19 Clever Cleaning Tips to Save You Time, Effort and Money!

The gunk in the oven isn’t going to vanish on its own and the juice stains that the so-called no-spill sippy cup left behind won’t miraculously self-clean off of the carpet. Now what? 

Check out these genius cleaning tips that will have your working your magic in no time!

  1. Carpet cleaner. Homemaker Chic shows you how to clean that carpet with vinegar and an iron. iron_carpet
  2. Microwave gunk remover. Mommysavers suggests nuking a wet sponge as an easy solution to a microwave mess. kitchen cleaning shortcuts
  3. Stop scrubbing the stove. A little ammonia and a zipper bag equals The V Spot’s stove burner cleaning trick. DSCN4220
  4. Stovetop hood hack. One Good Thing uses oil (yes, oil) to clean up oil.
  5. Banish dirty blinds. Use vinegar, like Keep Home Simple did, to take your blinds from dull and dirty to cute and clean. mum central
  6. Water ring woes. Your preschooler just left her drippy cold cup of juice on your wooden coffee table. You move it (two hours later), only to find a ring left behind. Homemade Mamas used a hair dryer to blast that stain out. mum central
  7. Dust-free fans. That cool breeze above your head comes with a thin coating of dust. Yuck! The House on Hillbrook simply slides the gunk off with a pillowcase. #amazingmum central
  8. Air vent fix. Those teeny tiny spaces in your heating and AC vents get gunk-filled in no time flat. Home Sweet Homebodies’ trick involves a butter knife, a rag and a very clean vent! mum central
  9. Lampshade de-linter. The dust. It’s all over your lampshades. The Creek Line House gets the fuzz and dust of the shades with a tape-type lint roller. mum central
  10. Shine a stainless steel dishwasher. The inside of your dishwasher has a coating of crust. What now? The Pin Junkie gets the gunk off with baking soda, dish soap and vinegar. How To Clean Stainless Steel Dishwasher
  11. Vomit blaster. Your toddler just threw up her chicken nuggets on the carpet. Cue clever cleaning tip. Veronica’s Creative Spot suggests using baking soda to get the stain out (and the smell too!). mum central
  12. Super scent. Freshen your room (and your linen) with vodka! Really! The Lone Home Ranger gives you the recipe. mum central
  13. Banish grease stains. Grease-covered toddler hands just left a not-so-pretty print on your favourite shirt. One Little Project fixes this mess with a spot of dish detergent. DSC_0776
  14. Citrus sink. Fabulessly Frugal gets a stainless sink clean with a lemon (or a lime). lime dipped in baking soda for cleaning
  15. Shine a shower head. A Real Life Housewife used a bag and some vinegar to de-gunk the head. mum central
  16. Break up bathtub crud. The Manly Housekeeper makes cleaning the bathtub simple (and fun) with this genius drill idea. Now that’s what we call a clever cleaning tip.mum central
  17. Soak up smells. The Krazy Coupon Lady uses newspaper to keep the trash from smelling – well, like trash.  15 Brilliant Household Cleaning Hacks
  18. More microwave tips. Practically Functional helps you to quickly clean the microwave with a bowl and their liquid recipe.
  19. Be pet fur free. My Honeys Place uses dryer sheets to neatly wipe pet fur off of furniture.


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