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10 So-Not-Selfish Things EVERY Mum Should Do

Sometimes, just sometimes mums need to ditch that annoying voice in their head, the one calling them selfish, and do something for themselves.

Motherhood isn’t easy. And when everything you do is to benefit others (be it your kids, hubby, family pet), it’s perfectly okay to call time out and do something Just. For. You.

Forget Judgy Pants, your demanding schedule (Read: being Taxi Mum) and the fact you haven’t yet packed the kids’ lunch for tomorrow, made the beds or tidied the house. All that can wait. It’s time to do something for mum.

It’s really no wonder we fall in a heap from time to time. Even when we do take stock and convince ourselves that a cheeky manicure is just what we need to bring our sparkle back – old mum guilt sets in. Sound familiar?

That’s the little voice in your head that says, “shouldn’t you be putting that money aside for a rainy day, rather than splashing it on a double soy cappuccino?”

“Do you need that new top or do you WANT it? Wouldn’t that money be better spent on a new pair of school shoes for little Timmy?”

Get lost mum guilt!

It’s high you did something that benefits you. And we’re here to tell you that it’s okay to be selfish. In fact, it’s more than okay. So go do something for yourself and DO NOT FEEL GUILTY.

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1. Read a proper book. A grown-up book with no pictures and lots of words on the page. Read it in a ‘safe’ place, where no little people can come and sit beside you and try turning the pages before you’ve even finished reading the words on it.

2. Grab your yoga mat and tell everyone you’re going to your class but instead go and sit in a café and enjoy your latte in silence.

3. Treat yourself to a day at the spa. Just because!

4. Give yourself a week (or a night) off. Don’t nag the kids to do their homework. If it doesn’t get done who’s going to get in trouble? Not you. Forget the household chores, they’ll still be there tomorrow/next week. So why not kick back, grab a vino and enjoy?!

two women on sofa wearing face masks with wine in their hand | mum's night off

5. Hire a babysitter, or get a grandparent over, and go back to bed. Who’s got the energy to get dressed up and head outdoors? Who desperately needs some sleep? Yup, we thought so. Snuggle up under the doona and nap without getting woken up by a screaming baby and without having to set your alarm for school pick up.

6. Keep the ’nice’ orange juice for yourself. This also applies to the ‘good’ biscuits or any other food item that usually gets gobbled up by the kids before you can get a look in.

7. Forget making the kids’ favourite food for dinner and make yours instead. If it’s vindaloo they’ll just have to SUCK. IT. UP. (Note: a glass of milk might help with the burn.)

8. Lock the bathroom door so you can pee in complete peace. Take a radio in and turn it up loud so you don’t even have to hear their little voices asking what you’re doing or whether you can get them some milk. Kids, they don’t half pick their moments!

Things for mum | two ladies having a meal with wine

9. Go out with your girlfriends. Stop spending ALL your time driving your kids around and go out with your girlfriends instead. Be it lunch with a few glasses of wine, a dinner out, a trip to the movies or a day at the park or beach – just make it happen.

10. Have a real conversation with your partner or husband. How many times a day does your child interrupt your conversation? If your kid is anything like mine, I’m guessing often! And if your brain is anything like mine, you then completely forget what it was you were talking about. Make time, away from the kids, to have a one-on-one with your other half.

This motherhood gig is tough, but just remember, we’re all in it together. Be kind to yourself and if you see a fellow mum who looks to be struggling, throw her a life rope. Also, check out 5 more things you should do for yourself today.

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A former Sydneysider, she turned her ideas of a sea change into reality and now lives with her family in beautiful South-West WA. A lover of yoga and travel, like most mums, she’s on a quest to create a better work-life balance. When she’s not pulling socks out from behind the sofa or sponging little hand prints off the walls, she’s in the kitchen trying to dream up exciting lunch box ideas for her three cheeky monkeys.

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