10 Money Saving Tips Anyone Can Adopt!

We’ve all heard money savings tips like don’t buy a coffee every day – which is sound advice if you WERE buying a coffee every day. But what if you’re not? Here are 10 money saving tips ANYONE can adopt!

Every dollar counts when heating costs money, groceries cost a bomb and heck even parched kids are going to hit you in the hip pocket.

Money saving tips the whole family can embrace!

Here are 10 ways families can start to save some of their hard-earned cash (or even make a little extra)!

1. Pretend you have a forever loan

So many of us countdown those last debt or loan repayments and then think “YES! WE’RE FREE!”— then go mad buying avocados (when they’re not in season) and fancy bread. BUT what we should be doing, is continuing to pay the repayment amount into a savings account. We’re already used to not having the money anyway, so it’s an easy way to save up for a holiday, house deposit or even pay off other debts.

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2. Use your local library

Have you been to a library lately? You can borrow books, DVDs, magazines – heck you can even download your favourite CURRENT magazines onto your devices through the library system. That’s an awesome saving when you consider the enormous cost of magazines and new books. Plus taking the kids to the library is an outing in itself.

3. Always shop the specials or make your own

Before you make your shopping lists, check out ALL the catalogues for where you plan on shopping. Doing your homework pays off and saves you LOADS of money. Meal plan around what’s on special at the grocery store and always check out what your local fruit shop has on offer! Independent fruit and veg store produce is often significantly cheaper than the supermarkets. Don’t forget you can make your own gear from scratch too – think of all the yoghurt savings to be had!

4. Write a shopping list and set a spending budget (and stick to it)

Write a list and stick to it. When grocery shopping if it’s not on the list, it doesn’t go in the trolley! When buying gifts, think about the gift you want to buy BEFORE you hit the shops. If you go shopping without a plan, guaranteed you’ll end up spending more money! Ask yourself, ‘Do you NEED it or WANT it?’

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5. Save on electricity bills

It goes without saying use jumpers and throw blankets, but GUYS, Nanna knew what she was doing with all those door snakes. When winter hits, door snakes (or even rolled-up towels) prevent draughts from sucking all the expensive heated air from living spaces. A time-tested door snake will help keep the thermostat steady and prevent excessive heating from hiking up your electricity bill.

6. Eat in instead of out

Often you’ll destroy a food budget in one fell swoop by eating out. Fake-away takeaway is a great cost-friendly option (think fun foods like pizza, tacos, noodles!). If it’s a catch-up with friends you seek, invite everyone around and ask them to bring something to share. Easy AND FUN!

7. Don’t spend a motza entertaining the kids

Bowling, movies, play cafes, arcade games – it all adds up. Lucky for me, we live rurally where there REALLY isn’t anything for kids to do so I’m well experienced at entertaining for next to nix. Kids love spending time with YOU. Take them to the park, pack a picnic, ride bikes, play board games, plant a garden – you can do it all and leave your money in your pocket!

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8. Take a water bottle everywhere

Buying drinks is one of my pet-hates and guaranteed 30 minutes after leaving home everyone will be pleading dehydration. You can EASILY spend $20 buying just one drink each for a family of five, which is ridiculous when you want to save any money you can. So always pack a water bottle instead of getting caught short and having to buy drinks when out!

9. Cook once, eat twice

If you can stretch dinner out to nearly double it with a little extra meat, legumes, vegetables or salad you can create dinner for one night as well as the next, which is often cheaper than creating two separate meals. PLUS the cooking is done ahead of time so you can take the night off – BLISS. Don’t forget to eat your leftovers for lunch too!

10. Garage sale

Have you given your home the whole KonMari treatment recently? You might be amazed by what people are willing to pay money for! Try selling unwanted items in a garage sale (or try a virtual garage sale, i.e. Facebook Marketplace or your local Buy, Swap, Sell page) and wait for the money to roll in!

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Patience is vital in saving money. A few dollars here and a few dollars there doesn’t seem like much at the time, but it all adds up!

You can also save money by adopting the shelf cooking challenge – it’s both great for saving dollars AND clearing out your pantry, fridge and freezer. Win-Win!

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