying to fit the groceries in our current fridge awfully as hard as it is to feed the 8 (almost to be 9!) of us! This would be an utter blessing for sure!!

    • Avatar of Kierra Wood
      Kierra WoodReply

      So I definitely feel the size and spaciousness is just one of the amazing features of this fridge!

  47. Avatar of Mark J

    I’ve always loved stainless steel fridges and this one is a beauty! 🙂

    Love the fact that the freezer is a drawer on the bottom … way better than on the side or the top, and the ice dispenser is a winner too 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!

  48. Avatar of Gemma

    Water on tap to keep hydrated coming into summer and a great size fridge for a large family.

  49. Avatar of Cara Wheaton
    Cara WheatonReply

    I love everything about this beautiful 605litre Westinghouse frenchdoor fridge. The internal size is impressive, looks great in the stainless steel finish, the ice and water external access is a bonus and the most exciting thing is that it fits a normal 90 cm kitchen cavity. Just perfect for my kitchen.

  50. Avatar of Trudy Scott
    Trudy ScottReply

    We are are a large family and hosting Christmas would be so much easier with all the extra fridge space. love the wide space for platters in the new French door fridge.

  51. Avatar of Sarah Coleman
    Sarah ColemanReply

    I would love this fridge in our new kitchen. We are planning a new addition with galley kitchen and this would look spectacular! Love the water feature too, this would be so great and encourage the whole family to drink more of the best drink available!

  52. Avatar of Tammie

    Love the French doors, more space and the water dispenser. Makes it easier for all of us to drink more water. Great idea Westinghouse.

  53. Avatar of Kelly Nelson
    Kelly NelsonReply

    Currently have Westinghouse French door that I absolutely love but we have moved into our dream home and are waiting one with water in the fridge door now that we have the plumbing to accommodate it. And the fact that it makes the ice automatically when it is also plumbed is another huge feature. This is the fridge that I have been saving for.

  54. Avatar of Sandie Gill
    Sandie GillReply

    We are on desperate need of a new fridge. With the expenses of a child with ASD not in the budget to afford a new fridge.

  55. Avatar of Ryan

    I think its great that you can configure the shelves and door bins to any height and position that suits our family needs. We need the fridge to accommodate our four children and their ever growing stomachs. Our current fridge is too small and we’re in the need of something far more suitable such as the Westinghouse French door fridge.

  56. Avatar of Abigail

    As a mother of four hungry young ones, I see the Westinghouse French door fridge as the answer to my prayers. Featuring adjustable storage solutions is a lifesaver when trying to organise school lunches as plan around ‘fussy eaters’, this is perfect for us. It will also save us on any food wastage knowing and seeing what is in our fridge and what needs to be eaten prior to expiry.

  57. Avatar of George Farago
    George FaragoReply

    I love the most the French Doors design, and I desperately need to replace my 20+ year old fridge

  58. Avatar of Melinda Nathan Sweeper
    Melinda Nathan SweeperReply

    Love the water dispenser and modern look!!

  59. Avatar of Amanda

    It’s big enough to hold enough food to feed 2 teenage boys, and their friends!

  60. Avatar of Georgios B

    I love the french doors and spacious compartments. My wife has back issues and our current top mounted fridge is very uncomfortable for her. It’s also collecting moisture, so we’re looking for a replacement. This is perfect for us in every aspect.

  61. Avatar of Alice Frederick
    Alice FrederickReply

    The space! To fit in all the food to feed my three hungry boys. And the self close draw for when my hands are too full!

  62. Avatar of Cara

    I love that it is stand size but packs. Punch with storage! With 3 boys in our family room in the fridge is super important as they eat so much but no matter where we may move next we should be able to fit our fridge in! Also the water on tap is also amazing and may increase our water intake!

  63. Avatar of Sarah Benson
    Sarah BensonReply

    I LOVE it fits into a 90cm space and that it has a water dispenser! We desperately need one, picture gaffa tape and bluetack!

  64. Avatar of Susannah Dellaverde
    Susannah DellaverdeReply

    Oh god where do I begin? We moved into a rental property with the landlords fridge here and thought great! No need to buy a new fridge!
    Turns out I hate the fridge. The vegetable/fruit drawer is broken. The fridge is always stuffed full and some of the side compartments are missing. The side area in the door isn’t large enough for tall bottles. The freezer doesn’t fit anything as it’s separated into small compartments. I’d love to shove it in the garage and never use it again!!
    I’d love this fridge as I’d love to have an organised fridge. Having dedicated veggie and fruit areas would be awesome. And I know my son would go bananas over the ice water! That would save us buying boxes of water every week and save space.

  65. Avatar of Charmaine Goodman
    Charmaine GoodmanReply

    Our kids love our counter top water chiller which we have to constantly refill. A fridge with built in chilled water dispenser would be awesome

  66. Avatar of Zoe

    I’d absolutely love to win this fridge. Due with my second and will have to move out of home, this fridge has ample amount of freezer space for meal preps and frozen breastmilk.. it would be a dream come true

  67. Avatar of Tisa Dartora
    Tisa DartoraReply

    With a growing family we are now struggling to find space in the fridge to store all the fresh food and all the baby food. This fridge is not only sleek and stylish, it has all the space we need!

  68. Avatar of sharyn williams
    sharyn williamsReply

    i love the design and the amount of crisper space for fresh fruit and vegies – we have a vegie patch and always needing room in the fridge for our harvest so this fridge is absolutely perfect for us

  69. Avatar of Roziana Nordin
    Roziana NordinReply

    Yes a new fridge will be dream come true. Would love an upgrade from our old one. With more capacity to store more food for the whole family is great. Yes please!

  70. Avatar of K Lawry

    Id love a new Westinghouse fridge., I’ve never had a new fridge. My nan gave me her fridge (Westinghouse) when I got married 23 years ago and I still have it. It’s still working and has never let me down-couldn’t ask for a better brand of fridge.

  71. Avatar of KathrynW

    I love that this Fridge fits on a 90cm space, has a drink dispenser so the kids can get their own drinks. It would be fantastic to replace our 19 year old fridge from my single days.

  72. Avatar of Sabrina F

    OMG having a Westinghouse fridge would be a dream compared to our current broken down fridge.

  73. Avatar of Jon

    I love the bottom mount freezer compartment so you don’t need to bend your back when you need to access the fridge compartment.

  74. Avatar of Audrey

    I open my current fridge door and what do I see?
    A half empty bottle of sauce, relishes, whilted vegetables and a broken shelf.
    I close the door.
    My mind tells me to open the fridge to feed the kids.
    I’m sure this time, there will be food, food that was invisible just a second ago. Food that I will see, if I look hard enough.
    I grab the white cracked handle and give it a pull. Wide open swings the door to reveal the door on the floor.
    A tap on the shoulder reminds me that there are better days ahead.
    I close the fridge.
    I close my eyes
    I dream a dream
    A brand new Westinghouse 605L Fridge, feels like walking over a bridge of rainbows.
    A fridge where the kids can help themselves to cold water and one that eliminates food waste certainly has my taste!
    We would be honoured to be picked as the chosen family to live a Betta life with a Westinghouse..

  75. Avatar of Linda C

    I love the size and the double doors. Absolutely perfect to hold all our fresh foods. A great replacement for our tired old fridge.

  76. Avatar of Elyssia

    We’ve had our Westinghouse fridge for 14 years and it’s on it’s way out. I would love to replace it with a new one. This one has so much more storage!!

  77. Avatar of Nat H

    Ooh la la … French door style fridge,
    This Mumma will be dancin’ the “Moulin Food”,
    because I “can, can” adjust shelving with Flexstor storage …. Westinghouse deserves some high kicks for this beauty!

  78. Avatar of Carly Geer

    The Westinghouse 605ltr stainless steel fridge not only looks amazing but has so much storage, everything is easily accessible and best of all we wouldn’t have to remodel the kitchen (although that would be a good excuse.) Our 520ltr fridge just isn’t big enough, seals need replacing and it leaks! We need this fridge in our lives it can be my third baby the hubby keeps pestering me for 😉

  79. Avatar of Georgia Stanton
    Georgia StantonReply

    The size, the quality & brand name. You just can’t go wrong with a Westinghouse product, would love to win 🙂

  80. Avatar of Janice Hammill
    Janice HammillReply

    Thank you Betta
    Thank you Westinghouse.
    So sparkly and spacious yet compact and energy efficient….
    Just perfect for our family.

  81. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love the storage room, and the large vegetable crisper.
    I also like the large freezer at the bottom.

  82. Avatar of Kylie Reid

    The water on tap would be amazing!! And also the capacity!! My 2 growing boys are eating (and drinking) me out of house and home!!

  83. Avatar of Tracy

    I love everything about this stylish fridge. I really like the fact that it makes icecubes, especially because it seems poor mum ( me ) is the only family member capable of doing this! I love the French doors, ooh la la! I really like that I can choose where the shelves and storage containers go and the stainless steel finish is the icing on the cake. I really need this fridge because my one is too small, and an outdated relic.

