The 5 Unexpected Things that Happen When Dudes Become Dads

Dads. They’re a wonderfully unique breed of man, possessing some universal skills and attributes that set them apart from their child-free counterparts.

The thing about dads is that they were once not dads. Once upon a time, they were just regular dudes. Even the super unicorn dads, with a baby strapped to their chest while simultaneously throwing a footy for their eldest and pushing their toddler on a swing, used to spend way too much time playing video games, drinking beer and sleeping till midday.

It seems that some pretty specific changes occur somewhere along the path to fatherhood. The transition from dude to dad is subtle in some ways, and glaringly obvious in other ways. Let’s review some of the most commonly observed changes on becoming a dad.

1. They actually enjoy Pixar movies 

becoming a dad

Before kids, Pixar movies sit squarely in the no-go zone. If it doesn’t involve explosions and a good car chase or two, it’s off the movie night list. Once a dude becomes a dad, he’ll happily switch Terminator 3 for Toy Story 3 – and probably hum along to the theme song during nappy changes as well. And do not even breathe the words “Inside Out” in his presence. Just don’t do it.

2. They become obsessed with tickling

Tickling is a classic dad-currency, especially in the early years of their kids’ lives. It’s probably an integral part of the father-child bond, to be honest. Sure, non-dads may dabble in tickle territory if they’ve got nieces or nephews, but a dad knows that there is no better sound than his own kid squealing with laughter at his mercy.

3. They develop bizarre lightning-fast reflexes

becoming a dad

We’ve all seen the video compilations of dads saving their offspring from what looks like a guaranteed trip to the hospital. The kid who slips out of the swing unexpectedly, falling neatly into her dad’s arms as though the whole thing was planned. The baby tumbling off the couch, only to be caught by a swift blink-and-you-miss-it hairy dad arm. The dad who appears out of nowhere and yoinks his offspring from a toppling bike. Ordinary men apparently become superheroes the day they bring their first baby home.

4. Their sense of humour drops into Dad-Joke territory

Would this be a thorough article if we didn’t bring up the special brand of humour that awakens in every man when he becomes a dad? Honestly, the Dad Jokes were most likely inside him all along. He just didn’t have an appropriate audience until now.

5. They become extra hot

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Image source: Instagram @elsapatakyconfidential

Dads. So hot right now. Literally. Who knew that awesome dads were so appealing? Mums everywhere, that’s who. Is there anything more attractive to us mums than a dad who ticks all the boxes? Swoon.

Ultimately, the dude to dad transition is an awesome thing – so celebrate the dad in your family! And be really grateful that he outgrew his 3am Grand Theft Auto marathon habit. Mostly.

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