How to Plan the Perfect Bluey Birthday Party

When it comes to throwing a Bluey themed birthday party, you guys sure know how to partaaaaay! We put the call out to see your Bluey themed birthday bonanzas from the party table to your loot bags and here’s what you shared!

We had loads of Bluey cakes to show off, so many in fact that we showcased them in their very own posts – see more in our 25 Amazing Bluey Cakes and 25 MORE Bluey cakes articles and be prepared to say, Wackadoo!  These are certainly pretty impressive!

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If you’re wanting to throw your very own Bluey birthday party, check out these awesome free printables from the Bluey TV website.

Our favourites include:

and so much more – all for FREE!

Bluey birthday party
All the amazing ideas and printables for FREE at Bluey TV. Source: Bluey TV

Don’t forget, we recently showed you how to create gorgeous no-bake Bluey bikkies too which would be a huge hit at any Bluey birthday party! You don’t even have to be handy in the kitchen to make these too! #winning

Bluey biscuits
Bluey bikkies make a fun party activity or tasty addition. Source: Mum Central

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Not sure where to buy your Bluey party gear? Check out this awesome 72-piece Bluey Party Supplies pack from Amazon, for a whisker under $30! The pack includes a party banner, balloons, invitations, cupcake toppers and MORE!

mum central
The one-stop Bluey party pack! Source: Amazon

Without further ado, let’s celebrate Bluey parties, hosted by YOU!

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1. Hey mate, a true-blue welcome!

mum central
What a way to welcome party guests, Huck! Source: Tatiana Houser

2. Wackadoo, Bingo is here too!

mum central
Two of everything for two-year-old Huckleberry! Source: Tatiana Houser

3. Pawprint ballons, so sweet!

Bluey birthday party
Getting ready for the spread, so beautiful! Source: Alisha Albiez

4. Bluey bon-bons for the birthday win!

Bluey birthday party
You can find a bonbon printable at Bluey TV. So cool! Source: Holly Taylor

5. What an amazing set-up!

Bluey birthday party
A giant foil balloon is a MUST. Source: Suzanne D’Atri

6. It’s in the details, the green turf table runner!

Bluey birthday party
Add an outdoor edge to your cake table, so much fun. Source: Paige Bell

7. Bring out your Bluey and Bingo toys to join the fun!

Bluey birthday party
Happy birthday Asher! Source: Amber Grech

8. A gorgeous sea of blue and orange

Bluey birthday party
Twisties, cupcakes, jelly and Sherbies, OH YUM! Source: Felicia Bailey

9. A Bluey feast awaits

mum central
Bluey labels and all of the favourites in this spread. Happy birthday! Source: Lanna Coles Schweitzer

10. Bluey’s biggest fans

mum central
Streamers galore and Bluey and Bingo on beautiful fans. ENJOY! Source: Meera Mehta

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11. A visit from Bluey, FOR REAL LIFE!

Bluey birthday party
Can you EVEN IMAGINE? A Bluey hug! Source: Suzanne D’Atri

12. Pin the tail on Bluey

mum central
A modern twist on an old classic. GENIUS. Source: Kursty Mould

13. Photobooth fun!

mum central
A giant Bluey and Bingo to poke your head through for awesome party pics! Source: Erin Somner

14. Mask up and guess who!

mum central
Who is who?! Masks CAN be fun! Source: Kursty Mould

15. A Bluey party, ZOOM style!

mum central
What an awesome Zoom party package idea for those in lockdown! Source: Bek Riky

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16. Bluey and Bingo loot bags and lollipops

mum central
Print and stick, yum! Source: Fiona Louise

17. A most excellent loot haul!

mum central
Crayons, Play-Doh, bubble wands and a lollipop. Perfect! Source: Erinne Draosetti

18. Colouring page party favours

mum central
Print off colouring pages, add a pack of pencils and place in a plastic file. Awesome! Source: Zoe Moutrie

19. Fairy floss, Bingo and Bluey style!

mum central
Happy birthday Frankie, we love this idea! Source: Taylah Boyd

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20. Bluey and Bingo sugar cookies

mum central
A simple, elegant and delicious party treat. Source: Tatiana Houser

21. The whole gang turned into cupcakes!

mum central
Which friend will you pick to eat? Source: Sam Valente

22. Bluey juice poppers!

mum central
Print and stick labels on juice popper bottles, so cool! Source: Kat Miles

23. Bluey macarons, oh my!

mum central
This is a whole new level of expertise, amazing! Source: Jessica Amy Dolan

24. Bluey coloured doughnut wall!

mum central
An excellent cake alternative (or in addition to). HOLE-Y YUM! Source: Sam Valente

25. Bluey and Bingo cupcakes

mum central
Edible cupcake toppers for instant satisfaction! Source: Hayley Callen

Wackadoo guys, that’s a WHOLE lot of Bluey birthday party fun and SO many amazing ideas! We hope you’re well and truly inspired to crack on and plan your own Bluey birthday party for your next celebration. There’s so much fun to be had! Thanks to everyone who contributed, you’re the best!

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