    • Avatar of Tracy Mackay
      Tracy MackayReply

      Should have wrote both names as there are other Tracy’s commenting.

  84. Avatar of Matej Pribelsky
    Matej PribelskyReply

    I LOOOOVE that chilled water dispenser. Trying to keep up the drinking regime write be hell of a lot easier with this nifty feature!

  85. Avatar of Michelle

    Our fridge was damaged in a house fire. Havn’t been able to get a new one, so this would be much appreciated!!

  86. Avatar of Nicole

    The space to be able to store food and cater for family events!

  87. Avatar of Susie

    This is the fridge we’ve been waiting for!!! Our current fridge has a broken chiller compartment & a freezer that is like playing a game of ‘Tetris’ to stack!! Not to mention the dodgy seals!!! My girls’ lives would be complete with a fridge with a water dispenser

  88. Avatar of Baila

    With a family of 6 kids, growing quickly, and our current fridge being over 22 years old, we are in desperate need of a new fridge that will fit in all the food a family my size goes through.

  89. Avatar of B. Howard

    I love that it has so much space but is still compact, I’d love to win this fridge for my Mum and replace the old one which is getting on a bit now and quite small.

  90. Avatar of Emma Harris
    Emma HarrisReply

    Where do I start with what I love about the Westinghouse 605L stainless steel French door fridge? It’s a classy looking fridge and after doing a bit of research on it I’ld absolutely love to own one! I love the fact that it has a special coating that prevents messy fingerprints (seriously amazing). Being a stay at home mum I particularly live in the kitchen and would very much appreciate having extra space in my fridge. I love the easily adjustable compartments. When entertaining at home I could finally prepare a large platter in advance that would fit nicely with the French doors and ild then have more time on my hands to actually enjoy having guests around instead of being stuck in the kitchen. Out of all the great features that this fridge has to offer i’ld have to say my favourite would be the family safe lockable storage compartment WOW such a great idea to safely store medicines and finally a safe place to hide my chocolate stash from the kids. I really really really want to win this fridge. I currently only have a smaller fridge which is stored in a double fridge space ☹️ it actually is a bit depressing how much of an eyesore it is. Pick me to win please

  91. Avatar of Taylor. R

    I loooooove the wide open shelving to making it easy to put big pots and platters straight into the fridge. Being severely chronically ill, a new big efficient fridge and freezer would be a life saver in storing pre-prepared meals preserving bulk food for the times when my illness takes over and makes daily cooking impossible.

  92. Avatar of Kelly power
    Kelly powerReply

    We live in a rural area. This fridge would allow us to stock up and not have to drive the 200 kms to ger groceries so often

  93. Avatar of Jessica H

    I love that it’s stainless steel because somehow I manage to stain everything. Not even joking — yesterday I looked up at the ceiling and saw chocolate stains from when I was using the electric mixer on some chocolate cake batter. Yes, I stained my ceiling with chocolate. Hmm. I’ll probably figure out a way to stain the stainless steel too. Oh and the water dispenser is epic too.

  94. Avatar of Di Rudge

    Westinghouse is a trusted household name thats been in families for a long time. This marvelous fridge is just another example of their brilliant products. It would be amazing to win and have on display in my kitchen.

  95. Avatar of BelindaW

    I would love this fridge to get some organisation happening in my fridge.
    It is so stylish, it will give my kitchen that I have my own cooking show feel to it 🙂

  96. Avatar of Nat

    With a growing family we need to grow our fridge! We’ve built a house so have this great gap but a tiny fridge with no freezer and it’s plumbed ready and waiting for this baby!

  97. Avatar of Stephb

    Every time I open our fridge I have a fight with it! There is no storage and nothing is adjustable! I want a fridge that I can have a good relationship with! And the kids will love the ice and water!

  98. Avatar of Lexi

    Our 21 year old Westinghouse fridge has nearly given up – one overloaded Christmas too many and a constant rotation of hungry kids opening the door – not helping. I LOVE the huge capacity is made to fit in a 90cm fridge cavity, it’s a French door fridge dream come true – so smart, so roomy. Cold champers for everyone this Christmas!

  99. Avatar of sharron smith
    sharron smithReply

    that Size it’s like going from a flat to a 4 bedroom home i could get lost no really i can bulk buy save money Westinghouse you are brilliant

  100. Avatar of Sann Watts

    Westinghouse brand is synonymous with quality, tradition and durability.
    I must be made of stainless steel to tolerate the fridge I have now.
    I really fancy a new dependable kitchen partner!

  101. Avatar of Karren

    We have a sixteen year old Westinghouse Fridge that has been brilliant but she is tired and her seals are giving in. I love the water feature as we always buy bottled water so that would stop which would save a ton of money.Plus the design looks amazing.I would lpove tthis so much .

  102. Avatar of Racquel

    My sister has one and its awesome. So convenient cold drinks at your fingertips. Great storage and easy to clean. Id love one too so i can have an iced cold drink anytime.

  103. Avatar of Jade O

    I’ve always dreamed of having fridge with a water dispenser, it’s always reminded me of the Jetsons, so futuristic! Plus the large capacity is perfect for the upcoming festive celebrations.

  104. Avatar of Simone Christensen
    Simone ChristensenReply

    We would love this fridge as it would fit perfectly in our 90cm fridge space (we currently have a smaller, broken fridge sitting in there). The water on tap and the storage space would be awesome for my family. However, my favourite aspect is the french doors. I would love to finally be able to fit large trays etc into our fridge at Christmas time.

  105. Avatar of marie

    Sleek, efficient, good looking and durable! Just how I like my men….uhh, fridges!

  106. Avatar of Megan B

    What a prize! This fridge oozes luxury! Who wouldn’t want a sexy fridge like this in their kitchen! Not only do I love it’s sleek & luxe look but the storage is fabulous & will certainly come in handy for our family of five! Time to say goodbye to our 13year old fridge & hello to this beauty!

  107. Avatar of Karen

    I love how compact it looks yet the capacity is amazing, would suit our family perfectly and would look perfect in our new house we are currently building.

  108. Avatar of Mel

    My fridge is small old and dented, I love that this one is so spacious!

  109. Avatar of Carrie

    I absolutely love the French door style, the flexible storage options and the large capacity without physically taking up a lot of space. I’ve been wishing for a bigger fridge ever since having kids!! It would suit our family perfectly.

  110. Avatar of Amber Pratten
    Amber PrattenReply

    I would love a Westinghouse fridge/ freezer, as our current one is not big enough to stock all our food in. As I am a university student and a mum buying in bulk is so much cheaper and easier, however hard to accomplish due to the lack of space. I would love one as the water dispenser would be amazing and is easy to use, so it would help encourage my son to drink more water.
    Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone.

  111. Avatar of Bj

    The moment we saw an ad for one of these fridges my wife has been constantly bringing it up in conversation. She is amazed at how you can change the placing of the storage options in the fridge (and I honestly think it is genius). Winning this fridge would not only mean we can upgrade our lovely, about-to-die fridge we got from my great-grandmother, but it also means that maybe it will be my turn next to choose a home appliance!

  112. Avatar of Anna

    I love the space capacity of this fridge! Any mum would know how valuable a tiny spot in the fridge is!

  113. Avatar of Amanda

    I am in my late fifties and I have never had a new fridge. Just once I would love to have a new one and what a fridge to have as my first.

  114. Avatar of Diana Kiss

    I absolutely adore the FlexSpace feature, as every grocery shop is always a challenge to fit all the food in! The Westinghouse 605L Stainless Steel French Door Fridge will be able to handle a Kiss family food haul with such ease and class!

  115. Avatar of Salman

    I love the capacity and the french style door of this fridge! My wife always wanted this style of fridge !

  116. Avatar of Courtney McClymont
    Courtney McClymontReply

    With expressed milk, baby food and our general requirements a bigger fridge/freezer is our next item on that never ending ‘list’.

  117. Avatar of Ashley

    Great looking fridge with plenty of space and I love the water dispenser

    • Avatar of Nisha

      I would love to win this because I have a very small fridge and always wanted to upgrade it to a big one because if it’s space.i always struggle to fit things in the small one.this would be a great gift to our new home

  118. Avatar of Jaz

    I just love French door fridges – so much space for our growing family!

  119. Avatar of Logan

    I have six kids and a ridiculously tiny fridge. So what I love most is the size of the fruit and vegetable drawers and the spots where you put the milk in! As the kids eat so much. It’s a real art form just getting more than a few days worth of food to fit in. I would love to not have to shop so often.

  120. Avatar of Anne

    The size… I love the massive 605L size! I would finally be able to fit in all of the cold groceries when I come home from doing a big weekly shop 🙂

  121. Avatar of ANGELA mcneilly
    ANGELA mcneillyReply

    With a large family the fridge is probably the most used appliance in the house and asa result we need one the is practical functional and reliabie and Westinhouse ticks all the boxes

  122. Avatar of Tricia Hayley
    Tricia HayleyReply

    Love the huge capacity! I’m a keen cook and having a large fridge freezer stocked up is exactly what I need when I feel like cooking up a storm for my family.

