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IT’S OFFICIAL: Our 2024 Mum Central Award Winners Have Been Announced

Having created a buzz across the Australian parenting landscape since launching in February, we’ve been celebrating the absolute best of the best of businesses in the Australian parenting industry. Recognising outstanding products and services that make parenting a little easier and a lot more joyful, it’s about time we announce the 2024 Mum Central Award Winners!

Mum Central Award Winners across 41 categories of amazingness!

Spanning 41 diverse categories, the awards encompass every aspect of parenting, from baby essentials and toys to health products, prams and tech solutions. Over 200 nominees have vied for the affection and approval of parents nationwide, making this one of the most comprehensive and competitive events in the industry. Now it’s time for the 2024 Mum Central Awards Winners announced!

130,000 votes – one clear message

Over the past 30 days, votes have been coming from all corners of the globe, with the awards receiving over 130,000 individual votes across all nominations. More than just numbers; these votes are a testament to the trust and satisfaction that parents place in these parenting products and services. They also highlight their crucial role in nurturing the next generation.

The stakes are incredibly high too, with each category delivering a Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award to the top three vote getters in each categrory. That’s a total of 123 awards up for grabs, each one symbolising excellence and consumer trust.

As the excitement reaches fever pitch, they highlight what’s best, what’s effective, and what’s most loved by families across Australia.

Winning a Mum Central Award is a hallmark of excellence.

For brands, it’s an affirmation of their commitment to quality and innovation.

For parents, it provides a trusted list of products and services that meet their high standards.

The winners of these awards set the trends in the parenting industry, influencing product development and customer care standards across the market.

This year’s competition also reflects the dynamic nature of the parenting industry. Categories reflect the changing needs of modern families, including eco-friendly products and digital parenting aids, demonstrating Mum Central’s commitment to evolving with its audience.

Not just for the big brands either!

The Mum Central Awards also serve as a platform for smaller, innovative companies to shine alongside established brands. This diversity ensures that the awards represent the real spectrum of the market, offering choices that cater to every need and budget.

Who will win?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips, and the answers are just moments away. Prepare to celebrate the brands that go above and beyond, offering not just products, but promises of a better, easier, and more joyful journey through parenthood.

So let’s shout it from the rooftops and celebrate the winners of the 2024 Mum Central Awards.

Get ready to discover the products that have won the hearts of parents across the nation, setting the standards of excellence in the Australian parenting industry.

Join us in this celebration of innovation, quality, and parental approval—because these are not just awards; they are the voices of thousands of Australian families saying, ‘This is the best.’

Here’s our full list of Award Winners: 

As the curtains closes on the 2024 Mum Central Awards, we celebrate the best of the best products and services that have excelled across 41 categories, marking a milestone in the Australian parenting industry.

With over 200 nominees and 130,000 votes cast, the awards have highlighted the best brands, recognised for their innovation, quality, and commitment to enhancing the parenting experience.

It’s a wrap on an event that has truly captured the voice and choice of parents nationwide, spotlighting the brands that make a real difference in the journey of parenthood.

To those who have nominated and voted along the way, our heartfelt gratitude for helping to make our first ever awards program simply exceptional! Thank you.

Congratulations to our two winners who have each won a JB-HiFi $300 Gift Card:

  • J Bronson, NSW
  • F Frankford, QLD

Thanks again to all who nominated and voted for helping to make the awards such a great experience!

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