11 Brilliant Christmas Gifts Under $50 for Kids

Got a lot of kids on your Christmas shopping list? Nieces and nephews, the neighbour’s kids, friends? Save your house deposit. It is possible to buy awesome gifts for kids for less than $50. 

Yes, this is the list that you need. Save it. Bookmark it. Send it to your friends. Our list of gifts under $50 will save you hours of shopping and internet scrawling.

Ready to shop? Let’s go!

PICK #1 Foam Alive

PRICE: Prices start at just $8!
GREAT FOR: Kids who love to make and create

Bring some serious magic to the DIY craft table this Christmas with a pack (or two or three) of brilliant Foam Alive foam.

Foam Alive is oozing, squishy, soft and fluffy fun – with practically ZERO mess to clean up. Kids will be instantly intrigued by the mysterious melting, flowing motion of this crazy substance.  How can something so soft be built into solid shapes? MAGIC! Foam Alive is the ultimate mess-free craft activity and it never dries out.

This is a brilliant gift to encourage kids sensory play.  We’re willing to bet you won’t be able to resist digging your hands in too. It feels unreal flowing through the fingers.

Foam Alive is available in a single Foam Flip Pack, a Double Flip Pack or in a cool Make N’ Melt Ice Cream Kit for a real scoop on summertime fun.


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PICK #2 So Soap DIY Soap Factory

PRICE: $29
GREAT FOR: Creative kids who LOVE bath time

Don’t like messy play? How about clean play? This gift allows the kids to turn your kitchen into a bath soap making station.

With So Soap, kids can mix, press and decorate bespoke soap creations adding scents, colours and sprinkles. They even come with adorable, collectable character toppers.  The So Soap DIY Bath Soap Factory has everything you need to have some squeaky clean fun – you just need to add water. Collect all the quirky soap characters to line your bathtub. You’ll find pretty flamingos, unicorns, octopus, llamas, pandas and more. 

The So Soap Soap Factory, 3-pack So Soap DIY Kit and adorable single So Soap character packs, are sold exclusively in Kmart.

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PICK #3 Super Wubble Bubble Ball

PRICE: $20
GREAT FOR: Energetic kids who love to rumble and tumble

Now, this is a sure-fire way to get kids outside and having a ball.

The Super Wubble Bubble Ball is lightweight, sturdy and SUPER stretchy. It’s also pretty much indestructible thanks to its awesome Xpandium fabrication. This bubble ball will withstand a whole lot of kids play. It’s a whole lot of non-bursting bubble fun.

The Super Wubble Bubble Ball is $20 of awesome fun for those aged six and over. And parents, don’t worry, you don’t have to rely on your lungs to blow this bubble up. A battery-operated pump inflates the super-sized ball in minutes. When you’ve finished playing, it deflates for easy-peasy storage. AWESOME.

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PICK #4 The Wiggles Kids Flip Out Sofa

PRICE: $49
GREAT FOR: Wiggles fans who love to relax in Wiggle style

Just scraping in as a gift for under $50, The Wiggles Kids Flip Out Sofa will have you singing Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car! all day long.

Little Wiggles fans will love spotting Simon, Anthony, Lachy and Emma in the vibrant Wiggles print and telling you all about them, no doubt! The foam sofa is soft and snug. It folds up neatly for a comfy spot to sit or Flip it out for stretching out and getting really comfy – they may even SLEEP on it.

The Wiggles Kids Flip Out Sofa is also available in Frozen, Toy Story and Minnie Mouse licensed designs.

gifts under $50, Wiggles fold out couch

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PICK #5 Micador DIY Painted Jewellery Kit

PRICE: $13
GREAT FOR: Tween fashionistas with a penchant for funky accessories

Tweens love unique accessories. But if there’s one thing better than brand spanking new fashion accessories, it HAS to be fashion accessories you made.

Micador DIY Painted Jewellery Kits is the ultimate DIY kit to keep tweens busy for hours. Each Micador DIY Painted Jewellery Kit includes 10 large round beads, six small round wooden beads, six pots of coloured acrylic paint, paintbrush, paper tape, two metres of tan leather and a key-ring. EVERYTHING you need to create gorgeous accessories (including instructions and #inspo pics) is in the box.

Micador DIY Painted Jewellery Kits are available in three colour collections – Berrylicious Cotton Candy and Lollipop. Sweet!

gifts under $50, DIY jewellery kits

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PICK #6 ergoPouch Long Sleeve Layer

PRICE: ergoPouch Long Sleeve Layer $29.95
GREAT FOR: Littlies who love to be comfy at sleep time

We at Mum Central love the Christmas tradition of giving and wearing colourful, comfy pyjamas. And you can start that tradition really early with this cute long sleeve layers from ergoPouch.

These gorgeous ergoPouch Layers (for newbie babes to two-year-olds) take the guesswork out of dressing little ones for sleep. The TOG rated Layers are designed to be worn on their own or underneath an ergoPouch swaddle, sleeping bag or sleepsuit bag. Super comfy, super snug and super cute.  If only they came in adult sizes!