    • Avatar of Tricia Hayley
      Tricia HayleyReply

      Also love that the freezer is bottom mounted, makes for an energy efficient refrigerator.

  123. Avatar of Brioney Kirby
    Brioney KirbyReply

    I would love being able to fit my big platters into the fridge … have wonderful wedding gifts that rarely get used. Water and Ice in tap is fabulous coming into summer too!

  124. Avatar of Jessie James Wynn
    Jessie James WynnReply

    French door 900 wide fridge – genius Westinghouse ! Yes please!

  125. Avatar of Melody Burey
    Melody BureyReply

    Awesome news, a fridge with french doors for a narrow space. My dream come true. I could not afford to renovate my kitchen and I desperately need to replace my current leaky old fridge. This would make my kitchen look stylish and modern.

  126. Avatar of Tarryn C

    Best part about this fridge is that it’s my perfect design! Has double door fridge opening with the drawer freezer, with water tap and I could customise the shelving inside to suit my needs! It’s like design a fridge! Love it

  127. Avatar of Lauren

    I would to have space in my fridge and freezer. I still have the small fridge I got after uni. Which was fine for me, but now we are a family of 4. I would love to be able to freeze more meals. As I return to work, so I’m organised for the week.
    Also it looks really really nice, and would make my kitchen look awesome.

  128. Avatar of Laura

    Love the clever draws to make storing food a breeze. I imagine fitting all the groceries in with ease. A new fridge when all my past have been secondhand is quite the dream. I can’t wait to see my brand new stainless steel gleam

  129. Avatar of Angela M

    It’s huge, with so much space. And it would allow me to organize the fridge the way I like it. And the water filter… how cool is that????

  130. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy SpreadboroughReply

    Shut the front door! This fridge is the bomb!! What I wouldn’t give for the water and ice dispenser, that right there is the thing of dreams…well…my dreams! The no more rotten fruit at the back of the fridge is also very appealing! My daughter is forever wanting a drink but is too independent to wait for me to get it and ends up spilling it everywhere and my man child is incapable of refilling an ice cube tray once he’s used ALL the ice. Pleeeeeease OH pleeease pick me!!

  131. Avatar of ben travia

    There is something innately appealing about the ways these doors open, like it’s portal to a world of fresh vegetables and tantalising desserts. Now if only I could cook…

  132. Avatar of RebeccaW

    This fridge sounds so spacious and would mean we could get rid of our second power hungry fridge and be able to fit everything in this one. Plus with a new baby coming in March it would be awesome to have a bit extra storage room for all the purées too!

  133. Avatar of Naomi R

    We have two small children who are big, big eaters. All our days revolve around cooking, storing, and locating food. We have a build of fridge with inefficient shelving where everything is so hard to see and find and there no light. Things fall to the floor whenever we open the door. Very frustrating – a fridge like this would make life in the kitchen a dream!

  134. Avatar of Heather R

    Oh Heavens! My 33yr old Kelvy looks a bit sick beside this grand sparkler. A change is as good as a holiday they say and oh boy do I need a holiday. I promise to give it a loving home. It looks very “inspiring”.

  135. Avatar of Tricia da Costa
    Tricia da CostaReply

    Just like a recipe handed down from my grandma to my mum and now to me… Westinghouse has been in our family for generations. Always reliable, long-lasting and beautiful too. Both Westinghouse fridges in my grandma and mum’s home are part of fond childhood memories. Hope I would win one to call my own too.

  136. Avatar of Cassie Lewis
    Cassie LewisReply

    This fridge looks amazing! Incredible that it has such a large capacity for its size, my growing family have outgrown ours! I love that the kids can easily access lots of cold water on their own to keep them running and playing all day Perfect family fridge!

  137. Avatar of Tara H Davey
    Tara H DaveyReply

    My family would love this fridge – because it would be perfect timing for us to move into our first home. That, and there’s nothing like cold water WHENEVER you need it, especially for a family.

  138. Avatar of Brittany

    I love the useful space in this fridge. My current fridge has no workable space in it, especially not when you are feeding 2 adults and 2 kids!! It freezes all the time because it gets so full.

  139. Avatar of Kylie G

    Love love love the water tap & ice maker! I could get rid of heaps of water bottles in the fridge for my kids (3yr old toddler & husband lol) & make room for formula bottles for my 2 month old. Would certainly make feeding time at 3am a whole lot easier. New fridge = happy mum!!

  140. Avatar of graham buckingham
    graham buckinghamReply

    I love that the fridge is bigger than our current fridge and the dual door fridge on top looks and seems more practical.

  141. Avatar of Jodie Dorricott
    Jodie DorricottReply

    I love the instant water. My child can have easy access to cold water at all times. And the huge capacity. My family has the smallest fridge and you should pick us so that we can see the smile on our little man’s face when he opens it and see the wide arrange of goodies he can pick.

  142. Avatar of Laura K

    I love the ease of access with the french doors and the roominess for a family.

  143. Avatar of Deborah

    A brand new fridge would be amazing and this fridge is a great brand and a great size be great for my family

  144. Avatar of Sara

    Cool water on tap! Looks so fun, I think all the kids (including my husband) would be drinking water without complaints!

  145. Avatar of Jessica stacey
    Jessica staceyReply

    I love its ability to provide icy cold water with ease and it’s huge storage space means that school lunch boxes are no longer squashed into the vegetable crisper (or where ever it fits) like I do with our current fridge!

  146. Avatar of Rebecca Costa
    Rebecca CostaReply

    i love this heavenly fridge as its much bigger then my current fridge so i wouldnt need so many trips to suppermarket to keep it stocked for my teenage son who always hungry with his growth spouts!!

  147. Avatar of Gabrielle Hall
    Gabrielle HallReply

    I love the fact that the freezer is down the bottom as our fridge has the freezer at the top and it gets annoying bending down to grab things out of the fridge especially with a small baby in my arms! Also, just bought our first home and would love a brand new fridge to go with it!!

  148. Avatar of Emma

    The 605 litre storage capacity! Our tiny fridge could definitely use an upgrade in size for our growing family!

  149. Avatar of Kathryn

    Would love the space the cool water and its a great brand my fridge would be organized for once!

  150. Avatar of Rachel

    We are building our first home after 6 years of apartment living (so hard having a toddler and baby in a 2 bedroom apartment!) and we actually designed our kitchen around THIS fridge!
    Icy cold drinks, lots of freezer room & a gorgeous style- this is the fridge we’ve been dreaming of!

  151. Avatar of Paula Lawrence
    Paula LawrenceReply

    I love the french doors, which allows more storage. I also love the cold water on tap. I’d love to win this beauty to put in our new house.

  152. Avatar of Kristy Whiteley
    Kristy WhiteleyReply

    I love the thought of it fitting right in, but HUGE in every other way, it’s stylish & icy cold, & with the water & ice on tap my “lovely” children would drink nothing but!
    Ohhhh I’d be living a dream…
    My life could do with a lil LUXURY

  153. Avatar of Rachel

    I would love to win this as I have just had baby #5 and need a bigger fridge. I love that it is big in size but fits a standard fridge cavity.

  154. Avatar of Regina

    We desperately need a new fridge cause we have an old one and budget’s really tight at the moment and I always wanted a fridge with french doors

  155. Avatar of peter wheeler
    peter wheelerReply

    great looking fridge , plenty of room for a family of 5 ,and love the cold water

  156. Avatar of Bernarda

    Our current fridge is over 10 years old, the veggie drawer is broken and the freezer always has a funny smell to it. When my husband went away with work (10 years ago) his landlord was keeping an eye on the place and instead of switching the lights off in the apartment when he was done he flicked off the mains cutting the power to everything including the fridge. When I went to check on the place a couple of weeks later there was green goopy meat in the freezer and I spent a whole gross weekend trying to clean out the fridge and the smell. I’ve been wanting to replace it ever since!! I love that we wouldn’t run out of ice with this fridge and the drawers work and I don’t have any horrible memories associated with this one!

  157. Avatar of Sagreg

    The Westinghouse French Door Fridge is build for our life. Whether its just the two of us or the whole tribe, Westinghouse has us covered

  158. Avatar of Sarah Darragh
    Sarah DarraghReply

    I love how easily accessible everything is and how much storage it gives without requiring any more kitchen space!

  159. Avatar of Kelli

    We have a tiny fridge but it just doesn’t have enough room! I desperately want to be able to fill our fridge with fresh fruit and veg and yummy baked treats for my boys! It would make my day, week, month, even year!

  160. Avatar of Eve

    With a house full of children and grandchildren my fridge is never quite large enough- and the smart addition of the cold water and ice maker make it a perfect entertainment companion whilst still appearing so sleek in design! My dream fridge!! If only!!

