20 Clever Tricks to Use Bi-Carb Soda Around the House PLUS Order Your Free Book Here!

Now that the kids are back to school, it’s time to get cleaning! Ok, so giving your children’s wardrobe a once over isn’t exactly enticing in the same way that getting a foot massage while eating a mega-sized bag of chocolates.

But, if you have to keep the house clean (and you pretty much have to), why do it with harsh chemicals?

If you’ve got a box of bi-carb soda, you’ve got a better way to keep your home clean. Check out these 20 clever ways to use Bi-Carb Soda around the house and be sure to order your copy of McKenzie’s 160 Household tips booklet for FREE!

Tip #87 Smelly Room

How? Check out these simple strategies for using bi-carb as your best cleaning friend!

In the kitchen:

  1. Clean the grime and gunky junk from your microwave walls. Add 2 tbs of bi-carb to a microwave-safe bowl of water. Heat on the high setting for one minute, and take the mix out. Wipe the steamy microwave walls with a clean towel.
  2. Remove odours from wooden chopping boards. You just cut up the kids’ lunches, and now the board stinks. Mix three parts of bi-carb soda with one part water to make a paste. Now rub that paste on the board, let it sit for a minute or two and clean it off.
  3. De-stink the rubbish bin. Your 6-year-old tossed what was left of her after-school snack in the bin – yesterday. Now the smell is getting to you. Grab a handful of bi-carb and sprinkle it in to neutralise the smell.
  4. Clean your cloths. The breakfast muffins that you whipped up last night with the kids sure taste good. But, the mess they left behind is less than appetising. You wiped, swiped and scrubbed off the mess with every last kitchen towel. Try soaking them overnight in a solution of three tbsp. bi-carb mixed with one litre of warm water.
  5. Love the lunch boxes again. What is that smell? It’s your child’s lunchbox (the one that she left half-filled with a leftover sandwich and a brown banana). Take the solution you made to clean the kitchen towels and use it to wipe away lunchbox odours.

In the bathroom:

  1. Get gross grout gunk out. Those little spaces between the bathroom tiles won’t clean themselves. Make a bi-carb paste and scrub with a towel or even a toothbrush (just don’t reuse that toothbrush for your teeth – ever).
  2. Keep floor tiles clean. Grab a bucket or warm water, add ½ cup of bi-carb and mop away. Rinse with water.
  3. Make a bath tub buster. If you’ve got bi-carb, all you need is a damp sponge to scrub the tub!

In the toy box:

  1. Clean plastic toys. A little bi-carb solution and a damp cloth provides a quick clean for plastic toys. Rinse the mix off, dry and resume playtime.
  2. Stop stuffed toys from smelling. Sprinkle stuffed animals with a bit of bi-carb, wait 15 minutes and then brush the soda off.

In the baby’s room:

  1. Keep cloth nappies looking neat. Soak nappies in a mix of 45g bi-carb and a bucket of water. Wash off with hot soapy water, rinse and dry.
  2. Stop spit-up smells. Your baby just spit up on herself, again. Wet a cloth, add a pinch of bi-carb and spot-clean the stain.
  3. Perk up a play pen. Use a sprinkle of bi-carb, along with a damp sponge, to rub the surface clean. Rinse the soda off and dry before using.
  4. Clean the cot mattress. Use a towel to soak up any watery mess or moisture remaining on the surface. Sprinkle the soda on the mattress, let it dry and vacuum the bi-carb away.

In the laundry:

Tip #137 Laundry Detergent

  1. Sweeten smelly sports gear. After the game your child tosses his cloths, pads and other athletic equipment into the wash basket. Then comes the smell. Simply sprinkle a few pinches of bi-carb in the basket to cut the odour.
  2. Undo the mess on your child’s uniform/school clothes. Stop stains before they set in with an overnight soak in a bi-carb solution.
  3. Get grease out. Stop an oil or grease stain on your child’s clothes by combining equal parts chalk and bi-carb with water (mix until you get a wet paste). Put the paste on the stained area, stash the item in a sealed plastic bag and wait until it’s dry. Brush the paste off and wash to get rid of the stain.

On the floor:

  1. Stop stubborn stains. Have a spill on your carpet? Sprinkle some bi-carb onto it, add some soda water and rub the stain out. Let the area dry, and then vacuum as usual.
  2. Make muddy footprints disappear. The kids tracked half of the yard in with them. What now? Sprinkle bi-carb onto the mud and muck, let it dry and vacuum the mess away.
  3. Manage your mops. If you want to keep the floor clean, you need to start with your mop. Keep it clean and fresh with an overnight soak in bi-carb solution.



Let the bi-carb cleaning adventure continue in every area of your home!
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