Christmas gifts under $50
These PJs are so cute you will want some for yourself.

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PICK #7 Story Antics Personalised Story Book

PRICE: $29.99 until November 30th (no coupon needed) then $39.99
GREAT FOR: Kids who enjoy a story… starring themselves!

Story Antics are masters at personalising gorgeous storybooks for children.

Simply choose a story from a collection of quirky tales you’d love your recipient to feature in. Then Story Antics will customise the name and look of every story character to your child. They even personalise the cover with your child’s name.

We love The Christmas Book with its 36 pages of beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. It tells a funny story of family characters (including grandma and grandpa.) who are all excited to receive their Christmas gifts. However, let’s be honest, any picture book starring themselves is sure to become a home library favourite. This is a worthy entry to our list of gifts under $50!

gifts under $50, personalised book

Create your Story Antics personalised book today and get FREE shipping using the code ‘MUMCENTRAL‘ before 31st December 2019.

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PICK #8 First 100 Puzzles and Games

PRICE: Prices start at $7
GREAT FOR: Toddlers who learn like sponges

If there’s one things toddlers love, it’s playing games and trying out new words. The First 100 puzzles and games are based on the ever-popular First 100 brand, a book series by Roger Priddy (one you can bet you’ll be reading over and over and over again). The books encourage tots to learn key concepts and words through fun, vibrantly coloured board books.

These new First 100 games take the learning experience to the next level with hands-on learning through puzzles and simple card games. The First 100 games offer a HUGE variety of activities including vocabulary, counting, shapes and even recognising animals.

It’s simple play at its gorgeous best. First 100 games are designed with young children in mind with thick, large and self-correcting puzzle pieces for small hands. To top it off, each game also includes hints and tips for parents on how to best engage the kids in play. So cool!

gifts under $50, puzzles and games

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PRICE: $9.95
GREAT FOR: Tech-savvy kids

If your tween has a mobile phone or is getting one for Christmas and you’re a little anxious about the ramifications, OVO can put your parent worrying heart at ease.

The $9.95 OVO MOBILE – MINI SIM card plan is the perfect starter SIM for your child’s first phone. It includes 500 minutes of calling, unlimited SMS, 2GB of data per 30 days. It also comes with a free subscription to Family Zone cyber safety (a saving of $59.40 per annum). Family Zone allows parents to monitor children’s safety online, while they find their cyberspace feet. They can filter inappropriate content, restrict or limit access to screen time and social media platforms (hello TikTok!). You can also limit downloads and in-app purchases. That’s a load off of any parents mind.

We love that OVO plans are all prepaid so there’s no surprise top-ups or bill shock to be had when kids start messaging everyone they ever met in their class. OVO pride themselves on being super affordable with kids plans ranging from $9.95 to $19.95 a month – cheap as chips at less than $5 a week – plus there’s no fees to cancel or change your plan. Woohoo!

gifts under $50

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PICK #10 High Bounce Balls

GREAT FOR: Kids who can’t resist bouncing, rolling and throwing a ball

You know what they say, give a kid a ball and they’re amused for hours. WELL, IT’S TRUE. And what’s better than a bouncy ball? A high bounce ball with your favourite character on it.

Rounding out our gifts under $50, balls! Roll the balls on the floor or toss and kick it around the yard, there’s plenty of fun to be had with these high bounce balls. Soft, lightweight and waterproof, they’re perfect for teaching littlies to catch (and rest assured, they won’t be hurt if they miss, which is a REAL bonus).

The balls come emblazoned with crowd-favourite characters from Peppa Pig, PJ Mask, Disney Princesses, Toy Story 4, Frozen and Starwars. Get ready to bounce and catch everyone!

gifts under $50

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PICK #11 Ecokins Animal Soft Toys

PRICE: $25 for 12-inch animals
GREAT FOR: Animal lovers, wannabe zookeepers and kids obsessed with cuddlies

If your child asked for a pet hippopotamus, a whale or even a snow leopard this Christmas, Wild Republic’s new Ecokins will deliver the goods.

Made for cuddling, each animal is super soft and environmentally friendly. Yes, Ecokins are a completely sustainable soft toy product line. The 100% recycled plush toy line is the first of their kind and sets the new eco-friendly standard in plush toys. Each plush is made from recycled water bottles, from the outer fabric to the bead-free fill. The eyes are embroidered. The ink is made from soy and the packaging is made from biodegradable plastic bags.

No matter what kind of exotic animal your little one wants to add to their toy box collection, know that you’ll be shopping eco-consciously this Christmas with Ecokins. That’s a gold star for delivering on your child’s wishlist and a gold star for thinking of the environment.

Plus, Ecokins hits the ‘gifts under $50’ nail on the head – this could be your least expensive pet yet.

Where can you get your Ecokins? Head to to find your nearest stockist.

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