  161. Avatar of Jodie Sparke
    Jodie SparkeReply

    Amazing looking fridge!Love the size and particularly that the freezer is at the bottom. In urgent need of a new fridge. Still using our wedding present of 15 years, and the seals are so bad the outside of the fridge is hot to the touch. Been looking at all the Betta fridges lately, but sadly cannot afford any. And with poor past credit struggle to get any help. With 3 young and very hungry kids we’d so love a fridge like this…a pipe dream in my world these days.

  162. Avatar of Julia Todd

    I love the wide opening doors and extra space to fit all the food my growing family needs!!

  163. Avatar of Hanny n Dave
    Hanny n DaveReply

    Yes!. We have suffered flooding in the kitchen for over 3 years, ending up putting a hole in the floor as a drain saving a daily empty out or miss this chore and swim on the tiles. Our now way too small temporary replacement for that unrepairble large unit with unusable draws and dents as a fridge is frustrating too. This Westinghouse French Door jobby – now you are talking our kinda’ fridge!

  164. Avatar of Darina

    Perfect size for my family and the extended family that seems to come over more often than not.

  165. Avatar of Patrick

    Wow, would love this fridge as our current one is older than We are, and we have the power bill to prove it! Please please please..

  166. Avatar of Melanie

    I love everything about this fridge! But one of my favorite features would have to be the water/ice-dispenser, I owned a fridge with this feature in the past and it was AMAZING! At the time I was pregnant so absolutely LOVED the ice dispenser, and having two young boys who at the time refused to drink water 99% of the time, they changed to drinking it all day 🙂 unfortunately it broke about six months after I purchased it and I’m now stuck using a old secondhand purchase ATM that’s way to small for my family needs 🙁

  167. Avatar of cameron lucadou-wells
    cameron lucadou-wellsReply

    a dream fridge of epic scale…a divine cold shrine to keep our food fresh…the domestic Mona Lisa.

  168. Avatar of Caroline

    I love the size and the fact we are renovating our kitchen slowly so I’m hoping it would fit. It looks amazing. I’d never run out of space ever again.

  169. Avatar of Amy Davies

    I would love to win this because I think it would help my family eat better as the fresh food could be displayed so nicely and the water always at the front of your mind before you opt for extra food.

  170. Avatar of Ann-Maree Bostick
    Ann-Maree BostickReply

    I would simply like to have a reliable brand to house our family groceries even for parties and convenience.

  171. Avatar of Laura Reid

    Westinghouse is the only brand of fridge I’ve bought or ever will buy.
    It would be lovely to upgrade to a beautiful fridge like this one.

  172. Avatar of Roslyn

    My fridge is dying…….. it moans and groans and creaks and weeps……… please put it out of its misery!

    • Avatar of Roslyn

      oops….. the water and ice are my favourite. The fridge wouldn’t have to be opened 100 times a day then!

  173. Avatar of Samantha Gouge
    Samantha GougeReply

    There’s many things I would love about this fridge. But mostly it would be nice to upgrade from our old fridge that is just too small for our growing family and is unfortunately chewing through our power
    Would love the opportunity to win this amazing prize

  174. Avatar of NBowman

    I love the double door style, and the large freezer base. I find I need more freezer than fridge. I would love to win in order to finally upgrade our fridge.

  175. Avatar of Emilie Albert
    Emilie AlbertReply

    I love that the shelves aren’t held together by old cds and liquid nail like my current fridge. Would be so great to not worry if today is going to be the day my fridge dies. And look how pretty it is!

  176. Avatar of Bec dermy

    I love it measures at 90 cm wide that can still fit in a standard kitchen. I would love a new fridge to go with my new home I’m building as I currently have a very old Westinghouse that was handed down from my grandparents.

  177. Avatar of Karly F

    Love the stainless steel look – more modern than our old white fridge. Pick me and I’ll donate my current working fridge to a family that needs it.

  178. Avatar of Jodie

    Our fridge of 10 yrs just died it’s a huge side by side with plumbed water and ice ……we don’t really have the finances to buy another new beaut fridge as spectacular as this french door fabulous, fantastic fridge ………but it would look amazing in our kitchen thank you

  179. Avatar of Annetta

    I love that it can fit into a standard fridge spot in the kitchen but still is a generous capacity fridge, otherwise it wouldn’t fit in our kitchen. Love the built in cold water tap too esp good for our hot Qld weather.

  180. Avatar of Paul B

    Do I need to say any more water dispenser, automatic ice maker, and fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish

  181. Avatar of Sharon Hampson
    Sharon HampsonReply

    We would love to win a new fridge.
    As the family grows we are running out of space. This stylish, large and very practical fridge will be the perfect fridge for us.
    Plus it would stop my 3.5yr old being able to reach the chocolate we like to hide in the top part of our current fridge that he can now reach as it’s small

  182. Avatar of Nikki Rodgers
    Nikki RodgersReply

    I have googled this fridge and it would fit perfectly in our current “fridge space”. I LOVE the size…great for a family of five humans, 2 dogs and 6 chooks!

  183. Avatar of Emma

    I love that this Westinghouse fridge is so big. My son is a fussy eater and I hate cooking, but with this I can cook and freeze, so I’m not constantly slaving in the kitchen every day. I would love to win this and then I could donate my smaller fridge to a charity or someone who needs one.

  184. Avatar of Nina

    There are 6 of us in the family and at the rate my kids are eating I need to meal plan and be organized because “Mum we’re hungry” is all I hear. A new bigger fridge with more organizational storage option would make my life so much easier!

  185. Avatar of Tina

    With a big and ever growing family it would be great to have a new large fridge with many useful features inside yet compact enough to still fit in a standard fridge nook

  186. Avatar of Shenan

    Ohh that would solve so space issues plus it looms so smick

  187. Avatar of Christine

    Love the water and ice dispenser! Love the stainless steel finish and that’s its also finger print resistant! Its the perfect size for our kitchen and would fit in with all other appliances! I also love how everything would have its place in the fridge and be super organized!!

  188. Avatar of lynne lillington
    lynne lillingtonReply

    I’d love a French Fridge that can store food galore,
    Fruit and Veggies, drinks and more
    I’d fill it with cakes, pies and special treats
    with enough food that will last more than a week.
    When the grandchildren come and stay
    there’s plenty for them , when they come in from play

  189. Avatar of S Lorman

    I love its compact design which doesn’t make you feel like you have a tiny fridge, and the flexibility of the drawers and shelves. My son could get what he needs without making me stop what I’m doing. I would also love the water and ice availability as well as the fact that it’s new and nothing is broken.

  190. Avatar of Bek

    I love the size of the fridge and cold water on tap. I’d love this to replace my 20 year old fridge.

  191. Avatar of Nicolle Thomas
    Nicolle ThomasReply

    I would love this fridge not only for the extra room we would get in the fridge but the freezer would be twice the size we have now. Plus having the cold water available at times will also save me having to fill the water jug up constantly for my daughter during summer

  192. Avatar of Narelle Walker Duffill
    Narelle Walker DuffillReply

    things always happen in threes so just out of warranty boom goes the split system, then sizzle goes the separate freezer also turning off all the powerpoints and losing so much stuff so dibs on the fridge being the next thing to go so how about we cut out the pain of shopping for a new one we cant afford and just send me this one LOL if I dont laugh I may just cry summers here early too!

  193. Avatar of kerrie smith
    kerrie smithReply

    The Westinghouse French door Fridge with its adjustable shelving and self closed drawers perfect for my tween boys who are continually in and out getting food and drink from the fridge. This will keep it simple and neat, knowing I can shop for all my fresh food groceries to store in my fridge for the whole week.

  194. Avatar of Chelsea

    We are building a new house and would love a new Westinghouse fridge. Our existing one is white and very small not large enough for our family and trying to be prepared for the busy wk

  195. Avatar of Amy T

    Compact without losing out on storage or useful features! Our current fridge freezer is too large for the kitchen so winning this would solve this problem and give me quick easy access for meal preps.

  196. Avatar of Carolyn

    I love the french doors and stainless steel look. I’ve always wanted an ice and cold water dispenser on our fridge however the budget never stretches that far when we’ve been fridge shopping.

  197. Avatar of Kristine Willoughby
    Kristine WilloughbyReply

    I love the idea of the freezer on the bottom, it keeps prying little hand out of the fridge. I’d love to own a Westinghouse French Door Refrigerator so I don’t have to bend as much to get into the fridge.

  198. Avatar of Natasha C

    The flexible shelving would be so handy – not being stuck with one layout all the time, and the storage capacity would be dreamy!! Our fridge must be 15 years old – I inherited it when my grandmother died (before kids). We now have a toddler and a 6 year old and purchased our first home this month so we won’t be able to replace our very dilapidated fridge for another 15 years!

