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23 More Fantastic Frozen Theme Birthday Cakes, Made By You!

We’re not ready to let it gooooooo just yet! Frozen is still one of the hottest birthday party themes in town and we have ALL the Frozen-themed birthday cakes to prove it. Come see this next batch of awesome Frozen birthday beauties, baked by you!

Adjust your Queen Elsa tiara and plump your apron skirt …  let’s take a look at how clever you all are with your birthday cakes.

Did you love our first article featuring 25 Frozen theme birthday cakes made by our amazing Mum Central readers? Well, we received so many, here are 23 more amazing Frozen theme birthday cakes coming right up!

The Queen of Arrendale a hot favourite

Everyone loves Elsa, right? RIGHT.

1. Tiara and tulle bow cake masterpiece

Frozen theme birthday cakes
Sprinkles that look like crystals, what a celebration cake! Source: Kristy Neilson

2. This carefully painted fondant skirt is FIRE

Frozen theme birthday cakes
I don’t even know how to get fondant to sit like that, such epic skills! Source: Lienkie Smith

3. Excellent use of the cupcake-shaped cake tin!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
SO clever! Source: Kristen Smith

4. It’s the tulle skirt and snowflake peaks for me

Frozen theme birthday cakes
The sweetest tulle skirt for Elsa. Source: Jessica Williams

5. Holy Frozen sprinkles, what a skirt!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
There are star sprinkles, guys. AMAZING! Source: Donna Pollock

6. Elsa wears blue shoes too!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
Elsa is ALL about the accessories, brilliant! Source: Susan N Daniel McNeice

The more Frozen characters, the merrier

Can’t decide which Frozen character is your favourite? We can’t blame you! Here are birthday cakes that share the spotlight!

7. Anna and Elsa, sisters unite!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
These different fondant dresses are so pretty. Source: Sheena Margot Lavelle

8. Sparkles and sprinkles for this Frozen palace

Frozen theme birthday cakes
That perfect blue drip is everything. Source: Seema Gavey

9. No one gets left behind, the whole gang is here!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Hans – day made! Source: Belinda L Markobasic

10. Beautiful edible Frozen mage, featuring Olaf!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
Happy 4th birthday Annabelle! Source: Michele Phayer

11. It’s as though Elsa and Anna are mid-dance, love!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
There are no playing favourites here. One cake, two sisters. Source: Chantelle Mitchell

12. Sven almost steals the show with this beauty!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
Such a bright delight of a cake – and Sven! Source: Chloe Froome

Cakes featuring the palaces and ice shards galore

The brief is pretty standard for Frozen theme cakes – there has to be blue, there can be ice shards and if it can fit, the palace. You all nailed it!

13. Beautiful in blue!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
Happy birthday, Jessica, we’re sure you loved your birthday cake! Source: Emily Rider

14. Two tiers of cake and fondant ice shards!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
So clever with fondant shapes! Source: Leonie Verstraaten

15. Everything that shimmers in the light needs to be celebrated

Frozen theme birthday cakes
Keep the pearl lustre coming. Glorious! Source: Jean Kempton Cook

16. Ombre ice shards … Oh my!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
The prettiest blue ombre birthday cake I ever did see. Source: Michelle Pearson

17. Sprinkles and snowflakes, wow-ee!

mum central
Sprinkle covered ice shards, genius! Source: Raida Searle

18. I’m calling them cake fondant snowballs and they’re amazing

Frozen theme birthday cakes
So neat, perfection! Source: Linda Grant

19. Frozen gets a stunning colourful makeover

mum central
Adore this colourful take on Frozen! Source: Joni Davidson

20. It’s Frozen fever with this five-tier cake!

mum central
Five tiers of delicious birthday cake. Phwoar! Source: Julie Andrews

21. Frozen-themed cupcakes for the win

mum central
Cupcakes are mini Frozen theme birthday cakes! Source: Chloe Froome

22. The first attempt, still made with love!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
Try, try and try again! STILL YUMMY THOUGH! Source: Jess Bee

23. Slicing into the Frozen ice palace, yay!

mum central
What a cake! Happy birthday, mini Elsa! Source: Kylee Travalos

That’s it for our Frozen theme birthday cakes folks! We hope you’re full of ice blue and white Frozen themed cake inspiration. Now off you go to build a cake snowman or two!

Keep your eyes peeled, we have even more themed cake posts coming up!

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