We love a good cake here at Mum Central so, in the leadup to Father’s Day, we put it to our Facebook community to show us your brithday cakes, made by their dad. And boy oh boy, are we impressed! And maybe a little shocked. Not that we ever doubted the fellas. Nup, never! There are some VERY talented dads moonlighting as cake decorators, you have to see it to believe it!

There are some dads who struggle to make breakfast for the kids and then there are dads who pull out all the stops and have a crack at delivering birthday cakes for their kids. Some nail it, some not so much, but each and every cake is appreciated.

Come check out these cakes created by Mum Central dads!

25 Brilliant, Dad Decorated Birthday Cakes

1. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi! Oi! Oi!

birthday cakes
It’s the super-cute Kinder Surprise nose for me. Source: Cassie Mansfield

2. Dinosaurs roam and a volcano erupts!

birthday cakes
Water, plants and lava, what more could you want? Source: Jaynie Elston

3. It’s good to have a visual guide

birthday cakes
Nailed it, met the brief, next client, please. Source: Katie Elizabeth

4. Cookie monster, is that you?

birthday cakes
Cookie monster, we see you! Source: Kerri Dempsey

5. The proudest soccer dad on the field!

birthday cakes
AMAZING! Source: Lou Rohde

6. Teddy bear, teddy bear, nawwwww

The icing technique is INSANE. Super cute! Source: Sara Blattner

7. A minion for the minions

Perfection! Source: Vanessa Soupy

8. A glimpse under the sea

birthday cakes
What is this cake sorcery?! Source: Jillian Kerr

9. Classic unicorn cake

birthday cake
Always a winner, the classic unicorn. Source: Steven Elston

10. Frozen fever!

No Dad is without a Frozen request, surely. Source: Narelle Boyd

11.  Have wafers and Caramilk, will build

It’s pretty much the Taj Mahal. BRILLIANT. Source: Joel Chonnie Egan

12. A hoot of a cake!

This birthday is for sure going to be a hoot. Source: Donna Ranieri

13. Epic coloured icing work

The colour guide brief has been met. Sensational! Source: Danielle Brennan

14. Classic Thomas the Train

What is a childhood without a Thomas the Tank Engine cake? Source: Natalie Stitt

15. Construction number cake, we dig it!

Piles of delicious Violet Crumble rubble. My kind of cake. Source: Jayde Gelencher

16. Broom! Broom!

A metallic cake, so cool! Source: Donna Ranieri

17. A birthday witch, coming right up!

Never underestimate the power of a licorice strap. Source: Kim Steiner

18. Mack truck for the crowd win!

YES! Mack trucks rule! Source: Jo Arek

19. Penguin in a pineapple, as you do

Your birthday wish is this dad’s command. Easy peasy. Source: Elissa Taylor

20. Not just birthdays, baby shower cakes too!

A cake for the baby shower? Consider it DONE. Source: Erika Jackson

21. Fairies and flowers, oh my!

birthday cake
Fondant fairies wearing leaf outfits – so sweet! Source: Dan Van der Veen

22. All the beautiful blue ombre icing

The big deep blue, delivered. Source: Naomi Paech

23. Rubiks cube!

The ultimate puzzle cube in cake form. Source: Kristen Cook

24. A minion for Aston

Despicable Me! Source: Elissa Taylor

25. NAILED IT. Kind of.

The number one rule of cake making – make sure there’s enough cake. Top effort, we LOVE it! Source: Deanna Exeter

That’s it for now for our dad decorated birthday cakes – don’t worry, we received SO many awesome dad-made cakes, stand by for part two!

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