  199. Avatar of Sarah Aspi

    I love that it can be adjusted as you need it to. I’m sick to death of buying something (usually watermelon) and having to move everything in my fridge in the hopes it will fit. I also find that when stuff gets shoved to the back, it ends up half frozen and squidgy at the same time, not sure how thats even possible. This fridge would change my life, and save a tone of money!

  200. Avatar of Rachel K

    This Westinghouse fridge is nice and big,
    Perfect for my humble dig!
    My fridge is past its best,
    failing to keep food fresh!
    The worst thing is Christmas is near,
    and I need to ensure ice cold beer!

  201. Avatar of Melissa Amor-Watson
    Melissa Amor-WatsonReply

    The size would be a dream come true. At the moment we only have a small fridge that is on its way out. I love The Westinghouse brand and would love a new fridge.

  202. Avatar of Belinda

    I would love to win this for my parents as my husband & I and our 3 kids are living with them and needless to say fridge space is very limited. Their current fridge is over 20 years old and missing shelves. They deserve something nice for letting us live with them!

  203. Avatar of bronwyn evans
    bronwyn evansReply

    I have never owned a new frifge before always second or third hand so i would love to win this one i love that it has the water and ice function to help encourage me and my family to drink more water. I have everything crossed i will finally get to have something new.

  204. Avatar of Chantal

    Love the french doors; lets out less cold. Can put often stuff on one side and sometimes stuff on the other. Freezer great too. Would love to win as our fridge / freezer is only 4, but already starting to do weird things

  205. Avatar of Michelle fay
    Michelle fayReply

    I love how it fits the standard space in any house but is huge inside with see through drawers and easy to locate what you want plus cold water and ice on the front of the door, just fantastic

  206. Avatar of Elisa

    I would love a French door fridge so that I could actually get into my kitchen. With either hubby or kids standing in front of our single door fridge, with the door open, the entry to the kitchen is constantly blocked.

  207. Avatar of alexandra elsworthy
    alexandra elsworthyReply

    A French door would stop my husband opening the door and blocking me getting anything out while he decides what he wants to get out of the fridge. Also no excuse for not having ice already made

  208. Avatar of Fiona

    I love the idea of having cold water on tap, no more blaming each other for forgetting to refill the water bottle.

    I would love to be able to reach everything in the fridge without having to get on my knees.

    I love how much space there is in there, despite it not being a huge fridge.

    And I love the double doors, making it so much easier to reach in and grab what you want without having to move to the side.

  209. Avatar of Chau Phan

    I love love love the huge storage space, my mum only shop once a week so she always buy tons of food all at once. Because of her buying habit, we have a fridge and a freezer at home but it’s still almost over flowing, a new Westinghouse French Door Fridge would be such a wonderful replacement for our current fridge as it has a capacity of 605L, it will also be a great conversation starter for visitors of the family too.

  210. Avatar of melanie otto
    melanie ottoReply

    The extra storage would be so good for our veges, growing our own leaves excess when our current fridge dont handle

  211. Avatar of Melly Legiman
    Melly LegimanReply

    [_M_]um of five with an incredibly hectic family life,
    [_U_]nder the pump in keeping our fresh food alive!
    [_M_]agnificent Westinghouse French door fridge
    [_C_]an relieve the pressures of food getting ditched.
    [_E_]xtendable FlexStor design is an absolute necessity,
    [_N_]eatly stacked tupperwares can fit nicely inside 605L capacity.
    [_T_]he stainless steel would be a plus with young kids around,
    [_R_]est assured of little fingerprints when ice cream’s found!
    [_A_] flexible, smart fridge like this can keep things under control,
    [_L_]et’s help me achieve better food storage and saving goals!

  212. Avatar of Aneka R

    The sleek, stylish design and fingerprint resistant, stainless steel finish captured my eye! It’s definitely a fridge I’d love, love, love to buy! (Dreaming..)

    With a family-safe, lockable storage compartment and door alarm.. I’d certainly feel at ease, knowing my little ones can’t go in and do as they please!

    A BIG fridge, for small kitchen spaces, FlexStor™ will ensure everything has places.

    Every little thing.. about this marvellous creation suits our family needs, even the hidden hinges are an impressive plead!

    I’ve saved the very best for last.. On Tap Water and ICE.. YESSS! The kids won’t EVER need to ask!

    It’ll be like getting a new husband, only Betta.. Mums Central place at home will thrive, bringing everyone together.

  213. Avatar of Glenda Annells

    Westinghouse is a tried and true brand for fridges and I would love to win this so I can give it to my daughter as it is an easy access fridge. Love the double doors

  214. Avatar of Jess1705

    Whats not to love about this fridge. It has everything you would ever want and need. We have a massive gap in our kitchen nook as we only have a single door fridge and would love this for our home

  215. Avatar of lana wood

    I love how spacious it is and also the water feature!

  216. Avatar of Joanne Machell
    Joanne MachellReply

    I really need a new fridge and have always want aFrench Door Fridge, our fridge is on it’s last legs and what Betta brand than Westinghouse they are such a great brand and what a beautiful fridge this is.

  217. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy NickelsReply

    I love that it is new and it dispenses water. My old fridge is dying and doesn’t seal properly, we really need this!!

  218. Avatar of Jasmine Nelson
    Jasmine NelsonReply

    I love how it keeps my food and drinks cold, unlike my fridge
    I need a new fridge so I don’t have to keep throwing out food

  219. Avatar of James Riddle
    James RiddleReply

    Its big ,storage no longer an issue, but keeping it full will be with this hungry tribe

  220. Avatar of kyms

    How amazing would it be to have a decent sized fridge for the whole family so food wasn’t piled up on top of each and cold water on the outside so the kids weren’t going in and out of the fridge getting a drink all day

  221. Avatar of Liz

    I would love this new fridge, the size is perfect. We struggle to fit our weekly fruit and veg in our current fridge (which is starting to die), however with baby #2 arriving 5wks ago, funds are tight

  222. Avatar of Tammi Ryan

    I love the sleek style of this fridge. It would compliment my kitchen perfectly & mean I could finally replace my old one I’ve had for over 20 years…a dream come true!

  223. Avatar of Amy Ahearn-Wakley
    Amy Ahearn-WakleyReply

    Our fridge is older than our 16 year old and in far worse shape. It has a rust speckled bottom, the door shelf where the milk goes has snapped and was beyond repair, the shelf above the crisper is cracked, the chilled dairy section is missing it’s door and if you put things too close to the back wall, they freeze! We are desperate for a. We fridge and this one looks to have all the shelves and doors! That in itself is amazing and the rest would be a huge bonus!

  224. Avatar of Deb

    The Westinghouse 605 L Stainless Steel Fridge is so much more than a fridge! Behind those double doors lies a cool haven of peace and tranquility for those times when you just need to hide from the kids (until they’re hungry anyway). And that freezer looks big enough to contain my dinosaur bone collection from when I was just a little tyke! In addition, the stainless steel finish will become my favorite mirror in the house, providing a softening effect as I scream out the door in the morning before leaving for work. You can’t beat a hidy hole that stores ancient relics and makes you feel good at the same time.

  225. Avatar of Annaliese

    The size of this fridge alone has sold me – but it looks so so super slick! Will be the coolest thing in my kitchen

  226. Avatar of Mandy Graham
    Mandy GrahamReply

    It’s huge and I will put it to work right away. I love it. xxx

  227. Avatar of Bec Connolly

    My goodness! Our current fridge leaks puddles of water on to the floor every couple of hours – fun! Lovvve how you can configure the storage, and also amazing how it fits in to the standard 90cm nook!

  228. Avatar of Jaime Garland
    Jaime GarlandReply

    I love the french door design and that this fridge has the feezer underneath.
    We need a new fridge. Our current fridge is damaged and we can’t afford to replace it. This would be amazing to win.

  229. Avatar of Brigid H

    My current fridge is running up my electricity bill – this wonderful french door fridge would be the answer to my prayers – it’s well designed doors are marvellous and would make my year complete

  230. Avatar of Bryce

    In a house where every day there are arguments about water, water bottles and tap water being gross because it is not cold, a new fridge will be a life save.

  231. Avatar of Anna Lam

    With a growing family I need to meal plan and have an organised fridge so rhe adjustable storage solutions appeals most to me.

  232. Avatar of Alivia

    Free fridge with plenty of storage and a drink dispenser on the outside…………who wouldnt want to win. Bonus is my husband would love it too. We would be grateful to win.

  233. Avatar of Chi Twigden
    Chi TwigdenReply

    We are building our first family home and this would be a perfect fit for our growing family. I love the tap feature as my kids can easily help themselves to water! The sleek exterior will look amazing in our new kitchen. The fridge is spacious with large draws which is perfect for organising meals, storing left overs and our weekly shopping. Yes please! This fridge will be a wonderful house warming present for sure!

  234. Avatar of Michelle M

    My favourite feature dedinitely the ice and water maker. Less effort required to drink water so we will drink more water and be healthier. You should pick us as our fridge is ancient and the fridge part freezes our food so there’s lots of food waste and expense.

