11.  Lego Creator, Park Animals. They’re cuter than cute. With a puppy (that the kids can also change into an owl or squirrel), a duck and three little ducklings, this set for 6 to 12-year-old’s is sweet as can be. Lego-Creator-31044

12.  Kylo Ren. Build the First Order leader with this 86-piece set for kids ages 8 to 14. Along with the bricks to build the figure, this one comes with a lightsaber to use with the wheel-activated arm-swinging battle function.Lego-Kylo-Ren-75117

13.  Ninja Bike Chase. New as of March 2016 from the Ninjago line, this set (for ages 7-14) has 231 pieces and includes Squiffy’s flyer and Kai’s bike. It’s got three mini figures (Squiffy, Kai and Nya) and lets your little Lego-lover recreate scenes from the Ninjago Lego TV show! Lego-Ninjago-70600

14.  The Angry Birds Movie Bird Island Egg Heist. The gaming app is soon to be a major movie, just in time for this 275-pice Lego set to make its way to your toy chest. Lego-Angry-Birds-Movie-75823

15.  My First Duplo Garden. Your tot’s only 1 1/2, and you think she’s too young for Lego. Maybe. But, not for the My First Duplo line. This new addition is bright, bold and filled with spring-time growing play options. Lego-My-First-Duplo-Garden

16.  My Lego Duplo Town Jungle. It’s all about adventures, and all about traveling around the world. For kids ages 2 through 5, this bigger block brick line includes monkeys, elephants and even a propeller plane to fly in. Lego-Duplo-Town-Jungle

17.  Resistance Troop Transporter. Another builder that’s part of the Lego Star Wars line, the transporter (also ages 8 to 14) has an opening hatch and comes with four mini figures. Lego-Resistance-Troop-Carrier-75140

18.  Lego City Ferry. It’s a boat, and a road – at least kind of. This water-treading craft (for kids ages 6 through 12) comes with a buildable car too. Lego-City-Ferry-60119

19.  Venice. Globe-trotting kids (and budding engineers) will get a kick out of this Lego Architecture set. For children 12 and up, this mini model is a mock city on a not-so-grand scale. Lego-Venice-21026

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