You can relax knowing that your mini master builder has every Lego set imaginable – right? Wrong! Lego’s rolling out a brick buffet of some of the best sets it’s ever created for 2016.

Let’s start with the fact that Lego regularly brings out, and retires, set upon set every year. This means that there aren’t just two or three cool new creations coming out in 2016.

That said, what brand new Lego sets are finding their way to the tops of every child’s must-have list?

1. Lego Juniors Iron Man vs. Loki. Kids ages 4 through 7 may not have the patience or fine motor skills to build some of the seemingly stellar sets. But, that doesn’t mean they have to sit back and watch big brother or sister have all the fun. Lego’s Junior line is perfect for pint-sized builders, featuring favorite characters (such as these from the Avengers series) at an age-appropriate level. Lego-Juniors-10721

2.  Mixels. Collect and combine these cool little Lego sets for kids 6 and up. The MCPD (i.e., police department), Medivals (daring dragons and other Middle Ages magnificence) and Mixies (a rad rock band) are all new for 2016. Lego-Mixels

3.  Lego Elves Secret Market Place. Daring dragons, awesome elves and more make magic! Lego-Elves-41176

4.  Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase. As part of Lego’s DC Comics Super Heroes line, this super cycle set is a character favorite for 7 to 14-year-olds. Lego-Super-Heroes-76053

5.  Mighty Micros, Hulk vs. Ultron. The Super Hero set is age-appropriate for kids as young as 5, but still fun for almost tweens. Lego-Mighty-Macros-76066

6.  Nexo Knights. The all-new five knights are ready for adventures. With catapults, a lava smasher, a chaos chariot and more, Lego is keeping it regal with this line for 7 to 14 year-olds. Lego-Nexo-Knights-70317

7.  Minecraft, The Iron Golem. Kids 8 and up can come up with their own creations using the new set for 2016. Minecraft-Lego-21123

8.  Jay’s Elemental Dragon. Debuting in March of 2016, this Ninjago creation features two mini figures and much, much more. With 350 pieces, 7 to 14-year-old’s can build the dragon with two spring-loaded shooters. Lego-Ninjago-70602

9.  Batman Classic TV Series Batcave. Ok, so this one might be more for you than for your child. Age-graded for 14 and up, this 2,526 (yes, that’s right – it has more than 2,500 pieces) set features the Bat Lab, comes with a Batmobile and Batcopter and has nine mini figures too. Lego-Batman-Cave-76052

10.  Lego Camp Adventure Camp Treehouse. Kids ages 7 through 12 can build the most fantastical treehouse they can dream up with this new set. Slides, tire swings and more all come in this beginning builder from the Friends line.


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