  235. Avatar of AmyT

    I love the double doors and freezer at the bottom so modern and fun National. Perfect got our kitchen

  236. Avatar of Sheldon

    My family (and me, I would totally lose it!) would be blown away if I won this fridge for us all to indulge! Our current fridge is an old ex-rental, with sticker marks and little toddler hand prints everywhere. I really love the fact that the Westinghouse is stainless steel, which would ensure it stayed mark free! Of course the water dispenser too, I’ve wanted one of those since I were a little girl myself!

  237. Avatar of victoria

    i have from a fussy 2 year old to a starving teenager. my fridge is constantly being used. this fridge looks amazing and would be greatly appreciated

  238. Avatar of Julie

    The adjustable storage looks great and also the ice and water functions.

  239. Avatar of Kristina S

    I love how much space this fridge has! With two growing boys and a Husband our fridge can never have enough room for the amount of food they all eat! This would be perfect aswell as there little hands won’t reach the fridge doors!

  240. Avatar of Monique H

    I love that it fits into the standard fridge area yet still has all the extra room inside.
    My mum has been budget renovating her house when she can and I would love to give her this to make it easier on her pockets!

  241. Avatar of Briony

    My toddler loves the water and ice at Grandma’s house. Would love to have it at home.

  242. Avatar of Pinna

    We desperately need a fridge, new or not. Since I’ve been with my partner we have had a little fridge which was stabbed by his brother in the door the first week he got it. We now have 2 small children and need a big fridge for all their fresh food and snacks. Also the bottom drawer looks toddler friendly!

  243. Avatar of Sarah

    I currently have a fridge sitting in the middle of my kitchen as it doesn’t fit in the space of my new rental home. Unfortunately only option is to purchase another (which I can’t afford to with an interest free agreement already) or walk around the weirdly placed object

  244. Avatar of Tobes11

    Cold filtered water on demand! Yeah Baby! My kids will love it!

  245. Avatar of Dani

    The ice dispenser would be fantastic to give the kids fresh cool water over the hot summer months.

  246. Avatar of Sonya N.

    I love the size of the fridge and how stylish it looks!

  247. Avatar of Lana

    My favourite thing would have to be the water on tap, our fridge is forever being open so kids can get cold water
    I love how much room it has, it’s great for a large family and has a great size freezer for meals to be stored for those on the go days

  248. Avatar of Gemma

    I would love to win the new fridge. We are moving to country qld so to have a large fridge will be amazing to hold all the groceries we need because we can’t just run down the street to grab milk if we run out!

  249. Avatar of Michelle Crowley
    Michelle CrowleyReply

    Who wouldn’t love a brand new fridge, especially when yours has blue tack on the seals to keep the cold air in. What a beautiful fridge!

  250. Avatar of Alex

    I love all that space! And you should pick me as we are just finishing off re-doing our kitchen and this fridge would be the icing on the cake!

  251. Avatar of Madalyn Daluz
    Madalyn DaluzReply

    With two growing boys and a fifo fiancé I think this fridge would allow for my OCD organisational skills to shine whilst keeping the boys happy!

  252. Avatar of Anita D

    This amazing fridge would be so loved in our home. The on tap water would be so great living in northern Queensland. Our current one is just hanging in there. The seals are so bad when you shut the fridge the freezer pops open.

  253. Avatar of lina riboc

    the fridge is the most important thing in our house, storing vital nutrition and yummy snacks for everyone in the family so it’s pretty important to have a good fridge and double doors make it even better

  254. Avatar of Jess Gaudry
    Jess GaudryReply

    I like the design, it appears high enough to not enable the kids to help themselves to everything inside, break my eggs, eat 4000 packets of yogurt a day, leave the doors open…. The freezer draw would also decrease the chance of my partner destroying the seal by slamming the door shut…

  255. Avatar of Emily Neville
    Emily NevilleReply

    I love the freezer space, the sleek look. Fingers crossed

  256. Avatar of Natalie Lucas
    Natalie LucasReply

    Water on tap and big fridge space! As a mum to 2 growing boys and a 3rd on the way, we need this fridge! The boys can help themselves to the 2562 drinks of water they have each day. And the huge 605L capacity would be a lifesaver for this mumma!

  257. Avatar of sam

    The ability to fit into a standard size nook, perfect for our rental, as the landlord would definitely not approve of our own renovations!

  258. Avatar of Evelyn Hubbard
    Evelyn HubbardReply

    I currently have two older fridges running (one medium, one small) to be able to hold all the cold and frozen items my kids and I use/freeze, and there’s also another little freezer that I can use if I just need extra freezer space. I’d much rather use one appliance; save power and space, my sanity, look very flashy. I also love the thought of opening up two doors; like opening a cupboard and seeing the different clothing choices to wear, but instead food choices. This fridge is a beast and would most certainly improve the quality of my family’s life.

  259. Avatar of Sares6

    I still have the same small fridge from my single days and it freezers everything towards the back! Now I have have a hungry husband and two hungry boys to feed and no fridge Space and hubby won’t let me replace it until it dies. Please, please, please… my life would be complete with this beautiful, large, and fully functional fridge!

  260. Avatar of Phebe F

    I love the look of this fridge with its French doors but ultimately the flexstor storage system looks amazing! It means being able to customise our fridge to our growing family. We would love this fridge as it current one is very sad – broken / missing shelves means we need an upgrade!

  261. Avatar of Kirby Mulhern
    Kirby MulhernReply

    The french doors will make it really easy to put large platters in and out…such as birthday cakes, xmas food, etc… so love that. And really large storage whi h is always great for a large or growing family.

  262. Avatar of Jody Smith

    Love the ability to reconfigure the shelving. Pick me as we have the tiniest 2nd hand fridge with broken shelves.

  263. Avatar of Melanie Gunter
    Melanie GunterReply

    In our new kitchen renovation, we only have space for a 900mm fridge. I was so upset that I couldn’t get an all singing and dancing, bells and whistles French door fridge because they are all gigantic. I was going to have to live with our standard beer stickered, alphabet magnet, rusty old fridge but then I see this brilliant ray of hope. This fridge is all of my dreams come true. French doors, stainless steel, water dispensing organised, functional, singing and dancing AND it fits!!!!

  264. Avatar of Kim Hardacre
    Kim HardacreReply

    I love the size and versatility of this fridge. You can store so much in this fridge in specific compartments and the double doors is great for chilling platters and larger food items. I also really love the filtered water feature as well. So easy for the kids to get their own drink and encourages them to drink more water. I would love to be chosen to be gifted this fridge as we are currently renovating and going from the most useless kitchen to a practical functional family space and this fridge would be an amazing fit and a massive upgrade from our 10 year old fridge

  265. Avatar of Mick G

    Gives me so much inner space whilst taking up less room in the kitchen allowing me to operate as if I have a side by side which was always my only option with such a large family to cater for

  266. Avatar of shrekluck

    A double fridge/freezer that actually has a large freezer and fridge. I have found in the past that the freezer section is usually too small to hold anything more than a weeks worth of meat. No chance of ice cream, or stocking up on meals. This looks like it hits all the right notes.

  267. Avatar of Chenelle

    In desperate need of a fridge have always had second hand fridges passed down from family whilst they update! As a single mum of 3 it would be absolutely amazing to win something like this 🙂

  268. Avatar of Maria G

    I love everything about this fridge but the best thing I like about it is, its size!!! It will fit in my kitchen space perfectly and go well with my Westinghouse oven too!! What a great Xmas pressie this would be as it would enable me to buy a few luxuries for Xmas that I would not normally be able to afford!!

  269. Avatar of Tamika21

    It would be wonderful to have this 605L fridge. We have a 200L we bought years ago before I became pregnant. It’s incapable of storing too much, such as more than 4 180mL containers of breastmilk and then baby purée. Making it ever so time consuming to constantly be pumping and puréeing fresh baby food. This would be a dream come true.

  270. Avatar of Karen B

    Westinghouse design is super sleek, providing storage to last the week. Cold water on tap and the compact size means Westinghouse deserves winning high-fives.

  271. Avatar of sandra d

    A trusted brand so you know you are getting a quality product. I love that it is much bigger than the old fridge I have. I would love an upgrade because with a growing baby I run out of room in our current fridge to store all the baby food in making!

  272. Avatar of Tease

    I would love a new fridge as with growing kids mine is getting too small

  273. Avatar of Darren

    Our twin boys eat like horses, so the huge capacity would definitely help our food storage dilemma!

  274. Avatar of Myfwany Saunders
    Myfwany SaundersReply

    I love the cold water tap on the outside. I know for a fact that my fridge gets opened way to many times during the day by the kids, so this option would save so much energy,

  275. Avatar of Kellie Bright
    Kellie BrightReply

    With no telltale fingerprints all over the outside, I can steal a cheeky canape while my guests mingle inside!

