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11 Sweet Gender Reveal Ideas We Love!

Discovering the gender of your baby is a thrilling moment during your pregnancy journey. While some expectant parents opt to wait for the big surprise at delivery, others prefer to find out early and share the joyous news with loved ones. If you’re looking for creative gender reveal ideas to celebrate this special moment, check out these awesome suggestions!

How to keep the surprise a surprise!

If you want to be surprised, along with your guests (if you’re having a gathering) with your baby’s gender reveal, chances are you’re going to have to tell SOMEONE the sex of your baby so that they in turn can surprise you. Tricky.

The easiest way to do that is to have your sonographer write down your baby’s gender on a piece of paper at your ultrasound and place it in an envelope for safekeeping – and then resist taking a peek.

Finally, make it VERY clear when organising your gender reveal idea that you don’t want to know the gender before the event (just in case your friend, family member or business operator needs to ask a question and doesn’t accidentally ruin the surprise!). It will all be worth the secret stork business, promise!


Shopping for your gender reveal ideas

Depending on how low-key or go-big-or-go-home you want to be, shopping for your gender reveal doesn’t have to be difficult you just need to know where to go!

Look for local cake, cookie and balloon businesses to take care of your needs. Or alternatively, if you’re bending your DIY muscle, check out Big W and Spotlight for helium balloons, as well as party supply stores for pinatas, confetti cannons and smoke sticks.

11 Adorable gender reveal ideas

1. Say it with cake

If you’re having a gender reveal party, of course, there’s going to be cake! What will it be, a boy or a girl? Cut into the cake and see! TIP: You could easily DIY a gender reveal cake with this pinata cake hack, filling it with blue or pink lollies to spill the surprise.

Gender reveal ideas
One of the tastier gender reveal ideas – CAKE! Source: Pinterest

2. Pinata time!

Want to build suspense? Try whacking a pinata filled with blue or pink confetti for a fun, stress-relieving, gender reveal idea! This is also a fantastic way to involve older kids – let them have a turn too!

Gender reveal ideas
Pull a string or beat it with a stick, pinatas are always fun! Source: Asos

3. Gender reveal balloon box

A big box of pink or blue-toned balloons is always a gorgeous idea, especially if you have younger children who love balloons too (though chances are they’ll be far more excited about the balloons than their colour).  Lift the lid to reveal what colour balloons tell a little boy or girl will be joining you soon!

gender reveal ideas
Such a sweet (and not loud) gender reveal idea! Source: Instagram

4. Confetti cannon

If there’s no confetti, is it even a gender reveal? Buy one or two pretty confetti cannons for just the two of you or arm your guests with them and wait for the gender reveal bang!

gender reveal ideas
Spray confetti as far as the eye can see for your baby’s gender reveal. Source: Ginger Ray

5. Cookie crunch

Crumbs, will it be a boy or a girl? All is revealed in that first bite, with a sneaky layer of coloured fondant hiding within. Look for local cookie decorators near you specialising in decorated sugar cookies. YUM!

Gender reveal ideas
Who doesn’t love a cookie? Source: Instagram

6. Release the hounds!

Passionate parents of fur kids generally want to include them any way they can, so having a get-together at home and having someone tie pink or blue helium-filled balloons to your pooch before releasing them into the backyard crowd is a SUPER CUTE gender reveal. And guaranteed lots of awwwwwws and pats.

Gender reveal ideas
Fur kids can be part of the action too! Source: Instagram

7. Share the fun with cupcakes

Let everyone join in on the gender reveal fun with a box of cupcakes. Ask your cake baker to make just one cupcake with the gender reveal colour hidden within and let the games begin! Everyone takes a turn in biting into their cupcake to see if they’re the lucky person to reveal the news.

Gender reveal ideas
Who will get the lucky gender reveal cupcake and reveal all? Source: Instagram

8. Classic gender reveal balloon

A classic, go-to for a gender reveal for parties big or small is the gender reveal balloon. Carefully filled with pink or blue confetti, the black balloon conceals all, but just one pinprick will reveal all!

Gender reveal ideas
Go on, pop it! Source: Ginger Ray

9. Smoke it up!

We’ve seen extreme smoke gender reveal ideas (hello, coloured car exhaust smoke) but we suggest you err on the side of caution with a coloured smoke cannon or flare out in the open and get your camera ready – this is one of the popular gender reveal ideas literally goes up in smoke!

Gender reveal ideas
The safe and super cute way to smoke in 2023. Source: Instagram

10. Clever cups

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your gender reveal memorable. You could do something as simple as writing your gender reveal on the bottom of a cup with a Sharpie! Simply choose oven-safe cups, write your gender reveal and bake at 175°C for 30 minutes for it to stick. All that’s left to do is put the kettle on and drink up!

Gender reveal ideas
It’s written in the tea leaves… kind of. Source: Instagram

11. Scratch it!

Head to Etsy and get ready to scratch and surprise with gender-reveal scratch cards. One of the coolest gender reveal ideas getting around for friends or family who aren’t nearby, you can still surprise them with a card in the mail!

Gender reveal ideas
Surprise family and friends with a gender reveal by post! Source: Etsy

There you have it, 11 super sweet gender reveal ideas to surprise not only yourself but your nearest and dearest too! Did you have a special gender reveal idea of your own up your sleeve? Let us know if you do below in the comments.

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