World’s Toughest Job

It may not pay anything but billions of people already do it. Do you have what it takes to handle the World’s Toughest Job?

The job listing for Director of Operations at Rehtom Inc received over 2.7 million impressions. The 24 applicants were explained the following job conditions. They interviewed via webcam and their real-time reactions were captured on video. One incredulous applicant asks ‘is that even legal?’…

  • Constant exertion
  • Continuous standing
  • Work 135 hours per week
  • No breaks
  • No vacations
  • Increased workload on holidays
  • Excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Degree in medicine, finance and culinary arts

It’s worth watching through to the end… even if you think you know where it’s headed.

YouTube video

 PS – We think this one goes out to the dads in the world too xx

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