  276. Avatar of Kathy P

    So this fridge is just a piece of art. Functional, super clean lines and no more money wasted on bottled water! win, win for everyone!

  277. Avatar of Jemgee

    With 30 people coming to our place for Christmas this fridge would be a godsend!

  278. Avatar of Alicia Tsouskas
    Alicia TsouskasReply

    With a growing family this fridge is perfect size for us. I also have kids who love cold water so having this feature readily available is perfect!

  279. Avatar of George

    To win the fridge is to win a supermarket. The fridge stores my food in one place for my amazing cooking art

  280. Avatar of Sally

    When I’m feeling HOT! HOT! HOT! in the Queensland summer, I’d love to keep my cool with icy cold water and ice on tap.

  281. Avatar of Alicia T

    I’d love to review this for my friends, family & Mum Central Mums! My favourite feature would be the double width fridge with double doors that allows for large platters when entertaining. Especially coming into Summer & Christmas!

  282. Avatar of Melissa Demoulin
    Melissa DemoulinReply

    Would love to have this fridge as ny current one just isn’t big enough to hold the food for my 3 growing children. It looks wonderful & holds so much & the water feature will save opening & closing the fridge all day with hot, thirsty kids!!

  283. Avatar of Phoebe Phillips
    Phoebe PhillipsReply

    This fridge would help me greatly as I only have a tiny one and with all the baby food making and storing there is never any space left for grown up food

  284. Avatar of Wendy Henderson
    Wendy HendersonReply

    I’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful fridge like this. I’ve had the same fridge for 24 years and don’t get me wrong it’s a great fridge, but I think it’s time for an upgrade.

  285. Avatar of Beksmum

    I love that the crispers are at eye level for the kids, easier for them to see the fresh fruit and veg on offer (and for my back)

  286. Avatar of Judith Ann Bryant
    Judith Ann BryantReply

    I Love the ‘Adjustable storage solutions with FlexStor™’ and the convenience of being able to easily change the configuration and arrange the fridge to my needs.

  287. Avatar of Danielle Hall
    Danielle HallReply

    As I’m starting a new family, having a larger fridge will be most convenient. I love the space of the 605L without being too big. You can see everything and no more searching down the back of the fridge. The ice water dispenser is a great edition and time saver.

  288. Avatar of Lisa G

    I aspire to have such a magnificent looking fridge that has so many features, but I particularly love the icy cold water on tap and ice ready all the time.

  289. Avatar of Bec Pattie

    I love this fridge so much it is way bigger than my fridge and would allow me to meal prep and have more fresh food in my house! I really need this as my fridge is currently very old uses so much power, has no lighting and it freezes anything that isn’t from the middle forward and is in there longer than 3 days 🙁 although I currently can’t afford a new fridge so this would make a huge difference!

  290. Avatar of Anne

    I love the streamlined appearance almost as much as the versatile storage options inside, and the chilled water feature will be such an advantage.

  291. Avatar of AngeM

    With an old small fridge about to die and 3 young boys in the house, a fridge like this would be a dream! The French doors would make access easy and with any luck easy enough for even my boys to find something to eat. And the built in water and ice dispenser would make getting them to keep cool and drink plenty of water in the hot months a breeze! This in my kitchen would make me one very happy Mumma!

  292. Avatar of Mary

    This fridge is ideal to keep filled with fresh food and drink, for my growing boys to enjoy. Frost free with great storage it’s the dream model for me.

  293. Avatar of Lindsey Ritchie
    Lindsey RitchieReply

    I think the idea of a French door fridge that fits into your standard fridge nook is a brilliant idea by Westinghouse. We have a double door fridge freezer at the moment and it’s terrible. Because they are side by side the fridge and freezer are really skinny. Having 3 kids our fridge is always cramped. Food pushed to the back and forgotten. Husband and son with domestic blindness so they are incapable of finding anything, need I go on! I like the idea of the French doors which allows larger dishes to be placed in side as well as platters if entertaining. But not only that creating a fridge freezer that actually fits into a normal space!!! Brilliant idea Westinghouse well done

  294. Avatar of Elle

    Everything! What’s not to love! Stylish, practical, sleek design. LOVE it!

  295. Avatar of margie sincoe
    margie sincoeReply

    Would love this classy addition to my quite small kitchen. The adjustable storage solutions sound like a real winner in keeping everything tidy and easy to see. Also loving the built in ice dispenser, a lifesaver especially in summer.

  296. Avatar of Kimberley

    It would be an amazing fridge to win! I would be able to view everything with ease and have it all organized! No more bending over and pulling half of everything out to find the jam! Haha! It would be a true win! Good luck everybody!

  297. Avatar of Tanya Plumridge
    Tanya PlumridgeReply

    Being from a family of 6, purchasing a fridge can be tricky financially. I would get the boys to drink more water with this gorgeous fridge !!!

  298. Avatar of Julie Robison
    Julie RobisonReply

    I’d love this fridge because my current one is on its way out and I’ll be moving next year so it would be nice to start afresh with a new fridge

  299. Avatar of Helga

    I always wanted to have a French Door Fridge because you can get to everything so easily and don’t have to bend over. I need a new fridge for the house we are currently building.

  300. Avatar of Michelle Hooper
    Michelle HooperReply

    There is so much to love about this fridge, from the ice & water on tap to my favourite being able to adjust shelves so I can fit everything just where I want them !! Perfect for my big family.

  301. Avatar of madison greenway
    madison greenwayReply

    Well it would be nice ,my present fridge still goes but is looking a bit tired ,i have had it for 14 years ,time for a new Westinghouse 605

  302. Avatar of Emma

    This fridge would be amazing as I would finally be able to fit all the veg etc I like to eat, because we all know when it comes to limited space, mums are the first to sacrifice the food they like. Plenty of space for the whole family and no need to worry about fitting extra food in when entertaining!

  303. Avatar of Alan Parratt
    Alan ParrattReply

    Our old fridge is getting old, I should win as I was told, It is my destiny to win a fridge, Or lose if it’s not ridgy didge.

  304. Avatar of gail davies
    gail daviesReply

    I love that it is stylish and practical because the fridge I have looks good on the outside but is super unpractical on the inside which is very frustrating day in day out !!!

  305. Avatar of Kbaz

    Would love to win this as it will fit in our current kitchen without needing to change the space (which we were thinking we would need to do). So it will save us the heartache of having to do a kitchen reno!

  306. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole WilliamsReply

    Love the stylish look, love the water dispenser, love the french doors and would love to win 🙂

  307. Avatar of Kerry Vincenti

    I would love that this wonderful fridge has water on tap as we drink lots of water and my current fridge is 27 years old and leaks water. Plus this fridge has so much more room.

  308. Avatar of Sylvia Hrehoresen
    Sylvia HrehoresenReply

    I absolutely love the water and ice feature it is perfect for the Summer days. I’d love you to pick me so I can thank my mum for not only being my rock but she’s my carer for the last 6 years as I’m unwell. This would be an awesome thank you.

  309. Avatar of Amelia H

    We need a new fridge as ours is only 200L, over 15 years old, it freezes our fruit and vegetables and the door shelves are stuck together with superglue! I would love this fridge because it’s a perfect size for a growing family of 4, the kids can get water and ice by themselves, I can stop growling at my husband for not refilling ice trays and I bet the crispest work amazing at keeping fruit and veggies fresh! It would be a dream come true.. plus to top it off we have just the perfect 90cm cavity for it to make its home!

  310. Avatar of jocy

    Water on tap makes staying hydrated a snap,
    Freezer near the floor means bending no more,
    Our fridge ices up in the fridge not the freezer,
    A French door fridge would be such a pleaser.

  311. Avatar of Milly

    It looks fantastic. I whole lot of luxury in the kitchen and would encourage the kids to drink more water, and actually get it themselves!

  312. Avatar of Janet

    I would be so grateful to win this fridge with all of its fancy attachments it would be so much fun and look awesome as well. Cold water straight from the fridge, yes please!

  313. Avatar of Rebecca Woods
    Rebecca WoodsReply

    I love everything about the Westinghouse 605L Stainless Steel French Door Fridge! I love the size and the fact it is stainless steel. I love the fact that if I won it I wouldn’t have to worry about it leaking and not working as I do with our current one. It wouldn’t wake me up at night with loud noises like my current one makes. I would be able to fit so much in it compared to my current one and the Westinghouse 605L Stainless Steel French Door Fridge wont freeze my food in the fridge part as well as the freezer part. I am not a big fan of frozen salad! I would love this sooooo much. thank you for the opportunity!

  314. Avatar of Mel

    Love this Westinghouse fridge because it’s big enough for me to climb into and eat chocolate until it’s safe to return to two smelly teenagers.

  315. Avatar of Mark

    Unlike almost all other fridges, this Westinghouse fridge will be able to easily look after a family of 7.

