27 Beautiful but Unique Baby Girl Names You Most Likely Have Never Heard Of (Yet!)

If you’re after a name that is both precious and rare, then we’ve got some great suggestions! Behold these beautiful but unique baby girl names that you may not have heard of before.

You won’t find these names on any most popular list but that’s what we love about them. They are charming, sweet, pretty and delightfully unique!

Unique baby girl names to consider

1. Zuly – This spunky name comes with a lot of lovely meanings including  “peace, completeness (in number), safety, soundness (in body), welfare, health, prosperity, quiet, tranquility, contentment and friendship”. How lovely!

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2. Nixon – We’ve seen Nixon used as a boy’s name in the past but we love it as a girl’s option instead – a great one to shorten to Nix or Nixie too.

3. Ovette – It’s a little bit vintage and a little bit cool, Ovette is another one that comes with a few cute nicknames including Ovie and Vettie.

4. Euphrasia – Meaning “good cheer” in Greek, this is a great one for your cheerful little girl.

5. Piera – This Greek name means “rock” and is pronounced like “Sierra”.

6. Suvi – The name Suvi means “sun” or “summer” – a lovely choice, especially if you’re having a summer baby!

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7. Echo – Musical baby names are really popular and this one is definitely one to tune into.

8. Yuna – This Japanese name means “kindness”- a lovely trait to instill in your daughter.

9. Effia – If you happen to give birth on a Friday, then this name is perfect. It means “born on Friday”.

10. Abra – Although Abra is short for Abraham, it’s also an African name given to girls born on Tuesday.

11. Lunaria – This name is unique because it combines two fast-rising baby names – Luna and Aria.

12. Eira – In Welsh, this airy name means “snow” which is pretty in itself. But Eira is derived from the goddess of health, Eir, in Norse mythology. Eir had the power to heal the sick.

13. Sena – Another nature-inspired unique baby girl name, Sena means “moon” and is a variation of Selena. Check out these additional space-inspired names. 

14. Halo – An angelic option indeed.

15. Iara – Pretty and sweet, Iara means “small butterfly” and “lady of the lake” in Arabic and Brazilian, respectively.

16. Fyvie  Very fairy-like, the name Fyvie means “from the wilderness by the river”. There’s something supernatural and magical about it!

17. Aiza – Pronounced “eye-za”, this name is a unique alternative to Isla. However,  it does come with an interesting meaning – “substitute” or “replacement”.

18. Orla – This name comes from the Celtic name, Orfhaith, and means “golden princess.”.

19. Cera – This pretty moniker means “cherry”.

20. Avalina – If you like Ava but are looking for something a little longer and perhaps flowier, then Avalina might suit her.

21. Zaya – A lovely name with a lovely meaning of “honest” and “hope”.

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22. Esti – This is a name we’ve never heard of before until John Legend and Chrissy Teigen used it for their newest daughter. We predict we will see a lot more of it now. Esti means “star”.

23. Qiana – Q-letter names are unique already and Qiana means “silky” and is pronounced “Ky-na”.

24. Waverly – Beachy but also posh, this name will certainly make a splash. See additional water-inspired names. 

25. Wrenley – We are seeing the name Wren a lot lately but Wrenley isn’t picked much (yet).

26. Kesia – This unique name for girls comes with two meanings “favourite” and “earthbound”. Kesia is also linked to the Cassia tree which symbolises harmonious, happy homes.

27. Kindrie – Similar to Kindred, which means “family, connection”, Kindrie or Kyndrie may be the perfect choice for the bub who completes your family.

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