11 Cheap as Hell Kmart Buys You’ll Use Daily

Is there ANYTHING Kmart can’t do? From housewares to #mumlife wardrobe staples, Kmart has it ALL. Come see what made our cheap as hell, absolutely-must-have Kmart wish list. ALL UNDER $20 BUCKS. Score!

We’re passionate about Kmart here at Mum Central, there’s nothing more we love to talk about than our favourite buys (AKA bargains) and why we wouldn’t be without them.

Go grab a pen and a scrap of paper. You’ll want to be jotting these next items down…

1. Fridge food saver containers

Not even joking, if my Facebook feed is anything to go by, Kmart’s Fridge Food Saver containers are going to take over the world. Saving everyone a motza by minimising food wastage, they’re available in three sizes, 480ml ($4), 1.7L ($7) and 4.5L ($9). It’s been said that cauliflower lasts for WEEKS in these and a handy tip – take your crisper drawer out and stack these containers instead. Watching them in action below, WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


2. 5L slow cooker

‘Tis the season! You can’t go wrong with a slow cooker to get through winter (and spring, summer and autumn). The Kmart 5L Slow Cooker ($19) is a perfect size for a family of five. Get on it!

Kmart slow cooker

3. Bedlinen and accessories

Kmart bedding is cheap as chips and so too is their ridiculously adorable accessories. Who could even leave this sweet Llama cushion ($7) behind? LLAMA TAKE YOU HOME. Y’all know you need it too.

mum central

4. Leopard print cross body bag

Perfect for every day, be it your handbag or doing double time as a nappy wallet, the Leopard Print Blocked Chain Cross Body Bag ($9) comes up trumps in the style stakes. You’d never guess it was just $9! #bargain

mum central

5. Bathroom towels

It’s winter and towels are taking FOREVER to dry during the day so it’s super handy to have a few extra on hand. Kmart has a sensational collection on on-trend bath towels, all from just $10. Bath SHEETS (yes, the big ones!) are just $12! Talk about updating your bathroom look on the cheap, yasssss for Kmart housewares!

mum central

6. Teeny tiny heater

If you have a small space to heat (home office, under the desk, just a suggestion..) think about getting a Kmart Fan Heater. It’s just $15 and does a spectacular job of taking the cool edge off.

mum central

7. Giant ice cube trays

Is bub starting solids? Mum’s you’re going to want to get your hands on these. Get busy pureeing up a storm in the kitchen! Kmart Giant Ice Cube Trays ($1.50) provide perfect portions of food for littlies and the silicone material makes it a cinch to release them. No chiselling with an icepick required. Also, in the summer they keep your cocktail colder for much longer than regular ice cubes. #justsaying #thereslifeafterweaning

mum central

8. Women’s kicks

Shoes can be expensive. Like crazy expensive. Only they’re not spendy at Kmart which means we can buy ALL THE SHOES. #enabler The perfect kicks for the school run or getting around town, these Kmart High Top Canvas Shoes ($10) will put some pep in your step (and some change in your pocket!).

mum central

9. Bakeware

I feel a little awful saying it, because it’s NOT AT ALL being environmentally aware, BUT If I could replace my bakeware for next to nix every time something exploded and ruined a muffin tray of mine, I’d never waste time scrubbing one again. *And breathe*. SO, cheap-as-chips bakeware (baking sheets, springform cake pans, lamington trays, all just $5) can be found at your local Kmart. Run, don’t walk.

mum central

10. Push top travel cup

No commute should be without a travel cup be it work, the school run or going from the kitchen to the lounge room. The Push Top Travel Cup ($3) is available in pink or grey and is just the ticket for keeping any hot beverage both hot and portable. No more cold abandoned coffees!mum central

11. Wall art

I don’t care what people say about it, artwork doesn’t get any cheaper than Kmart. (Except maybe something your kids curated at kindy..) Just $19 will score you an Alpaca Framed Print (pictured top) or you can cash in on some serious bang for your buck with a 2 Pack of Line Drawing Canvases for a measly $15!

mum central

What are your favourite Kmart buys for under $20? Drop us a comment below to let us know!

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