  316. Avatar of Katie

    Stunning design! Absolutely would love a new fridge to go with new bubs which was due yesterday! The function of water being available on the front for me and my teenage daughter would make life so much easier trying to get them to drink more in summer especially

  317. Avatar of Alison

    This fridge allows for more order easier access and is large so great for when we entertain

  318. Avatar of Nat

    Love Westinghouse fridge, it’s stylish, huge capacity, and practical. Perfect fit my 90cm width space!

  319. Avatar of Kate Lawrence
    Kate LawrenceReply

    I love that it has a 650L capacity. I’m starting to build up a stockpile of food and a bigger fridge / freezer will come in very handy to help us out with this.

  320. Avatar of Melissa Zammit
    Melissa ZammitReply

    I love the flexible store feature, it means I can customise the storage to suit my family’s needs.. It’s an awesome feature..

  321. Avatar of Tiffany

    I always dream about getting a French door fridge. Our old hand me down fridge has a heavy door that gets in the way and blocks the pantry door. I have to get the kids to put the food on the bench so I don’t have to double handle it all. And it would be great to have a stainless steel fridge to match the oven and dishwasher

  322. Avatar of Sonia Skewes
    Sonia SkewesReply

    Shiny Silver chilled storage..just superb upcycle from my tiny chiller..

  323. Avatar of Lauren

    I love the space that this fridge offers, the easy access, stylish design and the water dispenser do the fridge isn’t being opened every time someone needs a drink.

  324. Avatar of Marija

    What a lovely looking fridge! Westinghouse is a trusted brand that screams quality. With the freezer compartment below, the fridge is much more practical and user friendly. It’s a large fridge that will keep everyone happy – lots of room for milk and baby food, as well daddy’s beers.

  325. Avatar of Karen Thompson
    Karen ThompsonReply

    Its big, I mean it is BIG! I still have my fridge from 17years ago that is less than half this superb products size. I now have the space in my new home to fit this, it would reduce my shopping trips for milk and I could put away my fresh vegies without squashing them. Thank you for this wonderful chance.

  326. Avatar of Pippa

    The fridge we currently have was purchased way before we had our children. As much as I loved it when we first bought it, it is sadly no longer big enough to store all the food my children devour. I have also realized the design of my fridge limits me to what I store in it, and think French doors and a upside down freezer are a much better design.

  327. Avatar of Heidi

    What a sexy fridge to start with. What’s there not to love about this fridge. The size is awesome compared to my small 1 door thing I have. We are now a family of 4 so this fridge would be an absolute dream to be able to fit everything in there. I bulk make my daughter’s food and struggle to find room. It would be very much utilised in my house hold

  328. Avatar of Julia Harris

    Gosh with Christmas so close and having a large family get together this year. It’s certainly got enough storage and keeps the food extra cold and elimates food wastes. What more do you need.

  329. Avatar of Julia Cartwright
    Julia CartwrightReply

    I love the ice and water dispenser.. Our current fridge is on its last Legs and this would be perfect. The extra space would be very handy. Things get a bit squashed at the moment.

  330. Avatar of Maria k

    A fridge that works properly and that I don’t have to worry about it and keeps everything at room temperature and a fridge that seals properly and I do have to pay extra electricity for and water that is cold for in the middle of the night drink runs and not hearing the fridge in the middle of the night slamming for a drink from kids and adults.

  331. Avatar of Felicity

    I would love this fridge as we need a bigger fridge to keep up with our kids getting older and wanting more food. The water in the door would be great too.

  332. Avatar of Merle

    The Westinghouse French door fridge is everything I’m not – stylish, sleek, functional and with all of its parts working. Having this fridge in my kitchen would inspire me to take up yoga, eat healthily, practice meditation and bring about world peace – as soon as I’d packed my new Westinghouse with fine cheese and bubbly.

  333. Avatar of Kylie Gould
    Kylie GouldReply

    This fridge freezer would make life easier by not having to have two extra fridges (one with a freezer) in the garage. It is a great looking fridge with a lot of features that would benefit our family especially the cold water on tap.

  334. Avatar of Sonja Henderson
    Sonja HendersonReply

    Stunning fridge, with heaps of room, our current one has the door seals disintegrating, so this would be an amazing prize, love the sleek stainless steel doors, plenty of fridge and freezer space, and a bonus being an upside down fridge

  335. Avatar of Les

    I love that the Westinghouse French door will fit into a smaller space yet has plenty of storage – twice as much as my current small fridge which I have outgrown.

  336. Avatar of Jaclyn

    My ASD/ODD Son must broke our fridge, so with a family of 7 we really need one! Westinghouse I’d a trusted brand These are great as we have large meals to store, and we also have family over a lot so platters etc fit in French door fridges perfectly.

  337. Avatar of vilda

    This is a fabulous prize thank you for putting this comp on. I could use a new fridge at home as mine isn’t big enough to get everything in.

  338. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica AshbrookeReply

    Love the space I have a butter box doesn’t fit anything in it and with a growing family I need the space and ice water dispenser perfect for the 48 degree days we have

  339. Avatar of Cindy Manderson
    Cindy MandersonReply

    I love that it fits into a small space but is big enough to fit enough food in for a family. It looks modern but is functional. Please pick me as our fridge has been tripping our power off from time to time and I think it is about to die. Love how reliable Westinghouse is. Thanks lots.

  340. Avatar of Sally

    I love the water and ice on tap! Having the fridge at the top means no bending down a couple of times a day to get the fresh food out of the crisper. I’d love to win simply so I can stop renting our current fridge.

  341. Avatar of Ying Ying Tan
    Ying Ying TanReply

    The most attractive feature for me would be the FlexStor™ adjustable storage solutions, especially when I want to refrigerate my leftover pots of curry/soup without separating them into smaller containers. With this solution I can adjust the racks and fit the whole pot in! What a time-saver! Fingers crossed for the best birthday present ever as my birthday is next week…yay!

  342. Avatar of Lyn

    Who wouldn’t want to win this amazing fridge it has it all

  343. Avatar of Shannon

    A fridge that has the ability to store 8 bottles of wine!? Please pick me!! 31 weeks pregnant with number two & I’ve not had a glass of this sanity saviour for a long time!! Once I’ve had this baby, I would utilise this feature like there was no tomorrow! Bring on Summer, BBQ’s & Wine!

  344. Avatar of sue perry

    My 6yo monkey will be able to access his own snacks which as we all know that boys eat all day every day
    The ice water on the outside makes it easier for us both to keep both our water intake up
    Now if you had a feature for the dog to be able to open the door herself she wouldn’t beg for snacks all day

  345. Avatar of Tracy

    I love the ease of this fridge no more bending over to get into the crisper! And how much space does it save? With my limited mobility this is just the ideal fridge and freezer combo!

  346. Avatar of Joanna Lau

    Dreams of a two door fridge with all its functionality, class in style and huge capacity for my growing family! This is definitely a lovely new appliance for our house as we are expecting a new bub soon and will definitely want to fill up my fridge with bub’s milk and soon bub’s food and of course, our food as well. The ice water outside is a bonus as it will really make life easier when we are thirsty.

  347. Avatar of dellraine

    yes please!! i love this fridge because it’s a WESTINGHOUSE and love the water/ice tap..
    i am needing to update my old fridge which is over 20years old ..

  348. Avatar of Lisa

    I would love the Westinghouse 650L French door fridge mainly for it’s ice making capabilities, it’s an amazing feature, especially in a Queensland household, and a household of icy cold drink fanatics, lol. If I won this, I would be really appreciative since I find the Queensland heat oppressive with my bad heart (no violins though please. Lol)

  349. Avatar of Elinor

    I love the French doors as I can never fit any platters in my fridge.

  350. Avatar of kate

    Westinghouse Fridges are durable, efficient and goodlooking.
    Need an update for the kitchen- the French door fridge would really make the kitchen complete and really meet the changing family needs, esp as we have grandchildren regularly for meals and food.
    We recall the rounded cram models- this would genuinely be the way for us to go. Fresh water too!!!????

  351. Avatar of Lorna M

    My little fridge, has served us well
    But now its time to say farewell
    Semi cold with super slow freezing
    No fresh food…that’s not pleasing
    A brand new Westinghouse French Door fridge, would be a celebration
    Handsome, functional, smart and spacious
    Standing impressively, in my kitchen!

  352. Avatar of Sue B

    French doors! Yes please! Trying to side shimmy into my current fridge holding plates, platters or trays with one hand extended hoping they don’t wobble off is an ongoing frustrating nightmare.

  353. Avatar of Reneeferguson

    I love it fits any nook and love the freezer has a draw-
    So cool!
    I would love to win to replace my old fridge

  354. Avatar of Susan

    I would love a Westinghouse Stainless Steel Fridge to style with my stainless steel oven and range hood. I have a old white fridge that has a few problems now and I would be in heaven to own a new Westinghouse, living over 50kms from shops, this larger newer fridge could hold so much more and be energy efficient for me, whilst it’s water and ice functions will save me in the long run.