15 Brilliant Images of Dads Being Dads That Have All the Feels

It’s just not Father’s Day without a heart-warming post about how much we adore the men in our (and our) children’s lives.

But rather than delve into why dads, step-dads, foster dads, grand dads and every other type of dad deserve a little bit of recognition and a lot of loving on this special day, we figured we would show you instead.

Behold some of the father-baby moments that make mums swoon.

Dads, take notes. Because there is nothing sweeter (or sexier) than watching the man you love with the baby that you have created together.

The “did you really just give birth” moment

Giving birth is amazing and proof that mums are superheroes. But often the proof of just how awesome you are comes from the look of pure pride and amazement from your partner. You did it. And he will be eternally grateful for the gift you just delivered…

The first hello

Daddy, meet daughter. Daughter, meet Daddy.

Mum, try not to ruin the moment with your uncontrollable sobs.

The first kiss

Soft, squishy and oh-so-small in daddy’s arms, we all love the classic cradle pose. Isn’t it amazing to think how can something so small can leave such a MASSIVE imprint on our (and our mens’) hearts?

Sunday morning snuggles

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Even the toughest men melt into putty when placed beside a sleeping newborn.

Synchronised sleep in

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Matching outfits, optional. Matching poses, necessary.

Double synchronised sleep in

If dad can get BOTH babies down at the same time, well it’s worthy of a heart-melting photo.

Matchy matchy men

Odds are, your wee one is going to take an interest in the same hobbies as dad, even from a young age. And snapping a matchy-matchy moment as the two boys bond over a common interest is clearly necessary.

Dinner duo

There’s nothing sexier than a man who cooks. Except perhaps a man who not only cooks, but also watches the little one so you can have a hot shower in peace.

Carry on! 

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We changed our minds. There is something just as sexy as a man who cooks – a man who carries BOTH kids so our arms can have a break. Carry on being awesome, dad.

Park plays

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Or fall asleep under a tree at the park together.

Showered with love

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Bonding bubble time! Plus, bub is clean and you don’t need to draw a bath. Double win right here!

Like father, like son

And let’s not forget those heart-melting moments when dad decides to strip down and work out in the backyard, complete with his own mini muscle sidekick. Make sure you turn the sound on for this one!

High fives for dad

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A massive shout out and mini high-five to all the dads out there. You keep us mums sane, you keep our kids safe, and you manage to keep the whole house smiling, even when shit hits the fan.

We love you, we appreciate you, and we couldn’t imagine trying to tag team these teeny terrors without you. Not just today, but every day.

Want more dad action? Silly us, of course you do. Then read our article about the 5 things that happen when men go from dude to dad.

Feature image: Monet Nicole Photography


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