11 Foods to Cook in Your Kmart Pie Maker Right Now!

START THE CAR, to Kmart we will go (again)! The Kmart pie maker is taking the nation by storm. Here’s all the pie maker inspo you need to get you started! Spoiler alert: Nutella is involved.

There’s a Facebook group dedicated to Kmart pie maker adventures and we just love it. There’s nothing you can’t learn from the group members and no stone or oven mitt is left unturned when it comes to creativity.

The Kmart Pie Maker ($29) will soon become an absolute workhorse in your kitchen – and odds are, it’s going to be the BEST $29 you’ve spent in some time.

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11 awesome things to cook in your pie maker

1. Lasagne

Not going to lie, lasagne in the pie maker is positively genius. Lasagne cups if you will. No fighting over corners, EVERYONE gets a nice crispy edge with these little babies!

pie maker | lasagne pies

2. Nutella doughnuts

Nutella is pretty much like the icing on the cake for ALL THINGS. The cherry on top if you will. Just when you think something has reached the peak level of awesomeness, Nutella goes and takes it up a notch. We give you Nutella doughnuts. That’s right, soft doughy cinnamon buns with a warm gooey dollop of hazelnut bread in the centre. Level up folks, LEVEL UP.


3. Breakfast cups

No time for a sit-down breakfast, no matter! This clever egg creation is perfect for a brekkie on the go, a quick snack or even lunch with a few leafy greens. Spinach and eggs are always a winning combo! Healthy too…

pie maker breakfast cups

4. Parma pie

Yes mate. The ol’ pub favourite can also be turned into a sensational pie. Frankly speaking, I think the parma pie is ALL kinds of epic and could definitely catch on. Watch your back meat pie, the parma pie is comin’ for you.

pie maker parma pies

5. Custard pies

Be still my beating heart. Holy Batman if there’s nothing I love more than vanilla custard, it’s probably when it’s all contained in a sweet pastry shell – AKA a custard pie. You can bet your vanilla bean paste I’ll be trying this out for myself.

pie maker custard pies

6. Snow cakes

You know a pie maker is the business when an enthusiastic lady says she’s using it to feed their hungry, hard-working shearers. Snow cakes are the bee’s knees – a packet cake mix, cream and jam and you’re GOOD TO GO.

pie maker snow cakes

7. Chocolate custard cupcake

Oh my. Chocolate custard cupcakes that look worthy of the CWA stand at the local show. WHO EVEN KNEW your pie maker was capable of such beauty?

pie maker chocolate custard cupcakes

8. Samosa style pie

OK, we know the purpose of the pie maker is to make pies, BUT we love the idea of this pie. Take all that samosa potato and pea spicy goodness and turn it into a samosa style pie. Deeeeelicious AND meat free.

pie maker somasa

9. Tacos

A tasty crowd pleaser for sure, this appliance effectively lets you make YOUR OWN TACO BOATS. Yep, tacos in the pie maker are a thing and you better keep them coming, the kids will wolf these down in no time!

pie maker tacos

10. Mini quiches

An excellent choice for the school lunch boxes, whip these mini quiches up fast on a Sunday night when you realise there’s no bread for sandwiches in the morning.

pie maker mini quiches

11. The ultimate hot breakfast

Sure enough, once we saw this in action we were convinced you can do away with most of your other kitchen appliances if you have a pie maker. The ultimate breakfast cooked in one appliance with minimal fuss and effort. THANK THE BREAKFAST GODS (and your pie maker).

pie maker hot breakfast

Do you need even more convincing to go hunt down a pie maker for yourself? See our very own awesome poached egg pie maker hack! Let’s not forget this epic Kmart sandwich maker hack too. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to warm up the pie maker and find the custard powder.

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