WonderFold Wagons: These Epic Pram Wagons Will Change the Way You Get Out and About!

Getting out of the house with young kids can be a lot. Juggling double prams, lazy walkers, nappy bags (and all their other stuff) is difficult. And exhausting.  Thankfully we can put that all behind us, now that the WonderFold wagons have hit Australian soil. So now you can look forward to getting out of the house with the kids, no matter wherever your adventure takes you!

Built for carrying up to four kids, WonderFold wagons are available in two-seat and four-seat models making carting kids – and their gear – easier and more fun than ever. These clever wagons are suitable for children aged six months and up (although a bassinet attachment will soon be available) and perfect for babies, toddlers and even young children who aren’t up to the task of walking for long stretches of time.

They’re brilliant for day-to-day activities, holidays and travel, and can go wherever your adventure takes you. From a trip to playgroup, a walk to the shops or park, take them on the beach or even around the family farm. WonderFold wagons make getting out and about EASY for everyone.

Unlike cheap beach cargo wagons, WonderFold wagons are designed to meet the strict Australian Pram safety standards too and are fully certified as a pram. They’re the safest wagon for your most precious cargo and Pragon are the first official retailer of the Wonderfold Wagon in Australia.

Wonderfold wagons in action
WonderFold wagons to the sanity-saving rescue! Source: Supplied

WonderFold wagons make getting out and about easy

A fun ride for everyone, these wagons are built to be durable for young families and designed to be used by families for years on end.  The 2-seater wagon can carry a combined weight of 90kg (20kg per seat) while the 4-seater wagon can hold 130kg combined wight (44kg per bench seat).

In true wagon style, seats are raised to enjoy the view and are also inward facing, which is excellent for sparking conversation and sharing snacks and blankets.

Wonderfold Australia
Two passengers or four, WonderFold wagons for the win! Source: Supplied

Introducing WonderFold Elite and WonderFold Luxe pram wagons

WonderFold wagons currently offer two models in Australia – the WonderFold Elite and the WonderFold Luxe. Both are available in either two or four-seat models, perfect for growing families. See below for a rundown of each model.

WonderFold Elite Wagon:

  • 2-seater model $1,399
  • 4-seater model $1,699

An absolutely stellar ride, the WonderFold Elite features removable, raised and reclining seats, an adjustable handlebar with neoprene cover, all-terrain EVA tyres, adjustable canopy rods and canopy fabrics, zippered side mesh panels, a rear storage basket, plus 5-point safety harnesses.  All of this is included with the Elite wagon frame when you unbox it!

Wonderfold Australia
WonderFold Elite wagon, perfect for babies and tired pre-schoolers! Source: Supplied

WonderFold Luxe Wagon:

  • 2-seater model $1,599
  • 4-seater model $1,999

The WonderFold Luxe wagon has a few extra comfy features to the Elite wagon and is perfect for offroad adventures. It features removable, raised and reclining seats, an adjustable handlebar with vegan leather cover, all-terrain XL wheels, adjustable canopy rods and canopy fabrics, zippered side mesh panels for privacy and magnetic 5-point safety harnesses. You’re set from the get-go with all of this plus a rear basket and pull strap included with the Luxe wagon frame.

Wonderfold Luxe wagon
WonderFold Luxe wagon makes getting out of the house easier for everyone! Source: Supplied

Room for kids and more!

Storage is absolutely not an issue with these pram wagons either. Storage pouches can be found on the side of the wagon, in the back panel, as well as in the seatbacks. You can also buy a cargo net accessory ($29) to stuff bulky jackets, swimming towels and more if required. You can even remove a wagon seat to make room for carrying extra gear onboard!

When the wagon is securely set up, babies and toddlers can be lifted over the top and strapped into their seats or alternatively, children can enter the wagon through the mesh panel for easy access. When it’s time to head home, just like a regular double pram, WonderFold wagons fold down easily for travel and loading in and out of the car boot with ease.

Wonderfold Australia
Full size to car boot size in a few simple clicks and folds! Source: Supplied

WonderFold wagons for all seasons!

No matter your season of parenting – babies, toddlers or preschoolers – and no matter the season of the year, rain, hail or shine, WonderFold has you and your pram wagon covered, literally.

The zippered side mesh panels allow for plenty of fresh air flow while the generous canopy offers brilliant UV protection, shielding children from the harsh summer sun. A wagon rain cover (from $125) is available for purchase separately which is perfect for wet and cold weather protection, keeping kids (and the wagon) dry and warm. It’s the ultimate gloomy day investment.

Pimp my ride with cool wagon accessories

Of course, a rain cover is just one of the amazing WonderFold wagon accessories you can buy. There are SO many other cool ways to customise your family’s sweet ride. A handy snack tray ($90), all-weather floor mat (from $79), parent console (from $99), and cup and phone holder ($29) are just the tip of the mountain of wheely good WonderFold accessories available at Pragon. There’s even a gorgeous pull handle ($179) to make pulling your favourite passenger pram wagon both stylish and easier!

Wonderfold australia
Shop cool WonderFold pram wagon accessories available at Pragon! Source: Supplied

Both the WonderFold Elite and WonderFold Luxe wagon models are available in a colour choice of either volcanic black or charcoal grey.  They’re both awesome, easy-to-keep-clean colours while driving little people around on adventures – perfect for the beach!

5/5 reviews from mums

The Wonderfold Wagons also come with nothing but 100% recommendations and reviews from busy parents. Check out what these mums had to say:

wonderfold-wagon-testimonial wonderfold-wagon-testimonial wonderfold-wagon-testimonial

WonderFold Australia – shop pram wagons today!

Ready for all the cool conveniences of a pram wagon? Shop all four Elite and Luxe Wonderfold wagon models (and super cool accessories) under one roof at Pragon, They’re Australia’s very first retailer of these ultra-cool rides and we can’t thank them enough!

Got a pram wagon question? The Pragon team are only too happy to assist with advice, so click below and check them out today!

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