10 Easy Air Fryer Recipes You’ll Use Week After Week!

Not sure what to cook in your air fryer? Here’s some super hot and super easy air fryer recipes you’ll definitely use more than once.

Save on time and electricity by using your air fryer for those small and medium oven jobs. You might be surprised just how much you’ll use your air fryer when you put your mind to it.

Ready, set, let’s air fry!

Top 10 easy air fryer recipes

1. Kid pleasing popcorn chicken

Healthier than the deep-fried equivalent from our nation’s favourite take-away chicken outlet, create these tasty popcorn chicken morsels at home in next to no time. Don’t forget the sauce!

air fryer popcorn chicken recipe

2. Best. Bacon. EVER

Love your bacon crispy and crunchy? ME TOO. No more limp bacon – the air fryer is fab at cooking bacon just like this. Best. Bacon. Ever. Thanks for the hot tip, Popsugar.

air fryer crispy bacon recipe

3. Next level baked potatoes

No need to turn on the oven for just a few hot spuds – the air fryer cooks them perfectly (and quickly – just 35 minutes!). Head to Courtney’s Sweets to find out how to recreate her garlic parsley potatoes.

air fryer baked potato recipe

4. Quick roast vegetables

The air fryer leaves steamed and boiled vegetables behind in flavour and texture. Chop zucchini, brussel sprouts, radishes, capsicum and asparagus, spritz with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Cook on 200° for 15 to 20 minutes, perfect! For a real flavour boost, try this balsamic roasted vegetables recipe from Happy Healthy Mama.

air fryer roast balsamic vegetables recipe

5. Easy hard boiled eggs

Yes, yes you CAN make boiled eggs in an air fryer! Great for salads, snacks and curried egg, This Old Gal shows us how easy it is to ‘boil’ bulk eggs in the air fryer. No more boiling saucepans dry!

air fryer hard boiled eggs recipe

6. Easy peasy sausages

Making for an awesome banger in bread, Air Fryer Cooking sausages are perfectly baked in the air fryer. There’s no sitting in oil, they’re evenly cooked, not at all dried out and ready to be devoured minutes after leaving the air fryer drawer.

air fryer sausages recipe
Source: Carnivore Style

7. Deliciously moreish zucchini fries

Ever wanted to recreate zucchini chips from your favourite hamburger place? Here’s your opportunity with Sweet Peas And Saffron. I think we can all agree they look AMAZING!

air fryer zucchini fries recipe

8. Cake in a jiffy!

Need a quick cake? It’s crazy to heat the whole oven for a quick batch of cupcakes or cake, when cake can be done in the air fryer. You just need to find a cake tin to fit the drawer! The Almost Famous Mom has a great aluminium foil trick worth investigating.

air fryer chocolate cake recipe

9. Mouth watering bacon burgers

From Blue Jean Chef, this amazing bourbon bacon burger. No BBQ required for just a few burgers, you can do it all from your kitchen bench. No mozzies, no flies, just sweet kitchen comforts. For kids, omit the bourbon.

air fryer bacon burger recipe

10. Garlic and lemon chicken drumsticks

A cheap and cheerful mid-week dinner, garlic and lemon chicken drumsticks are delicious when cooked in the air fryer! One of the easiest easy air fryer recipes ever!

air fryer garlic and lemon chicken recipe

Air fryer tips and tricks!

  • Use a refillable oil spray bottle (I can vouch for this Decor one) to spray foods before and during air frying. It saves drowning your food in oil – and of course, wasting precious oil!
  • Aerosol or can oil sprays are also believed to contribute to chipping the non-stick finish on air fryer baskets. Grease the basket with a silicone pastry brush and oil (or use a refillable oil sprayer) to prevent sticking.
  • Unlike a traditional oven, preheating isn’t always necessary – heating up the air fryer takes only minutes, you may just need to cook your item a little longer.
  • Bake and shake. When cooking fries, vegetables or for anything that could stick together when cooked, take the drawer out and give the contents a quick shake mid-way through cooking. Return the drawer and continue cooking!
  • Don’t put your air fryer basket or drawer in the dishwasher. I know it’s tempting, but just don’t. Instead, pour a little hot water and a couple drops of detergent in the bottom of the drawer and let sit for half an hour. A quick scrub with a brush and you’re all good!

For more air fryer goodness, see our Philips Air Fryer XXL review (we air fry a WHOLE CHICKEN). And for more easy air fryer recipes, see our previous roundup of quick and easy air fryer party food!

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