How to Survive Winter Swimming Lessons With Kids


Got a child in swimming lessons? Or considering starting lessons soon?

Here’s some smart tips to make the post-swimming lesson dash a lot less stressful, even when the temperature drops.

My daughter LOVES to swim. Even if it’s freezing outside. For some reason once she hits the water, she doesn’t feel the cold.

It’s not until after the lesson that she realises just how chilly it is and the complaints start.

Like many mums, we do swimming lessons year round. It keeps our weekly routine the same and ensures she doesn’t forget what she’s learnt. Plus, it keeps her active even when it’s too cold (and rainy) to play outside after school.

The only thing that really changes from winter to summer lessons is our after-swim routine.

Winter swim lessons made easy

During the summer getting dressed after swimming lessons is fairly relaxed. She showers, get dressed and brushes her hair in the change rooms. Or she wanders home in a towel. There’s no rush. And there’s no chilly breeze threatening her comfort.

kingswim swim school child in shower

In winter things are a bit different. After lessons I have about 38 seconds to get her into the shower, dressed and ready to go home before she starts to complain about being cold.

I know I’m not the only one. One look around our swim centre and you can see all mums struggle with this winter dilemma. And I imagine it’s worse for mums living down south in Victoria and Tassie. So what can we mums do to make the after swimming lesson routine a little more comfortable, even during the chilly months? 

We asked our Mum Central parents and here’s what they suggest:

Before diving in: 

1. Check the facilities– All swim centres come with basic changing facilities. But some are much better designed than others. Look for a swim school that has multiple showers and change space. Heated change rooms are also a huge plus! And plenty of parking out front to avoid those long dashes from the centre to the car!

how to survive winter swimming lessons

2. Get them swim ready – Meaning their bathers are on, underneath their clothes. Consider a swim cap too. This prevents them from hopping out of the pool with sopping wet hair.

For little ones, rashies or wetsuits are also an excellent way to keep them warm before they dive in and during their lesson, if your centre allows it.

kingswim swim school learn to swim

3. Dress smart yourself – Heated pools with heated facilities are awesome! But it usually means the waiting rooms are a bit on the warm side too. Wear a singlet or light shirt under your jacket in case you start sweating on the sidelines.

After the lesson: 

4. Avoid the tricky after-swim clothing – Like leggings and socks. Stick to loose fitting clothes such as trackies, fleece pants or even pyjamas. Crocs are great for on their feet as they are easy to slip on, even if their feet are a little wet still. And you don’t have to battle with socks! Ugg boots work too.

5. Have towels and hoods handy – Some parents use hooded dressing gowns that go straight over their swimmers. This is an excellent option if you’re heading straight home to shower. For really little ones, grab a hooded towel to bundle them in.

A Turban Twistie Towel is another great way to keep wet hair off kids’  backs, especially for little girls with long locks. If you don’t have a Turban Towel, bring two towels – one for their bodies and one for their heads.

kingswim swim schools winter tips

6. Bring a small changing mat to stand on – You can buy special swimming changing mats for kids so their feet don’t get cold and wet when getting changed. Or your own bath mat will do nicely too.

7. Make a hair dryer your helper – Many parents skip the shower and head straight to the car in winter. If you prefer to shower at the pool, bring a hair dryer to give their hair a hot air blast before you head off. Or tuck clean damp hair under a beanie if you’re short on time.

Heading home: 

8. Pack a plastic bag for their wet items – This keeps their swim bag from getting wet and eventually mouldy.

9. Have slippers in the car – I have a pair of slippers for my daughter that she changes into as soon as she’s seated. That way, even if it’s wet and rainy, she has a warm pair of DRY footwear to put on.

You may even want to have a thermos of hot chocolate ready and waiting, if you’re extra organised. Not only will it warm their tummies, but also give them a bit of a treat.

10. Stay positive – Yes, it can be hard to stay motivated when the weather is cold, wet and miserable But remind yourself that making sure your kids are safe in the water is worth the rainy walks from the car, the damp towels and any complaints from the kids.

Choose a swim school that offers year round comfort and convenience 

Kingswim is one of the leading names in Australian swim schools. From teeny tots to big kids, they have heaps of different programs to choose from including Learn to Swim and graduate programs.

kingswim swim school

But what sets Kingswim apart is their facilities. With schools located across Australia in Victoria, Queensland, ACT and New South Wales, you most likely have a Kingswim centre near you.

Their warm water and pool deck temperatures, immaculate water quality, and family-friendly change rooms make every lesson comfortable for both the kids and parents, even in winter!

inside Kingswim swim centre

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mum central

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